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Lentil Diet

Lentils have long been at the top of the list of ideal diet foods, as they are very nutritious and healthy. Losing weight with a lentil diet is simple, you just need to start eating according to its rules and the weight will begin to decrease without much effort. Lentil nutrition is especially useful for people without willpower, who find it very difficult to constantly eat the same thing and refuse the usual dishes. The daily diet on lentils can be so varied that even gourmets can easily follow a diet.

Lentils are a valuable source of protein for the body. Muscle mass with such a diet will not suffer. Fiber is the second important element of lentils that helps to establish the intestines and cleanse the body of toxins. She leaves behind a feeling of satiety, so hungry fainting and thoughts about food will not be a constant companion of such a diet. In addition, fiber stabilizes carbohydrate metabolism in the body and prevents a sharp decrease in blood sugar, which helps control appetite throughout the day.

Well, the vitamin-mineral complex of the bean plant will help the body get all the substances necessary for normal functioning and not suffer from food restrictions. Folic acid in lentils strengthens the immune system and improves overall well-being, while beauty vitamins A, B and E have an antioxidant and anti-aging function for the human appearance.

How to choose lentils for a diet

A huge variety of varieties makes you carefully approach the choice of lentils for diets. Nutritionists say that any variety of legumes will be good for proper nutrition. The choice should be based only on your own taste preferences. So, brown lentils are able to give soups and side dishes a shade of nutty flavor. It is better to add red lentils to cereals and mashed soups, as it quickly cooks due to the lack of skin.

The high fiber content in the dense peel of the green variety of lentils and its islandy flavor will be an excellent complement to any salads. The shape of the beans does not change during cooking, so green lentils can become part of many dishes from an aesthetic point of view. If this bean variety is peeled, we get a yellow variety that cooks faster and boils more, making it an excellent base for any mashed potatoes. A small variety of black lentils is ideal for any dish, it is the most versatile component of soups, side dishes and salads.

How to cook lentils

Like all legumes, lentils can cause flatulence in the intestines. For this reason, people suffering from problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is contraindicated. However, there are ways to prepare legumes that help to almost completely eliminate the risk of swelling:

  1. Varieties of lentils with a delicate shell or without it gently affect the gastrointestinal tract, almost without causing flatulence. Choose red lentils to avoid problems.
  2. If the pulses are crushed before cooking in a blender or coffee grinder, the dense fiber fibers will collapse and only small fragments will remain that are not capable of provoking a storm in the stomach.
  3. If the lentils are soaked for 3-4 hours before cooking, it will swell and soften. Substances that trigger flatulence will remain in the water.
  4. When cooking beans, add spices (cumin, ginger, laurel, dill, coriander, rosemary) to them, as well as vegetables (carrots and onions). So you can reduce the formation of substances that cause flatulence. The finished dish will have more taste, vitamins and other goodies, which is important when following a diet.
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Principles of Lentil Diet

Adhere to the diet with a lentil diet is quite simple. Every day you can cook new dishes from this product and enjoy their taste. Feelings of brutal hunger people will not feel, thanks to the nutritional value of legumes. It is important to know only some rules, following which the desired weight loss will come quickly and easily:

  • For the loss of extra pounds, red lentil is best suited, where there are more nutrients and no shell at all;
  • the lentil diet for weight loss will become more effective if every time you soak the beans for a long time before cooking, it is better to do this in the evening;
  • The optimal time for such a diet is a week, you can repeat it no earlier than one month after the end of the first run;
  • prerequisite for proper diet is to consume a large amount of fluid;
  • in addition to lentils, you need to eat skim milk products, rice, fruits, green tea, vegetables, mushrooms, dried fruits and fish;
  • you can not eat flour, fatty, sweet, juices and alcoholic beverages.

Sometimes a tighter type of lentil diet is used for weight loss, where nothing can be eaten except lentils and green tea. However, such restrictions do not justify themselves, since both types of lentil diets give almost the same weight reduction, but the harm from a rigid type is much greater.

Efficacy and contraindications

The reviews and the results of the lentil diet indicate that this method of losing weight has a lot of positive aspects. For example, weight loss begins already from the first days of observing the diet, and the result is fixed for a long time even after the diet is stopped. In addition, food from lentils is delicious, varied, has a minimum amount of fat that can accumulate on the body. From a medical point of view, beans are useful in that they perfectly reduce blood sugar, help remove toxins and toxins from the body.

