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Fruit Diet

Fruits are not in vain present in all types of diets. They are rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins of all groups necessary for a person to function normally. They perfectly replace your favorite dishes during the battle for ideal proportions. The diet will no longer be scarce and gray, it will be filled with bright colors, aromas and rich taste.

More on fruit diet

Fruit diets are used for rapid weight loss mainly during the ripening season. There are several options for this diet: mono-diet, when only one type of fruit is allowed and a mixed diet. In the first case, the most common option is apple. With her, from 3 to 7 days, only apples and milk are consumed. To transfer such a regime is of course difficult, but according to reviews of losing fruit according to this scheme, a fruit diet for a week can lose up to minus 10 kilograms of weight.

Mixed types of this diet are much easier transported. In this food system there are several categories: multifruit, protein-fruit, fruit-kefir and fruits + vegetables. Weight loss is a little less, but this option is more benign for the body. The effectiveness of losing weight also depends on the selected program duration: at least 3 days, but not more than 10 days. Only in the case of a balanced menu and the introduction of additional components, the fruit diet can be stretched for a month.

It is worth noting that not all fruits are low in calories. When choosing a personal menu, you should not get involved in bananas, avocados and grapes. These products also contain a lot of useful things, but they are not helpers in the fight against excess weight. If you really want a banana, once a day, of course, you can eat it without a twinge of conscience, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Contraindications fruit diet

Like any other weight loss system, the fruit diet has several contraindications. It is best before any experiments on your body, to consult a doctor and, if necessary, pass the appropriate tests.

First of all, such a diet in any of the options is contraindicated for women in position and breastfeeding. Despite the fact that the diet is as “staffed” with useful substances as possible, it still lacks fats, protein, carbohydrates.
People in old age and adolescents also will not do this diet. During the period of functional changes in the body, it needs absolutely all the components, the lack of which can be fraught with consequences.

This technique is not compatible with diseases of the stomach, intestines and digestive tract. The amino acids contained in fruits can exacerbate the situation. The same applies to people with biliary tract diseases and pancreatitis.

In case of a metabolic disorder, the fruit diet must be prescribed by a doctor.

It should discuss the further menu and the duration of the mode. Such a diet with the right approach will help restore normal carbohydrate metabolism.
Allergy sufferers are also not worth the risk. Because large volumes of fruit can exacerbate this problem and lead to diathesis.

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Fruit monodiet on 3 of the day

Express diet allows you to quickly lose weight in a short time. You just need to choose your favorite fruit (except banana and avocado) and enjoy it for 3 days. Citrus fruits, apples or watermelons are best suited. There is no clearly defined diet. You just have to eat the selected product every time a hunger occurs. Serving size is also arbitrary, but preferably within 300 gr for one meal. Each technique depends on the needs of the body, the main thing is not to overeat.

The plus is that neither the volumes nor the frequency of receptions are limited. It’s not necessary to eat raw fruits, you can bake, cook, make compotes or smoothies. It is important to drink a sufficient amount of purified water, at least 2 liters per day to maintain microflora and the correct pH balance. Such an effective version of the fruit diet perfectly cleanses the body of toxins.

Fruit Diet Joan Lunden on 3 Day

Joan Lunden is an American TV presenter. Having developed her own system for quick weight loss, she became a guru for American beauties in the field of health and body care. Thanks to effective results, her fruit diet has become very popular and has gained a lot of positive feedback. Here, in addition to fruit, dairy products and berries are present. And dinner compensates for all the lack of calories per day.

Mixed fruit diet menu on 3 of the day

First day:

  • breakfast – half a glass of natural yogurt and two medium slices of watermelon;
  • lunch – 100 gr strawberries and one small banana;
  • afternoon tea – a handful of any berries (except grapes);
  • dinner – steamed flounder (150-200 gr) and 100 gr boiled Brussels sprouts.

Second day:

  • breakfast – salad made from 50 gr flakes, 100 gr any berries and 50 gr yogurt;
  • lunch – 3 slices of fresh pineapple (or 2 orange);
  • afternoon snack – 1 big peach;
  • dinner – a salad of boiled turkey, lettuce and one orange (or grapefruit).

The third day:

  • breakfast – half a glass of natural yogurt and three slices of melon;
  • lunch – a salad of strawberries, grapefruit, kiwi and yogurt;
  • Snack – 2 medium fruit (except avocado);
  • dinner – 150 gr boiled chicken breast, light vegetable salad, half a grapefruit.

During this program, you can drink green and black tea, dried fruit compotes. Carbonated sugary drinks, alcohol and, if possible, coffee are excluded. Weight loss during this period will be from 2 to 3 kilograms.

Fruit diet on 7 days

This method is more diverse and easier to carry, since it provides for both vegetables and low-fat dairy products, whole-grain bread and even meat. The volume of servings and the number of meals will also increase slightly. 4-5 meals are required per day, and if you want to eat outside of the schedule, you can eat berries or non-acidic fruits. It is better to buy the necessary products for a week of the fruit diet in advance, and forbidden ones should not be taken under any pretext.

