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Flax diet

Before you refuse to eat for the sake of a chiseled figure, it is worth trying a flaxseed diet. This technique does not require sacrifice, but it will respond to all efforts to improve appearance and well-being. For complete comfort, the diet offers several weight loss options, among which you can choose a favorite. Each of these options is simple, affordable and effective. What could be better?

Benefits of Diet

Everyone knows that flax is something useful. It would be introduced into the diet much more often, if you knew exactly about its beneficial properties. This plant is used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, cooking, tissue production. But we are interested in its application in the field of dietetics. Why enter it in the diet losing weight?

The first reason to use it when trying to lose weight is fiber. Seeds are rich in dietary fiber, which, when it enters the stomach, swells and fills it. Thus, appetite is significantly reduced and it will not be possible to eat a lot. Those who intend to cut their diet to accelerate the results will help the flax fiber not to experience hunger for a long time.

These fibers also have a cleansing function, since they are not completely digested. Once in the intestine, fiber removes residual waste products from it. Also, coarse fibers interfere with the absorption of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, which is bound to affect clean skin.

In addition, flax will be useful in losing weight due to its vitamin composition. During a period of nutritional restrictions, an additional source of useful components will be very helpful. Here you can find vitamins of groups B, C, F, champions of youth and beauty – A and E. Such a composition will help maintain skin elasticity, which often suffers from weight changes, hair beauty.

Metabolism is what loosing weight on the cycle, if you bring it back to normal, losing weight will be much easier. Omega-6 and Omega-3, which are present in flax, accelerate metabolism. As a result of this, the body burns fat even more efficiently and does not put it in reserve.

Those who have already managed to try various hard methods of flax diet will help to put the digestive system in order. These seeds contain a lot of gluten, which envelops the walls of the intestine and stomach. As a result of such exposure, microcracks heal on soft tissues, inflammation and pain disappear.

For weight loss on the basis of flax it is used in the form:

  • decoctions, tinctures, jelly;
  • flour and porridge;
  • oil.

For good cleansing and slight weight correction, short unloadings can be used. If you plan to get rid of 5 and more than a kilogram for a long time, linseed oil will help. Consider all types of techniques to choose the best option.

Linseed oil for weight loss

This option will take the most time, but will give stable results. Duration of the program – 4 week. During this period, it is supposed to drink flax seed oil and add it to dishes. In addition to this component in the diet will include the usual products, in addition to harmful.

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Every morning you need to drink one tablespoon of linseed oil and drink it with a glass of water. To do this, reviews are recommended for 20-15 minutes before the first meal. During the day, this component can be added to soups, salads, side dishes, but in small quantities. It is important not to overdo the oil, so as not to harm health. For one dish will be enough a few drops.

In general, this is the whole secret. Oil will gradually cleanse the body, improve metabolism, support the work of the digestive tract. In one week of such a program, the mass gradually and painlessly decreases by one kilogram.

For effective results, you should abandon:

  • sausages and smoked meats;
  • fatty meat, rich broths, fatty fish;
  • semi-finished, synthetic condiments, ready-made cooking;
  • confectionery, muffin;
  • pasta;
  • sweet carbonated drinks, alcohol, energy drinks.

With the exception of this list, all other products can be added to the menu. They recommend using more low-fat dairy products, lean meat and fish, seafood, all kinds of cereals, vegetables. When cooking, you can use any heat treatment, except frying: boiling, steaming, in an oven or multi-cooker.

To improve the results of a diet with linseed oil, it is advised to minimize the use of salt and sugar. So the excess fluid will not linger, and the body will better break down fat.

Diet can be built in any way, in this respect, the diet is loyal. You can eat fractional meals or take meals three times a day – as you wish. It is advisable not to postpone the last meal later than 3 an hour before the rest. In the intervals between meals and half an hour before meals, you need to drink clean non-carbonated water.

After a month, you should stop taking flaxseed oil. It is impossible to prolong the program, since the main component of weight loss affects the digestive tract, which can only be useful for a short time.

Instead of butter, you can use just flaxseeds. The dosage regimen is the same as that of the oil: a portion of the seed in the morning and a little supplement to the dishes. But grains need to eat no more than a teaspoon before breakfast, as their overabundance can be harmful. The program lasts 4 weeks and promises a loss of up to 5 kilograms per day.

Diet on flour and kefir

Another technique suggests using flour rather than seeds or oil. Reviews of those who lose weight argue this with the fact that in the ground state, the component is easier to digest and gives more benefits. The technique with flour is designed for three weeks and takes place in several stages. Ground flax should be taken with kefir, on an empty stomach in the morning. To do this, pour flour into a glass of low-fat dairy drink, its amount will change with the course of the program.

