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Maggi Diet

The Maggi Diet is a protein-based nutritional system that lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, with which you can safely lose to the maximum weight 20 kg without counting calories and feeling hungry.

The history of this technique is rooted in 1979 and is associated with the famous British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Until recently, recipes of dishes and the principle of the Maggi diet were kept secret and only after the death of the Baroness, did the low carbohydrate weight loss system see the world.

According to the research, in the process of analyzing the archive of the “Iron Lady”, historians found a leaflet that described in detail the dietary scheme developed by the Mayo Clinic (USA). As a result, the published method was named after the most influential woman of the twentieth century – Margaret Thatcher, whose name was reduced to unrecognizability to 4 letters.

The original Maggi diet is for 14 days, while all the other modifications are derived from the prototype, refined by modern scientists.

The principle of the method is based on the chemical reactions taking place in the body, which contribute to the gradual burning of fat and weight loss. Unlike most techniques, it is not based on limiting the number of calories consumed per day, such as the Malysheva diet. That is why the people often call the protein method of losing weight “Iron Lady” chemical diet Maggie.

Benefit and harm

In pursuit of a slim body, the number of losing weight is growing rapidly every year. As a result, the number of diets that contribute to effective weight loss increases.

Currently, all methods of losing weight can be divided into:

  • protein (Ducane, Maggie, Atkins, kefir);
  • vegetable (buckwheat, rice, oat, juice, fruit, vegetable).

Humanity has not yet invented an ideal system for dropping extra pounds, which is why each of them has advantages and disadvantages, and also has a beneficial and harmful effect on the functioning of human internal organs.

The principle of the Maggi diet is based on a sharp decrease in the amount of incoming fats and carbohydrates in the body, due to the predominance of animal protein in the diet. Numerous reviews of thinner testify to the benefits of a protein nutrition system that contributes to the preservation of muscle mass, alleviate the feeling of hunger, and also prevents sagging of the skin.

Previously, it was believed that eating 2 and more eggs daily is not safe, as they increase cholesterol, but today it has been proven that the negative effects of the product are neutralized by oil and fats. That is why people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels are recommended to take them at the same time.

Despite the benefits of a protein diet, reviews of doctors state the opposite: a supersaturated diet will only harm the functioning of the internal organs, in particular, the kidneys. In addition, digesting enzymes that are produced in the body in limited quantities are needed for protein digestion, as a result, an excess of “unprocessed” product rots in the intestine, which causes constipation, diarrhea, bloating, fermentation and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Types of Maggi Diet

Maggi diet is different from most monodiets on the following indicators:

  • severe weight loss (up to 20kg) in four weeks;
  • noticeable decrease in volume (up to 10 sizes);
  • strict diet;
  • a modest list of contraindications (see below in p. “Advantages, Disadvantages and Contraindications”);
  • stabilization of body weight;
  • saving the result for a long time.

After completing the full four-week course of weight loss, Maggi method can be repeated no earlier than in 12 months. Otherwise, the “second round” of the protein cycle will exert the strongest load on the body, namely, on the work of the heart and kidneys.

Depending on the main ingredient, Margaret Thatcher’s diet is:

  • egg;
  • cottage cheese, cheese.

Maggi’s classic egg diet is based on eating a significant amount of eggs per day, which are the main source of protein. This product is a storehouse of important amino acids and trace elements. Namely, iodine, niacin, selenium, iron and phosphorus, which are vital for the chemical processes in the body and the normal functioning of the internal organs.

Regular consumption of eggs prevents the development of anemia, anemia, improves immunity, improves memory, stimulates the brain and enhances attention.

Given the feedback of nutritionists, in order to get a quick result and make up for calcium deficiency, it is recommended to use cottage cheese with fat content in the 3-5% range as the main ingredient in the Magga diet. Dairy product is the main source of methionine and tryptophan, which are actively involved in the functioning of the nervous and digestive systems. As well as calcium, phosphorus, iron – for the full development of bones, teeth, harmonious work of the heart muscle, normalization of hemoglobin level.

