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Fish diet

Everyone knows about the benefits of fish and seafood. These sea and river residents have long occupied a place of honor in nutrition and are considered one of the best products for weight loss. Often, in dietary programs, doctors recommend consuming low-fat varieties of fish or having a fasting fish day. And this is not surprising, because fish is rich primarily in such important elements as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty amino acids, which are vital for the stable and proper functioning of the body. Anyway, this is a storehouse of useful minerals, valuable vitamins and easily digestible protein.

In addition, this product is very low-calorie, quite nutritious and helps speed up metabolism. That is why losing weight on fish gives truly amazing results. This is evidenced by numerous positive reviews and nutritionists, and happy owners of a beautiful figure, who have tried the charms of the fish diet. This diet is very popular in Hollywood. World stars such as Julia Roberts, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are her ardent supporters. In general, in order to understand what this slimming system is attractive for, you should arm yourself with the menu and try all its subtleties on yourself for 3, 7 or 10 days.

Useful properties of fish

Fish is very rich in fatty acids, useful minerals, micro and macro elements. The content of amino acids in it is much higher than in products of plant origin, and they are of much greater value. An impressive amount of phosphorus and iodine in its composition contributes to the prevention of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension and normalizes metabolic processes in the body.

In addition, phosphorus, along with potassium, which is also found in fish, helps to strengthen bone tissue, teeth and nails, prevent premature aging of the skin and blood vessels, and contribute to the growth and strengthening of hair. The presence of many valuable vitamins strengthens the nervous system, helps the body withstand depression and neurosis, improves sleep.

Daily consumption of fish significantly reduces the risk of malignant neoplasms and contributes to the prevention and prevention of existing cancer. Especially well proven in the treatment of intestinal, breast and prostate cancer.

Due to its valuable chemical composition, fish has other beneficial and healing properties:

  • beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, preventing the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, effectively splits fat deposits on the walls of blood vessels, helping to prevent atherosclerosis;
  • lowers blood pressure, thereby preventing the occurrence of a stroke;
  • improves the human immune system, helps to improve the body’s natural defense against the harmful effects of free radicals, helps to get rid of dangerous toxins and slags;
  • positive effect on the brain: promotes concentration, improves memory, prevents the development of senile dementia and sclerosis;
  • It is very useful for pregnant women, contributes to the normal growth and development of the fetus, prevents miscarriages and reduces the risk of premature birth.

Selection of fish for fish diet

At the moment, the widest selection of fish and seafood is presented on supermarket shelves. It’s hard to imagine which option would be best for such a weight loss system, because there is such a fish, the calorie content of which can be compared with the calorie content of low-fat pork. In order to understand this, you need to know what fat content is this or that type of fish:

  • fat content more than 8% – fatty varieties: mackerel, halibut, eel, sturgeon species, fatty herring;
  • fat content from 4 to 8% – varieties of medium fat content: low-fat herring, trout, pike perch, tuna, horse mackerel, pink salmon, catfish, sea bass, carp;
  • fat content up to 4% – low-fat varieties: pike, cod, flounder, saffron cod, river bass, hake, pollock, bream.
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The inhabitants of the northern seas have a large fat content and are considered the most useful of all types of fish, but its calorific value at the same time goes beyond 200 kcal per 100 gram.

On this basis, it is better to use less fatty fish for weight loss.

Fish diet involves eating smoked fish no more than once per 7 days. However, it should be borne in mind that such treatment contributes to the formation of a large number of carcinogens that can provoke the onset and development of oncological diseases. If you choose between the product of hot and cold smoked, then you should stay on the latter option, as it contains the least amount of carcinogenic substances. In addition, you need to pay attention to the fact that smoked river fish may contain parasites that are difficult to destroy with this method of processing.

Basic principles and rules of the fish diet

Fish diet is effective enough, but in order to lose weight gave the most good result, it is desirable to adhere to some simple rules:

  • It is best to adhere to this method for losing weight in the winter, since it is during this period that the body loses all the valuable elements contained in fish, and its use will be very useful;
  • it is advisable to opt for less fatty varieties of fish that will most effectively contribute to getting rid of extra pounds;
  • do not use hot sauces, spices, seasonings, salt and sugar during the diet;
  • It is recommended to eat a large number of fresh vegetables, with the exception of tomatoes, potatoes and blue ones;
  • 100 ml per day of dry white or red wine is allowed;
  • it is recommended to do aerobics, swimming or go to the gym during the diet;
  • It is forbidden to use this method for weight loss during pregnancy and lactation;
  • be sure to drink at least two liters of non-carbonated mineral water per day, replacing it with green or herbal tea for a change;
  • It is undesirable to use fish of the carp family, as it has the ability to accumulate harmful substances from the reservoir in which they live, and the food that they eat, bringing with them an excess amount of toxins and slags into the human body.