The stages of the diet are:

  1. The first week relies one tablespoon of flour per cup of yogurt. The components must be mixed and left for 10 minutes so that the ground flax will swell. After that, the drink will get a thicker consistency, you need to eat it with teaspoons or drink in small sips. This dish completely replaces breakfast for the whole week.
  2. In the next seven days, you need to take two spoons of flour for the same amount of kefir. The process of making the drink remains the same.
  3. In the last week of the program, the volume of flour increases to three spoons, the amount of kefir remains the same. The consistency of the dish will more resemble porridge and better saturate. During this period, it is important to monitor well-being and changes in the chair. Frequent diarrhea is a sure sign that the diet needs to be stopped urgently.
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After the morning receptions of kefir drink follows the usual diet. As in the first embodiment, it is recommended to abandon fatty foods, sweets, fast food, limit salt, and replace sugar with honey. For lunch, you must cook soups and borscht. For dinner, it is better to give preference to stewed and boiled vegetables, baked or boiled meat, fish. For snacks, dried fruits, fresh vegetables, yogurt without additives, compotes are suitable.

The result of this program on the basis of flour and kefir will be up to 4 kilograms of weight lost, as shown by reviews. Proper and balanced nutrition will only improve these indicators. Since the diet is nutritious and does not deprive of strength, sports will become a competent addition to the diet.

Which flour is better to choose?

This ingredient can be purchased at pharmacies or stores. The best option is to cook it at home, since in the ground form, most of the healthy fats are oxidized, which reduces the benefit of the flour itself. You can grind it from the seed in a simple coffee grinder or using a blender.

Linen decoctions for the figure

For those who do not like flaxseed oil or flour, a decoction of seeds is suitable. The requirements of the diet remain the same: adhere to healthy and proper nutrition, drink additional flax components. There are several recipes for such a drink; you can prepare a decoction, tincture or jelly.

Recipe tinctures:

  1. Boil half a liter of water in a saucepan.
  2. Two teaspoons of seeds poured into a clean jar or thermos.
  3. Pour flax boiling water and cover tightly.
  4. Insist during the night.

Broth recipe:

  1. Boil a glass of water.
  2. Pour two teaspoons of seeds into the water.
  3. Boil on low heat for half an hour.

Such drinks should be taken in 100 ml half an hour before meals, but not more than three times a day. The beneficial effect of decoction and tinctures are the same, so you can focus only on a more suitable cooking recipe. Diet on broth flax lasts two to three weeks. During this period, reviews promise a loss of about 2 kilograms.

Flax jelly is also recommended for weight loss. It should be drunk at night or in the morning, one glass each. To prepare one serving, you need two teaspoons of flax flour and a glass of clean water. The components need to be well mixed in cold form, and then cook over low heat for 3-4 minutes. In such a drink, you can add a teaspoon of honey, flavor with a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla sugar.

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The advantage of kissel before decoction is that it can completely replace dinner. Thick consistency with gluten aggregate well saturates, envelops the stomach walls, improves metabolism. Unlike other drinks, it is better to take it at night, so losing weight will become more noticeable. Adherence to flaxseed jelly diet should be 14 days, and then take a break at the same time.

Weight loss on porridge

Another option for using flax flour is losing weight on flax porridge. This dish has gained distribution thanks to those who follow a plant-based diet, veganism or vegetarianism, which in themselves are a great way to cleanse and lose weight.

Linen porridge to cook quickly, sometimes does not even require heat treatment. For its preparation you need to grind a few spoons of flax grains and pour them with water. Liquid will need half the dry component, you can make the dish more liquid – to taste. The dish is ready.

In itself, such a porridge has a freshish taste, so it can be supplemented with raisins, fresh fruits or nuts. If you add boiled meat and a little salt, a full-fledged second dish will come out.

Flax porridge for weight loss is recommended in the morning, and after that – proper nutrition without harmful and fatty supplements. This method has no definite duration, as there are no reviews. It is better to stick to it for no more than two weeks, and then introduce the usual breakfast. With breaks for 14 days, this technique can be repeated once a month.

In addition, use porridge from flour for fasting days. To do this, you need only this dish for 2-3 days, according to 3-4 reception per day. In the breaks, be sure to drink water. This technique is aimed at effective cleansing of the body, rapid loss of kilograms 1-1,5. In no case should such a course be prolonged, and it can only be used after becoming familiar with contraindications.

Contraindications for use

Since flax contains a number of active substances and affects the functioning of internal organs, you should familiarize yourself with the list of diseases that are incompatible with the use of flaxseed derivatives.

Any described diet is contraindicated in case of intestinal obstruction and stenosis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis. Be sure to consult a doctor if there are blood disorders, diabetes or gynecological problems.

In conclusion

Flax will be a good helpers in the fight for a beautiful figure, but only an assistant, not a magic pill. Those who seek to lose weight sharply and much this way will not work. But he will appeal to those who are worried about their health. Weight loss will be slow, but stable and without harm to the body. Gradual weight loss does not cause stress to the body, and the skin does not sag, as often happens during fast diets.

A full-fledged diet with an increased amount of useful components from flax is conducive to sports. Even a small physical activity will help to get a beautiful and healthy body. Those who have never before combined proper nutrition and sport should just wait for the first visible results. Powerful motivation simply will not leave a chance to a wrong lifestyle.

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