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Fifteen Diet

Proper nutrition should saturate with proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. For weight loss, daily calorie needs to be calculated according to daily physical costs. Among the thousands of diets, there are more “catchy” ones: calculate metabolism, find out the amino acid profile of a protein, calculate how nutrients are absorbed, etc. To simplify this task, the psychotherapist and nutritionist Oleg Tern compiled a new nutritional scheme. Diet “Fifteen” – an easy way to eat and lose weight without compromising health and math problems.

How does the diet

The “appearance” of the diet is built on the principle of a well-known children’s game. Everyday’s menu is a field of 3-4 vertical lines and the same number of horizontal lines. Each line consists of colored chips, 4 pieces for breakfast, lunch and dinner, three chips are put on snack. Each of the chips means a full meal or drink.

Each meal has its own color, which relates it to a specific category. A total of five diets in the diet, which give different results. Each scheme stands out for its color and implies a specific set of products. Using the diet “Fifteen”, you can quickly lose weight, stabilize the weight or gain it, if necessary.

First of all, you need to define your goal, often losing weight. You can lose weight on this diet quickly or smoothly, but nutritionists recommend choosing a gradual weight loss. Depending on the goal you need to choose your category of products. To do this, we determine the power supply system by color.

Red category

This color in the turn marked products that help to lose weight quickly. If the goal is to reset the maximum for the minimum time, the menu should contain products from this category. These include: low-fat dairy products, lean types of fish and meat, boiled eggs, seafood.

Orange Chips

This category is responsible for smooth weight loss. Orange color indicates: whole grain bread, potatoes, cereals, pasta from durum wheat. For quick weight loss, this category of products should be excluded.


Products marked with this color can be added to any food system. These include: greens, leafy salads, non-starchy vegetables, all types of mushrooms. For an express diet and a slimming diet, green foods should make up a large part of the menu.

Yellow category

This includes only fruits and dishes from them. With any chosen food system, it is necessary to exclude very sweet varieties: dates, figs, bananas, etc. Smoothies, compotes and fruit drinks (without adding sugar), cold cocktails can be made from fruits.

Blue colour

Here are all the products that are designed for weight gain. They can be used before the competition, or simply if you want to gain weight. These include: fatty dairy products, high-fat fermented milk drinks, soft cheeses, fatty fish, lamb, polished rice, regular pasta, various drinks. When trying to lose weight, blue foods should be completely ruled out.

In addition to these colored chips, the diet provides breaks. They are called zigzags and can be on the schedule once a week. For example, after six days of dieting, you can zigzag for the whole day and enjoy your favorite dishes.

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In the chosen power supply system, all colors should be present with a predominance of one or two. That is, the menu needs to be filled with all products, but with a bias on one or another color scheme. Any course of nutrition on the Turn completely excludes:

  • sugar, confectionery;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • fatty meats;
  • food with harmful additives;
  • street fast food, convenience foods.

Nutrition rules are the same for all purposes, be it weight loss or weight gain. Eating is offered four times, of which three are full meals and one snack. There are no strict requirements in the diet, if three fruits are put for snack, they can be divided during the day. Each meal should be the size of a fist, so it is easier to determine the individual rate of food.

Dishes should be cooked with minimal heat treatment. It is allowed to cook, steam, bake, you can use a slow cooker. Fried is completely ruled out. Also, you need to limit salt intake, and sugar is better to completely eliminate. It is not forbidden to add your favorite spices and natural herbs to a dish or drink.

Even for weight gain will require physical exertion. Oleg Turn emphasizes that sports are mandatory for the formation of a healthy and beautiful body. Instead of the usual exercises in the gym, you can choose dancing, yoga, swimming. Take at least half an hour a day on exercise.

Stages of diet

“Fifteen” means several stages: the choice, support and exit. The technique refers to long-term methods of body correction, so it will take time.

The first stage is the choice. First of all, you need to correctly define your menu. To do this, you need to make an approximate individual diet and monitor the weight. For example, if the weight does not shift, and in the plans for weight loss, you need to reduce the calorie content of the menu, introduce more plant foods and minimize fats and carbohydrates. If you plan to gain weight, products from the blue category should replenish daily meals. The stage lasts up to 3 weeks, after the individual diet is determined, the main stage begins.

The second stage is support. The selected menu will be maintained even 3 week, during which also need to monitor the oscillation of the scales. If the established nutrition is normally transferred, contains enough nutritional components, the second stage can be extended until the required weight is reached. Those who are trying to gain weight is important not to overdo it, the daily caloric content should be approximately 2800 kcal, subject to sports.

The third stage is the exit. According to the author of the method, exit from the diet is not necessary at all. If the diet is properly balanced, it can be left forever, then weight problems will no longer bother. To do this, you need to diversify the menu with all the colors from the “Fifteen”, the portion sizes can be slightly increased or decreased (depending on the results). Blue and orange foods are best consumed in the morning, yellow foods for snacking, and green and red foods left for the evening.

Quick tag

With the help of the selected menu, you can quickly lose weight. After that, you can switch to a smooth weight loss, if those extra pounds are still available. Adhere to the express method is allowed no more than 2 weeks. If you do not want to continue the technique, you need to gradually get out of the diet.

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Fast food diet:

  • breakfast – two green tags and one red, drink from the blue category;
  • dinner – red and two green chips;
  • afternoon tea – 1-2 yellow chips;
  • dinner – two green tag, one red.

It is important to focus on the needs of the body, if such a restriction is difficult, you need to add a few red or green chips in the menu.

Sample menu for the day

Breakfast: one boiled egg, a salad of one cucumber and tomato (dressing from olive oil), empty coffee or tea.

Lunch: boiled seafood (50 g), steamed broccoli (100 g)

Snack: apple, pear, grapefruit salad dressing with unsweetened yogurt.