Allowed and prohibited products

The basis of the diet of this method for weight loss is fish. It can be used in almost all forms, in rare cases, even canned. Boiled, stewed, cooked in a double boiler or baked fish is ideal for a diet menu. It is allowed to use fried fish, however, it should be fried with a minimum amount of oil and limited to only a small amount.

It is also recommended to use:

  • various seafood: shrimp, mussels, squid and others;
  • fruits, setting aside only high-calorie bananas;
  • any dairy products;
  • all sorts of vegetables cooked in various ways;
  • eggs;
  • Brown rice;
  • soy sauce, as a complete replacement for salt.

It is forbidden to eat with a fish diet:

  • animal fats;
  • sweets and pastries;
  • white bread and various pastries;
  • coffee and caffeinated drinks;
  • radish and mushrooms;
  • dates and bananas;
  • potatoes, blue and tomatoes.

In addition, when observing the fish diet, it is recommended to limit salt intake. Unlike other systems of weight loss, this allows the use of a small amount of wine. It is also not forbidden to drink fresh citrus juices.

Types of fish diets

To date, there are many different diets on fish, but they are quite similar to each other, differing in the duration. There is a fish diet on the 3 day, a week, on the 10 days, and even a two-week weight loss course. Everyone is free to choose the system for weight loss, which he wants, while taking into account that the longer the course, the more effective will be getting rid of extra pounds of weight.

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Three-day fish diet

A sample menu of a light version of the fish diet may look like this:

  • breakfast: one boiled egg, unsweetened yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, herbal or green tea;
  • lunch: 200 grams of low-fat fish cooked in any way, an orange or half a grapefruit, or two kiwi;
  • lunch: 250 gram of fish or seafood cooked in a double boiler, coleslaw with cucumbers, peppers and beans, seasoned with low-fat yogurt or lemon juice;
  • dinner: brown rice, 250 gram of boiled fish or canned fish, vegetable salad seasoned with lemon juice or low-fat yogurt, green tea or kefir.

It is recommended to drink a glass of non-carbonated mineral water before each meal. After eating, tea or any other liquid is better to use after two hours.

Seven-day fish diet

The classic version of the fish diet involves a course for weight loss, designed for seven days. A sample menu for the week can be presented as follows.

First day:

  • in the morning: 150 grams boiled or cooked in a double boiler fish, 150 grams of vegetable salad from cabbage, green or herbal unsweetened tea;
  • in the afternoon: 150 gram of salmon with brown rice, vegetable soup;
  • Lunch: 150 grams of various fruits;
  • in the evening: 150 gram of any boiled seafood, a slice of black bread, Korean carrot salad, green or herbal unsweetened tea.

Second day:

  • in the morning: fried low-fat fish, green or herbal unsweetened tea and any three dried fruit;
  • in the afternoon: two slices of rye bread, two steam fish cakes, pickle;
  • Lunch: 150 grams of any fruit;
  • in the evening: a slice of black bread, half a can of canned fish, a handful of nuts, unsweetened juice.

The third day:

  • morning: 150 gram of any fish with bread, walnuts, green or herbal unsweetened tea;
  • in the afternoon: one boiled egg, green borsch, a small amount of any fish;
  • Lunch: 150 grams of any fruit;
  • in the evening: 300 gram of seafood, green or herbal tea with the addition of one teaspoon of honey.

Fourth day:

  • in the morning: 150 grams of baked fish or cooked in a double boiler, a small toast, green or herbal unsweetened tea;
  • in the afternoon: fish soup, 100 grams of salted red fish, fresh vegetable salad;
  • Lunch: 150 grams of any fruit;
  • in the evening: 200 grams of boiled seafood, cucumber, egg, slice of rye bread.