Maggi’s curd diet leads to enhanced fat splitting, accelerates the removal of toxins, improves skin condition.

If desired, instead of eggs and cottage cheese, you can use low-fat cheese (up to 25%). This product has a positive effect on blood pressure, promotes the active elimination of decomposition products from the kidneys, improves the intestinal microflora, strengthens bones, slows down the absorption of carbohydrates.

The Maggi cheese diet allows the use of any non-fat varieties of milk products (including feta cheese 9%, feta light up to 13%, tofu 1,5%, ricotta 8%, gaudetta 7%, mozzarella 17%, brie 23%, ). The optimal fat content in the product is – 14%.

Advantages, disadvantages and contraindications

The positive sides of the protein diet include:

  • no feeling of hunger, which makes the process of losing weight easy and painless;
  • There are no restrictions on the rate of consumed product;
  • ease of cooking;
  • no need for daily calorie counting;
  • balanced diet;
  • noticeable decrease in volumes;
  • high efficiency;
  • long-term preservation of the result (from 1,5let).

However, the egg and curd methods have negative reviews. The need for strict compliance with the menu, food schedule significantly reduces the circle of people able to withstand the full course of weight loss, because in case of failure, unlike the Dukan scheme, it is not advisable to continue the Maggi diet. To get the desired result, the process of dropping excess kilos will have to start over again.

Often, among those losing weight on 18-20, the question arises: “Why does the weight not go away?”. The reason for this “nuisance” is the addiction of the organism to the protein diet and the intensive reduction of volumes.

Taking into account the reviews of nutritionists, during the selection of a diet, it is important to remember that no weight loss method should have a negative impact on human health.

That is why, before practicing diet food Margaret Thatcher, you must take into account the following contraindications:

  • diseases of the digestive system, as well as heart, kidney;
  • pregnancy;
  • allergic to eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, citrus;
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • high cholesterol that exceeds the norm.

In the absence of the above risk factors, you can practice the Maggi diet safely. However, before you start losing weight, you should consult with your doctor.

Features diet Maggi

In the classic version, the original Margaret Thatcher diet is designed for 14 days. Due to the predominance of eggs in the diet, this method of losing weight is often called “egg”, despite the fact that the menu includes fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese and meat. The daily intake of protein and citrus products makes up for the lack of vitamins and minerals that results from the predominance of protein foods.

Instructions correct slimming technology Maggi

  1. Drink water from 2 daily.
  2. To exclude from the menu rich meat broths, oils, sugar, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, confectionery.
  3. It is forbidden to make adjustments to the menu, namely, interchange dishes, increase portions.
  4. Diet can not be interrupted. In case of violation of the rules of weight loss, the whole procedure should be repeated from the beginning.
  5. Fasting is strictly prohibited. During the day, you should eat everything that is indicated in the menu.
  6. Daily exercise in the fresh air for at least an hour, it helps to increase metabolism.
  7. Get enough sleep (at least 8h. Healthy sleep per day). Failure to comply with this condition is fraught with increased appetite.
  8. Allowed to accept green tea without sugar in any quantity throughout the entire period of weight loss.
  9. Daily weighed upon waking. Firstly, it will allow you to track the dynamics of change in body weight, and secondly, it will be an excellent incentive to continue.
  10. It is necessary to boil vegetables in ordinary water without salt, spices, flavor enhancers. At the same time, in the process of cooking it is allowed to use garlic, onion, pepper.
  11. Bruise a keen sense of hunger will help cucumber, carrots, lettuce. However, they can be consumed only after the recommended food, through 2h.
  12. If the menu does not mention the allowable amount of the product used, it can be eaten without restrictions, until you feel full.

If it is necessary to increase the duration of the protein diet, it is not advisable to repeat all the steps of the technique again. It is enough to limit oneself to spending 14 days on the power supply system of the first week and 14 days to the fourth (the so-called 1 4 1 4 scheme).

The implementation of the above recommendations will increase the effectiveness of the methodology and get the desired result.

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At the same time, the Maggi diet for two weeks allows for a full cycle of repetition techniques.

