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English diet

In the endless search for new methods of losing weight, nutritionists turned their attention to Foggy Albion. And no wonder. Residents of Britain are quite worthy to become an example of a correct lifestyle and good nutrition. Accustomed from childhood to the choice of quality food, they will never harm their own health. Not a drop of what can harm, a minimum of useless, nothing superfluous – these are the basics for the English diet. It was she who became the guarantee of lightness and self-confidence for many residents of not only a distant island, but also of native expanses.

Principles of the English diet

Actually the idea of ​​this diet was born in the same UK since ancient times. When, in medieval Europe, exclusively blooming and rounded girls were wives, English gentlemen looked through the thick mist over the thin wasp waist of their future ladies. Therefore, experienced ladies created the gastronomic framework for their daughters from early childhood.

The essence of the English diet for weight loss is a clear alternation of protein and vegetable foods. In this case, the daily calorific value is no more than 1000 kcal. The basis of the diet is the usual products of farm and livestock. This is one of the main advantages of this regime. No need to wander around the markets and shops in search of unusual or exclusive ingredients for diet foods. The menu of the English diet will include the most common: milk, oatmeal, eggs, legumes and even bread.

Familiar salt will have to be replaced with sea salt, and even better use spicy herbs instead. This will not allow fluid to stay in the body and weight loss will pass faster. Water is very important in any diet, it should be drunk about 2 liters. The main rule is that the water should be without gas, not from the tap, in extreme cases boiled. Instead of fried heavy food, you will need to get used to the equally tasty – stewed one.

The main difference from other diets, is that in English – the main part of calories is gained at lunch, and not at the first meal. Breakfast on the contrary is very light. A late and hearty lunch should replace the usual dinner.

To date, several variants of this mode have been developed and are popular. All of them differ in duration and speed of achieving results.

English diet on 5 days

This option is used in the old English guest houses for young ladies. When future brides from high society became overgrown with extra roundness during the holidays, they used such a regime in order to maintain their “decent” weight. The English diet on the 5 days was used three times a year, after each break from scientific granite. Nowadays, doctors are more supportive of young people and do not recommend resorting to it more than 1 times a year, maximum – 2’s.

Such restrictions are based on a too truncated diet. The whole effect of the diet is due to the stress that the body suffers. Small portions (on 150-200 gr) are taken four times a day. At the same time, a minimum amount of fats and carbohydrates comes. The main heat treatment of products is steaming or cooking.

The menu of the English diet on 5 days can consist of various protein foods, cereals and vegetables.


  • breakfast – oatmeal on the water, black tea without sugar;
  • dinner – chicken broth (without salt and potatoes), a slice of dark bread;
  • afternoon tea – tea without sugar, one fruit;
  • dinner – one sandwich with butter and a slice of cheese, black tea.
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  • breakfast – oatmeal, tea;
  • lunch – boiled chicken breast (150 gr), one cucumber, tea;
  • afternoon tea – tea with milk;
  • dinner – a salad of tomato and radish with flax seeds.


  • breakfast – oatmeal, tea;
  • dinner – broth with vegetables without meat, one piece of dark bread;
  • afternoon tea – tea;
  • dinner – one pear and one apple.


  • breakfast – oatmeal, tea;
  • lunch – boiled chicken drumstick, one tomato;
  • afternoon tea – tea with milk;
  • dinner – one boiled potatoes, one cucumber.


  • breakfast – oatmeal, tea;
  • lunch – boiled chicken breast;
  • afternoon tea – one pear;
  • dinner – two apples.

According to reviews losing weight on the English diet in just 5 days, you can lose 5-6 kilograms of excess weight. At night, it is recommended to drink a teaspoon of olive oil to make up for the missing healthy fats. After the expiration of the period, you can’t eat up sharply. Familiar products should be gradually returned.

This is the most strict program of this diet. Daily calorie intake should be no more than 800-900 kcal.

English diet on 7 days

This option is a little easier transferred than a five-day. The number of calories per day grows to 1000, and during exercise it can be increased to 1200 kcal. Requirements remain for the drinking regime (2 liters per day). The number of meals should also be at least 4’s.

The weekly British diet was developed by the British Medical Foundation, which fights heart disease. It is often prescribed by doctors for treatment purposes and is used for rapid weight loss before significant dates or competitions.

Since the principle of this mode is very simple, it is very simple to create a menu for the English diet every day. To do this, you just need to know how many calories are contained in a particular product.

