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Lemon diet

The beneficial properties of lemons, as it turned out, go far beyond the usual fight against colds. Yellow citrus is used in cosmetology, aromatherapy, traditional medicine. In the era of thinness fashion, it became the basis for some diet menus. The headlines of many articles on the Internet claim that lemon burns fat. Looking ahead, it can be noted that he does not burn fat. But you can lose weight on lemons, and quickly and effectively. The main thing is to do it right.

Proper weight loss with lemon

In popular methods for losing weight on lemons there are two common mistakes. They are caused, in the majority, by an incorrect formulation of the very action of the lemon. There are a lot of techniques that are based on the statement that lemon destroys fat cells. Inspired by the promises of home-grown nutritionists, young ladies (and sometimes cavaliers) ruin their health with this fruit. Eating only citrus for more than 2 days can be an extremely dangerous method of losing excess weight.

Another category of losing weight, on the contrary, believes that you can eat everything, the main thing is to eat lemon (it burns fat). This method is less dangerous than the previous one, but rarely leads to weight loss. To “burn” a portion of the usual fried potatoes, lemons should be eaten directly in the gym. How, then, they help to lose weight?

The unique combination of vitamin C and PP triggers and enhances the digestive and metabolic processes. A slowdown in metabolism leads to the accumulation of fat. The symbiosis of these vitamins only prevents the future accumulation of unwanted weight. If you combine the use of lemons with proper nutrition, we will talk about a small loss of mass. In the case of at least minimal physical exertion, the extra pounds will go faster and more stable. That is, the essence of the lemon diet is to accelerate and improve the results of a classic healthy lifestyle.

There are two common options for this diet. One is designed for 2 of the day and has all the rules and results of fasting days. The second way is a lemon diet on 2 weeks, balanced and effective. As the reviews have grown thinner, and on the first and second methods, you can lose an average 5 kg.

Even those who are not looking for ways to lose weight are advised to drink in the morning a glass of water with honey and lemon. It energizes and invigorates all day. And if you take this rule as a habit, over time your complexion will improve, your hair will grow stronger, and overweight will have less chance to become a problem.

Who is not suitable for lemon diet

Despite the wonderful properties of this citrus, not everyone can use it. This primarily applies to people with allergies. If you want to lose weight quickly and become healthier, but citruses are not suitable, there are other options. The same results can be achieved on a detox diet, vegetables, dairy and others.

For those who suffer from gastroenterological diseases, the lemon diet is also contraindicated. With such diseases, even coffee in the morning is sometimes healthier than citric acid. If there is an ulcer or gastritis, any arbitrary dietary correction can be dangerous. Also, losing weight with lemons is not suitable for people with pancreatitis of any form, lactating women and pregnant women.

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Elderly people and adolescents are better off not strongly limiting their diet. The body of the first and second categories of people undergoes physiological changes. In such periods, the body requires a complete list of all micro and macro elements, vitamins and minerals.

For your own safety, it is better to consult a nutritionist and get tested. The specialist will be able to accurately determine the entire individual list of contraindications and display a suitable diet. In practice, such events rarely occur. Trips to the doctor take time and money, and there is little of the first and second. In this case, you have to focus on your own health and portability of the diet. At the first signs of a significant deterioration in health, you need to slowly get out of the diet.

Lemon Diet for 14 days

This method for losing weight can be calculated for a week or two. The most effective results will give, of course, a longer period. But, to observe such a diet for longer than 14 days should not be. The body will need time to rest from the acid, which is contained in lemons. In just a couple of weeks of this course you can from extra kilos 4-7.

The diet will be very sparing. It even includes meat and oily fish. A necessary component of the menu will be all kinds of nuts and squirrels. This will help reduce aggressive oxidizing effects. The basis of the diet will be citrus in all forms. It is not necessary to eat its slices, you can use juice as sauces for salads and baked dishes. Also, zest goes into the account, it is just as rich in useful components and aromatizes dishes and drinks. Next on the list of allowed foods for the lemon diet are fruits, herbs and vegetables. They can not be consumed only in fried form. But all the other variations are available: baking, soups, salads, stews and cocktails.

The list of prohibited foods will be: fried, fatty, flour and sweet. From drinks – alcoholic and carbonated. But the order is characteristic of any of the diets. The obligatory rule of the diet is to eat lemon juice with water. Every day the amount of this drink will vary. Lemon water intake regimen:

  • First: 200 g pure water with whole lemon juice 1 (fasting);
  • second: 2 glasses of water, each with the juice of one lemon;
  • third: 3 glasses of water and juice from 3 lemons;
  • fourth: 4 glasses of water with lemon juice;
  • fifth: 5 glasses of water with juice from 5 lemons;
  • sixth: 6 glasses of water with lemon juice;
  • seventh: you need to dilute 3 liters of pure water with the juice from 3 lemons and add a spoonful of honey. All water is drunk throughout the day.

Starting from the second day, the first glass of the drink must be taken in the morning, and the next during the day. The second week will start with six glasses of water and will decrease in the reverse order, five to four and so on. On the seventh day of the second week, the three-liter scheme is also repeated. In addition, the diet will also include delicious and healthy dishes.

Sample menu for a week of lemon diet

Immediately after sleep: water with lemon.

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with lemon zest, oatmeal on the water, fruit and vegetable salads with juice dressing, homemade jelly.

Lunches: a handful of nuts or raw seeds, berries, one medium fruit each, natural yogurt, or kefir.

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Lunches: soups with lemon, boiled or baked meat with homemade sauces, salads, side dishes without salt.