Protein Nutrition System Results

Regardless of the type of diet (egg, cottage cheese or cheese), the results of losing weight will be the same.

The first week is proteinaceous, it is well tolerated and has large plumb lines. On average, weight loss during this period is 0,8-2kg per day and will total 5-7kg. At the same time, weight loss occurs due to the removal of excess water from the body.

During the second week, the fat begins to burn, which is why the plummet per day will be no more than 0,3kg.

After the 14 days of the diet, the weight will go even slower, but the volumes will decline rapidly and the skin will tighten.

Due to the fact that the protein diet Maggi helps to reduce the volume of the stomach, during the entire period of weight loss, hunger is almost not felt. That is why “egg” and “cottage cheese” rations are in great demand among many women.

In the middle of a diet (on a 15 day), the question often arises among those who lose weight: “why does the weight not go away”. The cause of this phenomenon is the adaptation of the organism to the new body mass and nutrition system. In addition, biorhythms, the state of the intestines, physiological fluid retention, as well as the phase of the MC, directly affect the rate of weight loss. Stabilization of the mass at some point should not cause the completion of the process of losing weight, because after a few days the process of losing kilos will resume.

Maggi’s Two-Week Power System

The effectiveness of the protein slimming technique depends on the rigor of compliance with its rules.

In case of violation of one of the conditions, for example, when replacing one product with another or rearranging dishes for lunch and dinner, it will not bring the desired result.

Maggie’s Egg Diet on 2 weeks provides 3 meals. Dinner must be no later than 18-00. During the day, you need to drink without restriction purified non-carbonated water, as well as to exclude all kinds of snacks in the intervals between meals.

Let us consider in more detail the menu for every day.

Daily for breakfast you need to eat grapefruit – 1pcs, boiled eggs – 2pcs and drink a cup of coffee.

Day number 1

  • lunch – herbal tea, boiled eggs 2, tomato;
  • dinner – grapefruit – 1pcs, green tea, 2 boiled eggs, vinaigrette without oil.

Day number 2

  • lunch – grapefruit – 1pcs, 2 boiled eggs;
  • dinner – a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, baked lean meat (chicken or turkey).

Day number 3

  • lunch – spinach, herbal tea, boiled eggs 2;
  • dinner – cabbage, beet, green tea, 2 boiled eggs, cottage cheese.

Day number 4

  • lunch – spinach, coffee, boiled eggs 2;
  • dinner – coffee, salad, lean fish (hake, pollock) -150g.

Day number 5

  • lunch – 2 boiled eggs, herbal tea, spinach;
  • dinner – cauliflower, coffee, fish, vinaigrette.

Day number 6

  • lunch – fruit salad (grapefruit, pineapple, kiwi, tangerine);
  • dinner – coffee, steak, vegetable mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, onions.

Day number 7

  • lunch – boiled chicken fillet (chilled), tomato, grapefruit;
  • dinner – carrot, cabbage, tomato salad, baked turkey, coffee.

Maggi’s two-week diet is built on the diet of the first week, which should be repeated 2 times in a row for 14 days.

Summing up the reviews and the results of those who have lost weight, it can be said with confidence that the Margaret Thatcher technique in the classic version makes it possible to become easier on 10-12kg.

Maggi’s four-week power system

The Maggi protein diet on 4 weeks has the same requirements as the fourteen-day diet. However, due to the increased duration, it is much more efficient and allows you to lose overweight kg to 20.

Consider the most common type of technique – Maggi’s egg diet. In case of intolerance or allergy to the main ingredient, it can be replaced with cheese up to 25% (the lower the percentage of fat, the better) or granular curd 3-5% (one serving – 200.).

With all the strictness of compliance with the diet, the protein-citrus method ensures the preservation of muscle mass, provokes accelerated fat burning, while not causing feelings of hunger.

