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Liquid diet

Liquid diet – a diet built entirely on liquid food. This is a more intense and nutritious version of the drinking method of losing weight. It is based on maintaining water balance and efficient fat burning. Such a system consists of three stages and has both advantages and disadvantages. In a short time, it can come to the aid of those who are “burdened” with 5-10 with extra kilos.

What is the diet

The first principle of the diet is to completely abandon solid foods. It will be replaced by light, watery and porridge-like dishes. They are faster digested and less high in calories. Useful components from such food are absorbed almost completely, which means the body receives more vitamins and minerals. Fat, however, is not delayed, because it has nowhere to come from. And to burn already deferred layers, the menu of a liquid diet will include ingredients and dishes with a low content of carbohydrates.

The next rule is water. Her throughout the course will be a lot. This is the main “engine” in the process of losing weight. Without the H2O molecule, protein synthesis is slowed down or completely stopped in the cells. And he is responsible for the process of burning and the consumption of fat deposits. In addition, the diet on a liquid diet will be several times smaller than usual, and this entails a constant feeling of hunger. Large volumes of purified or boiled water can muffle this feeling and lose weight more quickly.

An important rule is the simultaneous use of both fluid and food. Fasting water does not require protein isolation. So, in fact, it does not lead to fat burning. After all, there is nothing to digest and burn in it. Proteins are released only when something is ingested into the stomach that requires energy to digest, that is, food. Therefore, the menu of a liquid diet will include juices diluted with water, watery porridges and broths. So the body will get enough H2O molecules and start the process of burning fat.

In total, this course has three obligatory stages: preparation, main period and exit. The first is to take 3 of the day and prepare the body for the upcoming drinking ration. The diet itself, as a rule, lasts 2 week. It must be said that it is rather difficult to sustain it. Therefore, some use a liquid diet for a week. The principles in it are the same, but the results are slightly less. A prerequisite for maintaining weight after losing weight, will be the right way out. It will take a few more days.

Who should not follow a liquid diet

Choosing an individual way to lose weight, first of all you need to familiarize yourself with the contraindications. There is a very small list of diets that absolutely everyone can follow. Hard methods, and liquid diets, among other things, have a list of diseases that cannot be combined with strict dietary restrictions. In our case it is:

  • any diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • pregnancy and lactation.
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Most often, losing weight do not bother to go to the doctor for a consultation. Although a person may not be aware of the presence of one of these diseases (this, of course, does not apply to breastfeeding). As a result, this can lead to exacerbation of the disease or incorrect results of the diet.

It should be noted that the reviews of doctors about such methods are rarely positive. During the 7-14 days of a liquid diet, the body will receive a small amount of nutrients. In addition, the transition exclusively to the drinking mode refers to self-treatment. And this, as we know, can be hazardous to health.

If you visit a nutritionist is not possible, and you want to lose weight – you can focus on personal feelings. Already the first couple of days will be indicators of whether the diet is suitable.

In the case of dizziness, severe nausea and loss of consciousness, you need to gradually return to your usual menu.

Stage one: preparation

Gradual adaptation is needed so that the body does not experience strong stress. If from your favorite cookies, pasta and pies in the evenings go directly to a liquid diet, there may be completely unexpected results. The body, having ceased to receive the usual volume of food, instead of burning unwanted layers, on the contrary, can accumulate them. This is because the body includes the instinct of self-preservation, “frightened” that no longer receive nutrients. As a result, instead of a thin waist, we have an even more enlarged belly.

Logging into the liquid diet last day 2-3. It is better to choose a longer period to adapt well. If the food before it was completely harmful – weight loss will begin at the time of preparation. The diet at this time should completely eliminate alcohol, fried, fatty and flour products.

Menu of the first day of preparation

Breakfast: one soft-boiled egg, two tomatoes or cucumbers.

Lunch: 150 g of yogurt (preferably unsweetened, without additives).

Lunch: a serving of boiled buckwheat, 100 g of boiled chicken without skin.

Dinner: vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil.

Second day menu

Breakfast: oatmeal on water, sugar free (raisins can be added).

Lunch: one green apple.

Lunch: a plate of vegetable soup, diet bread.

Dinner: 150 g low-fat cottage cheese with herbs, one tomato.

The menu of the third day

Breakfast: fruit or vegetable salad.

Lunch: a glass of milk and diet bread.

Lunch: 100 g of wild rice, 100 r of boiled porcini mushrooms.

Dinner: steamed vegetables or stews, bread.

Before going to bed, you should not eat for 3 hours. If the feeling of hunger is very strong, you can drink a glass of skim milk or kefir. If possible, salt and hot spices should be excluded from the dishes. Also, in these three days you need to accustom yourself to drink plain or boiled water instead of tea and coffee. Because there will be many of her in the coming 1-2 weeks. At first glance, this may seem very complicated, especially in relation to coffee, but the reviews of those who have lost weight suggest the opposite. Around 3-4 day, a glass of warm water will be perceived as a full snack.

