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ECA Diet

The abbreviation for the name of the presented program includes its three main components: ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin. With their help, bodybuilders try to remove residual fat from the body that could not be driven off naturally during numerous trainings.

This technique began to be in demand about fifty years ago, when the sport of bodybuilders began to advance in the masses. At that time, specialized sports shops could offer a variety of drugs that provoke a rapid decrease in body fat. The basis was the interaction mechanism of just these three “nuclear” elements.

Despite numerous positive reviews confirming the effectiveness of this method, it is also overgrown with rumors about harm to the body. This was confirmed by numerous studies, as well as the responses of those who were not afraid to oppose.

Not for nothing, after a while, a ban on the trade in ephedrine was introduced, as dishonest dealers began to use it to create narcotic drugs. Researchers confirmed that the component belongs to the category of psychoactive poisonous alkoids.

To date, the substance is considered to be obsolete drugs, from the use of which it is better to refrain as much as possible. Its low efficiency is negligible compared to the harm done. Nevertheless, in some countries, its production is still not stopped, which allows risky athletes, as well as those who want to lose weight, to acquire a composition hazardous to health.

Consequences and contraindications

The ECA diet is calculated on the average time course of admission. In two weeks, it turns out to get rid of three kilograms, without putting any additional conditions on it. If you add to the use of the drug exercise, the fat will go much faster.

Despite the fact that it is almost impossible to find ephedrine in its pure form, people have learned to look for its substitutes. Rather, drugs containing it in sufficient quantities that can be bought without a medical prescription. They transform the acquired preparation in house conditions, creating that same explosive cocktail.

Some newcomers, seeking to lose unnecessary kilograms without significant effort for this, note that after the first dose of the mixture they feel as if they were intoxicated. Symptoms are very similar.

In addition to a noticeable effect on body mass indices, experimenters note several side effects that they also enjoy:

  • emotional lift;
  • a burst of energy to help cope with complex work or study loads;
  • lack of appetite.

The action lasts for about five hours after ingestion, gradually disappearing afterwards. Because of this, seasoned adherents of such a schedule recommend using it in the morning so that the effect disappears before night. Otherwise, it will be impossible to fall asleep.

Accompanied by the desire to roll mountains with some physical disabilities, such as a feeling of dry mouth, possible nausea with sweating. On the physiological side of the question, such manifestations are quite natural, because the body wants to quickly get rid of its suspicious composition.

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It is especially difficult for those who are aiming for a long course despite the sharply deteriorating state of health. In addition to the above unpleasant symptoms, signs of overdose can be added to the main component, which will quickly result in rapid development:

  • tachycardia;
  • angina pectoris;
  • elevated blood pressure;
  • arrhythmias.

Considering a long-term perspective, one should focus on the possible development of insomnia, inexplicable aggressive behavior. Later headaches, vertigo, are added to this.

Trouble will add aspirin, which is completely “not friendly” with the organs of the digestive tract. At first, this is expressed in banal nausea, but later develops into a full-fledged ulcer.

Because of the many effects that will haunt even young people who do not have significant health problems, food with ECA is not welcomed by modern medicine.

But even if the aforementioned did not turn away a potential slimming person from an idea, one must still undergo a full clinical examination in order to get professional advice from the attending physician.

Particular attention should be paid to those who already at the time of the start of the use of the combination has problems in part:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • ulcers, gastritis;
  • thyroid disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • malfunction of the reproductive system;
  • destabilization of the adrenal glands;
  • nervous system.

In no case can one resort to such a radical solution during pregnancy or lactation. Also, it is necessary to stop this practice for all those who have noticed an allergic reaction, or have encountered difficulties during urination.

How it works

The combination in force is ephedrine, which some scientists equate to amphetamine. This was the reason for the prohibition of the substance in a number of countries.

Once it gets inside, it immediately begins to work in tandem with the beta receptors of human cells.

The union has a positive effect on the growth of muscle mass necessary for losing weight, and also contributes to the breakdown of fats. The latter are a virtually bottomless storehouse of energy reserves for the “rainy days”.

But there is a downside to the medal, because muscle fiber receptors become too sensitive, which quickly leads to dependence. The poor outcome is explained by the inability of the body to independently produce the number of beta-antagonists necessary for stable functioning.

With frequent long-term use, the cocktail provokes a rise in temperature, which also starts the process of burning calories. And an unexplained surge of energy has become possible due to a significant jump in blood glucose.