Margaret Thatcher’s curd slimming option carries the same amount of protein as the egg-feeding system, however, this modification of the Maggi diet is more beneficial because the fermented milk product is easier to digest, lowers cholesterol and strengthens bones. However, the main contraindication to its use is hypersecretion of gastric juice. Frequent intake of a lactic acid product contributes to the exacerbation of gastritis, which can lead to aggravation of the health of a person losing weight and the appearance of erosions (ulcers) on the mucous organ.

The Maggi diet on 28 days is divided into four weeks (“start of the journey”, “addiction mode”, “method as a way of life”, “evaluation of results”), each of which has a strictly developed diet.

Consider a detailed menu of each period, which for convenience is recommended to print and hang in the kitchen.

Diet Maggi 1 week – “the beginning of the way”

Between 1 and 14 every day, a day thinning breakfast consists of 2 boiled chicken eggs, half a grapefruit / orange.

Day number 1

  • lunch – use during the day, in unlimited quantities, of one of the following permissible fruits: apricot, watermelon, cantaloupe, orange, apples, pears, pineapples;
  • dinner – boiled chicken fillet or meatballs.

Day number 2

  • lunch – boiled turkey without skin;
  • dinner – bran loaf – 1pcs, boiled eggs-2pcs, orange – 1pcs, vegetable salad from carrots, sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Day number 3

  • lunch – red tomatoes, low-fat cheese, toast – no more than 1pcs .;
  • dinner – boiled fillet or chicken cutlet, steamed, without adding salt, spices, onions.

Day number 4

  • lunch – apples;
  • dinner – lettuce, spinach, carrots, boiled lean meat.

Day number 5

  • lunch – beans, boiled eggs – 2pcs;
  • dinner – grapefruit – 1pcs, fillet of hake, cooked in a couple-150, cucumbers, onions.

Day number 6

  • lunch – apricots;
  • dinner – a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, boiled rabbit fillet.

Day number 7

  • dinner – mashed boiled zucchini and carrots, tomato – 1pc, orange – 1pc, turkey, steamed without skin;
  • dinner – boiled vegetables: green peas, eggplant, onions, tomatoes.

The second week of Maggi – “addictive mode”

Day number 1

  • dinner – cucumber and carrot salad, boiled rabbit meat;
  • dinner – tomatoes, boiled eggs – 2pcs, onions, grapefruit – 1pcs.

Day number 2

  • lunch – stewed zucchini and eggplant, boiled chicken breast;
  • dinner – orange – 1pc, boiled eggs – 2pc;

Day number 3

  • dinner – steamed turkey, spinach, cucumbers;
  • dinner – soft-boiled eggs – 2pcs, tangerines.

Day number 4

  • dinner – low-fat white cheese (Adyghe, feta), boiled green peas, soft-boiled 2 eggs;
  • dinner – a slice of watermelon, 2 boiled eggs.

Day number 5

  • Lunch – a dietary fishcake of low-fat varieties, without the addition of spices or boiled pike perch / cod fillet;
  • dinner – boiled chicken eggs – 2pcs.

Day number 6

  • dinner – tomato juice, “steam” rabbit, pears;
  • dinner – fruit salad of melon, peach, orange and apples.

Day number 7

  • Lunch – boiled green beans, squash, skinless chicken, tangerines-2pcs;
  • dinner – tomatoes, mashed carrots and zucchini, grapefruit – 1pcs, boiled turkey.

Meat on the Maggi diet can only be used low-fat varieties. The optimal solution is a dietary, easily digestible chicken, turkey and rabbit fillet, with a low fat content (up to 5,5%).

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It is strictly forbidden to consume high-calorie pork (53%) and mutton (18%) during the period of following the protein slimming method, since they slow down the weight loss process and contribute to the deterioration of the result.

“Methods as a way of life” – menu at 3 week

Day number 1

During the day, you must eat any fruit in any quantity, with the exception of dates, mango, figs, bananas, grapes.

Day number 2

From 08-30 to 18-00 you can eat a variety of salads from fresh and boiled vegetables, while it is important not to combine them with dry cereals, as well as potatoes.

Day number 3

During the day it is allowed to eat vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities. In addition to quenching the feeling of hunger, they have a beneficial effect on the body, saturating it with nutrients. Preferably, on the 17 day of the Maggi diet, vegetables should be consumed in boiled form.

