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French diet

The slimness and refinement of French women has long become the standard of beauty in the world. However, their elegance is the result of hard work. The way of life of French women has shaped their attitude towards food, thanks to which they always remain fit, slim and feel great. Now the French diet is available to anyone who wants to keep himself in shape and get a figure worthy of exquisite French women.

The essence of the French diet

There are quite a few varieties of the French diet. The classic version involves the loss of excess weight to 8 kilogram in two weeks. Less tangible results will be from a program designed for 7 days. There are also more benign variants of the French diet, which imply a double rate of calories. Accordingly, the results of such fasting will be completely different. But whatever option you choose, you need to follow certain rules established by this method for losing weight to achieve the desired effect.

The essence of the classic French diet is to reduce daily calories to about 1200 kcal. Its diet is also pre-regulated and it is not recommended to move away from it. The menu for the French diet has developed a French nutritionist doctor Catherine Gursak. Her weight loss plan is designed for 14 days, but by the end of the first week you can see tangible results if you strictly follow the rules. The feedbacks of those who have lost their weight are very positive and indicate that if all the conditions of the French diet are fulfilled, it is possible to lose 12 a kilogram of excess weight in two weeks.

Often on the net, such a weight loss technique is confused with the popular diet of Pierre Ducane, who, incidentally, is also a Frenchman. The French diet really has similar principles, but its basis is separate nutrition. The daily diet includes mainly protein and plant foods, the task of which is to saturate the body with useful minerals, vitamins and fiber necessary for weight loss. Such nutrition allows you not to experience the deep feeling of hunger that always accompanies various systems for weight loss. The amount of fat and carbohydrates in the menu is minimal. This rule will give an impetus to the body to spend its own fat reserves for energy, which will undoubtedly lead to weight loss and give positive results.

Basic rules of the French diet

The rules of the French diet are binding. Any deviation from them will entail a lower impact and less pronounced effect of losing weight. Therefore, before you use the French diet to lose weight, you should familiarize yourself with its basic principles:

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  1. This method for losing weight is very effective in diabetes. People suffering from this disease are often prone to corpulence and at the same time are not able to effectively lose weight, because all starvation in diabetes is contraindicated. The French diet is not hungry, while it allows you to consume fruits during slimming, which will be a valuable and safe source of carbohydrates for such people.
  2. Products offered in the developed menu cannot be replaced by others. It is not recommended to use them more than you need in your daily diet. To achieve effective results, you must strictly follow the diet and do not deviate from the intended goal.
  3. Categorically prohibited during the French diet: salt, sugar, flour and sweet products, alcohol, various juices, spicy seasonings. From dairy products you can eat low-fat cheeses and cottage cheese.
  4. Such a system for weight loss implies a large consumption of liquids: mineral still water, weak tea without sugar and natural freshly brewed coffee.
  5. The allowed products include: lean meats and poultry cooked in a double boiler, baked or boiled, fish and seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits. It is allowed to eat chicken eggs, but in reasonable quantities. You can afford some bread from whole grain flour, rye crackers, bran or yeast-free bread.
  6. Power loads during this period should be avoided. It is recommended to replace them with walks in the fresh air, swimming pool or yoga. Try to think less about food, taking up your free time meeting with friends or colleagues, do what you love and the results will not keep you waiting.
  7. With the thrill of hunger, you can eat some fruit or vegetable, drink water, or any other liquid.

Sample menu of the French diet for the week

The recommended diet can be extended for the next week, or make up on its basis your own menu, which will meet the principles and rules of the French diet. The main thing is not to use prohibited foods, not to increase the calorie content and portion sizes.

First day:

  • in the morning – natural freshly brewed coffee or unsweetened tea;
  • in the afternoon – a salad of cucumber, tomato and herbs, two hard-boiled eggs or soft-boiled;
  • in the evening – 100 grams of veal stewed or cooked in a double boiler, lettuce.

Second day:

  • in the morning – natural freshly brewed coffee and a piece of dried wholegrain bread;
  • in the afternoon – French onion soup;
  • in the evening – 100 grams of ham or cooked sausages with greens.

The third day:

  • in the morning – a slice of dried rye bread, unsweetened tea or freshly brewed natural coffee;
  • in the afternoon – carrots with tomato, slightly fried in vegetable oil, any two small citruses;
  • in the evening – 100 grams of doctoral or dairy sausage, two boiled or soft-boiled eggs, many different greens.

