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Lean diet

Great Lent is a pre-Easter time, when many believers consciously refuse not only the usual food, but also many worldly joys. This is a kind of spiritual practice, supported by physical limitations. During Lent, it is forbidden to eat meat, dairy, fish products in any form. That is why many people believe that during fasting before Easter it is so easy to lose extra pounds.

However, this is a big mistake. By eating high-calorie fruits, dried fruits and grains, a person gains weight rapidly, especially if his body is prone to this and there is no adequate physical activity every day. That is why the diet for fasting before Easter for weight loss should not be based on what needs to be excluded, but rather on what and in what doses it is necessary to include in your own diet.

If a person constantly adheres to dietary restrictions and fasting diet does not seem to him something complicated, you must definitely think about the spiritual component of this action. The fact is that even someone who constantly refuses some kind of food can sometimes be tormented by an obsessive desire to eat a prohibited product.

But the reviews of dieticians insist that at the post the restrictions on food are so severe that they can have a detrimental effect on health. That is why the diet during fasting should be even more calibrated and balanced, and thoughts and head should be fully focused on those high matters, thanks to which a person decides to keep fast and be thoroughly cleansed. If you don’t have a piece of chicken in front of your eyes (which you can often eat on regular diets), then its absence in the diet will be much easier for the body to survive.

Who can not fast

First of all, a fasting diet for every day is suitable only for absolutely healthy people. If a person has a constant diet for medical reasons (for various chronic diseases), a lean diet is strictly contraindicated. If a nutritionist advises his client to adhere to a diet regime and dietary restrictions in order to lose weight, it is also impossible to blindly switch from such a diet to fasting.

It is impossible to independently exclude all the products that are part of the diet when dieting, but violate the requirements of fasting – this way a person runs the risk of very quickly exhausting his body and making chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In any case, whether a person takes such a step at the call of the soul or at the request of the body, it is imperative to remember his health and maintain it.

What is the use of fasting for weight loss

If a person does decide to follow the laws of Lent, but does not forget about the constant work on his own body and weight, it is necessary to remember which products are strictly prohibited for use during this period. So this:

  • meat;
  • milk;
  • eggs;
  • a fish;
  • caviar;
  • Any products containing in the composition of something from the above.

From this list it is clear that protein – the main building material of human muscles – will need to be extracted from plant foods, which is not always easy to do. Protein-rich beans aren’t loved by everyone, and they are not always good for the stomach. That is why, in order to improve body contours, build muscle and relief, the fasting diet should be balanced every day, otherwise all previous efforts can go down the drain. Do not forget that the lean diet for a week sometimes allows the use of fish, oil and these days in no case should be missed.

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A diet during Lent should be based on several rules that are approved by doctors. Try to never break them, so as not to deplete your body:

  • the needs of the organism are sacred, therefore in the ration for a day the presence of irreplaceable nutrients is obligatory in that volume without which vital activity is impossible;
  • the absence of animal protein should be compensated for by the competent distribution of caloric content of food throughout the day;
  • The main emphasis should be placed on the ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins at each meal.

A balanced diet in fasting weekly, according to the recommendations of nutritionists, includes a daily menu that is as saturated as possible with proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. This leads to the fact that the human body, having received an increased dose of calories, will actively spend them in subsequent periods that are easier from the point of view of food. But, at the same time, insufficient consumption of certain amino acids, minerals and nutrients every day will not cause health problems, since a person who follows a lean diet still regularly receives everything necessary for health and functioning several times a week with food your body.

An example of such a diet is shown below:

  • breakfast: buckwheat porridge with roast, vinaigrette, tea or coffee;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, fried fish with tomatoes (any other low-calorie vegetables), fruit compote;
  • afternoon snack: low-calorie fruits – apples rich in iron are desirable;
  • dinner: sauerkraut, low-calorie fruits, millet porridge with dried fruits, tea or plum juice;
  • wheat and rye bread, as well as sugar, can and should be eaten in small quantities throughout the day.

Please note that this diet does not say anywhere about the amount of food consumed. This is done consciously, because there is one important rule in dietetics – you can consume calories per day exactly as much as the body is able to spend during the same period. How to find out this figure? Here a very interesting fact comes up – it turns out that the human body even with complete rest spends energy on blood circulation, respiration and other life support processes!

The amount of calories spent at rest is called basal metabolism. It is calculated very simply – you need to multiply body mass by 24. For example, if a person’s weight is 60 kilograms, then his body per day is able to spend 1440 kcal itself. Therefore, if the essence of the diet for this person comes down to not getting better, he should consume exactly 1440 kcal on days of doing nothing. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat less than 1440 kcal, and if you want to build muscle, you should consume more than 1440 kcal, but do not forget about physical activity, so that it is muscle mass that is added, not fat.

But all this is described only for a state of complete rest, and if you are actively involved in sports, physical labor and have other loads, then the mass of food eaten should increase in proportion to this.

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Note that when a diet is observed, spiritual practices, which are an integral part of human purification, can also contribute to the burning of calories. For example, daily trips to the temple and standing at the service can be equated to 30 minutes of active running at an average pace.

