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Drinking diet

When the warm season is approaching, all the women think about those kilograms that they managed to deposit on their hips and waist during the winter. Nutritionists have proposed a wide variety of diets. One of the diets that have appeared recently, is a drinking diet. In itself, the name of this diet suggests that the dishes in it should not eat and drink. Not all can adequately perceive the change in the consistency of dishes, so initially it is suitable only for those who love soups and other liquid dishes.

The essence of diet

Depending on age, the person on 65-80% consists of water. Water in the human body performs many functions:

  • is a universal solvent for most substances: almost all reactions in the human body occur in a liquid medium;
  • part of all biological environments of the human body: blood, lymph, digestive juices, secretions of the mucous membranes and secretions of the endocrine glands;
  • serves as a transport system for nutrients, enzymes, hormones, gases, decay and metabolism products, blood cells and carrier molecules;
  • dissolves salts and removes their excess from the body with urine and sweat;
  • maintains homeostasis – the dynamic equilibrium of electrolytes, acids, bases, pressure inside and outside the cell;
  • ensures the constancy of body temperature (due to evaporation of excess heat);
  • contributes to the dilution of fecal masses;
  • supports elasticity (turgor) of tissues.

On average, a person loses every day up to 3,0 l of water (with urine, sweat, exhaled air, feces) depending on the conditions of his stay and the intensity of labor. When a person stays in the conditions of a heating microclimate (in hot workshops, in a sauna, in the hot season) water losses increase significantly.

Replenishment of this water deficit in the body at 20-30% occurs as a result of internal redox reactions, at 20-30% – due to the intake of solid and semi-solid food, and at 50% – due to the so-called “free liquid” (water, compotes , juices, jelly, milk drinks).

The essence of drinking diet is to increase the flow of fluid into the body from the outside. This can be done by replacing solid food (main dishes, desserts, sandwiches, snacks) with liquid. Thus, the metabolism is normalized, harmful substances that are accumulated in the body (intestines, kidneys, vessels) are eliminated, and the skin condition improves.

Power principles

Drinking diet is very strict. Observing all the principles of diet, you can get good results: you can throw up to 15 kg per month on it. For this you need:

  1. When drafting your diet, you should choose healthy foods, avoiding the containing GMOs, dietary supplements, trans fats.
  2. You can consume no more than 5 l of total liquid per day, including liquid food.
  3. The volume of fluid supplied per day in the form of food should be at least 2 l.
  4. Separately from meals, you need to drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day.
  5. It is forbidden to chew during meals, as digestive juices are actively secreted when chewing. It is also forbidden to chew gum – it has the same effect.
  6. The amount of food scheduled for consumption per day should be divided into 5-6 receptions.
  7. Requires moderate exercise.
  8. The chair should be regular, daily. With the appearance of constipation, you must take laxatives or put a cleansing enema.
  9. Additionally, you need to drink vitamin and mineral remedies.
  10. You can not independently increase the length of stay on this diet, because it is unbalanced.
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The most popular of all varieties are the two options for this diet:

  • drinking diet on 7 days;
  • drinking diet on 30 days.

Those who decide to lose weight in this way, it is more correct to start with a diet for a week. It is more strict, but it gives a good and quick result. In addition, a person can determine whether he can withstand such restrictions in the diet for a month.

The benefits of drinking diet

A great advantage of drinking diet diet is cleaning the body from toxic substances and slags. In addition to cleansing the body, such a weight loss has many other positive effects on the body losing weight:

  • normalizes digestion;
  • increases the rate of exchange reactions in the body;
  • reduces the volume of the stomach;
  • improves mood.

On the preparation of drinking diet does not take much time or some expensive products. The main thing – to make the menu correctly.

Cons drinking diet

Drinking a diet, regardless of its duration, is not suitable for people with:

  • chronic severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • impaired renal excretory function;
  • inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract in the acute phase;
  • propensity for edema;
  • diabetes mellitus.

If a person has at least one of the above listed diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a qualified specialist can determine how dangerous this kind of weight loss will be for a particular disease.

