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Maggi Curd Diet

Diet Maggi managed to establish itself as an effective way to combat excess weight. Today, in addition to the main (egg) version of the corrective nutrition system, once developed by nutritionists for the legendary British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, there is another variety – the Maggi curd diet. It can be “taken into service” by those people who, for any reason (allergies, high cholesterol), are not allowed to eat eggs.

As evidenced by the reviews, the effectiveness of “cottage cheese alternative” is not inferior to the classic version. In record time, this slimming system makes it possible to lose 15-20 kilograms.

The essence of diet

The basis of the corrective power supply system is a specially designed menu. The diet is chosen in such a way as to initiate chemical reactions in the body aimed at burning fat deposits.

Cottage cheese, which will become the main ingredient of your menu for a month, is an excellent source of protein. This product will not only quench hunger, but also help preserve muscle mass.

Often, diets negatively affect the appearance. Extra pounds really go away, but due to the fact that the body does not receive certain substances or they are supplied in insufficient quantities, the hair becomes brittle and dull, and the skin loses its silkiness and peels. With a cottage cheese diet, Maggi does not threaten you with this, because the curd contains calcium. It is he who is responsible for the structure of our hair, the condition of the skin and teeth, as well as for the strength of bone tissue.

In addition, calcium has another very useful property – it contributes to the “acceleration” of metabolism, so that the pounds go faster.

There is one more important nuance – calcium has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, reduces tension, levels the emotional background. Therefore, the curd diet is transferred an order of magnitude easier than other systems of corrective nutrition – it’s no secret that often a side effect of any food restriction is a reduced mood caused by the rejection of your favorite dishes.

Please note that the ideal option for the Maggi diet is cottage cheese with fat content 1-5%. You should not use a completely fat-free product precisely because calcium entering the body will not be absorbed.

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With careful observance of the rules, as evidenced by the reviews, you can lose at least 15 kilograms in four weeks on the curd version of the Maggi diet. It should be noted that with a high degree of obesity, the result may be more modest.

Diet rules

Maggi’s curd option is a strict diet due to the need to carefully follow the rules. Any violation of the established diet means that you have to go back to the very beginning and run the program again.

In addition, take into account the following nuances:

  1. Watch your drinking regimen. Water helps to speed up metabolism and enhanced fat burning. In addition, it helps reduce swelling. During the diet, mineral water without gas and green tea without sugar are allowed.
  2. All dishes should be prepared without adding fat. Boil vegetables in plain water, not broth.
  3. Natural seasonings will help diversify the taste of dishes. Salt is allowed in very small quantities.
  4. “Shuffle” days or swapping meals is not allowed. Also, you can not replace products with others.
  5. Please note that during the Maggi curd diet, it is better to use not oranges, but grapefruits.

Pros and cons of diet

Do not consider diet as a “magic wand”, by the wave of which the desired indicator will appear on the scales. Maggi’s curd version, like any other similar weight loss system, has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So, indisputable advantages of the diet are:

  • relative menu variety;
  • lack of keen hunger;
  • rejuvenating and cleansing effect, improving the condition of hair, skin, nails;
  • acceleration of metabolism.

In this case, pay attention to the following disadvantages of this version of losing weight:

  • the need to strictly abide by the rules;
  • duration of food restrictions – during the month your diet will differ significantly from the usual option.

Permitted Diet

The basis of the diet menu is cottage cheese. In addition, other products are allowed, but with restrictions.

Dairy products Curd with fat content 1-5%, cheese up to 20% fat
Fruit Grapefruits, apples, pears, plums, unsweetened types of berries. Prohibited grapes, dates and bananas
Vegetables All vegetables, except potatoes and legumes, are allowed to be consumed raw, boiled, stewed, baked, steamed
Meat Lean species of beef, rabbit, pork. Lamb banned
Bird Chicken, turkey. The meat is consumed without skin. No duck
Fish River and sea fish in baked, boiled and steamed form
Bread Dried rye, not more than a slice per day. Its better to replace crisps
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Please note: the diet involves eating fried foods, if they are prepared without adding oil or other fat.