Product Calories
(100 gr)
Bread, wheat 265
Rye bread 210
Boiled chicken 135
Fried chicken 210
Veal 90
Rabbit 115
Turkey 150
Duck 405
Mutton 316
Beef Stew 180
White mushrooms 25
Dried white mushrooms 210
Chicken Egg (1pcs) 65
Carp 46
Bream 48
Zander 43
Perch 95
Herring (fresh) 57
Flounder 88
Squid 75
Milk (3,2% fat) 60
Kefir (0% fat) 30
Cream (10% fat) 120
low-fat cottage cheese 180
Buckwheat 346
Groats of oatmeal 374
Oat flakes 305
Manka 340
rice 337
beans 328
Lentil 310
Soy 395
Onions 43
Carrots 33
White cabbage 23
Cauliflower 18
Cucumbers 15
Boiled potatoes) 60
Eggplant 28
Fresh Tomatoes 20
Radish 16
Salad leaves 11
Beetroot 40
Spinach 16
Apples 45
Pear 42
Orange 45
grapefruit 30
Lemon 30
Fresh pineapple 44
Cherry 25
Raspberry 45
Watermelon 40
Melon 45
Kiwi 59
Grapes 70
bananas 90
Avocado 100
Raisins 270
Dried 290
prunes 290
Nuts 707
Sugar 379

To easily start and not to derive mathematical formulas before preparing each dish, it is easier to use the experience of those who have already passed this mode. You can take as a basis the diet of the English diet according to the recommendations and recommendations that have become thinner.

English diet menu for 7 days

Day one

Breakfast – boiled egg, one dark toast, tea without sugar (150 kcal).

Lunch – steamed carp, cucumber and tomato salad (128 kcal).

Tea time – one orange, tea without sugar (90 kcal).

Dinner – 100 gr of boiled rice, 100 gr of boiled mushrooms (362).

Day two

Breakfast – 100 gr salad of carrots and apples, toast, tea (139 kcal).

Lunch – 100 gr boiled chicken, lettuce and one tomato (189 kcal).

Safe, – low-fat cottage cheese, tea (180 kcal).

Dinner – buckwheat porridge, 100 gr boiled veal, cucumber and radish salad (280 kcal).

Day three

Breakfast – oatmeal on the water, tea (150 kcal).

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Lunch – boiled rice, one tomato, tea (203 kcal).

Tea time – toast with cheese, tea (105 kcal).

Dinner – stewed cabbage with carrots, a piece of boiled chicken, tea (260 kcal).

Day Four

Breakfast – boiled egg, one toast, tea (150 kcal).

Lunch – vegetable broth with a piece of veal (180 kcal).

Safe, – 50 g low-fat cottage cheese and 50 g raspberry (135 kcal).

Dinner – steamed rice with mushrooms, one cucumber (382 kcal).

Day five

Breakfast – 100 gr carrot-apple salad, dark toast, tea (139 kcal).

Lunch – carp baked in foil, one fresh tomato (146 kcal).

Tea time – toast with cheese, tea (150 kcal).

Dinner – buckwheat porridge, a piece of boiled beef, one cucumber (305 kcal).

Sixth day

Breakfast – oatmeal on the water, tea (150 kcal).

Lunch – one boiled potatoes, a piece of herring, tomato (140 kcal).

Tea time – one orange, toast with tea (160 kcal).

Dinner – 200 gr boiled chicken, tomato and cucumber salad (310 kcal).

Seventh day

Breakfast – toast with cheese, one pear, tea (185 kcal).

Lunch – vegetable soup with a piece of chicken breast, toast (230 kcal).

Safe, – low-fat cottage cheese, tea (180 kcal).

Dinner – pollock in the oven, lettuce with cucumber, one apple (260 kcal).

Successfully completing such a program, you can get rid of annoying 4,5-5 kilograms. Sport and other physical activities during this period it is better to reduce. Usual walks, yoga or light fitness are perfect as an “accelerator” for weight loss. More complex exercises are recommended to be excluded, since the body will not receive a sufficient amount of energy. If active activities are completely excluded, the amount of food per day should not exceed 1000 kcal.

English diet for 21 day

The version of the English diet on 21 day is the longest and most effective. In this case, the goal is not only to lose weight, but to permanently consolidate the achieved result. The whole cycle consists of 2 fasting days and 19 – dietary. Such a program will allow the body to cleanse, prepare, and, over time, completely get used to.

The bottom line is to alternate rations in two days: protein and vegetable. It is better to pre-set the menu of the English diet for all 21 day, so that later “by chance” not to have a bite, something forbidden. The most difficult first two days. Sharply limited food in this period is intended to create a “fertile soil” for further treatment.