Frequently Asked Questions in the third week

  • What kind of vegetables can I eat?
    Carrots, zucchini, zucchini, squash, beans, eggplant, green peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, lentils.
  • What kind of fruit can I eat?
    Peaches, apricots, pears, apples, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, melons, plums, watermelon, pamela, pineapple.

Day number 4

During the day, it is allowed to eat only boiled vegetables, except cabbage and lettuce, as well as boiled or steamed fish (pollock, hake, pike, pike perch, haddock, cod, perch).

Day number 5

The diet of this day is boiled meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, low-fat veal) and boiled vegetables.

Day number 6,7

On the 20, 21 day of Margaret Thatcher’s egg diet, one type of fruit (for example, peaches and apricots) should be allocated, which must be consumed separately on the 6, 7 day of the third week.

Proper weight loss in the Maggi system allows you to gradually reduce body weight without harm to health, which is especially important for people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system.

Considering the feedbacks of those who have lost weight with great weight, the third week is characterized by a slowdown in the process of dropping those extra pounds and a sharp decrease in volumes. At the same time, at its end, as a rule, losing weight begins to experience a feeling of rapid filling of the stomach. Because of this, after leaving the diet to maintain your new weight will be much easier.

The Fourth Week of the Maggi Diet – Evaluation

All foods that can be consumed during the day should be divided proportionally into three meals.

Consider a detailed menu description for the period from 22 to 28 days.

Day number 1

  • boiled chicken fillet without skin – 200g .;
  • cucumbers – 4pcs .;
  • orange or grapefruit – 1;
  • tuna (without oil) – 1 can;
  • tomatoes – 4pcs .;
  • Toast – 1pcs.

Day number 2

  • one type of fruit from the list of permissible – in any quantity;
  • cucumbers, tomatoes – 4;
  • boiled turkey meat – 200g .;
  • Toast – 1pcs.

Day number 3

  • boiled vegetables with the exception of potatoes;
  • low-fat cottage cheese – 1 tablespoon.
  • cucumbers – 2pcs;
  • grapefruit – 1pcs or tangerines – 2pcs .;
  • tomatoes – 2pcs .;
  • cheese up to 17% – 200 g

Day number 4

  • grapefruit, toast, cucumber, tomato – on 1pcs;
  • chicken breast – 500g.

Day number 5

  • vegetable mix without dressing of sweet pepper, carrot, cucumber (1pcs) and 3 tomatoes;
  • hard-boiled eggs – 2pcs;
  • Orange – 1pcs.

Day number 6

  • low-fat cottage cheese – 100;
  • Toast – 1pcs .;
  • tangerines, tomatoes, cucumbers – 2 .;
  • sour milk – 1 glass;
  • Steamed chicken breasts – 2pcs.

Day number 7

  • tuna without oil – 1 can;
  • Toast – 1pcs .;
  • orange – 1pcs;
  • low-fat cottage cheese – 2 tablespoon .;
  • tomatoes – 2pcs .;
  • cucumbers – 3pcs.

Thus, Maggi’s egg diet on the 4 week is a low-carbohydrate complex, with an emphasis on protein-citrus nutrition. Each stage (7day) has its own strictly selected ration, which must be perfectly followed with utmost precision. Spontaneous food changes, eating disorders, changing lunch and dinner in places, increasing the allowable portions are the most common causes of poor weight loss, and sometimes recruitment, after the 28 days have passed.

Consolidation of the result

Exiting the Maggi diet should be gradual. In order to avoid putting a large load on the body, the amount of calories consumed per day must be increased slowly so that it will “remember” the new nutritional system in detail. It is strictly forbidden to overeat.

Due to the fact that the basis of the menu on 4 weeks are protein foods, vegetables, fruits, the Maggi diet contributes to the adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract to the systematic use of plant foods that cleanse the intestines, restore its microflora and act as a source of nutrients.