Drinking weight loss leads to the leaching of minerals from the body and a decrease in the supply of vitamins, so it is not worth practicing it during periods of seasonal avitaminosis.

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals adversely affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair. The human immunity is weakened, anemic manifestations are observed. Possible visual impairment, impaired attention and memory. However, taking complex medications with vitamins, macro- and microelements can prevent a possible shortage of these substances. A suitable vitamin-mineral complex can be selected by a doctor, taking into account the patient’s age, weight, height and health status.

It is not recommended to use this diet for pregnant and lactating women, children and the elderly because it is very stressful.

You should not continue drinking weight loss, if during it a person begins to persistently feel the feeling of hunger, especially accompanied by dizziness, fainting, weakness, loss of strength, irritability, insomnia or sleepiness, pain in the stomach and stomach, impaired attention and memory.

What you can eat

Drinking a diet allows the use of:

  • clean water without gas;
  • non-fat dairy and dairy products (not higher than 2,5% fat);
  • broths of vegetables, mushrooms, lean meat, offal, poultry, fish;
  • freshly prepared fresh vegetables and berries;
  • fruit drinks and jelly from berries;
  • compotes;
  • natural (unpackaged) teas.

Dishes must be prepared without salt and sugar. Culinary preparation of products should be minimal: boiling and stewing. You should abandon frying, baking, grilling.

What not to eat

To a drinking diet showed good results, you should categorically abandon:

  • solid and semi-solid food (main dishes, kebabs, salads, casseroles, sandwiches);
  • alcohol, including low alcohol drinks and wine;
  • coffee and other caffeinated drinks;
  • strong meat broths (on fatty meats);
  • animal fats (butter and ghee, lard, interior fat);
  • sauces and marinades;
  • pickles;
  • canned food;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • juices of industrial production;
  • salt and salt dressings;
  • sugar and other sweeteners (honey, fructose);
  • food additives (flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives, dyes).

Drinking on 7 days

Thanks to the weekly diet, you can evaluate your physical and volitional abilities before starting a monthly course of weight loss. In this diet menu for each individual should be made individually.

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Drinking diet does not have a strictly regulated menu for the week, but in developing it, you can follow the recommended 7-day diet.

The first day

The most correct option to start losing weight is the 7 days diet, while the first day of a drinking diet is preferably made dairy, or better yet, sour milk (kefir, sourdough, fermented baked milk, yogurt without additives). This will help set the digestive system to digest liquid foods.

Second day

Drinking diet on the second day may consist of soups (grated, mashed, creamy) based on vegetable, low-fat meat and fish broths. In this case, you should avoid adding pasta, potatoes, sour cream, cheese or other additives to the soup. Soup should be cooked on a piece of lean meat (beef, rabbit or bird without skin), fish (skinny sea or river), vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, beets, onions). There should be no dressing in the soup, the only exception is the addition of tomatoes for acidification. The taste of the soup can be complemented by spicy green leafy vegetables (arugula, parsley, dill, cilantro, basil). It is better not to add salt.

The third day

The menu of this day is designed to fortify the body. To do this, during the day they drink compotes and freshly squeezed fresh fruits and vegetables. Obligatory conditions are the absence of sugar or sugar substitutes in these drinks. Only natural drinks can compensate for vitamin deficiencies.

Fourth day

The whole fourth day you need to drink jelly – mucous drinks based on fruit and berry decoctions without added sugar. Kissels envelop the mucous membrane of the organs of the stomach and intestines, and are also a source of water-soluble digestible carbohydrate – starch.

Fifth day

The menu of the fifth day corresponds to the third, but it is possible to add a dried fruit Uzvar prepared without sugar.

Sixth day

On the sixth day you need to drink about 3 l of jelly from oats and oatmeal. This jelly is made from 200 g of oats, 100 g of oatmeal, a glass of low-fat kefir, 1,5 l of water. You need to start cooking oatmeal jelly from the fifth day of the diet: pour oats and cereal with kefir and leave it in a warm place. After a day, wipe the mixture through a sieve and add water. Boil and simmer for several minutes. In this case, it is necessary to stir the jelly constantly so that it does not get caught.

