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Fractional Diet

A diet on which fractional nutrition is a prerequisite for eating is called a fractional diet. This diet is very gentle on the habits and taste preferences of any person, therefore, a fractional diet is very common throughout the world. In addition, she has few contraindications, unlike many cardinal nutritional systems, since she does not prohibit the consumption of fats, carbohydrates or protein.

Uniform periods of time between meals, not exceeding 2 hours, are the main condition for a correct fractional diet. A diet based on fractional nutrition for weight loss is indispensable, because after only 5 days after its start, a person begins to lose weight. It is important to alternate days of fractional nutrition with rest periods from such a scheme. During each month, after every 5 days of nutrition according to the fractional diet of 10 days, you need to “rest”, eating in the usual way.

But in the “fractional” days, and on days of rest you can’t eat fast food, you should limit the intake of fatty foods, try not to eat salty and spicy foods at all, and avoid sweets and alcohol. Carbonated drinks are also not recommended for drinking. High-calorie foods are best eaten before 12: 00, and in the evenings be limited to light meals or low-fat kefir. Eating after 19: 00-20: 00 is not recommended.

Pros and cons of fractional power

The fractional diet menu is not inferior in terms of nutrients, so sitting on such a diet is easy to feel great. Due to the small portions, the body can easily cope even with the heaviest food, and the fact that a person does not have time to get very hungry for 2 hours makes it possible to eat a little bit without violence against the body. The stomach in 5 fractional days becomes smaller in volume, lightness appears in the whole body and mood improves. And if you consider that by the end of the first five days you can see a real weight loss, positive emotions from food will overwhelm. In addition, thanks to the rapid digestion and assimilation of food, the gastrointestinal tract gets rid of toxins and toxins, which for years prevented him from working fully.

Fractional diet for weight loss is suitable even for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It can not be applied only to pregnant women and in the case when there are signs and effects of some past illness. During such periods it is necessary to eat fully to restore the body. In any case, before you go on a diet, it is better to consult a nutritionist.

Fractional meals every 2 hours may not be suitable for busy people with a tight schedule, because you cannot skip meals not only on 5 dietary days, but even during the 10-day rest period, eating 5 once a day is necessary. But this is perhaps the only nuance that may scare some of this scheme.

Five-day fractional ration

For the active weekly menu phase, followers of a split diet should consist of 6-8 meals. It is better to start eating around 8 in the morning, when the body is already fully awake and ready for exertion. The maximum number of calories is also better to consume at the beginning of the day and at lunchtime, and in the evening, reduce the caloric content of food to a minimum. The last meal can be done before 20: 00.

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It is important to note that the clock of food can be shifted by an hour downwards. You also need to remember that 2 hours between meals strictly do not need to strictly observe, if the appetite comes in an hour and a half, you can eat a little soaked dried fruit as another additional snack.

A fractional diet for losing weight every day offers a varied menu. Cottage cheese can be easily replaced with hard cheese or boiled eggs, fresh fruits with dried fruits, every day you can eat different types of meat and fish, so no one can get tired of the monotony with this food system.

What to eat during the rest period

In a ten-day break, it is also necessary to eat systemically. This means that it is impossible to eat prohibited foods, it is undesirable to eat late and the number of times per day when a person eats will not be reduced to two or three. The break fixes the results of the diet, it teaches the body to the fact that from now on it will always fully eat small portions, makes it possible to eat unlimited porridges and soups, which are practically absent during the five-day cycle. The menu for the week of rest should be as diverse as possible so that the body naturally obtains all the necessary nutrients from food and makes them available for the next 5 days of restriction.

The menu for each day of rest can look like this:

  • breakfast: juice from any fruits and berries and fried eggs with seasonal vegetables;
  • second breakfast: a choice of citrus fruits;
  • lunch: meat soup with bread, you can drink tea without sugar;
  • snack: favorite medium-sized fruit;
  • dinner: fish dish (seafood is possible), mashed potatoes, vinaigrette, cabbage and carrot salad, kefir.

It is acceptable to replace any of the dishes of such a menu with soups without meat, fruit salads, low-fat yogurts, smoothies, cottage cheese, cheese and much more.

Types of fractional diets

To date, the fractional diet has so many varieties, depending on the preferences of those who adhere to it. This allows you to eat fractional many people, even those who, as it seems to them, can never deny themselves any food. The most effective fractional diets are the diet of the Institute of Nutrition, the Presidential Diet, the vitamin-protein diet, the diet of Nicholas Perricon, the “Big” diet, the diet-grazing, the fractional Brazilian diet. Each of them has its own characteristics, prohibited and permitted products, which is why it is so easy to choose a fractional diet for absolutely anyone.

Presidential diet

The second name of this fractional feeding system is Beach Diet. She was developed by an American cardiologist in order for his patients to adjust their own menu to improve heart function. But the diet was effective and simple, so even people like the Clinton couple did not refuse it.