Afternoon snacks: some fruit or berries, dairy products of low fat content.

Dinners: fish and lean meat without side dishes, light salads with lemon, milk, non-sour fruits.

It is better to refuse bright spices: hot pepper, curry, nutmeg, salt. They will carry an additional burden for the stomach, and this is not necessary at all. If the rejection of bread is not possible, diet bread is allowed. But their number should be minimal, as they are quite high in calories.

Completely need to give up alcohol. Nicotine is also undesirable, as it greatly slows down the process of losing weight. Of course, heavy smokers do not refuse cigarettes under any pretext. If there is a similar dependence, you need to be prepared for the fact that the results will be less effective.

It will be easier to follow this diet if you prepare in advance universal sauces with lemon. They can be added to dietary dishes and continue to lose weight, while eating delicious.

Lemon Sauce Recipe

The recipe for lemon sauce is very simple and can be prepared in 5 minutes. This supplement is best used for fish. It is suitable for both the familiar – hake or crucian, and for the exquisite – eel, dorado, whitefish.

For cooking you will need:

  • one whole lemon;
  • a sprig of fresh rosemary;
  • 3 cloves of garlic;
  • 50 ml of olive oil.

First you need to prepare citrus. It is important to wash the zest very thoroughly. Then, with a special knife or on a fine grater, remove the top layer of the crust. Juice should be squeezed out of the remaining lemon, possibly with pulp. Add the remaining ingredients to the resulting fresh: crushed garlic, oil, rosemary.

To prevent lemon seeds from falling into the juice, the fruit must be wrapped with clean gauze or a bandage. This sauce retains a bright taste for 4-5 days. This recipe is also used for lean baked meat: rabbit, veal or lean beef.

Lemon Diet on 2 of the Day

This short-term method on the 2 of the day refers to cleansing techniques. Here the diet is divided into 2 options: hard and soft. Both are accompanied by the elimination of harmful substances from the body and weight loss. It should be noted that such methods require special care. If there is even the slightest disruption in the gastrointestinal tract or heart, they can not be used without the knowledge of the doctor.

The first method provides for a complete rejection of food for two days. According to the rules of the diet you need to stir a tablespoon of honey (you can buckwheat) and one teaspoon of red hot pepper in 1,5 liters of water. The resulting drink is drunk in one day. In addition, nothing can be eaten, you can use plain non-carbonated water. The next day, the pattern is repeated.

This method for losing weight refers to extreme methods. No doctor will call him healthier. Reviews about her vary greatly. One did not like such tough restrictions. The latter are satisfied with the loss of 2-3 kg in just 2 of the day.

The second way is soft. It provides for the use of food, though in minimal quantities. This technique can be used for healing and quick weight loss. If the constitution is average, it takes about 1,5-2 kg. If more fat – the results of the lemon diet will be even more positive. The menu of the lemon diet on 2 of the day consists of citrus fruits, dairy products and fruits.

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The first day

Breakfast: water with lemon, pear or one banana.

Lunch: 150 g low-fat yogurt.

Lunch: fruit salad with lemon juice dressing.

Lunch: 150 g low-fat yogurt.

Dinner: 2 kiwi, half an apple and a glass of kefir.

Second day

Breakfast: water with lemon, one red apple.

Lunch: a glass of kefir with low fat.

Lunch: baked apple (without sugar), 100 gr nonfat yogurt.

Snack: one kiwi or pear.

Dinner: two baked apples (without sugar).

For two days you need to drink 1-1,5 liters of warm water with natural lemon juice. One serving in the morning and a few – during the day. It is allowed to use this technique no more than once a month in 2.

Additional tips: how not to break

Acid that is present in this exotic fruit can irritate the gastric mucosa. And he reacts to this by secretion of gastric juice. Therefore, to say that hunger during the diet will not be present, it is impossible. To minimize such a side effect, you need to eat a little with a break for several hours. In addition, the best helper to combat obesity and hunger will be ordinary water. It is better to drink it warm and purified and always carry with you.

Before a diet it is better to refuse fatty and fried foods for 2-3 of the day. And also to exclude all flour and confectionery. This will help prepare the body for the coming unloading, and later easier to transfer the entire lemon course.

For a sweet tooth there is a very nice tip. A reduced ration may be accompanied by a slight loss of strength and apathy. To give yourself cheerfulness, during the day you can eat a little dark chocolate. One tile should be divided by day and eat it in slices. The main thing is that there is no sugar in it (there are such in the departments for diabetics).

The best and long-term results are possible only in combination with sports. If there is no time for physical exercise (or too lazy to go to the gym), the stairs will be a great help. You need to forget about the elevator in general, wherever he is: at home, in a shopping center, at work. Climbing the stairs develops a good lower body and takes not as much time as it may seem. Long unhurried walks are also a great option to: lose weight, refresh thoughts, be inspired, and just “show yourself”.

Lemon Diet Results

Before a technique it is necessary to make sure that there are no contraindications. Using citrus on their own can lead to complications. Do not forget that there are a number of diseases that are losing weight, perhaps, and does not realize.

To achieve the expected effect, it is important to properly use the lemon diet. Just do not lean on citrus, hoping to accelerate the results. This will only lead to poor health. If you competently and responsibly to lose weight on lemons, you can lose extra pounds to 5. And for the 2 of the day, also cleanse the body well. Everything will depend only on losing weight. Effectiveness can also be affected by initial weight, physical activity, and clear menu compliance.

In general, the lemon diet is another proof that you can eat and lose weight at the same time. It is convenient to comply with it at any time of the year and to combine with sports and a healthy lifestyle.

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