When dumping 15kg or more, fixing the result should be taken as responsibly as possible. Nutrition after a diet should be balanced, non-nutritive and easily digestible. That is why, in order to exclude the possibility of returning lost kilograms, it is important to limit the intake of confectionery, carbonated, alcoholic beverages, sugar, fatty, fried, spicy foods, both on the first day after the end of the weight loss cycle and throughout the subsequent period (throughout life) .

Fix the result will help the correct menu for an additional fifth week, a distinctive feature of which are lightweight dietary conditions.

Consider the exact menu of the day how to get out of the Maggi diet correctly.
Every day breakfast for the 5 week consists of orange or grapefruit – 1pcs, eggs – 2pcs.

Day number 1

  • lunch – tomatoes, boiled eggs – 2pcs;
  • dinner – tangerines – 2pcs, vinaigrette without oil – 1 portion (200g), soft-boiled eggs – 2pcs.

Day number 2

  • lunch – kiwi – 3pcs., soft-boiled eggs – 2pcs .;
  • dinner – vegetable salad from cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, boiled rabbit fillet – 180g.

Day number 3

  • dinner – spinach, steam omelet from two eggs;
  • dinner – cabbage, beet, cottage cheese 5% or 9% cheese, soft-boiled eggs – 2pcs.

Day number 4

  • lunch – boiled eggs – 2pcs., lettuce leaves;
  • dinner – stewed carrots, zucchini, eggplants, steam fish – 150g. (preferably pike or cod).

Day number 5

  • lunch – spinach, soft-boiled eggs – 2pcs .;
  • dinner – boiled green peas, steamed hake fillet – 150.

Day number 6

  • lunch – any fruit from the list of permitted in unlimited quantities;
  • dinner – tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, beefsteak.

Day number 7

  • dinner – baked chicken with tomatoes and zucchini- 250;
  • dinner – cabbage stew with carrots, boiled rabbit fillet – 180g.