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Stage Two: Diet

The main phase menu will be clearly painted hourly, as the liquid diet is based on the principle of fractional nutrition. Between each reception should be held for one hour. This scheme will minimize the feeling of hunger and gradually lose weight. Most often, the calculations are from 8: 00 hours of the morning and to 21: 00 evenings. This is not very practical, as losing weight most often still work. And more often from eight in the morning. In general, the schedule can be moved in any convenient direction. Those who get up in 12: 00 and go to bed in 4: 00 can use this system with a personal time adjustment.

To adhere to a liquid diet, you will have to replenish your culinary knowledge a little. For example, the menu will have oat broth and meat broth. To prepare the first one, boil half a glass of pure oats in one liter of water (30 min). Only filtered broth is drunk. For broth, it is better to choose veal or beef. Cook meat for one hour. Drink only broth. You can beat the ingredients with a blender and use in this form. All juices should be diluted with water, in the ratio: three parts of the juice and one part of water.

It is better to buy all the ingredients for the week ahead. So it is not necessary to replace the missing components with something “spontaneous” and prohibited. The liquid diet menu is repeated every day throughout the cycle. All portions are occupied by
200-250 g.

Liquid diet menu for the day

Time Dish
7:00 Decoction of oats
8:00 Vegetable broth
9:00 Water
10:00 Juice
11:00 Milk
12:00 Water
13:00 Juice or compote
14:00 Meat broth
15:00 Water
16:00 Water
17:00 Juice
18:00 Vegetable broth
19:00 Water
20:00 Low-fat kefir

Instead of mineral water, you can drink ordinary – boiled. Any liquid should be warm. You can add a pinch of salt to broths, and honey to stewed fruit. It is also useful to drink herbal decoctions and dried fruit nouveau.

The first days will be the hardest. Already on 4-5 day, the diet will be easier, the stomach will decrease a little and every glass (even water) drunk will saturate. Sports for this period, of course, it is better to postpone. Those who have hard physical work, it is better to wait for vacation.

During the entire period, you need to monitor your well-being. Slight dizziness and fatigue often manifest in the first few days. If there are more severe side effects (severe nausea, fainting, darkening of the eyes), the course should be stopped and gradually return to the usual menu. You can try to lose weight in a week. But, if the body does not tolerate such restrictions, it will be much more effective to choose a more gentle way to lose weight.

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Stage Three: Exit

Systematic output is needed in any diet. This stage is intended to preserve the built figure and to return to the normal diet correctly. During the liquid diet, the stomach will have time to grow out of heavy and coarse food. In order not to harm the body, it will be necessary to abstain a little more for 3 days. Although, as reviews show, losing weight, after 2 weeks of the diet a balanced diet is a real gastronomic feast.

First day menu

Breakfast: 50 g curd with natural yogurt.

Lunch: mashed vegetables (can be baby).

Afternoon snack: a glass of yogurt.

Dinner: boiled grated carrots with honey.

Menu second day of release:

  • breakfast: liquid semolina, chamomile or green tea;
  • lunch: mashed potatoes;
  • snack: a glass of milk;
  • Dinner: 100 g curd with greens, juice.

Menu of the third day of release:

  • breakfast: banana smoothie and 100 g milk;
  • lunch: light soup without meat;
  • snack: yogurt, a handful of nuts or seeds;
  • dinner: steamed vegetables, a glass of kefir.

After three days, cereals, thick soups, boiled meat and fish can be gradually added to the menu. It is better to refuse white bread and pastries.

Results of a liquid diet

A number of factors can affect the effectiveness of a diet. These include: initial weight, strict adherence to the rules, individual tolerance and characteristics of the body. As a rule, on this system lose weight on 5-10 kg. There are very low rates in minus 2-3 kg. The reason for this may be improper metabolism. In this case, for weight loss, a metabolic diet or BEECH is best.

In addition to losing weight, there are other positive aspects of this technique. Due to the long-term use of only liquid and healthy food, the digestive tract is cleaned. This leads to a healthy body and improved appearance. The skin is cleared, hair and nails become stronger. All these advantages are possible only if the diet did not pass against the background of contraindications.

Another positive thing is the reduction of the stomach. Even for one week of such nutrition, it will decrease in size. And this will allow much less to eat after the end of the course.

The results of a liquid diet can be negative, if not properly followed. Given the strict schedule and a heavily trimmed diet, it is quite difficult to comply with it. This is the main disadvantage of such weight loss. During his observance there will be a breakdown, apathy, bad mood. Since nutritionists are a rare and unpopular phenomenon in our latitudes, people often undermine health on such hard diets. It is important to remember that in any way to lose weight, the main thing – do not harm yourself.

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