Fourth day:

  • in the morning – natural freshly brewed coffee and a piece of dried bread;
  • in the afternoon – carrots raw or boiled, one egg boiled or boiled, 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese or cheese;
  • in the evening – 250 gram of any low-fat sour-milk product, fruit or fruit salad without bananas.
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Fifth day:

  • in the morning – grated carrots, seasoned with lemon juice or a spoonful of vegetable oil;
  • in the afternoon – seafood or cooked in a double boiler fish, tomato or cucumber;
  • in the evening – 100 grams of lean meat baked or cooked in a double boiler.

Sixth day:

  • in the morning – natural freshly brewed coffee;
  • in the afternoon – 100 gram of turkey or chicken breast cooked in a double boiler, lettuce;
  • in the evening – 100 grams of fish or chicken fillet cooked in a double boiler.

Seventh day:

  • in the morning – fresh green tea;
  • in the afternoon – a green apple, 100 grams of a fish cooked in a double boiler or grilled, half a grapefruit or an orange, a pear.
  • in the evening – 100 grams of lean ham or boiled sausage.

Contraindications and harm to the French diet

The French diet is not an example of a balanced diet. Her diet, although diverse, cannot sate the body with all the elements it requires for normal functioning. Changing the menu at its own discretion is prohibited by the rules of the diet, so before using this method for losing weight, you should consult with a nutritionist. This is especially true for people who have any chronic illnesses.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that such a diet can harm people suffering from high blood pressure, as its daily diet includes freshly brewed natural black coffee. And this product, as is known, contributes to the increase of pressure and heart rate. In this case, freshly brewed green tea can be considered as an alternative to coffee.

The French diet is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, as well as in childhood and adolescence. It is strictly forbidden to use such a food system for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for thyroid diseases and hormonal disorders.

Lack of vitamins and the recovery period after a serious illness or operation is also a contraindication to this method for losing weight.

Pros of the French diet

The French diet is quite effective and with proper performance can get rid of extra pounds of weight in a fairly short period of time. This is facilitated by its low calorie content, lack of salt and spices, as well as a variety of compatible dishes. If you do not deviate from the rules and abide by the daily diet, for a week such a diet is guaranteed you can lose to 5 kilograms.

Other advantages of such methods for losing weight include:

  • the abundance of protein, which is the building material for muscle tissue and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time;
  • small portions will help reduce the capacity of the stomach, so that later it will be possible to get enough of a smaller amount of food than before;
  • simple and affordable products, dishes from which to cook will not take a lot of time and will not require additional material costs;
  • a large fluid intake helps cleanse the body and unload it.
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Cons of the French diet

One of the drawbacks of such a power system is the imbalance of the daily diet. In addition, a small number of calories can trigger the development of stress and disruptions in the menstrual cycle. Often this condition is accompanied by a general weakness of the body, loss of strength and mood.

Since the French diet prohibits the use of salt, when you exit it, due to the return of this product in the diet, fluid loss is normalized, which will respectively lead to an increase in weight of about one and a half kilograms.

You should be careful with sweet, floury and fatty foods, the abundance of which in a diet in a matter of days will negate all efforts and contribute to gaining the same weight.

Exit from the French diet

In order for the result to be fixed and remain unchanged for a long period of time, you need to know how to get out of the French principle of fasting. For such purposes, it is necessary to carry out a fasting day once a week, mainly on proteins and plant foods. Limit in the diet and after the diet the number of sweet, floury and fatty dishes.

However, slender French women have their own secrets, which they use to avoid gaining extra pounds. One of them is to enjoy food. French women do not tolerate the rush to eat, any meal turns into a pleasure. They are categorically against snacking between main meals and opponents of night meals. Their motto is a little better, but with taste. It is impossible to imagine a Frenchwoman, snacking on the go. Even if lunch or dinner will not be in the restaurant, French ladies come to him with a soul: a beautifully served table, delicious dishes and a glass of dry red wine. Take as a basis their behavior, and immediately feel how your life will change for the better.


The French diet is the food system that many women in the world follow who want to look good and enjoy life. This principle of weight loss helps to get rid of extra pounds without increased starvation and does not require large material costs. The menu offered by the French diet is quite diverse, but not balanced. Therefore, do not repeat it earlier than six months.

However, even one time is enough to bring oneself into shape and maintain the result for quite a long time. In fact, it all depends on self-discipline, desire and desire for the goal. After all, if you set yourself a high bar, then achieving it will be the most expensive gift, and the greatest satisfaction. And the bar in this case should be the desire to look as slim, graceful and refined, like a real Frenchwoman.

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