According to a similar principle, caffeine acts, which accelerates the pulse, and the patient exhibits increased excitability. In small quantities, a tonic composition with caffeine is even useful, as evidenced by numerous studies by scientific teams in studying the properties of coffee. But with ECA it is too much.

Most fans of the technique believe that aspirin in the composition is designed to block the addiction of stronger elements. But in practice, the opposite result is achieved, because the pills contribute to the dilution of blood. If we add to this the negative impact on the stomach, then the picture emerges very sad.

Because of this, some particularly independent bodybuilders for some reason, throw away acetylsalicylic acid from the “magic composition”, which makes it even worse.

The basis of ECA is taken from a variety of suitable cough syrups. The resulting liquid with other components consumed several times a day for 2-3 weeks, until the first signs of weight loss.

The instructions for the diet say that you need to drink it instead of food. Since the appetite is still suppressed, there is no need to eat. Only a surge of strength will be imaginary, pumping out internal resources without proper control, since the body will have nowhere to take the missing vitamins, trace elements, minerals.

It is true that with the use of the “energy talker” the working capacity grows almost to the skies. But pay for this will have irritability and even tremor of the upper extremities.

It is impossible to use the solution for more than two weeks, because after this time, usually productivity always diminishes, no matter how hard the slimmer adheres to the established plan.

Rules of admission

If you would like to try such a risky option, and no contraindications were found during the examination, it is still forbidden to depart from the generally accepted rules.

The most important is to follow the proportions that provide the algorithm: 1 to 10 to 10. We are talking about ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin strictly according to the established queue. Some athletes independently adjust the established norm, but this already turns into a game with life, so you should not take such risky steps.

It is worth remembering that the optimal course should consist of 14 days. Everything above is prerequisite for addiction. You should not also count on the instant effect “as in the picture”, since here everything depends on the individual characteristics of each particular organism.

All the time to head it is necessary to keep a few more important amendments:

  1. Using the components of ECA, you will need to avoid the use of alcoholic beverages. You can not drink and eat chocolate, tea, coffee, as well as any products containing these ingredients.
  2. You can not throw a diet bodybuilder. In addition to taking pills directly, you will need to strictly follow the rules of nutrition, a departure from which will negate the planned productivity.
  3. Discard the mixture before bedtime, otherwise it will not work for a few hours.
  4. Before the start, be sure to stock up on mineral supplements and vitamin complexes.
  5. At emergence of the first side effects it is necessary to refuse further experiment at once.
  6. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  7. It is necessary to constantly maintain water balance. The optimal indicator is two liters of ordinary drinking purified water.
  8. Do not ignore physical exertion.

It is worth remembering that it is not for nothing that the method has been banned in some countries. It means that its negative aspects outweigh the positive ones.

Real reviews

Most practitioners of the program agree with its effectiveness. At the same time, the majority is confirmed by the presence of various side effects of taking pills until hallucinations appear, which is characteristic of a significant overdose.

Do not hope that without feeling hungry, you will get rid of annoying kilos. The body will resist to the last, aware of all the risks to themselves. This will result in unstable functioning of the heart muscle in the background of panic attacks.

The important point here is a ban on the use of the method by those who have recovered due to significant psychological problems. Such people use food as an outlet, preferring to seize the impending problems, or to experience the stress at work, inside the family, along with goodies. In this scenario, the cocktail will be powerless.

Another negative point may be the factor of impossibility to keep the new weight at the desired mark. This is especially true of those who prefer “lazy weight loss” without significant physical exertion. Ten-minute walks from the entrance to the stop or climb the stairs to the third floor will not work here.

With ECA, a person needs to be strengthened. It is best to use for such purposes trips to the gym and training under the guidance of an individual instructor. He necessarily needs to tell about the chosen way of getting rid of fatty layers, so that the specialist can choose the correct program with a gentle treatment in relation to the heart.

Care must be taken to exit the scheme, as the body is very “hungry” for nutrients, without having constant access to them. Immediately you want to seize victory with fast carbohydrates found in sweets and baked goods. It can be so problematic to slow down in time that the weight arrives not only at the previously set mark, but also turns into a yo-yo effect. This means that a person spreads out even more over time.

The figure simply does not have time to memorize positive shifts, therefore it easily fills the vacated “void” with new reserves, fearing that it will again be subjected to a stressful situation.

Against the background of all of the above, experts insist that in order to obtain the necessary volumes, aspirants first tried more benign alternatives. This will allow to reach the desired mark on the scales, as well as not to knock down your own health.

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