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Hypoallergenic diet for children

A special hypoallergenic diet for children can be prescribed even for newborns. Its feature is the exclusion of products with increased sensitizing activity.

Also, the ingredients that are distinguished by outstanding extractive components or contain a large amount of essential oils often fall into the group of prohibited products. Often you can meet kids, whose body refuses to perceive canned billet, which are so fond of adults.

But most often the reason for the transition to such a specific mode are various food additives that are difficult to detect without prior analysis. We are talking about dyes, preservatives and even emulsifiers, which not all manufacturers are ready to indicate in the instructions on a jar or box. Even the flavors with fruit essences that make sweets and other confectionery products are especially appetizing are dangerous.

But the truly correct nutritional format should not only include general restrictions. He is obliged to meet the standards of rational replenishment with microelements, vitamins and energy of the growing body. For this, it is necessary to take care of the physiological needs of each particular crumb, without prejudice to its calories.

Alarm bells

Allergic diseases associated with improper diet, become a headache for parents around the world. This is due to the progress of the food industry, adding more and more chemical additives. But if an adult organism is able to more or less cope with an increased load, but a still weakened immunity of a preschooler will not be able to overcome the obstacle. This is especially true of young patients up to a year.

They will suffer from varying degrees of skin lesions, which is most often expressed in the development of diathesis. Later, seborrhea is added to it, especially pronounced in the region of the subject. And if you continue to ignore the alarming symptoms, then everything can end up with a manifestation of the milk scab, diaper rash in the groin area, underarms, and even behind the ears.

Despite the stereotype that diathesis – the disease of the smallest – this is not entirely true. The exudative format of this deviation is found even among schoolchildren. To find its characteristic features can be on the elbows, under the knees and skin areas that are in direct contact with the bones.

If you do not help the victim at this stage by rewriting the usual meals, you can end up with:

  • severe itching;
  • weeping, dry eczema;
  • neurodermatitis.

In addition to problems with the appearance of the child will experience problems with sleep. The patient will be irritable all the time. A rapid weight loss will be explained by metabolic disorders.

Any other “helper” prolonged allergic reaction is called any gastrointestinal disorders. Against the background of weakened immunity, the child will constantly suffer from colds and other diseases that are closely related to the respiratory tract.

What to do

In order not to reach the sad development of events, it is necessary to quickly respond to the first signs of danger. First you should remove the problem dishes and purchased snacks from the table.

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Children under the age of one year usually suffer from a high susceptibility to cow’s milk, or rather, its protein. If you do not take care of looking for analogues at an early stage, then in the future you can not avoid a violent reaction to almost all types of complementary foods.

To establish the source of problems, it is worth getting a special notebook. Every day there it is necessary to update the information that was given to the suffering young family member. For all new products, it is better to single out a separate column where even the time of occurrence of side effects with a detailed description of what happened will be recorded.

Experts insist that the reaction usually manifests itself almost immediately. And the delayed variants of the course of the disease involve a delay of approximately 2-3 hours. On the basis of the provided observation, it will be more logical to issue a novelty in the morning in order to have time to follow up on the possible consequences. The initial dosage should also have minimal values.

If everything is in order, then it is allowed to gradually increase the limits. For three days, you can catch up with the optimum level without fear of confronting the response of the body like an upset stomach, intestines, or rash. If the opposite effect is manifested, the problem ingredient must be removed immediately. And after three months it is allowed to repeat the experiment.

The reason for another attempt is due to scientific research. Since children’s enzyme systems are quickly rearranged, the body may not even “remember” that he “did not like” broth or something else.

Things are a bit different for schoolchildren, whose nutrition cannot be traced to the end. While at home, under the supervision of their parents, they eat only healthy food, then everything is in order. But as soon as the new semester starts, they can secretly buy harmful chips, crackers and other fast food, which is simply teeming with life-threatening carcinogens.

Doctors recommend to focus on the daily rate, as well as creating a balanced scheme for optimized content:

  • carbohydrates;
  • proteins;
  • fats.

If the newborn fell into the category of those who are not able to digest the proteins of the cow’s milk, then it will have to be replaced:

  • soy formulations;
  • low-lactose mixtures.

Because of this, moms have to bypass the usual plan for issuing complementary foods, starting to give it a month earlier. It begins with vegetable puree at about three months, and after another four to five weeks, the delivery of cereals starts. The basis for them are decoctions of vegetables and fruits.

At five months it is allowed to give meat. But the fish should be avoided for the first year, as it is considered to be an obligate allergen. Sour milk products are given with caution, which are required to exclude sugar almost completely.

Those children who continue to suffer from exudative diathesis are more likely to eat the proposed vegetable puree, casserole, salad, porridge along with vegetable oil.

Dietary tables

So that the menu doesn’t turn into a real torture for those who want to try the tasty one, you should be especially careful about its compilation. All meals for babies older than two years should be based on:

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  • dairy products;
  • eggs;
  • fats;
  • meat;
  • croup;
  • vegetables;
  • berries;
  • fruits;
  • of bread;
  • properly selected drinks.

Any expert will confirm that a complete abandonment of eggs is a bad idea. It is better to leave them at least twice a week, after boiling hard. If suspicions about their safety are still overcome, you can get rid of the protein. The latter is distinguished by elevation compared with yolk.