Seventh day

The seventh day of the 7-day diet is similar to the 1 day of a drinking diet, with the exception of a little loosening – a soft cottage cheese casserole at the end of the day. This casserole on the last day of the weekly drinking diet will ease out of it.

The most difficult in drinking diet, according to reviews who have experienced it, is the first day. This is a stressful situation for the body, so it is better to start losing weight on a diet when a person does not have important meetings or responsible work.

Drinking on 30 days

The most positive effect of a monthly diet is a significant decrease in the volume of the stomach. Drinking a diet for 30 days gives tangible results for the body, which affects the health of losing weight before and after it. The cleansing effect of the diet varies in different periods:

  1. In the first decade, the gall bladder, kidneys, bladder and intestines are cleared of calculus.
  2. On the second 10 days, the parenchymal organs are cleaned: heart, liver, spleen, as well as lungs and blood vessels.
  3. In the last decade, the cellular composition of the organism has been renewed. It is at this stage that the feeling of fatigue and sleepiness is replaced by vivacity and ease.
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The 30-day diet menu is different from the 7-day diet. Every day, the menu must be present soup based on meat or fish. In this case, it is necessary to count calories: the daily calorie menu should not exceed 1500 kcal.

Correct exit

To preserve the results of weight loss, you need the right way out of a drinking diet:

  1. The first need to enter the liquid porridge.
  2. The first 1-2 of the week dinner should be drinkable.
  3. A week after the release, you can introduce a little omelet from 1-2 eggs, soft curd casseroles, cheesecakes. Salt and sugar should be reduced to a maximum.
  4. In the second week of release, you should add salads from fresh vegetables and fruits at lunchtime, prepare saute, stews and other dishes from them, where the components are stewed in their own juice.
  5. For the third week, you can add lean meat, fish or seafood to your diet.
  6. In the future, at least once a week, fasting days are required.

In addition to these exit rules, you must continue to monitor the calorie intake, avoid fried and fatty foods, pastries, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Fasting drinking days

Fasting drinking days will help maintain weight after losing weight. Drinking fasting days include the following days:

  • tea – 1,5 l of any tea without sugar (can be with lemon) per day;
  • milk – the same amount of skim milk, low-fat kefir or yogurt without additives per day;
  • tomato – up to 3 l of tomato juice without salt per day;
  • vegetable – up to 2 l of freshly squeezed juice from beets, carrots, celery or other vegetables per day (without salt and sugar).

Vegetable fasting days are the most optimal in terms of vitaminization of the body. In addition, they have a lot of useful fiber, which improves digestion and normalizes stool.

Feedback on effectiveness

The effectiveness of drinking diet is very high. Its results are amazing: in a month you can throw up to 15 kg, and in a week – up to 5 kg.

Testimonials from people who have lost weight on this diet can be read on specialized forums, where the results of the effectiveness of drinking diets are confirmed by photographs before and after the diet. Drinking a diet for 30 days while leading in the reviews. The most important for maintaining weight after losing weight is the correct way out of the diet.


Drinking a diet is one of the most effective modern diets. There are two types of this diet: for a week and for 30 days.

Drinking a diet for a week is more strict in comparison with the monthly, therefore it is much more difficult to maintain it. Difficult in the diet on 7 days is the 1 day drinking diet.

The drinking diet menu on 30 days is less stringent than a weekly diet. The monthly diet menu includes daily soup consumption, which makes it more portable.

Drinking a diet is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, old people and children, people with diseases of the digestive system and kidneys, heart and blood vessels.

Reviews losing weight on various thematic sites and forums indicate good results of such weight loss. During the stay on the one-month-old drinking diet, the body is completely cleansed, the metabolism is normalized, the mood improves, and lightness appears in the body. The correct way out of this diet will allow you to maintain your weight for a long time.

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