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Diet on prunes

Prune diet seems impossible. Calorie and sweet dried fruit, at first glance, can only contribute to weight gain, however, this is not always the case. Many useful components of this product help to establish digestion, improve metabolism, have the ability to replenish the body a complete diet. Therefore, a diet with prunes for weight loss can be very useful.

Prune properties

In childhood, dried fruit compotes must be drunk constantly, doctors prescribe them, give them lunch in kindergartens and schools, and parents cook at home. All the beneficial properties of prunes have long been known, and in baby food they are very difficult to make up for with some other products. The balanced composition of this product helps to maintain almost all body systems in better shape.

A bouquet of trace elements of this dried fruit, which includes calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and sodium, supports muscle and bone tissue, strengthens blood vessels, and has a beneficial effect on the heart and urogenital system. Pectin substances play a slag-removing function in the composition of the product.

The vitamin complex improves the condition of all systems and organs, increases the protective functions of the immune system and resistance to viruses. One of the main indicators of the usefulness of prunes is its beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. 100 grams of dried fruit contains 7 grams of dietary fiber, which improve peristalsis, help cleanse the intestines of toxins and toxins, and are an excellent laxative of natural origin. In addition, dietary fiber along with fruit sugars in the composition of this product perfectly relieve hunger, so eating very few of these berries, you remain full for a long time.

Such excellent properties of dried plum make it indispensable for the diet of people at any age. The berries have practically no contraindications to use, if you use the product wisely. This means that a strict dosage of dried plums will allow you to eat balanced and even help you lose weight, while excessive consumption of the product can lead to obesity and problems with stool. High calorie content of dried fruit and high sugar content, in themselves, can provoke excess weight, so adhering to a diet on prunes, this must be taken into account.

Types of diets with prunes

Prunes are used in many types of proper nutrition. Mono-diet plans for yogurt and prunes are becoming more popular, they are often used as fasting days, less often for a long period. Multicomponent diets are also increasingly supplemented with prunes, because it has a rich composition and nutrition.

There are a number of rules for those who want to lose weight with diets on prunes:

  • with him you should not eat flour, sweet, salty or smoked;
  • the use of dried fruit must be accompanied by abundant drinking;
  • the last meal should not occur later than 19 hours;
  • Eating prunes can not be forgotten about active physical exercise.
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Compliance with these rules will help to easily lose weight and maintain it normally for a long time.

Diet on kefir and prunes

Three-day mono-diet is an emergency way to lose weight in a short period of time. It usually takes about 2-3 days. Nutritionists and gastroenterologists do not recommend such emergency ways of losing weight to people with chronic diseases of any type, because the mechanisms of these diets drastically reduce the variety and calorie intake of food and increase the frequency of excretion processes, which can lead to dehydration, weakness and even depletion of the body.

The basis of mono-diets is made up of prunes and kefir. You can drink no more than 1200 ml of kefir per day and eat up to 100 grams of dried plum berries. The total calorie content of such a menu will be about 1000 kilocalories, which must be divided into 6-7 meals per day. You can eat foods in turn or together in the form of cocktails. You should not adhere to such a diet if you do not prepare in advance for such strict restrictions. Fast weight loss should always be coordinated with a nutritionist, otherwise it will bring nothing to the body but harm.

Eastern diet with prunes

This express diet is designed for 10 days. It has a lot of different products, but the main ones for losing weight are egg and prunes. With this method of losing weight, you can lose about 4 kilograms. It should be remembered that you need to drink as much as possible. A cup of tea or coffee without sugar is drunk for breakfast with an oriental diet, an egg and 8 prune berries are eaten for a second breakfast, and lean boiled meat, cabbage, carrots, an apple or an orange can be eaten at lunch.

After lunch, 1 fruit and 30 grams of cheese can serve as a snack, and for dinner you need to limit yourself to a glass of yogurt or kefir. All 10 days of the diet must be adhered to such a diet in order to show a positive result.

Diet on dried fruits

Another tough diet is a three-day diet on dried fruits and nuts. Only 500-700 grams of dried fruits and nuts and nothing else is needed per day. To maintain such a diet is very difficult, despite the calorie content of the selected products, a feeling of hunger will accompany a person almost all the time. Therefore, it is sometimes better to stop such a diet and choose a diet that is more suitable psychologically. This diet involves the use of 4 dried fruits – dried apricots, prunes, dates and cherries, as well as 2 of any kind of nuts – pistachios, cashews, almonds, walnuts or forest. It is necessary to break the diet into 4-2 meals with the same calorie content.

With this diet you can not eat salted and packaged nuts, as well as dried fruits from stores. These products are crammed with harmful substances and there is absolutely no use for the body. All you need to buy on the market fresh, and then independently steam and fry the products without the use of oil.

