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Honey diet

Known for its healing properties, sweet nectar has long been used as a “cure for all diseases and the elixir of longevity” in traditional medicine. In its composition is the secret of youth and good health for many years.

The honey diet has appeared relatively recently after the paradox opened by British scientists: this high-calorie product is the first assistant in the fight against obesity. Today, the honey diet is one of the few fat burning programs officially recognized by nutritionists. Its growing popularity among the population due to the fact that during weight loss there is no need to torture yourself with excessive physical exertion and the rejection of sweets.

What you need to know about honey

Those who are attracted to the honey diet are recommended to get acquainted with its main ingredient, its origin, varieties and properties.

Flower honey is obtained directly from nectar, which is collected by working bees and laid in a honeycomb, where complex carbohydrate transformations and the evaporation of most of the water occur. After this, inhibin (formic acid) is injected into the cells, due to which pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed and fermentation is prevented. The technology for producing honeydew is similar, but it is not obtained from nectar, but from honey dew or sweet paddy.

Monoflorous (collected from one carrier) product in nature practically does not exist, much more common are prefabricated (polyfluoric) varieties, which are called based on the area of ​​collection and season:

  • May from the nectar of early spring honey plants;
  • fruit, collected from garden trees and bushes;
  • forestry with wild trees and forest medicinal herbs;
  • field and meadow with wild and cultivated plants;
  • mountain, collected high in the mountains.

The color, density, taste and aromatic qualities of honey largely depend on the prevailing honey plants. The predominant shades are golden and orange, however, there are varieties of honey from almost white with a green tint to red-brown. Features of the plant also affect the healing properties of honey.

The table shows the main types of honey from the nectar of medicinal plants, widely distributed in the CIS.

Plant honey plant Otherness
Linden Pale yellow color, lime aroma, sharp taste, crystallizes quickly and turns pale
Sunflower It has a golden color, a pleasant sweet taste and a very weak aroma, quickly forms large crystals.
Acacia Light, almost transparent honey, aroma and taste is thin, crystallizes more slowly than other varieties, is stored for a long time in a liquid state
Buckwheat Brown color with a reddish tint (due to the high iron content), has a sharp aroma and a specific tart taste
Dandelion Golden yellow color, pungent odor and tart to the taste, thick, viscous, crystallizes quickly
Thistle It can be light amber, greenish or almost colorless, has a light taste, forms small crystals.
Heather The color is dark, dark yellow or brown, the aroma is not felt, bitter taste, quickly hardens
Clover Almost transparent, has no color, fragrant, has a high taste, turns into a dense white mass after crystallization

Today there are more than a hundred varieties of nectar, the most valuable are considered to be light varieties (buckwheat – an exception to the rule). Honey retains all the medicinal properties of honey, on the basis of which it is possible to choose a product with optimal taste, satisfying the individual needs of the body.

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The composition and properties of honey

The secret of the benefits of honey lies in its composition: more than 300 active components, at least 30 of which are indispensable for the human body. The combination of these trace elements is close to the composition of blood plasma, therefore this product is the only one that is absorbed by the body for all 100%.

The composition can contain up to 21% water, the rest is simple carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), the percentage of which varies depending on the variety. Glucose affects the rate of crystallization, and fructose affects taste.

The natural product contains a large amount of protein, carotene, ascorbic acid, B vitamins, PP, K, E vitamins and almost the entire periodic table (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, iron, copper, zinc and others). The collection is complemented by organic acids (pantothenic, folic, tartaric, citric, malic, lactic and oxalic), enzymes and hormones of natural origin, which have beneficial effects on metabolic processes.

Despite the significant differences between varieties, there are properties that are common to all types of healing nectar:

  • restorative;
  • antiseptic;
  • painkillers and sedatives;
  • expectorant;
  • rejuvenating;
  • restorative and toning;
  • antiallergic.

In its pure form or as part of various drugs is often used for colds, arthritis, arthrosis, gastrointestinal lesions, weakened immunity. As a means of external use improves the condition of the skin and hair.

In addition, sweet nectar has long been recognized as the “elixir of longevity”: among its healing qualities, it has been discovered that it has not only slowed down the aging process, but also exerted some rejuvenating effect. Statistics claim that many of the long-livers regularly use flower honey in moderation and can boast of good health.

Honey diet for weight loss

Honey is one of the most nutritious foods, which on 80% consists of carbohydrates and does not contain proteins and lipids. The carbohydrate component is mainly represented by glucose and fructose. These simple carbohydrates put honey almost on a step with sugar in the glycemic index table.

The energy value of light varieties can vary from 320 to 380 kcal, and the indicator of dark varieties of honey can reach 420 kcal. Some species have a higher calorie content than the main enemy of harmony – white sugar. How can honey be called a diet product with such characteristics and why is the honey diet so popular?

The answer must be sought in the mechanism of the effect of honey on the body:

  • normalization of pancreatic functions;
  • decreased lipase activity;
  • splitting fat cells;
  • preventing the penetration of cholesterol into the blood cells;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes.

Thus, honey diet not only prevents the appearance of fat deposits, but also starts the process of burning existing ones. Even those who are not going to go on a honey diet can get rid of a couple extra pounds simply by replacing the usual sugar and sweets with honey.

A teaspoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach will help the body shake up and start the metabolism, which will have a beneficial effect on the figure. However, it should be remembered that more than two tablespoons per day can not be consumed in order to avoid the effect opposite to the desired.

