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Diet Mirkin

The psychotherapist Mirkin Vladimir Ivanovich offered a radically new look at losing weight. The system developed by him involves rapid weight loss without starvation. In place of severe restrictions and perpetual malnutrition, the candidate of medical sciences offers a balanced diet and a beautiful figure. Scientists have developed a program that combines an easy diet and simple self-development trainings. In the complex, such classes lead to a loss of up to 10 kilograms per 1 month.

Diet rules

The whole system will consist of a healthy diet and psychological work on yourself. Dietary nutrition will be based on the principle: useful to add – harmful to exclude. The division of products into permitted and prohibited, for the most part, is characteristic of many diets. But the scientist also has its own characteristics. For example, sausage is a permitted component of nutrition, although it is difficult to call it useful. Why Mirkin considers her such remains a mystery. Otherwise, the Mirkin menu can be called a classic for all diets and all times.

The situation with diet rules is different. One of the main requirements is the presence of a small plate. It is from it that one should take food. This is not just a whim of a nutritionist, but a proven method for losing weight. Pouring food into a plate of small diameter, a person sees a full dish of food, although there is very little of it. But, the brain perceives this picture as a full serving. You can eat plenty of food and a small amount of food. The same rule was laid down in another popular diet – “Saucer”.

If the volumes of food were very large before the diet, they must be reduced gradually so as not to cause stress to the body. When a person abruptly switches from the usual portions to the minimum, the body can react to this by gaining weight. Therefore, in most cases, fasting is pointless. To starve yourself for the sake of speeding up the results of the diet is by no means impossible.

In order to get enough faster, while eating less, the meal must take place at the table. No snacks on the go. If the operating mode is very hard, you need to find at least a few minutes to sit down with a meal. Even better – eat slowly, cut the food into small pieces, chew them thoroughly. Mirkin himself believes that the meal should last 20 minutes. So the saturation signal comes even if you eat quite a bit, but measuredly.

The main rule that the Mirkin diet pursues is to eat only in case of real hunger. The concept of “machine food” has spread among nutritionists of the latest generation. It means that a person does not eat because of physiological needs, but purely for psychological factors. For example: it became sad, boring, for company, so as not to offend a person, and so on. This is also called food addiction. People often get stuck in stress or a bad mood, for many, food is the only thing that brings pleasure. To easily and permanently say goodbye to extra pounds, you need to learn to eat only when it is really needed. It is very important to learn to perceive food only as food, as fuel for life. Many psychologists and nutritionists agree with this idea. The book “Goodbye Diet”, popular among losing weight by Olga Goloshchapova, is built on the same principle.

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Another requirement of the Mirkin system relates to the drinking regime. 15 minutes before eating, you will need to drink a glass of water. This will allow you to get enough faster and speed up the process of burning fat. Water should be non-carbonated and warm.

Food can be processed in any thermal way. For frying it is allowed to use only unrefined vegetable oil. Instead of a thick soup, Mirkin advises eating only broth, without thickening. Also, the author of the technique proposes to separate carbohydrates and proteins. That is, if for lunch meat or fish, then without a side dish.

Within one week, it is advised to arrange at least one fasting day for yourself. During this day, you can eat one selected product in small quantities. It can be apples, cucumbers or kefir. Periodic unloading will help the body cleanse and speed up the process of losing weight. The main thing is no longer than one day, then again normal nutrition.

So, the diet according to Mirkin suggests: eat from a small plate, slowly, at the table and only when hungry. Before eating, you need to drink water, and do not combine main dishes with a side dish.

Diet ration

The allowed and useful products include:

  • meat and poultry (exclude fried pork and duck);
  • any fish, seafood;
  • dairy products (up to 3,2% fat content);
  • cheeses up to 40% fat;
  • all types of mushrooms;
  • eggs;
  • fruit (except sweet);
  • vegetables (except potatoes);
  • natural spices and herbs;
  • vegetable oils.

In addition, the food system of Dr. Mirkin does not prohibit the use of sausages and canned sprats in tomato. As reviews on this diet show, many still refuse these products, as their composition leaves much to be desired. But this does not affect the results of the diet; those who eat sausage also lose weight.

Prohibited foods include:

  • fried pork and duck;
  • any beans;
  • potatoes;
  • bakery products;
  • muffin;
  • confectionery and sweets;
  • cereals;
  • sweet fruits: bananas, dates, peaches, apricots, figs, etc.
  • any nuts;
  • sugar.

Some products that have been banned can be used indirectly. For example, you can cook soup with potatoes, but do not eat potatoes. From sweet fruits you can make homemade compote, but without sugar.

Start diet

As a psychotherapist, Vladimir Mirkin could not get around the psychological side of the diet. He argues that the problem of excess weight is caused by an exclusively incorrect attitude to food. It should be noted here that we are not talking about people in whom obesity is associated with a severe illness. Most often, extra pounds are the result of illiterate nutrition.

Before you begin to lose weight and learn to perceive food only as food, you need to fully realize your responsibility for being overweight. You should carefully consider your figure and answer honestly, which led to such results. Most likely, this is overeating. It is important to understand that only we are responsible for what happens to us. And that means that only we can solve the problem.

The next step will be to understand why lose weight at all. The best results are achieved by those driven by the motive. To do this, you can make a list (preferably in writing, and not in the head) of all the negative sides of excess weight. It can be: normal clothes don’t suit me, next to my slim girlfriend (friend) I feel impaired, my colleagues are always joking with me, etc. At this moment, most likely I’ll feel sorry for myself. And, if not sorry, this is already a serious problem. The main thing is to understand that all this can be solved. Many people live overweight for 20 years, although sometimes 2-3 months are enough to lose weight. You need to find a motive, then the bored folds will not have a single chance.

