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Intestinal cleansing diet

The role of the intestine in the digestive process is difficult to overestimate. It is he who is responsible for extracting nutrients from the food we eat and how the body absorbs them. Therefore, the health of this body directly affects our weight.

Since our daily diet can hardly be called completely beneficial, from time to time the intestines need to be cleansed. To resort to this radical measures like colotherapy is not necessary. To cleanse the intestines, you can use a diet that will help excrete toxins and toxins from the body and improve metabolic processes.

The benefits of bowel cleansing

Periodic intestinal blockage is inevitable in view of the fact that one of its tasks is the removal of harmful metabolic products coming from the liver. In addition, it passes through toxins that enter our body due to errors in the diet. As a result, harmful substances accumulate over the intestinal walls over time.

At the initial stage, intestinal blockage practically does not manifest itself. Only over time a person begins to feel a seemingly unreasonable, seemingly weakness. The state of health worsens, working capacity decreases. There are problems with the skin. In the event that at this stage no action is taken, other symptoms will soon appear: flatulence, indigestion, nausea. A person becomes irritable, feels tired even in the absence of stress, begins to gain weight.

Among the proven methods of removing toxins from the intestines and toxins, a special diet leads. A specially selected food helps to normalize peristalsis and metabolic processes. As a result, a person feels an increase in vitality. Such unpleasant symptoms as bloating, allergic reactions, skin problems disappear, and, most importantly, those extra pounds go away.

Diet rules for bowel cleansing

There are a huge number of varieties of diets for cleansing the intestines, so that everyone has the opportunity to choose their own version of ridding the body of toxins and slags.

Nevertheless, the basis of all such systems of therapeutic nutrition are the general rules that should be followed:

  1. The diet should contain only natural food. Ideally, it should not undergo any additional processing.
  2. The main component of the menu are fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  3. Salty, spicy and sweet under the ban.
  4. Fresh fresh juices, mineral water without gas, green tea and herbal decoctions are the best friends of those who decided to clear their intestines of toxins.
  5. Alcohol and tobacco should be forgotten at least temporarily. Reduce the amount of coffee.
  6. Food should be fractional and regular, so you have to follow a strict regimen.
  7. Minimize stress, avoid conflict situations. Spend more time in the fresh air. It is best to go for a walk in the evening, before going to bed.
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Diet for cleansing the intestines for ten days

The most common therapeutic nutritional option for cleansing the intestines is a ten-day diet. To sustain it is not too easy, however, as evidenced by the reviews, the result is really worth it.

Every day, start with a glass of mineral water drunk on an empty stomach without gas. You can also use ordinary boiled water with the addition of lemon juice.

The first and second day of the diet are considered unloading. The diet during this period is limited – only green tea is allowed, which can be sweetened with a spoon of honey, as well as green apples.

Start the third day with oatmeal. It will have to be boiled in water without adding salt or sugar. For lunch, satisfy your hunger with boiled lean beef (200 g). From vegetables ripe tomato is allowed. In the evening, the menu will consist of boiled rice (200 g, it is better to choose brown), which can be diversified by soy sauce or olive oil. Finish your meal with tea with lemon, but without sugar.

On the fourth day, breakfast will again consist of oatmeal cooked in water. Those who lack energy can be pampered with a cup of unsweetened coffee. Lunch on this day will be scarce: two medium-sized apples and a glass of water with lemon juice. For dinner, you are allowed to eat a large apple and orange.

The morning of the fifth day will begin with natural yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese (up to 150 g), as well as a salad of one grated medium-sized carrot. Use lemon juice as a dressing. For lunch, you can treat yourself to baked potatoes and two hard-boiled eggs. Also prepare a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, which can be seasoned with a drop of olive oil. The evening meal will consist of boiled rice (200 g), to which you can add a little olive oil or soy sauce. Unsweetened lemon tea will complete the dinner.

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The sixth day has prepared for you all the same oat-flakes on the water. As a reward for “crossing the equator,” please yourself with a non-sweet coffee. Dine also have oatmeal; from drinks allowed water with lemon juice. But for dinner, the menu will consist of rice (200 g), the taste of which will improve the addition of olive oil or a drop of soy sauce.

The seventh day breakfast will consist of a cup of savory coffee. But for lunch you can afford a light vegetable soup and low-fat cottage cheese (150g). Finish the meal with an apple. In the evening, drink a glass of low-fat kefir.

On the eighth day in the morning, prepare the oatmeal porridge, as well as treat yourself to an orange and an apple. At lunch, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt. At dinner, a reward for a meager daily diet will be boiled fish with a drop of lemon juice and two oranges as a dessert. End the day with tea without sugar.

The ninth day will begin with a glass of low-fat kefir. At noon, boiled fish and a glass of unsweetened tea are recommended. At dinner, you can afford boiled lean beef (200 g) with a side dish (rice). Dessert will be three small apples.

The final day of the diet will start with a glass of kefir. At lunch, have a cup of tea, sweetened with honey. For dinner, you can treat yourself to boiled brown rice, the taste of which will improve the addition of a few drops of soy sauce or olive oil. For dessert, an orange is offered, and you can finish the meal with unsweetened tea with lemon.

Due to the modest calorie during the observance of this diet, serious physical activity is contraindicated. Those whose work is connected with intellectual stress or stress, it is better to conduct a marathon to cleanse the intestines during the holidays.

Diet to cleanse the intestines for one day

There is also an express option for a cleansing diet. It is designed for one day. The basis of the daily diet will be the so-called bread tea. To make it, chop 200 g of brown bread. Put slices of bread in a jar and pour boiling water (1 l). The drink should be infused for 12 hours, then strain it thoroughly.

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A fast cleansing diet provides nutrition strictly according to the clock. So, at 7 in the morning, drink a cup of green tea. Sugar can not be added. After an hour, eat one small green apple and drink a glass of bread tea. In 9 in the morning you will find a mixture of freshly squeezed grape juice and bread tea (both components in 100 ml). An hour later, two cups of unsweetened green tea are in line. In 11 hours, allow yourself 100 g of white grapes and a mixture of 100 ml of bread tea and the same amount of freshly squeezed carrot juice. An hour later, you can enjoy grapes (100 g) and drink a glass of grape juice.

The interval before the next step is three hours. In 15: 00 two cups of green tea without sugar are in line. After 60 minutes, a mixture of bread tea and freshly squeezed carrot juice (100 ml) is recommended. In 17: 00 you will find a glass of mineral water without gas. An hour later, eat three sweet peppers. Finally, the last step is a mixture of bread tea (100 ml) with pear or apple juice (100 ml). You need to drink this drink in 19: 00. After that, only a cup of green unsweetened tea is allowed before bedtime.

According to nutritionists, such an express cleansing effectively “unloads” the body and contributes not only to cleansing the intestines, but also to weight loss.

Contraindications for a cleansing diet

Cleansing the intestines with a diet is a medical procedure and, like any other medical procedure, it has contraindications. In the presence of a number of diseases from the use of this system should be abandoned so as not to cause serious harm to the body.

So, this version of the diet is not suitable for women during the critical days, pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also worth abstaining from people suffering from any diseases of the large or small intestine (colitis, dysbacteriosis, etc.), hypertension and diabetes. Postpone bowel cleansing with a diet if you are under stress, have a cold, and are taking any medications.

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