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Diet “Reborn”

Its unusual name, the “Reborn” diet, is due, first of all, to the significant results that, according to its followers, expect the body to finish. Minus 15-40 kg per 1,5-2 month, the absence of a debilitating feeling of hunger, a full five-time meal – it sounds tempting. That is why the diet has gained considerable popularity. Of course, without a living example, the result was not complete.

His role was played by a girl who, with the help of the “Born Again” diet regimen, lost 2 kg in 45 months, after which she decided to make this nutrition program popular. The authorship of the idea belongs to one of the medical journals, where the diet scheme was published without a title and much excitement. When with her help one of the readers of the magazine managed to achieve such significant results, the girl shared her results on the Web, probably not even expecting such a resonance. The nutrition program “Born Again” by its name hints that with its help you can achieve serious positive changes in the appearance.

The nutrition scheme for the diet “Born Again”

Since getting rid of excess weight can not be considered separately from the general health of the body, choosing a diet should not rely only on weight loss, otherwise there is a chance to get problems with the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and endocrine systems, hair condition as a bonus skin and nails.

In general, any diet is a kind of stress for the body, and if you already impose dietary restrictions, then it is reasonable and balanced. It is this that reduced the diet captivates not only ordinary people, but also nutritionists.

Its essence is a combination of the principles of fractional nutrition with an emphasis on protein content. The human body receives, in addition to vegetable, animal protein: from meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs and seafood. It is on the alternation of three types of animal protein during the day that a nutritional scheme is based that allows you to “be born again.” So, in the morning, milk is best absorbed by the body, in the daytime meat protein is burned and digested without residue, and in the evening (up to 18 hours) – fish. If you give the body the necessary nutrients at the appropriate time of day, it will be able to fully absorb them without harm to the figure and with health benefits.

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The diet is based on an hourly meal schedule: from 6 in the morning until 12 of the day only milk protein is allowed (low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, sour cream, milk, fermented baked milk), between 12 and 15 for hours – meat protein (poultry, red and white meat) , from 15 to 18 hours – protein contained in fish of various varieties.

Unlike other types of diets, you can also eat after 18 hours: the list of products allowed at that time includes raw fruits and vegetables, as well as freshly squeezed juices. There are no restrictions on the amount of food eaten – of course, you need to listen to your own health, so as not to overeat. Tea and coffee without sugar, mineral or ordinary water make up the “water” part of the diet. Juices are allowed, but only freshly squeezed and sugar free.

In addition, the list of prohibited products includes:

  • porridges (any, including fast cooking);
  • bread and bakery products;
  • alcohol;
  • chocolate, sweets, sweets.

Sample menu for weight loss

The main secret of the fight against obesity according to the “Born Again” system is at least 4 meal per day, strictly by the hour. And, of course, a complete rejection of prohibited products. For breakfast, you can eat low-fat cottage cheese and drink 250 ml of kefir – both in one meal, and dividing these products in half, but always up to 12 hours. Lunch consists of vegetable salad and baked chicken breast with lots of greens. Dinner – leafy salad with stewed red or white fish. After 18 hours, there remains one more meal consisting of fruits, berries or vegetable salad.

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Thus, choosing different varieties of meat and fish, different fruits, vegetables and greens, you can get a varied diet for each day.

In addition, there is a more accelerated version of the diet: in it, meat and fish are consumed only in boiled form, and fruits in any form are excluded from the menu. So you can achieve more significant results in a short time, however, the body may not feel as comfortable as with a conventional power pattern.

Results and reviews

The “Reborn” diet allows you to lose from 15 to 40 kilograms during the 2-3 months – really impressive numbers. It is important to follow all the rules, do not forget about physical activity, and then the number of lost kilograms will be maximum.

Nutritionists were divided into two camps – some are adherents of this technique, calling it balanced and sufficient for normal functioning of the body, even under stressful conditions of weight loss. Others argue that, like any diet scheme, “Born Again” requires supplementation with physical exercises, and in general is not suitable for long-term use.

Reviews of losing weight indicate significant weight loss in almost all cases of the use of a nutrition program, while some note the appearance of a temporary deterioration in well-being in the first few weeks. Basically, the results of the diet are delightful and give rise to more and more supporters of the diet according to the “Born Again” system.

Pros and cons of diet

Real weight loss – this is what people most often expect when choosing dietary restrictions for themselves. The above scheme really helps to lose excess pounds, and this is its main advantage. Also among the advantages of the diet is a minimal feeling of hunger or its complete absence, as well as a long period of use, during which the body manages to get used to and adapt to a new nutrition system. In addition, the diet is also suitable for those involved in sports (we are not talking about heavy and intense strength training).

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Is the “Born Again” diet harmless and is it safe to use it on an ongoing basis?

Firstly, the diet implies a significant protein intake and minimization of carbohydrates, and as a result – a violation of the balance of nutrients entering the body. A lack of carbohydrates can cause a tendency to cancer, worsening well-being and decreased performance. So, probable bouts of weakness can spoil life in the first few weeks, while the body gets used to and gets used to. The almost complete absence of carbohydrates can be corrected, for example, oatmeal in milk for breakfast.

Secondly, predominantly protein diet can cause stretch marks in the process of losing weight. They need to start to fight immediately after the appearance, without waiting for the end of the diet. This will help massages, scrubs and peels.

Thirdly, despite the absence of special contraindications, like any diet, “Born Again” will be most successful and harmless if it is preceded by a visit to a dietitian.

Fourthly, feeding on such a course can cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastritis or dysbiosis. A cautionary approach to dieting is also necessary if these diseases already exist in the chronic stage.

Of course, in the pursuit of getting rid of extra centimeters, dietary nutrition is indispensable, because it is better to sacrifice extra calories, fatty and sugar-containing products in this case. The “Reborn” diet implies long-term restrictions in nutrition and exercise regimen, the result of which becomes visible almost in the first few weeks. Updating the diet and meals, scheduled by the hour, teach the body to reduce the consumption of harmful fast carbohydrates and sugar, to constant 4-5-one-time nutrition and help literally be born again.

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