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Diet on cereals

The porridge diet is a popular and very effective diet option. This is not just taking a certain amount of food for weight loss, but also proper nutrition. Porridge can not be called low-calorie, but they are considered the main product in dietary nutrition. What is the secret? The secret is in the composition of cereals, each cereal consists of carbohydrates, which are slowly digested and absorbed in the body. It is this that contributes to the fact that the body receives energy, the feeling of hunger does not appear for a long time, while not a single extra centimeter is deposited on the waist and hips. Porridge is very healthy and helps not only lose weight, but also improve metabolic processes in the body, improve digestion and rid the body of toxins and toxins.

Properties and substances of cereals

Cereals contain many useful trace elements that not only saturate the human body with energy, but also contribute to improving the condition of hair, nails and skin. The composition of cereals includes useful substances, thanks to which the human body begins to work properly. These are B vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and macrocells. The main storehouse of vitamins and minerals is fiber. It cleanses the body of accumulated toxins and helps burn fat. One of the main advantages of eating cereals is the complete absence of additives, preservatives and dyes.

Preparing for a diet on cereals

Porridge food system requires special preparation, both moral and physical. First of all, you need to realize that for a certain time on the menu there will be nothing but dishes from cereals. It is also important to prepare the intestines for a new diet: you do not need to abuse fatty, fried foods, alcohol and sweets on the eve of the diet. You need to prepare for the fact that you have to eat porridge three times a day. An important issue in such a diet is the choice of cereals.

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The most useful are considered to be those cereals that are minimally processed and ground. For example, a diet on oatmeal or buckwheat is much more effective than a diet on semolina or rice. It is better to opt for those cereals that are most to your liking and taste, since throughout the diet, cereals will be the main ingredient in the diet. Do not forget that such food should not contain salt, oil and spices.

Variety of porridge diets

Diets on cereals can be divided into two types:

Given their own preferences, each person can choose to eat one oatmeal porridge, or combine it with other cereals. There are many options for a cereal diet. One of the popular options is a cereal diet, designed for 7 days. The use of cereals in this method is distributed for a week and is an excellent option for weight loss. It is very important not only to eat cereals on a schedule, but also to observe their sequence:

  • wheat;
  • millet;
  • oatmeal;
  • rice
  • barley;
  • buckwheat
  • mix

Starting a diet should be with wheat cereal, it is enough calories, which will help the body to adapt gently to diet food and weight loss. In addition, it contains many elements that are necessary for physical exertion. Therefore, for people involved in sports – it is an indispensable product.

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The second day can be called cleansing. Millet groats contain the maximum amount of fiber, so it is easy to remove from the body decomposition products and toxins.

Oatmeal to be consumed on the third day is ideal for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, but you should seriously take the choice of oatmeal, you need to buy only oatmeal, as oatmeal can contain sugar, additives and dyes.

The fourth day of the diet should start with rice. It contains vitamins E, K, B, as well as healthy carbohydrates. If a person is worried about the high calorie content of white rice, you can brown or brown rice.

In pearl barley, which must be eaten on the fifth day, contains a lot of protein, this provides a feeling of satiety, and buckwheat porridge, which needs to be eaten on the sixth day of the diet, contains a daily dose of iron, silicon and vitamins. That is why she is called the “Queen of Porridge.”

The last day of the diet allows you to mix all 6 cereals or eat them separately at different times. In addition, the seventh day allows you to add fruits, stewed vegetables, low-fat kefir to the cereals. Nutritionists guarantee weight loss by such a system on 5-6 kilograms.

Rice diet on 3 of the day

Rice is the perfect assistant in the fight against overweight. The essence of the diet on the 3 of the day is to use only certain foods. Thus, you can lose 1-1,5 kg without unnecessary stress for the body. But it is important to remember that this option can only be used once a month.

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First day of diet

Breakfast: rice and coffee (without sugar and additives).

Lunch: boiled rice, vegetables and green tea.

Dinner: rice porridge and natural juice (orange or apple).

Second day

Breakfast: rice and coffee (without sugar and additives).

Lunch: boiled rice, broth, 100 grams of boiled chicken and green tea.

Dinner: boiled rice, seafood and herbal tea.

The third day

Breakfast: rice and green tea.

Lunch: rice, 150 grams of beef, 100 grams of broccoli and an apple.

Dinner: rice porridge and orange juice.

It should be noted that oil, salt, sugar and other spices cannot be added to rice porridge.

Recommendations and small nuances

Porridge diets are balanced, simple and very effective. With proper use, you can reduce unwanted kilograms and 5 and 40 kg, if necessary. At the same time, if at the end of the diet a person continues to eat properly and goes in for sports, then the weight will be fixed. When using a porridge diet, the main rule is not to starve. It is also important to remember about the liquid, during the diet you need to drink a little, but often. You can add green, black tea, coffee, kefir, natural juices to the diet, the main thing is that the drinks be free of sugar, gases and preservatives.

Reviews of diets on porridge once again prove its effectiveness. The person loses excess weight, feeling at the same time full and healthy. With stimulus and willpower, you can achieve amazing results without harming the body!

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