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Lentil diet has long been used in nutrition, so reviews about it can be called objective. The real result of losing weight, depending on the initial weight, is 7 kilograms per week, which is an excellent indicator. If you follow the diet, where 1 once a week there are fasting days on beans, a month you can quietly lose about 3 kilograms.

The lentil diet for weight loss also has reviews in terms of improving the condition of the skin and hair. In just a week, women adhering to this diet were able to observe the strengthening and shine of weakened hair, healthy complexion, and nail strengthening. This bonus is very pleasant, especially since lentils provide not so much a cosmetic effect, as they change the appearance from the inside.

Contraindications for the lentil diet quite a bit. Observe it is not recommended in the presence of ulcers of the stomach or intestines, pancreatitis, colitis, diabetes, various blood diseases. But in the case of the presence of such severe diseases, we can’t talk about weight loss diets at all; nutritional restrictions are prescribed exclusively by specialized doctors and are accompanied by active medical treatment.

It is undesirable to completely abandon animal protein and people who lead an active lifestyle, working physically, nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Options for the lentil diet and its menu

Today, there are several options for how to lose weight on a diet with lentils. It is worth considering the most common and having rave reviews in the network:

  1. Unloading diet. Its essence is that all day eat exclusively lentils in any form, supplementing the menu with tomato juice, green tea, water, low-fat cottage cheese and some fruits. The entire daily diet should be divided into equal portions and eat them at regular intervals. On the eve of the fasting day, it is better to soak the beans so that they become healthier and better absorbed by the body.
  2. Mono diet The difficulty lies in the fact that eating lentils is possible only in the form of cereal without oil and salt. Supplementing the diet is allowed only with water and adhering to such a diet is necessary from 3 to 5 days – who can withstand how much. The result will be a reduction in weight of 4-5 kilograms, but you should always consider whether it is good to eat such a limited range of products. In any case, if you start a mono-diet, you need to make sure that clean water is always at hand – it is important to drink at least 2 liters on hunger days.
  3. The standard lentil diet for weight loss, reviews of which suggest a slight weight loss for 1 a week on 5 kilograms without violence over your own body.

Consider the approximate menu for the day with a standard lentil diet. At the same time, we must not forget that dishes from lentils can be cooked differently, it’s not necessarily all 7 days to eat the same soup, salads and side dishes will make it easier to postpone the diet.

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For breakfast, you can eat oatmeal, yogurt, and any fruit sweetened with honey and dried fruits. A good morning option for the menu can be low-fat cottage cheese, toasts with honey and a baked apple. It is permissible for people who are always late to eat breakfast with diet bread with low-fat ham and a small piece of butter.

For lunch, treat yourself to lentil soup in mushroom broth:

  • boil lentils;
  • slice smoked sausage;
  • boil the mushroom broth and add beans and sausages;
  • boil all the contents together a bit;
  • add sour cream and herbs and remove from heat.

You can also dine stewed lentils with rice and any vegetables, soup or porridge.

You can have dinner with any lentil dish, for example, flat cakes. To cook them simply – mix boiled lentils with finely chopped onions, flour, raw egg and vegetable oil, form cakes and bake them in the oven until cooked. Those who are tired of beans in a day can be offered for dinner vinaigrette with a slice of bread or vegetable broth. Before going to bed, the followers of the lentil diet are allowed to drink a glass of fermented milk product – kefir, yogurt or yogurt.

Results and reviews about the diet

Practically all of her followers and specialists speak positively of a lentil-based diet. Slimming people note that in a week of such nutrition, 5-7 pounds of weight easily and without much emotional effort go. During this period, intestinal cleansing occurs, lightness appears throughout the body, the metabolism and state of health are normalized, and the appearance is improved. Nutritionists call lentils the ideal basis for a diet, because its balanced formula does not harm the health even with a complete rejection of other foods.

So that the effect of the diet is preserved for a long time, one should gradually introduce meat dishes, sweets and smoked meats into the diet, there are always dishes from any cereal and not to eat late at night. Once a week it is recommended to arrange a fasting day on lentils or use it at least 2-3 once a week in the lunch menu.

Before starting any diet, you should definitely consult a nutritionist. The lifestyle of a particular person can make adjustments to conventional dietary regimes. This can not be ignored, because if you eat low-calorie and at the same time lead an active lifestyle, play sports and move a lot, you can lose strength in performing everyday tasks.

Conversely, adhering to a bean diet, you can lead a sedentary lifestyle, which never in the complex will not give the effect of losing weight, even if there is one lentil. The balance of lifestyle, health and nutrition always brings the best results in the struggle for a beautiful body.

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