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Fat burning diet

The weaker sex has always been famous for its inconsistency and changeability in terms of appearance, and this is our female chip. Particularly acute issue with weight – literally every girl at least once in her life looked in the mirror with the thought that she needs to get better or lose weight in order to achieve ideal parameters. The first option is not so common, but fat burning is what thousands of women from all over the world are striving for.

It is very important to understand that you can not completely refuse to eat, or continue to eat the same, but in smaller quantities. The secret to losing weight is to maintain energy balance: consume fewer calories than you spend in everyday life. Calories are the “raw material”, when it is burned, energy appears in the human body to perform certain actions. If there are too many calories, they are deposited on the body in the form of hateful fat. All that we eat has its own energy value – this is an indicator that determines the number of calories in a particular product.

How many calories do you need for a healthy life?

With energy getting everything is clear, this information can be read on the product packaging or found on the Internet, but what about the consumption of those notorious calories? On the Internet you can find information about how much women spend per day calories. These data help to make the best diet menu.

Age Calories Optimal consumption
19-30 years 2000-2200 2400
31-50 years 1800-2000 2200
Older than 50 1600-1800 2000

You can find out the exact amount of calories consumed if you use special gadgets or consult a specialist. Knowing these figures, you can determine for yourself a menu with which the process of reducing subcutaneous fat will go faster, and it is not necessary to gnaw salad leaves for weeks on a fanatical basis.

There are many diets for weight loss, lasting for a variety of periods of time, from a couple of days to several months:

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  • mono diets;
  • juicy;
  • Unloading days.

Optimal are diets designed for a week – this way of eating will not bring much harm to the body, but it will be an effective method in the struggle for a beautiful figure. Diets that last less time are more aimed at “drying” the body, for example, to a specific event and do not give long-term results. Those that offer the same menu for a month or more can simply lead to undesirable consequences such as beriberi. Separately, there is the question of individual portability of products.

By type of nutrition, diets can be divided into two groups – soft and hard. With strict diets, the menu contains only two or three products that must be strictly consumed within a week without deviations, while soft ones have a more varied diet. The three most popular weight loss diets for a week are kefir, buckwheat and oatmeal. They will be discussed.

Popular and effective types of diets

Buckwheat diet

It refers to a rigid type of food. The menu for the week is very simple – all seven days you need to eat buckwheat. It can not be boiled, but should be steamed with boiling water. First, try to take a 1 glass of cereal and determine whether this quantity is enough to eat all day, or do you need more. One way or another, buckwheat should be rinsed with hot water and drained, and then again pour steep boiling water in the proportion of 1: 1,5. That is, on 1 a glass of buckwheat needs one and a half glasses of water.

The pan with future porridge should be put in a warm place, you can wrap it with a terry towel or something dense and leave it for several hours, ideally overnight. In the morning you can eat porridge, but without any seasonings, including without oil and salt. To drink during a buckwheat diet, you need 1% kefir (half an hour before meals, or after), green tea, mineral water or ordinary distilled.

The advantage of a buckwheat diet is that you can eat an unlimited amount of porridge, the main thing is not less than 4 hours before bedtime. And it is also effective as fat-burning – 100 grams of porridge contains 343 cal., That is, losing weight will feel full, but at the same time, excess calories will not accumulate in the body, even if you do not lead the most active lifestyle! According to various sources, observing a buckwheat diet, you can lose 5-7 kg. A disadvantage can be considered a strictly limited menu and, as a result, a possible lack of nutrients in the body, so do not forget to take vitamins while following a buckwheat diet.

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Oatmeal Diet

In addition to the fact that this type of diet will save you extra pounds, it will also cleanse your stomach of harmful wastes, which complicate the process of absorption of nutrients – what is not a great motivation for choosing a diet? Many underestimate the toxins that accumulate in the intestines, and meanwhile their weight can total up to ten kilograms! Moreover, the diet is not as strict as buckwheat. Diet on cereals is extremely useful, because cereals contain fiber – a fat burner, a plant substance, when digested, the body spends more energy than usual. Fiber can be purchased in stores and consumed as an independent product (in reasonable doses, of course), or obtained with a complex of other micro and macro elements during meals. If you “sit” on an oat diet, you can get rid of 3-5 kg.

A simple option involves eating oatmeal, cooked or doused with boiling water or milk, as well as snacks of fruits and vegetables. That is, after a plate of porridge you can easily have a snack with an apple or dried apricots. You can eat any fruits and vegetables, except for potatoes, banana and grapes, as they contain a lot of sugar. In addition to potatoes, which contain high-calorie and little useful starch. As with buckwheat, spices and butter should not be added to food.

There is another version of the oatmeal diet, the so-called “chess”: this is when alternating methods of making oatmeal, one day it is cooked in water, the second day – in milk. By the way, you can replace oatmeal with a mixture of cereals – the effect will be just as amazing. You can drink green and herbal tea, mineral water, but coffee, unfortunately, will have to be abandoned.

Obvious advantages – cleansing the body from fat and toxins, the disadvantage is that, due to unaccustomed, indigestion may occur.

Kefir diet

It can rightly be considered the queen of diets, because it is easy to stick to the menu for a week of such a diet, it is more diverse than mono-diets from one type of products, and the result is as brilliant as from more rigid options.

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The advantage of kefir diet is its many variations and they are all equally effective for burning fat.

Option 1

Breakfast – boiled fish, cabbage salad, a slice of gray or black bread, tea or not very strong coffee.

The second breakfast is a glass of low-fat kefir, an apple or grapefruit.

Lunch – boiled chicken breast, green peas or corn, light vegetable soup, bread.

Afternoon snack – unsweetened compote of berries, cottage cheese, low-fat kefir.

Dinner – any tea, boiled fish, vegetable salad.

At bedtime, you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Option 2

Breakfast – a glass of kefir, mashed carrots, seasoned with vegetable (preferably olive) oil.

Lunch – 2-3 large apples or grapefruit, you can handful of dried fruits.

Lunch – a vegetable salad with low-fat cheese (for example, feta cheese), tea or low-fat kefir.

Safe, – a couple of large apples or dried fruits.

Dinner – vegetable salad, a small piece of gray or black bread.

Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of yogurt.

Option 3

Breakfast – coffee with milk or tea, egg omelet, cabbage salad.

The second breakfast – a glass of low-fat kefir.

Lunch – light chicken soup, gray or black bread, tea or low-fat kefir.

Tea time – a pair of apples, you can replace the dried fruit.

Dinner – baked potatoes (2-3 pcs.), Tea.

We summarize – any fat burning diet, designed for a week, has the most effective menu, the secret of which is to saturate the body with foods that have the minimum energy value, which means they will not contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body. The only difference is in what foods the diet is based on. The main thing when losing weight is to drink plenty of fluids and not go out of the diet abruptly so as not to injure the body and not return all the kilos that were lost with difficulty back.

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