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Fitness diet

Everyone who wants to have an excellent figure sooner or later comes to the conclusion that sport in life is necessary. Starting to engage in fitness, to which it is customary to attribute almost all existing sports practices, from gymnastics to powerlifting, it comes to the understanding that fitness without diets is ineffective in matters of weight loss and ineffective in the context of giving the body a relief. With a competent approach to a fitness diet, the diet should not cause difficulties, because if you eat the right food, you can eat before and after classes.

By coordinating the schedule of classes and nutrition, a person will receive an effective diet, in which the body receives all the necessary nutrients for work, is able to not accumulate fats, build muscle tissue. The saturation of the menu with such a diet allows you to not feel hungry for a long time, even despite physical activity during training.

A diet for fitness for women must be properly composed, otherwise there is a risk that eating an insufficiently high-quality and full-fledged body will simply not have the strength to train. You can not choose any diet that is aimed at a quick loss of kilograms, and expect that the sport will qualitatively affect the appearance.

If a woman says that she lost weight without diets, doing fitness alone, most likely either she always eats right and hasn’t had to change her diet, or she hasn’t reached the stage where rapid weight loss without proper nutrition will begin to affect her health. A fitness diet for men should be built on the same principles, with one caveat – men often want to build muscle, and without a full menu this is an absolutely impossible task.

Body and fitness diet

Having started to actively go in for sports and limit oneself in food, one must always listen at first to how each of the most important systems of the body reacts to it. So you can adjust any loads and restrictions for your health, without causing damage to it.

Fitness diet for weight loss should provide the cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, hormonal and bone systems of the body with proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And to do this in the amount that would be enough for their normal life and additional physical activity. If the training and nutrition are selected correctly, the body must respond to this with the absence of rapid fatigue, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and headaches.

Features diet during sports

Competent fitness diet for burning extra pounds will not only allow you to lose weight quickly, but also give a charge of vitality in the process of training. It helps to concentrate on the problem areas of the body and actively pump them, because if you constantly torture yourself with diets (hunger), there will be no sense in the hall. The recovery function of a fitness diet is very strong. The body gains stamina, the load can be gradually increased without affecting the well-being.

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The main components of the fitness diet menu are carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates saturate the nervous system, give energy and stamina. Of course, these sweets cannot be attributed exclusively to sweets, which, although they recharge the body with positive emotions, at the same time very quickly transform into fat. In this case, a sharp decline in strength and mood comes, migraine begins to torment.

The body, however, not only does not take its treasured forms, but also loses even those that were. Slow carbohydrates, on the contrary, accumulate in the muscles and liver and allow you to train for a long time and efficiently. With a breakdown during some kind of sports load, you need to reconsider your diet and include the right carbohydrates in it.

These include whole grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables with a low starch content. When processing such food, energy is released gradually, but it does not disappear instantly after the meal is digested in the stomach. Training becomes more effective, and the athlete is less tired and more in time.

Fitness diet for burning fat is impossible without protein foods. Protein is a building material for muscle tissue, so the body will not have relief without it. And if you lose protein with food, it is primarily muscle tissue that is consumed, rather than fat, during sports, so the figure may even get worse as a result. The necessary protein in sufficient quantities is found in dairy products, meat, fish, eggs and seafood.

Without a healthy body fat is also impossible to do. They are necessary for the functioning of many systems, so fats should definitely be consumed in a fitness diet. The amount of fat should be less than proteins and carbohydrates, it is better to get them from nuts and vegetable oils. Such fats will have an additional stimulating function on many systems of the body and accelerate weight loss. The only rule in the use of fats – they can not be eaten immediately before workouts.

If you want to lose weight, diet and fitness must be accompanied by active consumption of fluids, most of which is water. Pure water removes toxins and decay products of food, it carries oxygen through the blood and muscles, prevents pain during feces, accelerates the process of losing weight.

There are clear signs that there is not enough water in the body:

  • dry mouth;
  • depressed mood for no reason;
  • lethargy and drowsiness;
  • dry skin of the lips;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Mandatory rate of one and a half liters per day should be drunk even without additional physical exertion. Drinking is necessary before and after, and during workouts. When a fitness diet prohibitions on specific drinks there, the main thing that they were not carbonated and sweet.

