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Diet PP

Literate weight loss has only two synonyms: sport and proper nutrition (PN). Rigid diets and hungry fainting have long been rogue for those who worry about their body and health. Someone has long made PN the main and lifelong rule of nutrition, while someone only found out about it. The news is for those who have just come to a competent weight loss – you can eat pasta, meat, bread, cereals and in general everything. And lose weight! The main thing is to learn to do it right.

Principles of diet

PN can not be called a diet. It is rather a small adjustment of the usual diet. Many, after reading the requirements for this method, do not believe in its effectiveness. This is because we are accustomed to refuse in many ways to lose weight. The word “diet” is associated exclusively with deprivation and malnutrition. But nature still takes its toll, after sitting on a hard diet, sooner or later a person returns to fatty foods, flour, etc. This is because we just need to be full, this is a normal physiological need.

Starvation for proper nutrition is an absolutely unacceptable thing. In addition to fasting days, it is even useful if you use them occasionally. Unloading tunes the entire body to burn and use the fat reserve. In addition, this method has a beneficial effect on the entire digestive system and metabolism. To “relieve” yourself, you can choose one of the one-day mono-diets on: kefir, cucumbers, fruits, etc. You can do this no more than once a week, so as not to harm your health. Fasting days are not a requirement for PN, it is only an individual desire.

On the remaining days, meals should be fully balanced. The body needs all the known elements, the only way the body will look beautiful, and health will become stronger. In many methods, there is a rule for refusing fat. These are very outdated methods or simply illiterate. At the end of the last century, nutritionists found out that a person is gaining weight due to carbohydrates (mainly). And fats are extremely necessary, and both animal and vegetable.

Sometimes they suggest replacing animal fat with vegetable. This can not be done even if you completely abandon the meat and eat some nuts. According to their structure, these are different components and they have no interchangeability. Therefore, in the PN there are both the first fats and the second ones. Carbohydrates lead to overweight, if they are wrong to eat. Therefore, they are also present in the PN methodology, but in a competent execution.

The main goal of the diet is not weight loss, but normalization of the work of the whole organism. A healthy body can independently adjust its weight. If the adjustment still does not suit, add a little sport – we get the perfect body. Methods for achieving this are proper metabolism and natural fat burning. To achieve this, you need to use all the components in the correct order and quantity: proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

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Diet for a healthy person

To make a list of permitted products for PN is almost impossible. This list includes everything except junk food. The list of unnecessary foods for proper nutrition is typical for any diet. The harm of such products is felt even intuitively:

  • alcohol;
  • fast food;
  • semi-finished products;
  • products that contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers, etc .;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • crackers and chips, snacks;
  • chocolate bars, confectionery;
  • sauces: ketchup, aioli, mayonnaise, etc.

Excluding these products is not so difficult. Purchased desserts can be replaced with homemade ones, it is both healthier and cheaper. If you do not want to cook yourself, you can look for useful sweets: dried fruits, cereal bars, fresh fruits, natural honey and condensed milk.


Raw fruits and vegetables should be present in the diet every day. They are rich in fiber and, of course, vitamins. You can combine them with cereals, fish or meat. The best snacking solution for every day is one fruit or vegetable salad. It is better to eat sweet fruits in the morning, and leave vegetables in the evening.


Despite the fact that they are accused of accumulating fat, these components are also needed. But for weight loss, you need to choose only complex (slow) carbohydrates. These include: cereals, cereals, legumes, pasta from durum wheat, potatoes, wholemeal bread. You can eat them for breakfast, the first snack and a bit for lunch.

Simple carbohydrates include foods high in sugar: bananas, carrots, white bread, and pastries. The glycemic index (GI) is used to determine fast and slow carbohydrates. This index determines how quickly foods are absorbed and how they affect blood sugar. Everything above 70 is forbidden.


This component also comes from plant foods and animals; both are needed. The exclusion of these ingredients has a very bad effect on the state of the muscles, which makes even a lean body unattractive. In addition, proteins are an important component of blood and tissue fluid. Protein products: eggs, cheeses, milk, meat, nuts, cream. However, you should not overdo it with them. An excess of this element increases cholesterol, which will adversely affect the work of the heart and kidneys.

Protein is recommended to use along with carbohydrates in the morning. There are no more 2 protein products per day.


Vegetable or unsaturated fats will come in abundance from vegetables, nuts and fruits. Also, they are found in vegetable oil, olives, avocados. Animal fat should be consumed sparingly. It is believed that the daily rate of saturated (animal) fat is 1 g per kilogram of body weight. That is, with a weight of 51 kg, approximately 51 g of fat should be consumed. For those who are overweight, this amount is reduced to 0,7 g per kilogram.

Calculate the rate of proteins-fats-carbohydrates (PFC) loves not everyone. This is a rather ornate, difficult and long event. Before each meal, count the amount of each component – the prospect is so-so. To simplify your task you just need to make sure that all the known components are in the menu, but in moderation. For example, per day: one serving of cereal, one serving of meat or fish, some vegetables and dairy products. If there is a struggle with excess weight, on the background of plant foods you need to eat quite a bit of carbohydrates and fats.