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The basis of the Presidential fractional diet is meat and seafood. It is very difficult for fans of such a meal to sit on any other diet, since it is almost impossible to replace this food with taste. From a medical point of view, this is one of the most balanced diets that supplies the body with animal protein from meat and fats from seafood. As a result, in addition to losing weight, which by the end of the second week of the diet reaches 6-7 kilograms, the body becomes healthier, it gains lightness thanks to small portions of food, and good nutrition, thanks to the components of the diet. People look better, feel better, and end up with a healthy cardiovascular system. A fractional diet for weight loss, the menu of which consists of meat and fish dishes, has practically no contraindications, it can become a way of life for many of its followers.

Nutrition Institute Diet

Diet, fractional food in which is reduced to 1200-1800 kcal per day, recommended by the Institute of Nutrition for active weight loss. The menu of such a diet requires you to exclude fast carbohydrates – buns, potatoes, soda, sugar.

Eating is necessary not only fractionally, but also in well-established hours, so that the habit of eating at a certain time of the day is formed, and the body begins to produce enzymes for active digestion in advance. There are no strict restrictions in the consumption of fat, but a person must consume at least half of the fats in the form of vegetable oil.

Vitamin and protein diet

Fractional protein diet implies a partial rejection of fats and carbohydrates in favor of protein foods and plant foods (hence the “vitamin” component appears in the title). Such a diet has many limitations in terms of consumed foods, so it is not shown to everyone.

In fact, with a vitamin-protein fractional diet, one cannot eat anything other than pure protein unsweetened foods such as poultry meat, fish, egg whites, cottage cheese, unsweetened citrus fruits. The menu for the week of these products is quite monotonous, besides vitamin and protein foods should alternate and should not be present together as part of a meal.

Nicholas Perricon’s Diet

Dermatologist Nicholas Perrikon is looking for the roots of all problems with the epidermis in the diet, which, if not balanced, can completely ruin the life and youth of the largest human organ – the skin. He talks about the theory of free radicals that tear skin cells apart in search of a free electron. In this way, the cells die and do not recover. That is why, by eliminating the products that cause the occurrence of free radicals, you can permanently preserve the youth and beauty of human skin. His fractional diet received disapproving reviews among colleagues, but further research and voluntary followers confirmed the correctness of the doctor.

Perricon’s nutritional scheme is complete, there are no strict restrictions and almost all product groups are included. You can’t eat too sweet fruits, fatty meat, marinades, flour, rice, alcohol and sweets. Allowed food must be eaten according to the scheme: proteins, only then fiber, and finally carbohydrates. This slows down the absorption of sugar, and if you drink a lot during the day, then all the excess is excreted from the body naturally without delay, which leads to a healthy body and skin.

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Diet-grazing: what is it in reality

Grazing – a program of eating and snacking in small portions of food, in the literal sense of the word slices. The first method of grazing includes 3 basic meals intake on 400 kcal and 3 snacking on 200 kcal. The total caloric intake per day is 1800 kcal, so fast weight loss for followers of grazing does not threaten. But gradually reducing the calorie content of main meals, lovers of grazing come to 6-7 snacks a day, and begin to lose weight actively. It is necessary to drink plenty of water, and also not to allow the intervals between meals to exceed 3 hours.

Fractional Brazilian Diet

Such a fractional diet for weight loss gets feedback from followers regularly and they are only positive. All this happens, despite the severe restrictions in the menu. The Brazilian power system requires full commitment and makes you play sports. This is necessary because muscle tone goes away with excess weight. Exercise promotes weight loss and has a beneficial effect on the skin. The emphasis in nutrition is on protein foods and fruits.

After 2 weeks, followers of fractional feeding have a real chance to get rid of the 4-5 kilogram and gain new body contours. The main prohibition of those foods that cause appetite, with caution you need to eat and legumes.

“Big” diet

A diet for a week, or even a month according to the “Big” theory is made taking into account the caloric content of all the products used. Per day, it should not exceed 1500 kcal, in this case, in a month there is a chance to lose about kilograms about 10. In addition, it is worth considering that for health there will be enough 40 grams of fat, 60 grams of protein foods and 220 grams of carbohydrates. This type of fractional food becomes very popular at the beginning of the warm season, when many suddenly recall that it is necessary to shine in bathing suits, and the previous 6-7 months have been devoted to exploring the menu of new restaurants and bars.

It was from its foundations that the pineapple diet emerged, based on the fact that, thanks to special enzymes in pineapples, fats are very quickly destroyed. You can’t always sit on pineapples alone, but sometimes a couple of days a week is not consecutive to unload yourself. At the same time, you can eat 2 kg of pineapples per day and drink 1 liter of pineapple juice. As a result of one such fasting day, 2 kilograms of weight steadily leaves. This is an example of how 1 fractional nutrition is repeated all day. Not everyone can survive, but the result is worth it.

Reviews of fractional nutrition for any of the above systems, both among followers and specialists, are positive, since such a lifestyle rarely has contraindications, it facilitates the healthy functioning of all body systems and, as a bonus, leads to loss of excess weight.

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