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Refusing your favorite foods, even after realizing their harmfulness, can be difficult. To overcome this attachment, the doctor suggested a kind of slimming mantra. To do this, you need to determine why this or that product is impossible. For example: beer is a huge belly and blurry sides, sweets are the second chin, pizza is cellulite, I do not want cellulite, and so on. You need to repeat this every time you want the forbidden. After reaching the desired weight, you can occasionally allow yourself weakness, but do not overdo it.

So, only we are responsible for the excess weight, which greatly interferes with us, and we will get rid of it.

Menu for the week

For minimal weight loss, 2 weeks of the diet prescribed by Mirkin will be sufficient in compliance with the rules. But, in order to always stay in shape and not torment yourself with strict diets, it is better to get used to this program and stick to it always. It is not so difficult to do this, the prohibited products can be introduced in minimal quantities after significant weight loss. Against the background of a healthy diet, one serving of fried pork does not affect the weight. It turns out that everything is possible, the main thing is to do it wisely.

Most often, the diet of Vladimir Mirkin is used for a month. During this time, many manage to lose weight on 6-10 kg. Since by the rules you only need to eat when hunger is felt, there is no clear diet. Each one will have his own. For clarity, you can consider the weekly menu for the Mirkin diet.

Menu on 7 days

Day by account Morning Dinner Evening
1 2 boiled eggs, one cucumber, unsweetened coffee Meat broth, coleslaw 150 gr boiled beef, a glass of low-fat kefir
2 Cottage cheese with fresh apple Fish stock, a separate piece of fish Vegetable Salad, 150 g Baked Chicken
3 Boiled sausages, one tomato, coffee Thick soup without meat, a separate piece of meat Baked fish, cucumber
4 Boiled egg, vegetable salad Okroshka soup on kefir (without potatoes) Boiled veal, coleslaw and carrots
5 Omelette on milk, coffee without sugar Meat broth (possible with a slice of white bread) Boiled chicken, some vegetables
6 Cottage cheese with berries, tea or coffee Tomato soup or borsch, separately a piece of boiled meat Piece of fish, salad with greens and egg
7 Boiled sausage, tomato, cottage cheese and greens salad Vegetable broth, boiled beetroot salad with prunes Slice of boiled pork, green apple, yogurt

Between main meals there may be light snacks. But only if it is really needed. As a lunch or afternoon snack, you can take fruits, berries, vegetable salads, dairy products. Sometimes you can afford white bread, but it is better to switch to dietary bread. From the table it is recommended to get up a little hungry, a feeling of fullness may come a little later. In any case, as soon as hunger is felt, you need to eat something light and not starve yourself.

A similar scheme must be strictly adhered to until the required weight is reached. After that, you can smoothly finish the diet or keep its rules forever.

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Out of the diet

Going out of this diet is not necessary. If you can’t wait for your previous diet, you can simply not eat foods high in carbohydrates for 1-2 days. At first, confectionery, fatty meat and bread will need to be avoided. They can be administered gradually, one product per day. This is necessary to protect your body from stress and prevent the return of excess folds.

In general, the diet of Dr. Mirkin may well become a way of life. If you connect at least minimal physical activity, there will be no food prohibitions at all. Sticking to a strict menu for too long is not worth it; it lacks vegetable fats and carbohydrates. During the program for weight loss, the stomach is slightly reduced in size. This means that in the future very small portions will be enough for complete saturation.

The main thing is to avoid the temptations of “junk food” – fast food, convenience foods and foods filled with harmful additives.

Conclusions: the pros and cons of the diet

The main advantage and purpose of the whole system is a significant weight loss. Satisfying eating the right foods will not have to endure constant hunger. The ingredients for dishes are ordinary and affordable, you do not need to look for some exclusive ingredients. You can prepare meals in any way, which greatly expands the menu.

According to slimming reviews, the fasting days are difficult. If the attempt to “unload” failed, it is better to avoid it altogether. There should be no violence against yourself. Everything should be done consciously and competently. It is impossible to eat only one product, we just continue the diet without fasting days. Mirkin advises repeating to himself the same mantra: “unloading is a beautiful body”, “unloading is a cleansing of the skin” and so on. This will help to emotionally tune and not break. It is important to find your motive.

Some call the minus of Mirkin’s diet that it lasts a long time. Indeed, the calculation is at least a month and those who want to quickly lose weight, it is not suitable. The plus of the program also follows from this. Slow weight loss gives the skin time to recover. This means that she will have time to catch up and not sag much, as is the case with express diets.

Since many products are banned, some find this system monotonous. Also, it is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans because it contains mainly animal fats, not vegetable fats.

Athletes of this diet is better not to adhere to, because it minimizes carbohydrates. Heavy sport with the exclusion of these components can lead to a withering of muscle mass.

So, the Mirkin diet is not a quick, non-classical way to lose weight. This is a chance to take a fresh look at yourself and your eating habits. It provides psychological work on yourself and is suitable for those who want to get rid of extra pounds once and for all. In order to never return to painful diets, you need to get rid of food dependence. Food is not a way to calm down or relax, muffle guilt or praise yourself. Food is only fuel for life.

Reviews of experts about this system are extremely positive, they are safe and suitable for almost everyone. The doctor himself was awarded the Ukrainian Cabinet in 2006 year, for his contribution to the development of psychotherapy, psychoprophylaxis and mental hygiene.

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