Fifth day:

  • in the morning: 150 grams of boiled fish or cooked in a double boiler, cabbage salad, green or herbal unsweetened tea;
  • in the afternoon: 100 grams of any fish with brown rice, soup with fish meatballs;
  • Lunch: 150 grams of any fruit;
  • in the evening: 200 gram of seafood, a slice of brown bread, lettuce.

Sixth day:

  • in the morning: two sandwiches with red caviar, green or herbal tea with the addition of one teaspoon of honey;
  • in the afternoon: fish soup, seaweed salad, any fish;
  • in the evening: two steamed fish patties with stewed vegetables, 70 grams of fruit salad.

Seventh day:

  • in the morning: 150 grams of boiled fish, 4 dates, green or herbal unsweetened tea;
  • in the afternoon: 150 grams of red fish soup, a slice of black bread;
  • in the evening: 300 grams of boiled seafood, 150 grams of brown rice, green or herbal unsweetened tea.

10-day fish diet

With such a system of weight loss, you can lose up to five kilograms of excess weight. Sample menu might look like this.


  • boiled egg – 1 thing;
  • low-fat kefir – 250 grams;
  • orange – 1 thing;
  • green tea one hour before breakfast – 500 ml.

After breakfast, it is recommended to take ascorbic.


  • fish cooked in a double boiler – 50 grams;
  • non-carbonated mineral water – 250 grams;
  • fifteen minutes later, the remaining fish is 200 grams;
  • vegetable salad – 150 grams;
  • apple – 1 thing.
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Dinner and supper:

  • before eating mineral non-carbonated water – 450 grams;
  • fish cooked in a double boiler or seafood – 250 grams;
  • a fresh vegetable salad.

After lunch you can not drink for two hours. Salad season with either lemon juice or low-fat yogurt.


  • or low-fat cottage cheese – 150 grams;
  • or low-fat yogurt – 500 grams.

Advantages and disadvantages of the fish diet

The most important advantage of such a system for losing weight is that the body does not suffer at the same time, on the contrary – health and mood noticeably improve. Fish diet is very popular because it contributes to the feeling of satiety, which lasts a long time, which eliminates the need for snacks. A bonus to everything else will be an exceptionally good mood, as the fish contributes to the production of serotonin – the hormone of happiness, as well as the vitamins in its composition, relieve depression and nervous breakdowns.

Contraindications to this technique include:

  • allergy to fish or seafood;
  • disruption of the liver and kidneys.

It is best to decide on the feasibility of using this system for weight loss after consulting with a nutritionist. The doctor will select a more optimal option based on the individual characteristics of the patient and based on the desired results.

Dietary recipes

To diet flow well and effectively, you can use the following simple recipes.

Dietary fish soup

For cooking you will need:

  • water – 2 liters;
  • fish fillet – 1,3 kilogram;
  • onion – 1 piece;
  • greenery;
  • Bay leaf;
  • pepper, salt.

Rinse the fish, separate from the bones, remove the skin. Cut into small pieces, add water and put on medium heat. After boiling, remove the scum, add chopped greens and bay leaf. Pepper the broth and salt to taste, cook for about half an hour.

Steamed Fishballs

For cooking you will need:

  • fillet of any fish – 500 grams;
  • onion – 1 piece;
  • carrots – 1 piece;
  • rice is a third of a glass;
  • spice.

Mince the fillets, carrots and onions in a meat grinder, add pre-cooked rice and spices. Mix everything thoroughly and mold the meatballs. Put them in a saucepan, pour a small amount of water and stew under a lid on a small fire. It goes well with this dish vegetable salad.


Fish diet is a very effective and absolutely harmless system for losing weight. With its help you can get rid of three to ten kilograms of excess weight, depending on the duration of the program. Using fish and seafood in the diet not only allows you to significantly lose weight, but also improve your health, because they contain a large amount of useful minerals and vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Such a dietary program has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, strengthens the immune system and prevents the accumulation of dangerous toxins in the body, improves mood and successfully fights depression and nervous disorders. Fish Diet offers a choice of many different programs that differ in duration. Reviews that have lost weight say that there is no keen sense of hunger in her, she helps to stay full throughout the day and eliminates snacking.

The diet of such a system for losing weight is quite diverse, besides this diet allows the use of a small amount of alcohol. Disruptions with this diet almost never happens. That is why the fish diet is in great demand among both ordinary people and Hollywood stars. No wonder such a power system is often called the Hollywood.

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