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Diet to reduce the hips

All women, both in summer and in winter, dream of beautiful legs, and many of them are faced with such a problem as fat deposits in these areas. To have a stunning view it is worth a little to try. To do this, you can use special rules of nutrition to reduce the volume of the legs.

Before you begin to delve into all the subtleties of proper nutrition for slender legs, you should understand the causes of this problem.

Why there is fat in the legs and hips

Unfortunately, very often women are met with the fullness of lyashek, the nature of the female structure affects this. In every female body there is maternal instinct, which provokes the deposition of fat for the future successful childbearing. As a result, on the stomach, legs of the female body, you can see the extra fullness.

Often, excess weight and cellulite appear as a result of improper diet, regimen, regular stress, so our body reacts and nothing can be done about it. If you decide to lose weight and get rid of the ears, then you should start with compliance with the regime and proper balanced nutrition. The last meal should not be later than 8 hours, try not to take long breaks between meals. Food will be better digested if eaten in small portions, but often, then losing weight will not take long to wait.

To lose weight thigh need to combine proper nutrition with exercise. The body will be grateful for such a combination. If your work does not include physical activity, then do exercises in the morning and evening, walk more in the fresh air. Quickly lose extra pounds, to achieve the desired amount of hips, you can use swimming, gymnastics, cycling or other sport.

Today, there are special exercises that will allow you to get rid of excess fat on the Lyashka.

Comprehensive slimming method consists of:

  • proper nutrition;
  • breathing exercises;
  • physical activity.

The main thing to remember is that putting your legs in order, losing weight in your hips and healing the body as a whole is not an easy process. Therefore, tune in to long work, and most importantly, adhere to all the rules.

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What products contribute to weight loss

To quickly lose weight, you need to completely abandon the use of fatty foods. Allowed to eat only oily fish and fish oil. It is these products that have a high content of acids and vitamins A and D. During the diet, it is not recommended to eat semi-finished products, prepared foods, for example: sausage, yoghurts, etc. These products on 75% consist of fats that have an adverse effect on the female body .

Products that are prohibited for consumption during weight loss can be replaced with plant foods. Thus, the body is saturated with antioxidants. Trace elements of fruits and vegetables interfere with the effects of the free radical. Eating foods high in fiber improves bowel function, fills the body with high levels of vitamins and minerals.

It is very important to enrich your diet with foods high in potassium, vitamins A, C, namely kiwi, strawberries, dried apricots, lettuce, oranges, carrots, cabbage, bananas, green onions, salad peppers, beef liver.

Many nutritionists prohibit eating spicy foods, but after conducting many experiments, scientists have proven that spicy foods eliminate puffiness and normalize the blood circulation. To achieve the correct sharpness of dishes, you can add garlic, chili pepper and ginger to them. Ginger also has a fat burning effect. If you correctly prepare tea based on ginger and drink it regularly, then you can get rid of a couple of extra pounds.

To properly build muscle mass, you need to dilute your diet with low-fat dairy products, wheat germ. Thus, the body is saturated with magnesium and calcium.

For any weight loss do not forget about physical activity. Sport will not only save you from annoying kilos, but will give your body perfect shape.

Thanks to special diets, not only the fat deposits go away, but the legs also become elastic, the complexion, the condition of the hair and skin improve. Before you decide to take this step, you must remember that it is necessary to completely abandon sweets, pastries, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, fatty foods, all kinds of spices, spices. Only by observing all these rules, you can achieve effective results. Remember that a fast diet is not always effective.

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Weekly diet for slimming hips

Every day you need to drink at least two liters of fluid. Throughout the diet, water consumed should only be melted. It is better to drink immediately after a night’s sleep, so the body quickly wakes up, the stomach fills up faster, while suppressing the feeling of hunger.

Diet day Breakfast Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
First Rub g of dark chocolate on a fine grater 10 and add ml of warm milk to 250. Milk should not be fatter than 1,5%. If you are not allergic to honey, then you can add one teaspoon to the prepared drink Consists of a vegetable salad seasoned with lemon juice. Allowed to drink a glass of low-fat milk Half a glass of skim yogurt. Also, nutritionists recommend drinking a special drink, called hydromel, before dinner. It’s easy to cook. To do this, add the juice of one lemon and 10 g of honey to a glass of water Green apple and two glasses of water
Second Completely identical to the first.
The third Low-fat milk with bitter chocolate, since we started the first day of our diet Vegetable soup. To prepare it we need: 1 kg of leeks, half a kilogram of tomatoes and carrots, 1,5 l of water. For taste, you can add fresh cumin. Soup vegetables should not be pre-fried. Thanks to leek and caraway seeds, toxins are removed from the body Pear, green apple, 2 cup of water
Fourth 1,5 water, milky chocolate shake, grapefruit fresh, 250 ml of vegetable broth. Remember that all of the above do not need to drink immediately, eat gradually until lunch Drink gidromel as he prepares, we described above Steamed fish. Sea fish is ideal because it is rich in nutrients and fatty acids. Green apple and 2 glasses of water
Fifth 4 glasses of liquid, but not immediately, but after an equal period of time before lunch 20 g of honey, 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt Dried fruits. They are rich in fructose, vitamins and minerals. 2 cup of water with the addition of 10 g of honey
Sixth Vegetable based broth Fat-free yogurt, hydromel ¼ grapefruit, 2 cup of liquid
Seventh You can eat a few pieces of cheese, half a liter of liquid Low-fat steamed fish salad, vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil Hydromel, yogurt with minimal fat A few green apples, natural yogurt
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Girls who have experienced such a diet leaves only positive reviews. The effectiveness of such a regime depends entirely on the strictness of its observance. You cannot change the sequence of days and ingredients. As we noticed, sugar is completely absent in the diet, but so that the body does not experience a deficiency of sucrose, it is worth adding honey to drinks.

Diet for hips and buttocks

The basis of such a diet is the consumption of low-calorie dishes, that is, the daily amount should not exceed 1250 kcal. To achieve effective weight loss in the hips, you need to drink at least 2,5 liters of clean water all day. Doctors also recommend significantly reducing the use of tea and coffee. If possible, exclude these drinks completely. The daily diet should consist of chicken breast, eggs, cabbage, cheese, tomato, cottage cheese, milk, fish, yogurt. Potatoes can only be eaten baked. It is worthwhile to carefully monitor the daily calorie content of your diet. You need to eat often, but in small portions. In no case should you overeat.

An approximate daily diet consists of the following elements: breakfast – vegetable salad, boiled egg, bran bread, a glass of kefir; second breakfast – an apple or a banana; lunch – vegetable salad, steamed beans, bran bread, grapes; afternoon snack – yogurt with minimal fat content, fruits; dinner – steamed chicken breast, vegetable salad, 25-30 g of cheese.

You can change the ration menu on your own, using only authorized dishes.

Plums, green apples, pineapples, pears can be eaten in any quantity. Vegetables can eat absolutely everything except potatoes. So that fresh vegetables are not quickly tired, they can be steamed or baked.

In order for the body to receive the necessary level of calcium, nutritionists recommend not to forget about the fermented milk food, only low fat content. Calcium helps to reduce body fat in the tissues.

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