Maggi diet on 5 weeks allows not only to achieve the desired result, without loss of health and the emergence of “hungry agony”, but also fix it. The protein-citrus diet, specially developed by the Mayo Clinic, allows you to reset from 5 to 20kg, depending on excess weight. If minimum body weight adjustment is necessary (up to 5-8kg), the optimal solution is the Maggie diet for 2 weeks, 10-20 and more for 28-35 days.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. What does one serving in the Maggi diet mean?
    This designation determines the allowable size of the product used without compromising the process of losing weight. As a rule, during one meal, the allowable portion is: eggs – 2pcs, cottage cheese – 200g., Fish – 150g., Meat – 200g, stewed vegetables – 100g.
  2. Why does the weight on the Maggi diet go bad?
    As a rule, after the 10-14 days have elapsed, the process of losing weight slows down. The reason for this phenomenon is the addiction of the organism to the new mass. Often, after the 3-4 days of the dead arrow on the scales, the process of dropping those extra pounds is resumed.
  3. Is it possible to drink alcohol on a maggi diet?
    Alcoholic drinks, like bananas, grapes, dates, potatoes, pork, lamb, figs, are classified as prohibited products.
  4. Is Margaret Thatcher’s Diet and Maggi Hot Mug compatible?
    Not. Due to the chemical composition of the “fast” broth, the absence of useful substances in it, it is not safe to use dehydrated products not only during the period of weight loss, but also after going out of the diet.
  5. What can you drink?
    Purified water (from 2l / day), green or herbal tea, unsweetened coffee in moderate quantities without adding milk (no more than 1 cups / day).
  6. Maggi diet during pregnancy: can be done or not?
    Due to the poor diet, doctors do not recommend practicing the protein-citrus slimming system for women in an “interesting” position. In rare cases, Maggi’s curd diet is allowed for 2 weeks, while at this time the expectant mother should be under the strict supervision of specialists.
  7. How do the volumes go on the Maggie diet?
    In the period of low plumb lines, as a rule, volumes (3 week) begin to rapidly disappear, especially in the area of ​​the hips and abdomen. According to reviews losing weight, when dropping 20kg in four weeks, you can go from 54go size to 44. In the network in large numbers are presented photos before and after losing weight, which clearly show how the volumes have gone.
  8. Why does diarrhea occur after the Maggi diet?
    Frequent bowel defecation is a natural reaction to the “oversaturation” of the body with protein products, the shortage of fats and carbohydrates, as well as a change in diet. As a rule, if you follow the diet after 2-3 days, the problem is solved independently.
  9. Is it possible to replace meat with chicken?
    In the process of adhering to the Maggi diet, only lean meats can be eaten. These include: chicken, turkey (breast without skin or fillet), rabbit, veal or beef.
  10. What do doctors say about the Maggi diet?
    Before practicing the protein slimming method, all experts agree on the same: it is necessary to conduct an examination of the body for the presence of diseases of the liver, heart, kidneys, stomach, pancreas. In order to avoid worsening the state of health, when a disease is detected, it is strictly forbidden to practice this system. In addition, one should not adhere to the “yachny”, “cheese”, “cottage cheese” ration, if there is an allergy to these products or a woman is expecting a child.
  11. What can replace eggs in Maggie’s diet?
    On cottage cheese (with fat content up to 5%) or cheese (up to 25%, preferably 9%).
  12. Is there an application for iPhone “Maggi method of losing weight”?
    Yes. Currently, iPhone developers every year increase the functionality of the device by adding additional programs to the standard set of options. One of the new products is considered the application for weight loss by the method of Margaret Thatcher.
    The essence of its development is to meet the needs of the user. This application not only reminds of the right diet (menu in the table), but also calculates the required amount of products that should be purchased for the coming week of weight loss.
  13. Is it possible honey?
    Allowed, but not more than 1 teaspoon in a day.
  14. What is toast?
    This is a toasted slice of black or white bread (at the discretion of losing weight).
  15. How to fill the salad?
    Better juice of vegetables, sometimes it is allowed to sprinkle with lemon, rarely – apple cider vinegar.
    It is strictly forbidden to season salads with mayonnaise, sauces, butter and fat.
  16. Is it possible to chew gum in the process of losing weight?
    Not recommended because it whets the appetite. It is better to replace the chewing gum with sugar-free candies.
  17. What are the cons of the Maggi diet?
    The main disadvantage of this technique is the impossibility of its continuation in case of violation of the diet. In case of breakdown, it is impractical to continue the diet, because it will not bring the desired effect. To achieve the coveted figure on the scales, the cycle of weight loss should be restarted.
  18. Is it possible to spend fasting days every Thursday during the protein-citrus diet of the Iron Lady?
    Not. This method of losing weight eliminates the discharge of the body.
  19. How comparable are the Maggi diet and sport?
    Physical activity (running, brisk walking, fitness, aqua aerobics, gymnastics, swimming, shaping, cycling) have a positive effect on the human body, especially during the period of weight loss.
    Proper nutrition and sports allow you to quickly lose those extra pounds and tone muscles.
  20. What is more effective diet Maggie on 14 days or 28?
    The longer the duration of the technique, the better the result of losing weight. On average, in two weeks the weight loss is 5-8kg, in four – 10-20kg.
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Egg, cheese and cottage cheese diet Maggi on 4 week – a difficult test not only for the body, but also for the nervous system. Due to the monotonous-poor diet, it is far from being able to withstand the protein-vegetable system.

Consider the most common dishes made from authorized products that will diversify the menu and not only facilitate the process of losing weight, but also give real pleasure from taking low-calorie healthy food.

Recipes for the Maggie 1 diet week

Roll of minced meat

You must first prepare the following ingredients:

  • rabbit meat – 500g .;
  • egg – 1pcs;
  • Garlic – 2 cloves;
  • onions – 1pcs;
  • parsley dill.

The cooking process consists in the following: first of all it is necessary to grind meat and onion using a meat grinder or blender. Then add the raw egg to the minced meat, mix well and put on food film, 2cm layer, sprinkle with chopped greens with garlic. After that, roll the stuffing into a roll, wrap in foil paper and put it on a baking sheet.