It is not necessary to lower the moment that only a specialist can correctly calculate the necessary dose of food consumption with reference to the lifestyle. It is precisely because of independent calculations that many people not only lose weight while dieting, but also gain weight and serious health problems.

Pros and cons of diet during fasting

Based on scientific evidence, Christian fasting is not as straightforward as it may sometimes seem. Yes, cleansing the body and unloading it, at first glance, leads to the renewal of all systems, weight loss, training the stomach to be saturated with small doses of food. In this case, the level of cholesterol in the blood will surely decrease, the intestines will get rid of toxins, and digestion will improve. In addition, studies have shown that only every ninth adult human body is able to fully absorb and digest lactose, which means that refusing milk will benefit most people.

But there is a flip side to the coin – the weight lost during a fasting diet will return immediately as soon as the post is completed, and it is possible that it is complete with gastritis. After all, with strict observance of fasting, people can eat only once a day and then in the evening. Immediately the risk of overeating pops up even during such a diet, not to mention the fact that many on the first day of Easter after forty days of fasting begin to eat everything indiscriminately and in incredible quantities.

Of course, this is an indicator that a person has chosen the wrong diet and it was too early for him to fast. But the fact and consequences do not disappear anywhere from this awareness. In addition, even with weight loss during fasting, in most cases, muscle mass is lost, not fat mass. This is due to a sharp cessation of the use of animal protein and irregular nutrition in principle. Yes, and sports can be a big problem, because there will be less protein in the body, and their lack will negatively affect the ability to exercise.

Among other things, the rejection of the usual food and frequent snacks (we repeat – if you follow a diet, you can eat mainly in the evenings, which is not very useful in itself) will lead to the irreplaceability of endorphins and, as a result, irritability, sharp mood swings, migraine. That’s why when deciding to follow a diet for Lent, you need to think a few times. Well, consult with a nutritionist and gastroenterologist will not be superfluous.

The best diet for weight loss

Proceeding from the ban on eating meager products during fasting, it is necessary to choose for oneself exactly that type of food that will not force the body, because fasting is not a matter of one day, and if the body’s limitations will be accompanied by a negative perception of the food that remains to be the consequences will be only negative. Therefore, a lean diet for weight loss, the menu which meets your own needs, will definitely bear fruit both physically and morally.

Vegetable lean diet reviews among their followers constantly receive only laudatory. Indeed, among the variety of our vegetables, everyone will surely find those that will suit his taste. In addition, even if a person does not eat vegetables at all, but loves meat, it is always possible to find recipes in which you cannot distinguish the same eggplant from chicken fillet. This is one of the most consumed vegetables in our latitudes, so when a lean diet begins, eggplant recipes must be kept at hand.

Vegetables are perfectly combined with any other types of products; feel free to eat spinach, cabbage, greens and salad along with bread, cereal and fish, on days when you can eat it.

Do not forget about another vegetable product, which does not apply to vegetables, but is also indispensable in the preparation of delicious dishes. Mushrooms are an excellent source of protein and therefore an excellent meat substitute. In terms of taste, mushrooms have no equal among the food that can be consumed in fasting. Fresh and salted, marinated and fried mushrooms will surely help every fasting person to follow all the canons of the diet and not to go crazy with the lack of taste sensations.

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You should not worry about the menu – just replace meat and fish with mushrooms in usual dishes. However, remember that the mushroom diet should not last more than 2 weeks, so be sure to combine it with vegetable and cereal dishes.

If the main thing in choosing a diet for a woman is her anti-cellulite effect, then Lent is perfect for observing it. The task of the anti-cellulite diet is to restore the body’s water-salt balance, quickly and efficiently break down carbohydrates, and restore proper blood circulation. With this diet, it is forbidden to eat the same foods as during fasting, it is recommended to focus on nutrition on fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals and cereals.

The only inconsistency in the basis of fasting and anti-cellulite diet will be only the regularity of food intake, because in order to completely cleanse the body of toxins and saturate the skin cells with useful substances, it is often necessary, in small portions. The rules of fasting, however, insist on eating in one sitting, and even in the evening.

How to finish fasting

Proper completion of any diet, especially if it is a diet in a fasting for weight loss, is a gradual return to the usual food. Sudden overeating of heavy foods can lead to pain in the stomach and heaviness in the intestines. Ideal is the process of a gradual return to your favorite foods in very limited doses. Nutritionists say that if a person was on a diet, limited the consumption of a product and the result of the diet was positive, then this product does not benefit a specific organism.

What to do if life isn’t sweet without meat and during the entire fast you dreamed about it? The answer is simple – use it in the amount you dreamed about during the diet. Everyone knows the feeling that right now there would be 50 gram of veal and life will improve. So, exactly 50 grams per day will be enough.

Lean diet for weight loss is not possible to everyone, and not everyone needs it. But if a person decides to take this step consciously, on the basis of the recommendations of specialists, and calmly maintains it, then the time of Great Lent is not in vain for him and comprehensive concern for the spirit and body will definitely bear fruit.

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