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Fatty Diet

In search of the perfect means to maintain slender forms, many people use the so-called extreme methods of losing weight. Just such a category is the fatty diet developed by Jan Kwasniewski.

A specialist in the field of nutrition with thirty years of experience behind him created his own system, calling it “optimal nutrition”. Its main features are the use of only high fat foods. For many losing weight, accustomed to denying themselves just such a meal, this approach seems surprising. But he has a scientific justification, because a diet on fats does not leave a patient hungry, and products from her menu are easily digested. An auxiliary factor is an increased amount of protein, which acts as a catalyst for the destruction of reserves of “fat”. This is explained by the activation of the ketosis process. It is based on the body extracting vital energy from fatty layers in the absence of carbohydrate intake.


The author of the system many times emphasized that he does not call on the adherents of the methodology to eat only products with transcendental fat content. But it is they who will be the basis. But from the usual components of the classical schemes of a correct lifestyle – vegetables and fruits, should be discarded. If you can not resist, then you can pamper yourself with them only occasionally and then, not all of their varieties.

The reason for such strange restrictions lies in the increased water content just in the fruit and vegetable set. According to the recommendations, it is easier to replace them with ordinary drinking water. The developer also believes that the fiber that is part of them is too coarse a component for digestion.

Opponents of the theory will object, appealing the lack of vitamins necessary for the normal existence. But even here the expert foresaw everything, adding offal to the list of allowed food products. Great for this role are the heart, lungs, as well as the kidneys and liver. In exceptional cases, it is allowed to supplement the balance with vegetables.

Fat loss diet does not provide any strict time frame. It is better not to jump from it at least six months. And ideally, Mr. Kwasniewski generally insists on applying his scheme all the time. Because of this, the method is categorized as long-term. For the same reason, he will not be able to immediately rejoice his newly-minted follower with impressive results from day one. To see shifts in any direction, after all, this variant is not always suitable for a specific experimenter, it will be possible not earlier than in a few months of hard work.

The main engines of the process are proteins of animal origin together with fats. Together, it dulls the feeling of hunger. In simple words, this means the constant use of not only meat, but also fat.

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To diversify the “predatory” schedule, you can add:

But both of these assistants should be used occasionally and in small quantities.

Also a list of valid products contains:

  • milk;
  • eggs;
  • cream;
  • high fat cottage cheese and cheese;
  • other sour milk products.

Dishes where the listed components do not appear should be left outside the home kitchen. At least during the stage of active reduction of weight accumulated over the years. After a person reaches the desired mark on the scales and the volume he needs, some relaxation is allowed. But even in the supporting phase, you should not relax anyway, leaning on what is not on the recommended list.

Additionally, you will have to constantly monitor weight changes, each time tightening the daily regime, if the indicators are beyond the expected control norm.

Features of the method

At the end of the most difficult period, full of restrictions, it is allowed to eat fruit occasionally. But since, according to the original interpretation, they are full of water, you need to choose only those types of fruits that can not boast of a huge carbohydrate content. If you stick to this useful advice, then it will be problematic to fall out of the cage of restoring the former slenderness.

To prove the effectiveness of the development, the author cites the example of ruminants. They constantly gain weight if they eat only food of plant origin. The analogy provides for an identical outcome for people who refuse meat in spite of the habits originally laid down by nature.

Thanks to a supersaturated diet, anyone who wants to get in shape will be able to quickly start the internal process of getting rid of unwanted layers, thereby significantly losing weight.

The fatty diet in the classical interpretation provides for a three-time intake, which should exclude the favorite many “forever hungry” snacks. But during breakfast, lunch and dinner it is permissible to fill up. This allows you to block the hunger before the next trip to the dining room.

It is also extremely important to give the brain center a full focus on what the body does. Because of this, while eating your favorite foods is prohibited to be distracted by something else. You can not:

  • watch TV;
  • to read a book;
  • chat on the phone or play computer games.

After eating is finished, you should immediately lie down to rest for at least fifteen minutes.

Despite the fact that some fans of this schedule insist on the ability to immediately switch to such a power mode, this is a stereotype. It is necessary to join in several stages. It should start with the inclusion of one dose per day, as this is too stressful option for the body.

At a certain point, the experimenter himself will understand that the time has come to switch to a full-fledged regime according to the rules. Besides the fact that a fat diet has a beneficial effect on the condition of the figure, it also has a positive effect on overall well-being. In the process of researching its benefits, it became clear that patients feel an improvement in the functioning of the kidneys. The positive effect is also seen in people who suffer from asthma attacks or suffer from stomach ulcers.

