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Kefir-cucumber diet

From the end of the twentieth century to today, overweight has been recognized as a social problem in many countries. As you know, obesity contributes to the development of a number of diseases, takes an average life expectancy of 15. Perhaps one of the most common methods of solving this problem is to limit oneself in the amount of products used, as well as their careful selection. For quick weight loss most often have to use a diet, while one of the most common is considered kefir-cucumber diet.

Due to the low content of calories in these products, it is possible to achieve maximum effect in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the option of depletion of the body is completely excluded, since cucumber and kefir contain a large number of useful substances that are able to provide the body with necessary elements.

Principles of cucumber-kefir diet

Almost for every person it is no secret that the simultaneous use of kefir and cucumber leads to a laxative effect, which is especially valuable during the period of weight loss. Since it is possible to achieve the effect of natural cleansing of the body at home, without the use of any medication. Due to this, he gets rid of toxic substances, removes unwanted elements, resulting in the weight goes faster. It is important to bear in mind that during and after cleansing you need to drink plenty of water, because during this period the body with “excess” weight loses an increased amount of moisture, and therefore you need to seriously monitor the water-salt balance. Cucumber kefir diet has several advantages.

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Consider the main ones:

  • due to the significant content of tatronic acids, cucumbers neutralize the action of carbohydrates, and therefore prevent the deposition of fat;
  • A significant amount of water (up to 95%) in a cucumber allows for maximum purification of the body, does not require additional energy expenditure for absorption, which is especially important, because during the diet the body is under stress and there is simply no “extra” strength
  • high content of potassium, calcium, magnesium in cucumber allows you to maximize the body with essential substances;
  • the use of kefir has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora, which is especially valuable in the period of intensive cleansing of the body;
  • kefir displays slags, toxins.

In combination, these two products can enhance the effects of each other, while the week spent on such a diet will show effective results and a good weight loss trend.

Proper diet

Kefir-cucumber diet, as a rule, does not cause discomfort, it is well tolerated by the body. Its significant advantage, in contrast to other diets, is the absence of the need to count calories or prepare difficult meals. Everything is quite simple, you need to properly create a menu, which will include only kefir and fresh cucumbers. Experts conclude that because of a poor diet, it is impossible to use such a diet for more than five days, but if you decide to stick to it for two weeks, we assure you that 14 should be a final day, since its further use may adversely affect the organism as a whole. , namely inflict irreparable harm.

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Consider in more detail the daily recipe for this diet:

  • preference should be given to the use of kefir with a percentage of fat content up to 2,5, while doctors do not recommend to use fat-free kefir;
  • On average, you need to eat up to 1,5 kilograms of fresh cucumbers per day. In 1 a day, in order to avoid stress for the body, you can limit 1 to a kilogram (or 700 grams), and every day the number of cucumbers to increase to 1,5 kilogram;
  • drink at least 1,5 liters of water per day;
  • if you feel that the stomach reacts negatively to the diet, then in 1, 2 or 3 a day you can eat 100 grams of low-fat boiled fish.

Remember, each organism is individual, and therefore it is impossible to create conditions that would be ideally suited for losing weight to each person, therefore we advise you to always listen to your body. Make a diet for each day with a clear description of the amount consumed. The table will be your real helper, which will clearly show all the days of losing weight.

Do not forget that there are different variations of cucumber-kefir diets. If not satisfied with one option, you can safely use the other. For example, instead of cucumber salad, dressed with low-fat sour cream, cook cucumber-kefir fresh. For breakfast, it is best to drink a glass of kefir, eat cucumber with cheese at lunch, drink fresh cucumber fresh juice for lunch, a salad with cucumber seasoned with olive oil for dinner, and drink a glass of kefir at night. Reviews of such a diet say that its essence is to learn to enjoy healthy foods and properly crush portions so that the amount consumed is moderate.

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The result of kefir-cucumber diet

Despite the positive result of the cucumber-kefir diet, it is important to bear in mind that there are a number of contraindications regarding its use. For example, people who suffer from gastrointestinal problems. Also, with particular caution should be taken to such a diet for people suffering from kidney disease, pregnant women.

As for the results of the diet, it should be noted that on average on 7 day you lose about 3 kilograms, which is a very good indicator. The disadvantage of the diet is the fact that the “departed” kilograms are liquid and toxins, and have no relation to the fat layer, and therefore you need to be very careful about the number and type of products used after the diet, to eliminate the likelihood of returning kilograms. To do this, we advise you to view the video or read the instructions on proper nutrition with the presence of a photo that will help fix and improve the effect as much as possible.

Remember, repeating the kefir-cucumber diet more often than 3 once a year is not recommended. There are also other analogues of this diet, which are recommended to alternate to eliminate the likelihood of addiction of the organism.

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