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Honey diet for the lazy

Honey diet for weight loss is suitable for both active lifestyle and passive. This product activates the hormone burning lipid mass, which works independently of the physical efforts of losing weight, so this diet on honey is also called “hibernation diet”.

There are various options for weight loss program with the use of honey, designed for both a short time and for a long period.

Rules for weight loss on honey:

  • rejection of generally accepted junk food (fatty, fried, spicy, smoked, salty, sweet and baked);
  • elimination of alcohol and carbonated beverages;
  • complete rejection of sugar and its substitutes;
  • ban on starchy vegetables;
  • mandatory inclusion in the diet of dairy and dairy products, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins A and C.

Honey during the diet is consumed during the day on a teaspoon. In the morning on an empty stomach it is recommended to drink tsp. honey in a glass of cold water to wake up and start the metabolism. It is very important not only to drink honey, but to dissolve it in water: this results in a concentration of substances similar in composition to blood plasma. A little exercise will help speed up the process of losing weight.

It should also be remembered that honey does not tolerate high temperatures and when heated to 40 ° C and above, its structure is destroyed and the product loses its beneficial properties. Above 60 ° C, decomposition of chemical compounds in its composition occurs and the drug can become poison. Therefore, you need to dissolve the honey only in cold liquid and drink cool drinks.

How to make a honey menu

The honey diet is low-calorie and high-carb, so the six-day weight loss course is considered the most popular. Due to the abundance of dairy products and fiber, the six-day program is well tolerated by the body, despite severe restrictions and a poor diet.

The menu on the 6 diet days for the lazy does not require any culinary effort and can consist solely of the following products:

  • milk fat content up to 2,5%;
  • skim milk products (kefir, cottage cheese, yogurt);
  • non-starchy vegetables (cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, etc.);
  • vegetables rich in vitamin A and carotene (carrots, red bell peppers, beets);
  • citrus fruits and berries;
  • green or black tea, decoctions of herbs.

You need to eat in small portions no more than 200-250 g 3-4 once a day. An optimal breakfast would be a glass of low-fat yogurt or 100-150 g of zero fat cottage cheese. For lunch, it is better to use boiled or stewed vegetables, and dinner with a fresh salad. It is advisable to grate solid foods for better absorption. You can have a snack with fresh fruits, and before going to bed, drink a glass of kefir.

During each meal, you need to eat honey one teaspoon. In 1 tsp. without slides contains 8-9 g product, which is 25-30 kcal, so the use of honey should not exceed the specified amount.

Honey Diet Options

An alternative two-day honey-lemon diet will help to quickly lose 2-3 kilograms. It belongs to very strict programs and excludes any food except a special drink based on lemon and honey. Its nutritional value is practically zero, and a high concentration of citric acid helps to actively burn fat.

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The diet drink recipe for weight loss:

  • in a liter of clean cool water;
  • 4-5 juice lemons;
  • 1 tsp honey without slides.

Sometimes the composition of the drink includes a small amount of red pepper to enhance the effect. It is impossible to abuse such a diet, but you can use honey-lemon water to cleanse the body of toxins on fasting days.

As an aid to weight loss, honey is also used during the rice diet. Brown unpolished rice is known as absorbent and antioxidant. Honey diet with rice helps to get rid not only of excess weight, but also of toxins accumulated in the body.

Efficiency of honey diet

Predominantly positive reviews about the diet on honey are due to the fact that it is not only easily tolerated by losing weight, who note the absence of a pronounced feeling of hunger, but also has practically no contraindications. Honey can be consumed even during pregnancy and lactation.

In addition to the case of individual intolerance of the product, honey diet is not recommended in the presence of the following diseases:

  • heart or pulmonary insufficiency;
  • gastritis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer;
  • urolithiasis and kidney failure;
  • asthma;
  • fever;
  • diabetes.

British scientists argue that weight loss on a honey diet is not necessary exercise, because honey and so activates the hormone that burns fat. On such a diet, you can lose from 5 to 12 kg of weight in 6 days, the result can be doubled by incorporating light exercises 15-20 for minutes and fresh air into the weight loss program.

Those who managed to lose weight on a sweet diet, note its positive effect on the body:

  • general strengthening of the immune system and acceleration of metabolism;
  • improvement of hair, nails and skin;
  • normalization of the pancreas;
  • regulation of gastric acidity;
  • light laxative effect.

In addition, replacing sugar with honey, you can acquire healthy eating habits and significantly reduce cravings for sweets. Natural high-quality nectar provides the body with essential nutrients and acts as a powerful anti-depressant. Honey diet helps to fight with lethargy, fatigue, emotional tension and increases stress resistance.

How to choose honey for a diet

Obviously, only natural flower nectar possesses all the beneficial properties and taste qualities, so the honey diet will be effective only when using a first-class product. For the diet program, it is advisable to buy honey directly from the manufacturer, and even better – in comb.

Characteristic features of high-quality natural honey is a certificate that guarantees authenticity, a proven supplier, uniform crystallization, a pleasant aroma (enhanced when heated), high viscosity (slowly spreads, you can “screw” on a spoon) and not too sweet taste.

It is very important to be able to distinguish natural honey from falsification, since not everyone knows beekeepers. Common is a synthetic product of acid hydrolysis of white and cane sugar, tinted with tea or saffron. Such honey does not contain enzymes and consists only of carbohydrates, therefore its value is zero.

But even artificial honey is often forged, replacing the colored sugar syrup, which becomes the cause of poisoning. It is possible to determine the impurities in the composition by dissolving a small amount of honey in distilled water: the additives will either settle to the bottom of the pot or float to the surface.

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