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Dried fruits should not have a wine smell, this indicates the beginning of irreversible processes in the product, when their usefulness turns into carcinogens. Such dried fruits are absolutely impossible.

Multicomponent diet on prunes

A feature of this diet is its healing function, thanks to which the diet is shown even to some children who are overweight. The calorie content of daily food should be within 1200 kilocalories, food should be varied, fresh or steamed. Valid vegetables, cereals, lean meat, fish, dairy products. The duration of such a diet is 5, 7 or 10 days.

Prunes on this diet can and should be eaten in each of the meals. The menu may change from day to day, but the principle of diet should remain the same. For example, for breakfast you need to eat 100 grams of any cereal (except rice), 1 prunes and drink a cup of green tea without sugar. During a snack, it is allowed to drink a glass of kefir and eat 1 prunes. For lunch, you can eat lean soup, lean meat or fish with stewed vegetables and drink everything with prune compote.

Compotes can be cooked from other dried fruits, for example, dried apricots and prunes. For the next snack, kefir and dried plum are again suitable. It is recommended to have dinner with a salad of vegetables and animal protein (meat, fish, seafood) and yogurt with prunes. You can eat for dinner and fruit salad with slices of dried fruit and drink it with plain kefir.

Such a diet allows you to easily lose 2-4 kilogram, while not experiencing feelings of hunger and lack of some kind of food. A multi-component diet on dried fruits is one of the most comfortable ways to lose weight, because it causes neither problems in the body’s work nor psychological discomfort from a constant feeling of hunger. In many ways, therefore, a diet on prunes always receives positive reviews among its followers.

The menu of a multi-component diet may differ, depending on which products, besides prunes, rely on in matters of weight loss. The diet can tolerate meat and fish, can be built solely on plant foods, the complete replacement of meat with egg white is also allowed. Dried prunes can be eaten in larger or smaller doses, it can also be completely replaced by other dried fruits, but the effect of losing weight from such diets will not be so pronounced.

A sample diet menu with prunes, in which meat is allowed, looks like this:

  • on the first day it is allowed to eat 2 boiled eggs, 10 prune berries, borscht, a serving of fish, orange, grapefruit, a slice of bread, 2 walnuts, drink a glass of tea and coffee without sugar;
  • on the second day you are supposed to eat 30 grams of hard cheese, 6 dried plum berries, cabbage soup, boiled beef, a slice of bread, 2-3 almonds, a salad of fresh vegetables, 2 cups of tea and a cup of coffee per day;
  • on the third day of the diet, the menu includes a ham and cheese sandwich, 10 prune berries, vegetable soup with a slice of bread, tomato, jacket potatoes, an apple, a glass of kefir, 2 cups of tea and 1 coffee;
  • on the fourth day it is allowed to eat half a glass of oatmeal with milk, 12 prune berries, borscht with bread, tomato, cucumber, a ham and cheese sandwich, some raisins, 2 glasses of tea and a cup of coffee.
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If you stick to the 5 diet and more days, then the above menu, you just need to repeat around. In this case, the entire daily ration should be evenly distributed on 3-4 meals with approximately the same calorie breakfast and dinner, and a little more calorie lunch.

You need to drink plenty of clean water throughout the day. If a person finds something to replace prunes in the diet, then you need to strictly calculate the calorie content of both products and replace them based on this figure.

How to choose prunes

Not all prune berries are equally tasty and healthy. Grade plums Hungarian – the ideal and only option for the raw materials for the manufacture of this product. The taste of good dried plums is sweet and sour, even more sweet, but by no means bitter. The color of the good berries is black, dark brown dried fruits are not very useful.

In addition, prune berries should not shine with a glossy sheen. This is a sign that they were processed with fats, and this is harmful to human health.

It is better not to buy such berries at all, or if you have already bought them, they should be washed very thoroughly in running water. Pour boiling water over the prunes is not worth it, because it loses a lot of nutrients.

Who can not prunes

Diet on prunes has a number of contraindications that you need to listen to in order not to create health problems for yourself. Nutritionists prohibit prune diet for people with chronic problems of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

Those who often suffer from digestive disorders should also not lean on prunes, because this berry has a pronounced laxative property. Biliary tract may suffer from a diet on prunes, so before you start to lose weight in this way, be sure to consult with experts.

Prunes as a basis for dieting has become very popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is quite a tasty product that can replace the lack of sweets in the menu of a person on a diet. Secondly, the dried plum berry is rich in valuable trace elements that help improve the condition of almost all systems in the body. The antistress effect of the vitamin composition of a berry on the emotional state of a person is especially evident.

Thirdly, most diets on prunes allow a variety of menus, so these diets are easy to follow for a long time.

There are very few contraindications for prunes diets, these berries are suitable even for children, so if you want to lose weight without compromising your health, you can consider any type of diet with this dried fruit as a diet plan.

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