If the reception involves milk, then it is better to boil at least 15 minutes. In addition to milk, it is allowed to give:

  • low-fat cheese, you can even homemade;
  • sour cream;
  • cottage cheese.

But it is strictly forbidden to lean on butter. It is given out in scanty portions, preferring a plant refined analogue. It can be a budget sunflower option, or a more expensive olive, rapeseed.

If at a very young age the child experienced difficulties with compatibility with cow’s milk, which did not pass later, then beef is not his meat. The beef liver and veal were blacklisted. Instead they should lean on lean pork, lamb, turkey, rabbit meat. Moreover, young meat is considered more dangerous.

In order to reduce allergenic activity, it is recommended to freeze the product first, and then to thaw, followed by soaking. Complete precautions worth a long brew.

Instead of convenient pasta, the use of which is minimized, the emphasis is on permissible cereals:

  • buckwheat;
  • oatmeal;
  • barley;
  • rice;
  • corn.

You can supplement them with vegetables by season. Cabbage, zucchini, turnips and pumpkin are welcome. When buying cucumbers, be sure to ask again so that they are not greenhouse (feel free to refuse such). Eggplant, rutabaga, potatoes are not prohibited.

To reduce the risk of worsening well-being, purchased gifts of nature are soaked in cold water for about two hours. The same algorithm applies to fruits like:

  • some varieties of apples;
  • cranberries;
  • blueberries;
  • plums;
  • blueberries;
  • Cherries
  • cranberries;
  • pears;
  • gooseberries.

If you first clean them or place them in the freeze / cool mode in a multifunction refrigerator, you can reduce the percentage of possible allergens. It is allowed to bake apples, and berries give vitamins perfectly in the form of freshly cooked compote.

In addition to such healthy drinks, it will be useful to offer mineral water or unsweetened tea that is limited in goodies.

Contrary to the general stereotype regarding the inadmissibility of giving bakery products, this is not entirely true. Black, gray, white bread is not prohibited, as are croquet cookies.

“Black box”

When making a schedule for the week, you need to keep in mind the entire long list of prohibited ingredients. The easiest thing with the representatives of fast food and sweets.

No chewing gum, confectionery, harmful yogurts with an almost endless shelf life. It is better to buy a used yogurt maker and create sour-milk masterpieces yourself immediately for the whole family. The ban included sausages and sausages, which are “packed to the eyeballs” with sodium nitrite, which is responsible for the attractive appearance.

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It is also forbidden to experiment with overseas innovations. Exotic fruits that are not susceptible to allergies due to hereditary predispositions will worsen the situation. Also, be extremely careful to be with:

  • any seafood;
  • fish, caviar;
  • smoked meat

Before pulling a purchased delicacy to a capricious child, parents are obliged to familiarize themselves with its composition. Incomprehensible emulsifiers and other representatives of chemical terminology – a red light to send a purchase to the trash without any chance of correction.

Approximate weekly menu

To make it easier for inexperienced moms and dads, experts developed approximate recipes for each day. The life-simplifying scheme is as follows:

  1. Monday. Starting the day is better with rice porridge and tea without sugar. For dessert, an apple is provided. Lunch consists of meatballs, vegetable soup, and give feast compote. For dinner – tea according to the morning recipe with vinaigrette.
  2. Tuesday. Breakfast includes porridge, apple, tea. For dinner, cook pearl barley soup, mashed potatoes, beef stroganoff, compote. Dinner is limited to cottage cheese casserole with jelly.
  3. Wednesday. Morning greet buckwheat and tea. Lunch begins with cabbage soup, continuing with stewed cabbage, meatballs, stewed fruit. Wednesday ends with a milk soup with jelly.
  4. Thursday. The middle of the week is marked by decoy, a muffin roll. Lunch will please with hearty milk soup, stewed carrots, meatballs, compote. For dinner, prepare the curd, pouring non-fat sour cream. Washed down with jelly.
  5. Friday. Millet porridge and tea are the perfect breakfast. Lunch includes vegetable soup, potatoes, meatballs, compote. Dinner includes weak coffee with milk (neutralizes the invigorating properties of caffeine at bedtime), cake.
  6. Saturday. The beginning of the weekend is marked by milk soup with noodles, tea. Lunch will be more satisfying: barley soup without meat, stew with vegetables, compote. Before bedtime vinaigrette is issued with jelly.
  7. Sunday. The last day of the week pleases with tea, rice porridge, cheese. Lunch includes borscht, stewed cabbage with meat, compote. For dinner – boiled potatoes with sour cream, jelly.

Culinary experiments within the acceptable list are welcome. But all the ingredients must undergo a preliminary heat treatment. Any pickles, as well as fried should be completely excluded. The emphasis is on baking, cooking. An alternative may be the use of smart appliances such as a multivarker, a double boiler.

If today you have to conjure over the soup, be sure to attend the soaking cereals. The ideal time is two hours. And when cooking meat boldly get rid of the broth. After a while, the child will feel relieved, and after a couple of months it is allowed to gradually return to the normal diet, adding exceptions in turn.

Following the dietary guidelines on the principle of “word for word” will help keep the crumbs of a good mood, without tarnishing the beginning emerging immunity. Because of this, it is so important to adhere to the prescriptions of physicians without gag and cuts. Only then the result will not take long.

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