So, the first and second day will consist of:

  • breakfast – a glass of milk, one toast of dark bread;
  • lunch – a glass of milk;
  • afternoon tea – a glass of milk, one toast of dark bread;
  • dinner – a glass of tomato juice.

There is no need to resort to such unloading. After completing the preparation, you can proceed to the main stage.

English diet menu for 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 16, 19 and 20 protein days:

  • breakfast – one rye toast with honey or jam, tea or coffee without sugar;
  • dinner – broth with vegetables and a piece of lean meat;
  • snack – a glass of milk or tea with toast;
  • dinner – boiled egg with kefir or 150 c curd with tea.

Menu of the English diet for 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17 and 18 plant days:

  • breakfast – 2 of any fruit (except banana and avocado), coffee and tea without sugar;
  • lunch – vegetable broth with toast, or a salad of boiled vegetables without dressing;
  • Snack – 1 any fruit (except banana and avocado);
  • dinner – salad of fresh or boiled vegetables, 1 fruit, tea.

Another common variant of the English diet on 20 days works in the same way. The only difference is that the last day is also unloading: they eat only 2 kilograms of vegetables and green tea.

Strict english diet on 7 days

The strictest mode is used only in extreme cases. Doctors do not, of course, advise such experiments on their own. But often the desire to look beautiful wins. For a sharp weight loss, but maintaining the right balance and metabolism, the following nutritional scheme has been proposed:

  • the first and second days – only milk and one slice of bread;
  • the third and fourth days – protein food (boiled lean meat, boiled eggs);
  • the fifth and sixth days – vegetables fruits;
  • the seventh day is only milk and a slice of bread.
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According to reviews, already thinned out this version of the English diet gives the best results. For a week, you can lose from 4,5 to 6 kg of mass. But not everyone can withstand such gastronomic hardships. Self-resort to this method is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Recipes for the English diet

The opinion that when trying to lose weight, a tasty meal will fail – extremely mistaken. Knowing the calorie content of products, you can create delicious meals to please yourself and loved ones. And over time, you can easily create recipes for the English diet on their own.

Dietary stuffed cabbage

For cooking you will need:

  • eggplants – kg 1;
  • white cabbage – 1 pcs;
  • Bulgarian pepper – 2;
  • tomato juice – 0,5 l;
  • water;
  • salt, spices.

First of all, you need to peel the eggplant. Then cut them into cubes and place in water with salt so that they release all the bitterness. At this time, you should separate the leaves of cabbage and clean the veins. Drain the water from the eggplant, add peeled peppers and pass everything through a meat grinder. Ready stuffed meat should be stuffed with cabbage and send and stew in tomato juice until tender. The finished dish can be sprinkled with dill.

Cold diet soup

For cooking you will need:

  • beet tops – 400 gr;
  • Bulgarian pepper – 1;
  • onion – 1 pieces;
  • celery greens – 100 gr;
  • boiled egg – 2 pcs.

Eggs need to be pre-cooked and cleaned. All vegetables and herbs clean and chop. Put everything except eggs in a liter of clean water and boil until ready. Spices can be added to the broth (except salt). Serve cold with chopped eggs.

Chicken stew in a special way

For cooking you will need:

  • chicken fillet – 200 gr;
  • low-fat kefir – 100 ml;
  • parsley and dill;
  • spices (to taste).

Raw fillet should be arbitrarily cut and pour kefir, to reduce caloric content, you can dilute it with water (50 ml of kefir: 50 ml of water). There is cut greens. Everything fits in the dishes and covered with a lid. Meat should be infused in the refrigerator for 1,5-2 hours. Then it must be stewed without adding oil.

Additional nuances of the English diet

For effective results it is recommended to combine the English diet with sports. This does not apply only to strict mode and fasting days. If during the program you feel a lack of strength, general weakness and drowsiness, you should resort to less energy-intensive types of exercises. Normal exercise in the morning, light fitness or a leisurely walk will also help to lose weight without depleting the body.

Since animal fats are practically absent in this diet, it is advisable to drink a teaspoon of olive or flaxseed oil at night. This will help maintain bio balance and prevent metabolic disorders. For the same purposes, it is recommended to drink a complex of minerals and vitamins throughout the course. It is also useful to take chrome to maintain skin tone, which often becomes flabby when losing weight.

The result of the English diet will be not only a slender waist, but also an organism purified from the inside. Severe gastronomic deprivation will lead to fat burning and the elimination of toxins. Excellent health, clean skin, beautiful hair and, finally, absolute lightness – isn’t there a reason to deny yourself a cake?

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