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Recommendations for nutrition during fitness are best given by a specific trainer who sees real problems, knows what loads a person is capable of and how to support them with food. If you can not contact a specialist, you should look at any approximate menu of fitness diets. You can eat almost any time, the main condition for fitness nutrition is not to overeat. To wean yourself overeat, you need to try to eat as slowly as possible, because a feeling of satiety comes to a person only 20 minutes after the start of a meal.

Before training there is a need and can Strength training is unthinkable on an empty stomach, since they actively force the body to waste energy. Many can not even engage in cardiovascular exercise without prior meals, this is normal. For power loads before workouts, it is recommended to eat protein and carbohydrate foods, free of fat.

A glass of milk is considered the minimum portion of food before a workout, but you should not practice such food very often. It’s better to eat a full meal an hour and a half before the gym.

After completion of the workout, it is recommended to make up for the loss of calories during sports, close the “carbohydrate window” by eating some food containing slow carbohydrates 20 minutes after the gym. Fruit juices, fruits, tea with honey are excellent examples of such a snack. Proteins are best consumed for dinner, so that enough time has passed since the workout. But this condition can be observed only if a person was engaged in the morning, in each case it is better to be based on a personal schedule and loads.

To eat on a fitness diet you need often and gradually. Fractional diets will come to the rescue if the person sets their diet on their own. It is better to consult with a specialist, because it is difficult to calculate on your own how much calories you need to consume per day, how many of them will be spent in training, and how many will remain to maintain the body’s vital activity. A fitness diet for women should regulate calories as part of 1500 per day, and for men a little more. However, if you engage in active strength exercises every day, this rule should be increased, otherwise there is a risk of provoking the body’s stress.

The permitted foods for a fitness diet include:

  • eggs, or rather their whites (yolks can be eaten only occasionally);
  • low-fat seafood, including fish;
  • cereals – buckwheat, rice, oatmeal will be ideal, sometimes you can afford pasta from durum wheat;
  • low-fat and unsweetened dairy and fermented milk products;
  • lean meat – rabbit, chicken, turkey and veal should be present in the diet daily;
  • beans.
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It should be noted that although the fitness diet does not prohibit eating late at night, it is highly undesirable to eat and drink before bedtime. Breakfast is the first hour after waking up, and dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime. But if a person gets into a situation where after dinner he passes around 5 hours, and he still does not go to sleep, you can eat a little so as not to suffer from hungry insomnia. Fat-free dairy products in small quantities – an excellent way out in this situation.

Fitness diet menu

Fitness diet assumes variety in the menu, every day you can try new dishes. This way of eating is not too exhausting the body, unless of course, a person is not used to eat solid fast food and fats in large quantities. Approximate menu for the day can be summarized as follows:

  • breakfast – fruit and honey curd mass, for which we take low-calorie cottage cheese, favorite fruits and honey and pass it all through a blender;
  • second breakfast – a milkshake with honey and fruits or just your favorite small fruit;
  • lunch – fresh cabbage salad, baked turkey fillet and rice;
  • afternoon tea – a cup of tea with cottage cheese, all unsweetened;
  • dinner – baked fish with vegetables and a salad of fresh leaves and herbs;
  • the second dinner is a glass of low-fat kefir.

A fitness diet for a week does not oblige you to eat the same thing, you can vary all products, since there are a lot of allowed foods in this system. A fitness diet from Zina Rudenko, an athlete and a beautiful woman, does not push her followers into any framework at all, the girl herself eats what she likes, she fries eggs, allows herself and her followers to eat bread and can have a snack all day with ready-made cheesecakes or beef meatballs.

At the same time, she declares to her opponents that she does not know how to lose weight without diets and fitness, but she knows for sure that it is necessary to work on the body and body, since beauty and health are rarely a gift of nature, more often it is the result of our self-care.

Fitness diets constantly receive positive feedback from those who adhere to them, because if you work hard on your own body, the result from such nutrition will be obvious. It becomes easier to go in for sports, fatigue goes away, the mood appears to go to the gym. Well-being and sense of well-being are always good. Well, when even with normal nutrition and weight begins to decline, it is difficult not to love a fitness diet.

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