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Menu for PN

With such a wide list of products to make your diet menu is not at all difficult. As already indicated, it is necessary to refuse only “garbage” in products. Sometimes it is difficult to replace fast food and street food, for example during lunch breaks at work. In this case, you will have to train yourself to take food from home or simply search for an available cafe nearby. For these purposes, by the way, student canteens are excellent: the food in them is inexpensive and almost all low-calorie.

To get used to the new way of eating, it is better to make a menu for the week in advance. So it will be possible to prepare recipes in advance, buy food, make time for cooking.

Consider in detail the diet by day.


Morning: granola with yogurt, dry or fresh fruit, green tea.

Snack: whole grapefruit, tea or natural juice.

Lunch: green borsch with rice, a little sour cream, a slice of rye bread.

Snack: a glass of yogurt without food additives.

Dinner: boiled turkey, baked zucchini with spices.


Morning: buckwheat porridge with milk, natural coffee.

Snack: kiwi, mineral water.

Lunch: cream soup of potatoes and broccoli.

Snack: dried fruit, tea with milk.

Dinner: steam poultry cutlets, stewed eggplant with tomatoes.


Morning: two toasts from coarse bread, homemade jam or honey, coffee.

Snack: green apple.

Lunch: soup with lean meat, sour cream.

Snack: a pair of cucumbers without salt.

Dinner: river fish, baked zucchini or zucchini.


Morning: oatmeal with slices of peaches or berries according to season.

Snack: large orange.

Lunch: mashed potatoes, rabbit meatballs.

Snack: tomatoes with a piece of cheese.

Dinner: braised beef with onions, mix of lettuce.


Morning: coffee with milk and oatmeal cookies.

Snack: fruit salad with yogurt.

Lunch: pickle without meat, a slice of rye bread.

Snack: vegetable salad.

Dinner: chicken in the oven, fresh cucumbers.


Morning: corn porridge with raisins, green tea.

Snack: a handful of nuts, natural citrus juice.

Lunch: boiled potatoes, a slice of young boiled lamb.

Snack: a portion of low-fat yogurt.

Dinner: steamed hake, vegetables stewed in tomato.


Morning: muesli on kefir, natural coffee.

Snack: green apples.

Lunch: lean soup, a piece of bread.

Snack: cucumber and tomato salad.

Supper: rabbit braised with vegetables.

Over time, all combinations of the necessary ingredients will be remembered and making a diet will be easier. At the beginning of the course you need to determine exactly what goals are set. If you need to lose a lot of excess weight, preference should be given to the lowest-calorie foods: cucumbers, any cabbage (especially sea cabbage), lettuce, greens, citruses. But even in this case, you can not completely abandon meat, nuts, milk.

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Sitting exclusively on plant foods can be no longer than two weeks. Then gradually move to a balanced diet. The body, having all the necessary elements, will start to burn fat, restructure itself and drive off excess weight. Of course, a significant weight loss without exercise nothing to say. Volumes will decrease, but the body can become completely healthy if you keep it in shape.

More tips from healthy people

To lose weight faster, it is recommended to drink more pure water. Any liquid must be non-carbonated. It is also useful to drink one glass of warm water half an hour before meals. This will help to get enough faster during the meal and not to eat too much. In order not to forget to do this, you can download a special application on your phone that will remind you in time that you need to drink a portion of water.

To control the amount of food consumed is easy if you get the right dishes. Reviews losing weight show that it is easiest to reduce the amount of food, if you eat from small plates. It is advised to choose dishes with a diameter of no more than 150 mm. This method really works, because it deceives not the stomach, but the main organ – the brain. A person sees in front of him a full plate of food and eats it, although he ate less than usual. Proper nutrition consists of frequent use of food in small portions.

One of the main enemies of a beautiful figure and health is salt and sugar. Abandoning them is not easy, but for the sake of a healthy body is necessary. The consumption of sugar in its pure form increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, oral diseases and, of course, the appearance of excess mass. Salt does not lag behind in this respect, it contributes to water retention in the body, which causes kidney and liver diseases.

Replace sugar – easy, you will need natural honey or a substitute. Getting used to unsalted food will be more difficult, but the period of getting used to, as the reviews show, lasts for about two weeks. If you minimize the use of salt, even though for half a month, the food will soon seem to be just as tasty. In addition, it can be replaced with spices and fragrant herbs.

So, the PN method is a diet that absolutely everyone can use. It is suitable even for pregnant women and breastfeeding women. No need to starve yourself, wear and carry out experiments on the body. This is a painless, simple and affordable method of body correction and health. In order to forget forever about starvation diets, expensive diet pills, questionable cocoa compresses (and God knows what else), it is enough to learn the rules and not to deviate from them.

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