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Ginger diet

Competing for long-term use and long-term results are increasingly competing with express diets. One of these methods, the ginger diet, proposes a program to improve overall health and weight loss for a long time. It is suitable for those who decided to say goodbye to extra pounds once and for all. A few simple rules and the root of ginger – all that is needed for a slim figure.

Ginger weight loss rules

Unlike common emergency techniques, this one is designed for a long time. It is necessary to adhere to it for at least a month, if the planned weight loss is up to 5 kilograms. If you need to lose more excess weight, it is recommended to extend the program for two to three months. Reviews of those losing weight show that on average a week of such a diet goes to 2 kilograms. The plus of the technique is that the lost mass consists, to a greater extent, of fat, and not of water, as is the case with many fast diets. Gone kilograms will not return for a long time, subject to the minimum basics of proper nutrition after a diet.

During the course of losing weight, you will not have to significantly cut your diet. The diet does not allow starvation, with the exception of rare fasting days (optional). From the usual menu you just need to remove everything that interferes with weight loss and “clutters up” the body. It is necessary to exclude those who are unloved by all nutritionists: fatty, fried, canned foods, products with harmful E-additives, fast food, smoked. It is recommended to minimize the amount of salt consumed, as it inhibits fat metabolism and retains water in the body. Sugar in any manifestation is desirable to completely eliminate.

Calorie needs to be gradually reduced, the recommended norm is 1600 kcal. Those who play sports should stick to 1800 kcal per day. In the first two weeks of the course, the amount of food should be gradually reduced, such a gradual replacement will replace the correct entry into the diet. In addition, a smooth transition to a new way of eating will not cause stress to the body. The optimal size of one meal is 250. There are as many times as is necessary for normal well-being. If a tight work schedule is incompatible with fractional meals, you can eat three times a day. Those who prefer to eat snacks can eat small meals, 5-6 times.

Breakfast is recommended to cook dense, for lunch there are soups and broths, and for dinner leave vegetables and protein foods. Obligatory condition of the diet – the use of ginger. For weight loss use tincture of this root. The recipe of its preparation has several variations.

Ginger tincture for weight loss

To prepare the tincture is best to choose a fresh root. Quality ginger should be tight, without soft parts, with a smooth, light beige peel. There are many ways to make a slimming drink. Consider a few popular recipes, the positive result of which is confirmed by reviews.

  1. Cut the peeled ginger into small cubes and place in clean water. Two liters of water requires 4 tablespoons of chopped root. Boil everything over low heat for 10-15 minutes and cool to room temperature. You can add natural honey and citrus juice (orange or lemon) to the finished drink.
  2. Place grated ginger in hot water and hold it for half an hour. After this, tincture should be filtered through a strainer or gauze, you can add peppermint or lemon balm leaves to it.
  3. Insist one hour 2 tablespoons of grated root and 1 spoon of cinnamon in a liter of hot water. Then strain the tincture and add the juice of one small lemon and a pinch of red pepper.
  4. One liter of hot water pour 2 tbsp. ginger and 2 tablespoon crushed garlic. Insist 20 minutes and strain. This version of the drink is among the most effective.
  5. In 1,5 liters of pure water, place a large spoon of grated root, 1 cucumber (peeled and finely chopped), 10 leaves of chopped peppermint. Insist such a drink at least 10 hours, then strain. This version of tincture is widely known as Sassi water and is very popular among losing weight.
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It is necessary to take tincture exclusively in a warm form on an empty stomach and in between meals. In the morning, you should drink one glass of the selected drink, then take it half an hour before each meal and an hour after eating. It is not recommended to drink ginger teas two hours before bedtime, as the main component has a tonic effect on the nervous system and can cause insomnia. For the same reason, while following a diet with ginger tea, experts advise excluding coffee and green tea from the diet in order to avoid too much stress on the cardiovascular system.

During the diet, ginger significantly reduces appetite and further enhances the process of burning fat. Its alkaloids improve the production of heat – thermogenesis. Due to this, fat reserves are faster spent on energy. Also, the pulp of this root contributes to a slight acceleration of metabolism. In conjunction with proper nutrition, this component greatly accelerates the loss of excess weight.

Contraindications to diet

Before starting the course, be sure to make sure that the diet is suitable and will not cause damage. The best option would be a trip to a nutritionist, where a specialist will establish an individual program for weight correction. But slimming use of such services is extremely rare. In this case, the minimum precautionary measure will be familiar with the list of contraindications.

Diet in ginger is incompatible with:

  • diseases of the stomach and intestines;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • diseases of the kidneys, liver and bladder;
  • with a period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • cardiovascular disease.

In addition, contraindications apply to those who drink warfarin and aspirin, because ginger enhances the effect of blood thinning. In case of unpleasant sensations and symptoms from taking the root, you need to abandon the tincture.

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Diet menu

Since the list of permissible products is quite wide, it will be quite easy to make a menu. You can eat lean meat, vegetable food, lean fish and seafood, cereals, soups, low-fat dairy products. You can cook homemade desserts from berries and fruits, sometimes add honey to drinks. Since the program is designed for long-term use, it is recommended to dilute your diet in order to make the diet easier and more enjoyable. With normal tolerance, ginger can be added to dishes other than tinctures.

