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Greek diet

In terms of the work schedule, choosing a diet can be quite difficult. It is necessary to have time to eat fractionally, to drink a glass of water at regular intervals, while still having time to perform official duties. In the case of a planned regimen of the day, a Greek diet is varied, useful, effective for weight correction. Today about a diet from a country where everything is. Tightened ancient athletes and nymphs from Greek myths still set the fashion for the beauty of the body. We are interested in how to achieve a sculptural figure while staying in the office of the 21st century.

Diet Features

The Greek diet can be considered fully balanced, with all the necessary components on the menu. Meat eaters can be meat, lovers of sweet and sweet. The most unhealthy ingredients, however, are excluded. These will include foods persecuted by any diet.

Adhering to such nutrition, you can get rid of extra pounds and improve the body. Reviews of this technique recommend two of its options: strict and loyal. With the help of strictly correcting the figure is faster, but in this case, be sure to adhere to proper nutrition after the diet itself. Loyal way can last indefinitely. He, in fact, is a kind of proper nutrition, but with a bias on vegetable food.

Among modern Greeks, centenarians are not uncommon. Features and diet have not changed much since ancient times. The diet in Greece contains a large number of seafood, vegetables, nuts, olive oil. Thus, each person receives a sufficient amount of healthy fats, essential amino acids, vitamins. The results of even short-term such nutrition will be beautiful hair, clean and supple skin, and gradual weight loss.

The Greek diet is accompanied by weight loss due to the classic decrease in the amount of food. 4 meals are provided per day: three basic meals and one snack, which can be canceled at will. The size of one serving should not exceed 250 g. Drinking regime remains within the needs of the body. The state of their own health should dictate the rules of the diet. If hunger is strongly felt, you should not torture yourself, it is better to add another snack.

When cooking, it is advisable to reduce the amount of salt. It is recommended to add it to food during meals, and not during cooking. You also need to minimize the use of sugar, it can be replaced with maple syrup or natural honey.

It is important to follow the rules for the distribution of nutrients:

  1. For snacks, you can use products with maximum benefit. These are fresh, preferably raw, vegetables, berries and fruits. You can use hard cheeses, soaked feta cheese, sour-milk drinks.
  2. For breakfast you need to fill the body with nutrients, stock up on energy for the whole day. In the morning, they recommend eating carbohydrate foods: durum pasta, cereal from any cereals, casseroles, sandwiches with natural ingredients.
  3. For lunch and dinner, it is better to choose a meal containing protein: meat, seafood, eggs, fish. You can add vegetable fiber from vegetables to them.
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For this athletic build is recommended to play sports. If you can not go to the gym, and fit home exercises and exercises. Even long walks will make a positive contribution to body shaping and improving health.

Loyal diet on 2 weeks

This diet option will get rid of 4 and more kilograms per 14 days. The diet here is full of healthy foods and is designed to control appetite. A hearty breakfast will fill your body with energy for the day, while vegetables and fruits will replenish your vitamins.

For the entire period of the diet, you need to abandon semi-finished products, sausages, synthetic additives, too oily. From meat products you need to choose low-fat varieties: chickens, veal, rabbit, beef. From sweet, you should definitely abandon ready-made confectionery, muffin, sweet soda. You can use homemade desserts with reduced calorie content, dried fruits, meringues, biscuits with nuts and honey for snacks.

The diet menu is scheduled for three days, which are repeated throughout the program. Nutrition mode sets itself losing weight. Dinner, it is advisable not to delay until the night, before bedtime should pass at least two hours after a meal.

The first day

Breakfast: unsweetened coffee, bran bread toasts with slices of hard cheese.

Lunch: a piece of baked chicken without skin, a salad with bell pepper and red onion.

Snack: cheese sandwich with olive oil, tea.

Dinner: low-fat fish on the grill or in the oven, mineral water or herbal tea.

Second day

Breakfast: coffee without additives, salad from lettuce and vegetables with olive oil.

Lunch: okroshka on kefir, grilled eggplant, mineral water.

Snack: a salad of fresh vegetables and feta cheese.

Dinner: zucchini stuffed with tomatoes and parmesan (can be replaced with other cheese), herbal tea.

The third day

Breakfast: black coffee, a portion of yogurt without additives with a handful of fresh berries.

Lunch: lean fish, fresh vegetables, mineral water.

Snack: roll of pita bread, tomatoes and feta.

Dinner: eggplant stuffed with minced meat, tea.

Breakfast needs to be arranged at home, lunch on a working break, afternoon snack at home, and dinner a couple of hours before bedtime. After the third day, the menu of the first is repeated, and so on in a circle until the end of the diet. If desired, you can add lunch to the diet, it can be formed from fruits and berries, nuts, sour-milk drinks, cottage cheese. Reviews about the technique show a positive result for losing weight, but note the difficulty of cooking.

Fast diet in Greek

This method is adopted when you need to lose weight quickly and noticeably. The diet of this diet is limited to a little more, which, in fact, gives positive results. Start a fast Greek diet should only people who are confident in their health. It is not recommended to use it with diseases of the digestive tract, heart, blood formation.

