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Fast diet

Women tend to wonder how to lose weight quickly and efficiently, for example, when a holiday or an important day is approaching and you want to look slim and refined. However, many people think that it is impossible to drop a few extra pounds in a couple of days, but this is not so! This is real thanks to the existence of a fast diet. The main advantage of this method is that with its help, extra centimeters in the waist and those extra pounds literally melt before your eyes in a short time.

Efficiency fast diet

The name of the category of diets is fast, speaks for itself, the method provides for getting rid of excess fat in just a week or even less, depending on the desired result and volume. For 7 days, you can successfully get rid of 5-8 kilograms. In order for the diet to show its effectiveness more quickly, it is recommended to take warm baths, at the same time, the disappearance of cellulite can be accelerated, making a massage of the problem area.

The main rule when choosing a program for weight loss is to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of each method. You need to choose the one that is right for you and will effectively manifest itself, interacting with your body. First of all, it is worth remembering that the diet of a fast diet contains only the ingredients that are suitable for proper nutrition.

How to lose weight in a short time

If you decide to lose weight in a short time at home, then, first of all, you need to choose the right mode, for this you need to find out what fast diets are and when choosing to follow certain rules:

  • choose the diet, the main product of which will be as affordable as possible and will not cause allergies, since much of the effective diets are based on the use of one product, they are often called mono diets;
  • you need to like the taste of the main products of the diet, thanks to this, the restriction in food will not be a burden to you;
  • To lose weight it was more comfortable, try to choose a diet, whose dishes are easy to prepare, this will allow you to spend less time in the kitchen and reduce the possibility of breakdown.
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Basic menu fast diet on 7 days

Day of the week Breakfast Dinner
Monday One boiled egg, tea or coffee without sugar 150 g low-fat steamed fish. 100 g brown rice, 200 ml apple juice
Tuesday 100 g fat-free cottage cheese, 50 g fresh berries, a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee 250 g boiled shrimp, 200 ml carrot and apple juice
Wednesday 150 ml drinking yogurt, orange 150 g of baked chicken sirloin, boiled potato, 200 ml of freshly squeezed celery and apple juice
Thursday 150 g toast made from rye flour with low-fat cheese, a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea 150 / 100 g steamed beef, one orange or apple
Friday Two tablespoons of muesli, 30 g dried apricots, a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee 200 g vegetable salad, which includes: tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper and salad leaves, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice, spices to taste
Saturday 150 g fruit salad, which includes apple, orange and mandarin 150 g of rabbit or chicken meat, grilled, 100 g of spinach, 200 ml of orange juice
Sunday 100 g nonfat cottage cheese, orange and kiwi 150 g steamed turkey meat, 100 g boiled asparagus or green beans, a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee

It is this option fast diet is standard and is perfect in order to lose weight. In addition, it helps to reduce the feeling of constant hunger. All this is due to the fact that the menu provides a sufficient amount of calories, because of this, the body does not slow down the metabolism. In that case, if you do not use the daily calorie intake, then at the end of the diet, when the number of calories increases dramatically, the body will begin to store body fat in order to insure itself in case of a repetition of fasting again.

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Variety of diet menu

There are many effective diets for losing weight, the mono-diets mentioned above have proven themselves best, reviews about them are mostly positive and confirm the fact that they really fulfill their role. Various variations of the kefir diet are widespread: you can use only one kefir, or you can combine it, for example, with buckwheat or banana. It is worth asking what celebrities were on a diet, for example, there is a Hollywood and Larisa Dolina diet, these methods have already been tested by stars and you can see the effect in their photos by comparing their appearance before and after.

Nowadays, a protein diet is very popular, and its variations, such as the Kremlin, low-carb and Ducane. Recently, the egg diet has firmly established itself. It is considered one of the most effective for those people who want to get a visible result in a short period of time. The same result will be from an extreme diet, with its help it is possible to get rid of 2 kg in one day, for this you need to mix 1 tablespoon of tea leaves and 1 l of milk, which must first be heated to 7-degrees.

The most effective diet for fast weight loss

For quick weight loss, it is recommended to choose the most effective regimen, which at the moment is a carbohydrate-free diet of fashion models. After three days, you will be able to say goodbye to about five extra pounds, the exact figure depends on your individual metabolism and weight.

The dietary restrictions are quite strict. For breakfast, you need to eat an egg in a bag. After which, after 3 hours, you will need to eat 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese and drink a cup of unsweetened tea. After another three hours, repeat this meal. Dinner is forbidden. The most important recommendation for this diet is the use of a large volume of water, it perfectly eliminates hunger and speeds up metabolism.

This version of the diet is very reminiscent of low-carb, or rather, it is a more stringent variation, because in this “diet of models” there are no carbohydrates at all, and the volume of proteins is also not large. A low-carb diet is the most simplified version of the previous one and features an increased range of products on the menu. You can have breakfast with thirty grams of non-fat hard cheese, eat a small piece of rye bread and drink it with unsweetened green tea.

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For lunch, it is recommended to use boiled beans, a small piece of rye bread, 200 g cottage cheese with a low percentage of fat content and drink unsweetened tea. You can have dinner 100 g steamed chicken breast, eat cucumber and tomato, and green tea without sugar.

Basic rules for preserving the effect

A large number of various diets slightly complicates the selection of the fastest and most effective method to lose those extra pounds in a short period of time. Often, on the advice of specialists, women choose not one specific diet, but give preference to a series of mono-rations, the duration of which can be 1 or even 3 of the day. For example, in this way, the regime of six petals and Margarita the Queen is built. It is worth remembering that before you decide on a diet, you need to consult a doctor to find out whether your health will suffer after such transformations.

It is worth remembering that no matter how effective and fast the diet you chose, and even if you stuck to it for as much time as was necessary, this does not guarantee the final burning of all the excess fat. In order to not return all the lost kilograms upon completion of the diet, you need to remember that you need to go out of any diet smoothly.

The best recipe for maintaining a beautiful body after observing the dietary regime is a healthy lifestyle, exclusion from the diet of various convenience foods, fast food, sugary carbonated drinks, and flour products. And do not underestimate the water, it should be consumed in large quantities to maintain in good condition not only the figure, but also the skin, hair and nails.

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