Dinner: boiled chicken (100 g), asparagus beans (50 g).

In the intervals between meals, it is important not to forget to drink clean non-carbonated water. For express diets, zigzags are especially important, but without fanaticism. One day a week you can pamper yourself with orange products, drink a sweet cocktail or eat homemade dessert. Such “free” days will reduce the risk of breakdown, besides, a positive effect on the psycho-emotional mood, which in the diet is also very important.

Smooth weight loss and weight stabilization

Slow and systematic weight loss nutritionists refer to the category of the most competent. If overweight is too great, you can start losing weight with the express method, and after two weeks, go to a smooth weight loss. At this stage, too, the weight goes away, but much slower. The advantage of this technique is that gradual weight loss does not cause stress to the internal organs and skin tone.

Nutrition scheme for smooth weight loss:

  • breakfast and lunch – one red, green and orange chips, you can add a drink;
  • lunch and afternoon tea — three yellow spots;
  • Dinner – two green chips, one red.

The volume of dishes remains the same – the size of a fist. Periodically, you need to arrange low-calorie days and zigzags. Small deviations are not terrible, the main thing is to feel comfortable. Consider the menu for several days.

First day – support

Breakfast: corn porridge, whole grain toast with tomato.

Snack: three plums.

Lunch: boiled brown rice, a slice of boiled beef, tomato or cucumber.

Snack: an apple or three apricots.

Dinner: stewed seafood and leafy salad with herbs.

Second day – support

Breakfast: sandwiches with avocado and cottage cheese, coffee without additives.

Snack: peach and kiwi salad.

Lunch: soup with pearl barley on chicken meat.

Snack: a slice of watermelon or plum.

Dinner: stewed asparagus (or green beans), a piece of boiled fish.

The third day – low-calorie

Breakfast: steamed protein omelet, cucumber.

Snack: half a cup of berries.

Lunch: baked fish, celery and tomato salad.

Snack: a glass of carrot fresh.

Dinner: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese with herbs and tomato.

Fourth day – support

Breakfast: two boiled eggs, salad from fresh vegetables (100 g).

Snack: a glass of berry smoothie.

Dinner: ear with brown rice.

Snack: baked pear.

Dinner: stewed eggplant, one steam cutlet of rabbit or chicken meat.

Fifth day – support

Breakfast: buckwheat porridge with meatballs (100 g), half sweet pepper.

Snack: a handful of berries for the season.

Lunch: mushroom cream soup with potatoes (150 g).

Snack: nectarines or peaches.

Dinner: caprese of fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella (can be replaced with hard cheese).

The sixth day – “zigzag”

Breakfast: empty coffee with cookies.

Snack: one orange.

Lunch: rice noodles with stewed veal and vegetables (sweet and sour sauce can be).

Snack: a glass of natural yogurt.

Dinner: pita bread with hummus and braised sweet pepper.

After that, you can repeat the pattern again. You need to control your weight throughout the course to correct the menu. It is recommended to check the weight at the same time, every two to three days.

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To use such a food system can be used as a weight stabilization and prevention of obesity. It is suitable for those who have a small excess weight. If the scheme is adopted as a permanent principle of nutrition, the weight can be checked every few weeks. If there is a gain, you can spend a week on a low-calorie diet, and then return to the previous diet.

“Fifteen” for weight gain

These practices are treated extremely rarely, in most cases, athletes are interested in weight gain. It is necessary to gain weight too, too, so as not to overdo it and not “litter” the body with useless products.

Nutrition scheme for weight gain:

  • breakfast and dinner – two red chips, one green, one blue;
  • dinner – three red chips, one blue;
  • snacks – three yellow chips.

This diet is advised to combine with exercise. The diet is designed for the growth of muscle mass, and not fat. If weight gains too quickly, this is a sign that fat is increasing. The optimal weight gain is on average 1 kilogram per month.

Sample menu for the day

Breakfast: wholegrain toast, boiled beef 100, any vegetable, unsweetened coffee.

Snack: apricot or apple fresh.

Lunch: mashed potatoes, baked river fish, tea.

Snack: grapefruit or a glass of freshly squeezed citrus juice.

Dinner: a pair of boiled eggs, one toast, tomato, a glass of kefir.

In addition to the menu is not prohibited to drink protein shakes. If the weight does not change for a long time, you need to enter a full meal according to the breakfast scheme instead of a fruit lunch. Sweets and fatty should be eliminated so as not to provoke the growth of fat. To adhere to such a power system is necessary until the weight begins to satisfy. After the desired set should go into support mode.

Conclusions about the diet: the pros and cons

Absolutely everyone can follow this diet. Properly adjusted diet does not cause damage, even if there are chronic diseases. In case of serious illnesses, the menu should be compiled under the supervision of the attending physician. All the rest to make your diet is quite simple, you can choose any available products. “Fifteen” can be adjusted for diabetics, with diseases of the stomach or other organs.

Reviews losing weight mark one small minus of this technique. At first, it is difficult to get used to the new system, to understand the colors and chips. To simplify this task, it is recommended to hang colored sheets of paper in a visible place on which the corresponding products will be written. This will make it easier to navigate in categories. Own menu for the week is also better to paint in advance in the classic form of Fifteen.

The main advantage of the methodology, nutritionists call it a balance. Each diet is made by an experienced doctor and contains all the elements necessary for the body. During the express diet period, you can add a complex composition of vitamins from the pharmacy.

Losing weight on “Fifteen” occurs correctly, without any risk to health. Losing weight note a lack of hunger and loss of extra pounds – this is rare in diets. Those who are trying to gain weight also note the positive results of the diet for their own purposes. Combine “Fifteen” to maintain weight and exercise (at least in the morning), and any problems with weight will be just a bad memory.

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