The menu on 5 days will be repeated according to one scheme:

In the morning – two fruits, green tea.

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Lunch – two citrus fruits: orange, grapefruit, pomelo.

Lunch – a salad of vegetables and cheese.

Snack – fresh or dry fruit (150 g).

Dinner – any vegetables cooked on the grill, boiled or baked.

To repeat such a diet you need all five days of the diet. Extending such a course for more than 2 weeks is undesirable, since it is deprived of animal fats. After the end of the program, you need to gradually return to the familiar menu. It is not necessary to return fast food, synthetic flavors and convenience foods.

In less than a week you can lose up to 3 kilograms. In addition to weight correction, the body during this time will be well cleaned of harmful components, heavy metals, free radicals, excess salts and fluids.

Methodology on Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a common fermented milk product without sugar, dyes and flavorings. Natural yoghurt is recommended for other diets, as it supports the work of the gastrointestinal tract and nourishes it well. The technique on yogurt is used in two versions:

  • fasting days;
  • regular food with the addition of yogurt.

In the first embodiment, you should use only Greek yogurt and a large amount of mineral water without gas. Such measures will help to start the process of burning fat in the body. The need for unloading may appear on the background of other diets, when the weight ceases to decline, despite all efforts.

Those who do not adhere to dietary meals are also useful fasting days. With their help, harmful components, waste products, toxins, salts are derived. You can use this diet 1-2 of the day, and after that you must return to a balanced diet. Repeat medoku reviews nutritionists recommend no more than twice a month.

You can simply increase the consumption of yogurt on the background of low-calorie food. This principle lies in the popular yogurt diet, where they use just such a fermented milk product without additives. For the basis of the diet, you can choose the Greek diet for 14 days, the rules of PP or another favorite method.

The presence of yogurt in the diet will help reduce appetite, improve metabolism and digestion, fill the body with good bacteria. A day is recommended to use three servings of yogurt. Adhere to this mode need 3-4 week, after that be sure to take a break for the same period of time.

Diet of Greek Goddesses

A special diet for weight loss and maintaining health is called the name of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. An example of female slimness and attractiveness dictates its own nutritional rules. According to the authors of the diet, the goddess Olympus should not eat meat, cereals, potatoes, sweets. All harmful products and alcohol are added to this list.

The menu can be composed of boiled or baked fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables and fruits. Sometimes you can add nuts and seeds to salads, use dairy products with low fat content. To give a bright taste, it is recommended to use only natural spices and herbs: oregano, basil, caraway seeds, turmeric, etc. Salt and sugar are still undesirable, with the exception of salted feta cheese.

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Seafood and vegetables should be half the diet, it is recommended to introduce seaweed: wakame, kelp, red. Animal fats will come from fish and dairy products, you can combine such food with regular intake of Greek yogurt. The diet remains the same as in a loyal diet, you can arrange three classic meals or add a low-calorie snack.

You can continue this diet until 4 weeks, but after that it is better to return meat products and cereals. The result of the diet will be the loss of 5-6 kilograms per month. Russian singer Anastasia Stotskaya lost weight by this method, her results amounted to 12 kilogram. Experts say that to achieve these indicators can only be if you combine a diet with exercise.

Diet results

The results of losing weight according to the Greek scheme are strictly individual. If the initial mass is closer to normal, you should not wait for a big plumb. Combination with strength exercises can lead to an increase in muscle mass, so it is not necessary to focus on the weights. A large initial weight will be more active, so the loss of the fat layer will be greater.

It is important in the course of any chosen option to monitor your well-being, especially with regard to strict options and fasting days. If there is a significant loss of strength, severe dizziness, nausea, an urgent need to stop the diet.

In addition to the correction of the figure, such programs will entail a healthier body, which during the diet may remain hardly noticeable, but it will definitely bring some fruit. Useful fortified food will improve the appearance and strengthen the immune system. The rejection of harmful products, fried and fatty will reduce the load on the digestive organs, reduce the impact of toxic substances.

Contraindications to diet

A strict version of the Greek methodology and unloading are not recommended for use in diseases of the kidneys, intestines and stomach, liver. Heart diseases can be combined with diets only after consulting a doctor, against the background of such diseases, a potassium diet can be used. A special diet without the consent of a doctor is not recommended for older people and adolescents, lactating and pregnant women.

The conclusion about the diet: what to choose

From the point of view of a healthy diet, the most optimal option is a loyal diet for 14 days. It contains all the necessary components, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The only drawback of this technique is that it will have to be prepared for the future. Those who adhere to a diet in a work schedule need to take food with them. The same drawback can be considered as a positive side. Home-made food will not raise doubts about quality, financially beneficial and definitely healthy.

A yogurt diet is also good, the main component is convenient to take with you and easy to buy in the store. Food can not be built in any way, which is very positive for busy people.

When choosing any diet you need to focus on your well-being. At the first sign of harm to health, give up the diet, no matter what results it promises.

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