The diet menu

As noted above, the duration of the diet is four weeks. The menu of each of the seven days varies. Once again we remind you that you cannot “shuffle” the days.

First week

Each day will start the same way – with 200 grams of cottage cheese and half a grapefruit. Lunches and dinners vary daily.

Monday: Satisfy your hunger with any kind of fruit at noon. The good news: the quantity is not limited. Dinner on the first day of the diet will have any meat and salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Tuesday: chicken today is for lunch, do not forget to peel off. For dinner there will be a vegetable salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and carrots. One crisis is allowed. Grapefruit is offered as a dessert.

Wednesday: at lunch you will find cottage cheese with one slice of bread and tomatoes. Dinner in store for you beef in boiled or baked form and vegetable salad.

Thursday: one type of fruit is to be eaten, and the dinner will be the same as the day before.

Friday: at lunch you can eat a couple of soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs, as well as boiled vegetables (you have to choose between green peas, zucchini and carrots). For dinner, you will find fish with vegetable salad and grapefruit for dessert.

Saturday: the lunch and dinner menu is the same as on Thursday.

Sunday: lunch will be boiled chicken with tomatoes. For dessert – grapefruit. Dinner to be boiled vegetables.

Second week menu

Breakfast again to be curd with half a grapefruit.

Monday: lunch will also consist of cottage cheese with boiled vegetables. Dinner will be boiled or baked fish with vegetable salad. For sweet – grapefruit.

Tuesday: at noon, satisfy your hunger with grilled beef and fresh salad. In the evening, waiting for fruit and cheese.

On Wednesday the menu is the same as the day before.

Thursday: we have lunch with cottage cheese with vegetables, and dinner will be just royal: meat or fish with vegetable salad.

Friday: lunch today will consist of any fish and a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, and dinner to be curd with any kind of fruit.

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Saturday: for lunch will be beef with tomatoes. For dessert – grapefruit. Dinner to be salad of permitted fruit.

On Sunday, lunch and dinner are the same: boiled or baked chicken with fresh tomatoes, any boiled vegetables. For sweet – an orange.

Third week

The division into daytime and evening meals disappears this week. For each day, a specific list of foods that must be eaten is now highlighted. Shuffle items at their discretion is not allowed.

Monday: all types of fruit, excluding those that are prohibited.

Tuesday: a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, and any kind of boiled vegetables, excluding potatoes that are in the “black list”.

Wednesday: Monday and Tuesday combined menu.

Thursday: boiled or baked fish with a salad of fresh cabbage and any boiled vegetables (potatoes are still excluded).

Friday: boiled beef with any boiled vegetables.

Saturday: one any kind of fruit.

Sunday: similar to Saturday.

Fourth week diet

The final week of the diet is based on the same principles as the previous one: a certain list of products is to be distributed on a day.

Monday: the fourth part of a small chicken, a couple of cucumbers, three tomatoes, as well as a can of canned tuna, previously washed from oil, crisps and fruits in any quantity.

Tuesday: the ration is the same as on Monday, only chicken will have to eat exactly 200.

Wednesday: 400 grams of cottage cheese, a couple of tomatoes, as many cucumbers, crisps, any fruit in unlimited quantities and a handful of boiled vegetables.

Thursday: boiled chicken in any quantity, three tomatoes, crisp, cucumber (1 pcs.), Grapefruit.

Friday: a pair of eggs, a salad of tomatoes and greens, fruit in unlimited quantities.

Saturday: chicken breast, cottage cheese (125 g), a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers, any fruit and a glass of yogurt or kefir.

Sunday: 400 of cottage cheese, a can of tuna, washed with oil, a handful of boiled vegetables, a couple of cucumbers and tomatoes and crisps (1 pcs.).

Contraindications for diet

Before starting the diet Maggi should carefully examine the menu. Like any system of weight loss, this diet has contraindications.

So, the idea to lose weight on the curd should be abandoned pregnant and lactating mothers. Diet is contraindicated for people with gastrointestinal problems and the excretory system, including any kidney disease.

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