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Among the gastronomic bans will be:

  • fatty fish and meat;
  • fried food;
  • fast food, street food;
  • animal fats: spreads, margarine, oil, etc .;
  • white bread, pastries, pasta;
  • dairy products above 2% fat;
  • alcohol, carbonated water;
  • cereal;
  • sugar.

This diet will include healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates, minerals and fats. To stock up on store the necessary products, the menu is recommended to make in advance.

Sample menu of mixed fruit diet for 7 days


  • breakfast – one dark toast, strawberry puree, a cup of green tea;
  • lunch – one apple;
  • dinner – vegetable broth, one orange;
  • dinner – lettuce, one tomato and one boiled egg, seasoned with low-fat kefir.


  • breakfast – fruit salad, half a cup of yogurt;
  • lunch – a handful of nuts or berries (except grapes);
  • lunch – vegetable cream soup, one apple;
  • dinner – 100 gr of boiled chicken, one cucumber, one peach or two apricots.


  • breakfast – 100 gr low-fat cottage cheese and one peach, green tea;
  • lunch – half a cup of berries;
  • lunch – a salad of fresh vegetables seasoned with low-fat kefir or sour cream;
  • dinner – baked pears, freshly squeezed juice.


  • breakfast – one boiled egg, half a cup of yogurt;
  • lunch – apricots in honey (150 gr);
  • lunch – 100 gr of boiled veal and one cucumber;
  • dinner – steamed halibut with fresh vegetables.


  • breakfast – one toast with jam, apple, green tea;
  • lunch – two slices of watermelon (or two small fruits);
  • dinner – vegetable broth, one orange;
  • Dinner – 100 gr curd with chopped herbs, one tomato, juice.


  • breakfast – 100 gr cereal with low-fat yogurt, green tea;
  • lunch – a handful of nuts;
  • lunch – cream soup of celery and fresh mushrooms;
  • dinner – chicken breast with steamed green beans, fresh juice.


  • breakfast – 100 gr low-fat cottage cheese, one fruit, green tea;
  • lunch – two plums or peaches;
  • lunch – tomatoes baked with cottage cheese and greens;
  • dinner – a piece of boiled turkey with fresh lettuce, juice.

The amount of salt will have to be reduced to a minimum, since it retains water in the body and prevents weight loss. Sugar is better to replace with honey, and the usual coffee – a more healthy tea.

If this regime is tolerated easily, the fruit diet can last for two weeks. In the case of unhealthy overweight, the number of “lost” kilograms will increase to minus kg 10 per week.

To maintain the results achieved, you need to correctly and gradually get out of the diet. Breakfast should become more satisfying, during the day it is not recommended to eat fat and fried, but dinner is better left light and take it no later than three hours before bedtime. Throughout the course, active sports are very hard, because the body lacks the necessary amount of energy.

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Exercises are advised to be replaced by slow walks, meditations or light fitness. At the end of the program, even if exercise was not the rule of life, it would be useful to correct and inculcate such a wonderful habit. In order not to be tempted on the street by fried and, frankly, suspicious pies and hamburgers, you should always carry an apple, pear or bottle of homemade juice with you. And useful recipes at first easier to spy on experienced nutritionists.

Recipes for Fruit Diet

Olivier “Easy”

In 100 gr – 57 kcal.

For cooking you will need:

  • boiled chicken without skin;
  • string beans;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • bulb onions;
  • boiled egg white;
  • low fat kefir.

Chicken and protein are cut cold. Raw vegetables and green beans are added to them. Salad tucked kefir. Optionally, you can add greens.

Baked Apple Dessert

In 100 gr – 108 kcal.

For cooking you will need:

  • apples of any grade;
  • a handful of prunes;
  • honey (to taste);
  • lemon juice;
  • cinnamon.

Peeled apples are rubbed on a coarse or fine grater and watered with lemon juice. Prunes are finely cut. All ingredients are combined and mixed with honey. Sprinkle the finished mass with cinnamon and bake in the microwave for 2-4 minutes. When serving, you can decorate with mint.

Lithuanian cold borsch

In 100 gr – 55 kcal.

For cooking you will need:

  • fresh beets;
  • ground cucumber;
  • egg;
  • kefir with 1% fat;
  • dill.

Peeled beets and cucumbers are cut into strips or cubes. Kefir is thoroughly beaten with a small addition of salt. Vegetables and a pre-cooked, chopped egg are added to it. When serving, sprinkled with dill.

Results of the fruit diet and the results of effort

Fiber contained in fruits swells when it enters the body. Thus, hunger for a long time disappears, despite the fact that the calorie intake of food is very low. So, the result of a fruit diet will be the loss of extra pounds without exhaustion and weakness.

During the summer, such a program for weight loss will completely saturate the body with the necessary substances and strengthen the immune system. This will allow not to worry about winter colds and to be confident in the warm season.

Gastronomic deprivation will not pass without a trace and for the general condition of the body and well-being. A fruit diet for a week or two, perfectly cleanses the body of harmful components and toxins. In addition to the built figure you can be proud of clean skin and healthy hair.

Many fruits contain special enzymes that prevent the accumulation of fat cells and the formation of cellulite. So, at the end of this course, the body will not just lose the extra folds, but will be safe from the formation of new ones. Therefore, for everyone who cares about himself, eating fruits is useful, tasty, bright, necessary.

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