The menu for the week ahead is better to make in advance to pick up recipes and the right products. An illustrative nutritional plan will help to follow the diet.


Breakfast: cabbage salad with greens and cucumber.

Lunch: pickle on vegetable broth.

Safe, jelly from broth berries.

Dinner: stewed broccoli, a slice of boiled beef.


Breakfast: diet cakes, a glass of milk.

For gingerbread cookies: knead a banana with a fork, add a handful of raisins, one egg and 50 ml of olive oil to it. Stir everything, add half a teaspoon of baking powder and 150 g flour. The kneaded dough should be viscous. Put the gingerbread cookies on a baking paper with a wet spoon and bake 15 minutes at 1800.

Lunch: soup with celery and vegetables.

Snack: cottage cheese with prunes.

Dinner: seafood with a light salad.


Breakfast: rice porridge with dried apricots.

Lunch: buckwheat pasta, hard cheese.

Snack: diet bread with honey.

Dinner: steamed chicken, salad with sweet pepper.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and herbs.

Lunch: dietary mushroom pilaf.

For pilaf: fry one chopped onion, carrots and 300 g of porcini mushrooms. Add 200 g of boiled boiled rice to vegetables and fry all 5-7 minutes. Add two glasses of water and favorite spices, simmer under the lid until the liquid evaporates completely.

Snack: natural yogurt.

Dinner: vinaigrette without potatoes with boiled chicken.


Breakfast: fresh fruit salad with honey.

Lunch: a portion of borscht on vegetable broth.

Snack: carrot fresh, walnuts.

Dinner: hake baked with vegetables.


Breakfast: wholegrain toasts with cottage cheese and bell pepper.

Lunch: cream soup of potatoes and cauliflower.

Lunch: dried apricots, unsweetened yogurt.

Dinner: Braised Cabbage.


Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins.

Dinner: fish soup.

Snack: fresh kiwi.

Dinner: boiled veal, stewed zucchini.

Be sure to take a tincture with ginger root between meals and in the morning. At first, you can set a reminder on your phone or immediately add it to the scheduled menu. On fasting days it is recommended to choose one dietary product and eat only it, kefir, milk, vegetables or fruits are suitable.

A special way out of the diet is not provided. Since the menu will be balanced, the transition to a more nutritious diet can occur in the usual way without stress for the body. For further preservation of the figure, it is better to permanently exclude foods that are prohibited in the diet.

Unload on ginger

In addition to a long version of the diet, this root is used as fasting days against the background of other diets or regular meals. Such discharges are necessary for the body to cleanse from harmful components, free radicals, metabolic products. Also, such an event helps to activate the splitting of fats even during the usual diet.

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For ginger unloading use kefir shake. In a cup of yogurt add a pinch of hot pepper and cinnamon, a teaspoon of finely grated ginger. During the day, you need to drink 5-6 servings of such a drink. In addition, you need to drink regular non-fat kefir and plain water. Ginger tinctures can be replaced with this cocktail and used for a long course in conjunction with proper nutrition. You can resort to unloading up to 2 once a week.

Results: pros and cons of the technique

The main advantage of the method is a loyal menu. No need to exhaust yourself and suffer from the constant feeling of hunger, for snacking, you can use low-calorie drinks and foods. In addition to a democratic diet, ginger itself perfectly reduces appetite, which will make it easier to switch to a new diet. The results achieved during the course are delayed for a long time, which will allow you to forget about strict diets.

Gradual weight loss will not affect the condition of the skin in the form of stretch marks, as is the case with a sharp loss of weight. Slow correction will allow the whole body and skin to gradually adapt. Muscle tone will also be preserved due to the fact that no useful components are excluded from the menu. Nutrition provides for adequate intake of proteins, proper fats and slow carbohydrates. For the same reason, this diet is suitable for athletes.

Another positive aspect of the technique is revealing reviews about the ginger diet. Throughout the course, there is increased concentration, improved mood and vigor. All this is due to the tonic effect of the root.

In addition to proper weight loss, the past this program is waiting for an additional improvement. Useful properties of the main component of the diet have a beneficial effect on the state of the internal organs of the digestive tract (for healthy people). The antiseptic properties of ginger help to clean the stomach and intestines, remove the accumulated stable gases, normalize stool.

The only disadvantage of this technique losing weight is called the bitter taste of ginger. All options of tinctures are designed to get the maximum benefit from the root, so they insist for a long time. Because of this, the taste of the drink becomes even brighter and sharper. A little natural honey helps to brighten up this shortcoming.

You can also note that not all survive the course until the end due to slow weight loss. At first, kilograms can leave more actively, and then the weight often stops. Throwing a diet because of this is not worth it, if you follow all the rules of the program, the weight loss is activated again.

A lot of positive aspects and only a few shortcomings distinguish this technique from many others. Ginger diet is another proof that you can lose weight without hard restrictions and hunger.

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