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As a result, losing weight gets healthy forms, but without a painful appearance, which is characteristic of those who suffer from anorexia. Especially valuable will seem the way to those who, on the contrary, strive to get rid of excessive thinness and try to bring themselves to the physiological norm.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage here is a comfortable weight reduction without sudden changes, which adversely affect the general state of health. This is achieved through a smooth weight loss.

In addition, people do not break in the middle of the process, trying to eat to get the necessary energy for a comfortable life. With the feeling of constantly being satisfied with hunger, you will not want to look at the refrigerator with enviable regularity.

The hidden positive quality of the regime is the opportunity not to attract attention in the company. Usually in any cafe or even on a picnic there will be meat dishes corresponding to the approved program. You will not have to explain the reasons for your picky behavior, feeling uncomfortable in the company of constantly chewing relatives and colleagues.

Despite the constantly growing number of fans, a fat diet has several significant drawbacks and even contraindications. To begin to adhere to it, you should immediately consult with a specialized doctor who will send you to take tests.

Those who have a confirmed diagnosis or suspicions of:

It is better for such patients to look for another way out of the situation, or to strictly adhere to individual amendments made by their own attending physician. Otherwise, you can only exacerbate the situation and in time not follow the incipient complications.

Some experts do argue that the fatty diet threatens to fail in metabolism. Such problems in the metabolism in the future can become an insurmountable obstacle for those seeking to return to the former figure. But even if we omit this menacing warning, then even without it there will be other dubious sides of such a radical scheme.

The author calls for eating at least six eggs per day. And most ordinary people are used to hearing about the dangers of such lethal doses, because this can significantly increase cholesterol. First of all, the liver will suffer, which will have to be treated with expensive drugs very soon. Alternative variations usually always include a restriction on the use of eggs, squeezing into the diet no more than three to four pieces per week.

Separately, all those who have adopted such strict limitations sad a meager choice of dishes. Initially, it seems that it is great, because you can eat your favorite meat by many. But after a while it becomes clear that the patient, although he remains well-fed, but quickly gets tired of having to restrain himself in some desires. Because of this, only the most resistant ones withstand the minimum approved period to achieve a good effect – six months.

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Doctors, who have noted the influx of those who want to try a strict diet on themselves in recent years, remind of the various difficulties that almost every hard-faced fan will face:

  • muscle wasting;
  • decreased brain activity;
  • characteristic of meat eaters unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Because of this, doctors advise to start small and start their pursuit of harmony with thematic fasting days. On certain days of the week, the principles of the original approach should be used to assess whether they are specifically suited to a particular person. Only after that you can plunge into the process.

Approximate menu

To understand the mechanism of action on the body, you should familiarize yourself with the typical menu, which can offer a fat diet for weight loss.

Traditional breakfast will include:

  • three, or more, if there is no feeling of satiety, fried eggs;
  • a piece of bread that is previously enveloped in fat.

Lunch includes:

  • 150 gr carbonate, which must be fried, dipped in egg mixture and crackers;
  • a pair of medium potatoes;
  • one small canned cucumber.

Dinner, too, must be hearty:

  • three cheesecakes generously filled with butter;
  • ordinary glass of kefir with a high fat content;
  • a few pieces of marmalade for dessert.

Some adherents are so full during the lunch meal that they simply “do not climb” dinner. You should not mock yourself, trying to follow the rules. It is better to skip the reception and “refuel” in the morning.


A typical exercise that embraces a healthy lifestyle involves eating up to 15% protein from the total amount of food consumed. And Mr. Kwasniewski insists on increasing the proportion to the marginal 19%. As an argument, the need to use 1 gr on 1 kg of the total mass, but no more than that, is given.

Another stumbling block is carbohydrates. Once in the digestive tract, they begin to be digested almost immediately, creating glucose. It provides energy to conduct activity. As soon as the body receives an amount of glucose that is higher than its current needs, it begins to process it and put it off for a rainy day, which provokes deposits on the thighs, stomach and other problem areas.

Because of this, it is better to lean on fats of animal origin, which are additionally responsible for the production of hormones and the construction of cell membranes. The daily limit of carbohydrate replenishment should not exceed 50 gr.

This can be problematic for the average person. That is why the use of such a harsh scheme should begin with a visit to the doctor and clinical examination.

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