The oven should be preheated to 200 °, then place the dish on 20 minutes in the cooking chamber. After the set time has elapsed, open the foil and place the dish in the oven for another 10 minutes to brown.

It is recommended to use minced meat roll no more than twice a week (on the third and seventh day) in the amount of 180 g / day.

Vegetable Pie


  • boiled carrots – 2pcs.;
  • fresh green peas – 250 g;
  • egg – 2pcs .;
  • parsley, spinach.

The principle of cooking vegetable pie: carrot pre-grate (preferably large), if desired, it can be finely chopped. Lay the chopped product and green peas in layers in a non-stick container with high sides, then pour a beaten egg. Bake in an oven 20 minutes at a temperature 180 °. Ready cake decorate with greens.

As the main ingredients, instead of carrots and green peas, you can use boiled beans and zucchini.

Eat vegetable pie can be no more than 250g / day for a week.

Cottage cheese

Now every year the Margaret Thatcher’s curd-based slimming method is becoming increasingly popular. Taking into account the fact that the content of amino acids in milk protein, as compared with an animal, is much higher, the number of adherents of such a food system, in contrast to egg, increases markedly. And the presence of calcium and phosphorus determine its high value.

Diet Maggi with cottage cheese involves the daily use of low-fat fermented milk product, which can easily be made independently at home.

The first step is to prepare the following ingredients:

  • milk – up to 1,5% – 2l .;
  • Vinegar – 2 tablespoon.

The essence of cooking homemade cottage cheese is as follows: heat the milk to 120 °, remove from the heat, gradually adding vinegar. In the process of connecting the components of the mixture must be constantly mixed. To separate the curd and whey, it is recommended to leave the prepared mass on 30 minutes, then drain the liquid using a colander.

In order to avoid “leakage” of small particles of the product, it is better to put gauze on the bottom of the container. After the separation of cottage cheese and whey, the first, in turn, must be rinsed under cold water, wring well, split with a fork. After performing this procedure, the fermented milk product is ready for use.

“The Golden Cockerel”

The Maggie 1 diet is especially difficult to tolerate for a week, because it is during this period that the body adapts to a new diet. To facilitate this process and diversify the menu will help diet salad Golden Cockerel.


  • chicken breast (without skin) – 400g .;
  • Orange – 1pcs.;
  • Apple – 1pcs;
  • soy sauce – 1 tsp.

The process of cooking is as follows: boil the chicken breast until half cooked, simultaneously chop an orange and an apple in a blender. Fill the resulting fruit puree with soy sauce, then add to the meat and simmer for 10 minutes. After a specified time, sprinkle chicken breast 1tablespoon lemon juice.

You can eat this dish through 1-2 of the day for 28 days.

Cottage cheese casserole


  • cottage cheese 3% – 1kg;
  • sweet apples – 0,5kg;
  • eggs – 2pcs.

To prepare the dish, peel the apples, grate them on a grater, squeeze the juice, then combine the curd with the fruit. In the resulting mixture, add pre-whipped eggs to a foamy state, mix everything thoroughly. If necessary, you can enter the sugar substitute (fructose) – 4 tablespoon and pears, kiwi. Put the curd-fruit mass in a silicone mold / bowl, pre-sprinkled with breadcrumbs (20g.) And put in a baking oven or steamer at a temperature of 200 ° for 30-40 minutes.

If desired, to form a crust for 3-5 minutes until ready, the casserole should be pulled out of the oven, sprinkled with grated cheese (150-200g) with a minimum fat content (up to 9%) and put back in the oven.

When complying with cottage cheese ration, it is recommended to use 2 casserole once a week in the amount of 150 / day. In the case of compliance with the egg or cheese system of nutrition should refrain from its reception.

Thus, in order to avoid irreparable harm to human health, the fight against overweight should be started immediately. A safe way to solve the problem – Maggie diet for weight loss.

The effectiveness of the protein-citrus method Margaret Thatcher is directly dependent on the efforts of losing weight. Unquestioning menu observance and daily physical activities contribute to an effective weight loss, as well as a rapid decrease in volumes in just 2-4 week.

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