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Mayo diet

The Mayo diet appeared thanks to specialists from the same-name clinic in America. Its experts specialized in combating various pathologies, among which was obesity.

The basis of the method is a special fat-burning soup, which contains only vegetables that have minimal calorie values. It is eaten during each meal in relatively small portions. The menu also boasts other products that are strictly prohibited to replace.

Almost all dishes should exclude oil, even if for ordinary recipes it is used for lubrication, frying. The emphasis is on purified water without any additives, which can be drunk in almost unlimited quantities.

Since the presented method was created under the supervision of doctors, advocating for proper weight loss without extreme body loads, they indicated mandatory physical exertion. Exercises should be related to medium difficulty. Ideal cardiovascular exercises, dancing, running training, cycling. But complex weight training with many hours in the gym on the contrary contraindicated.

Despite the classic prescription to use the scheme for seven days, some people like the chosen method so much that they extend the course at their own discretion. But to do this without prior consultation with the attending doctor is unacceptable.

Even before the start of the marathon, it will still be necessary to undergo at least the simplest clinical examination. It will allow to find out the presence of hidden diseases that may be contraindications.

If with analyzes everything is fine, then the patient can alternate dietary courses with the usual diet in two or three days.

Permitted products

Adherents of this way of losing weight note that they manage to get rid of 4 to 8 of hated kilograms in a week. At the same time, the participant will not suffer from the constant hunger that haunts him. This is explained by a balanced diet. He will take care of replenishing the body with the missing vitamins, minerals, and minerals. A person will remain in a good mood without the risk of disturbing old chronic diseases.

But even with an abundance of permitted products, the regime is still categorized as strict. Another relative disadvantage is temporary spending. The basis of the daily menu is the branded soup, which you need to cook every day so that it is fresh. This will take some time.

As for the contraindications, they are almost a standard set for such cases:

  • diabetes;
  • kidney disease;
  • problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • liver disease;
  • period of pregnancy, lactation.

You should not experiment with radical habits of adolescents during hormonal changes, as well as older people. The risk group included patients with various chronic diseases, who are obliged to undergo an examination before the start of the “race” for weight loss.

We should also take a look at the list of permissible products before starting your journey to perfection. This is explained by the fact that not everyone can afford to buy vegetables out of season, as well as some slim people may face manifestations of a food allergic reaction.

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The main components are called:

  • white cabbage;
  • tomatoes;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • onion;
  • celery.

The following minimum spices are allowed:

  • salts;
  • curry;
  • black pepper, pre-ground.

Of the drinks, green tea is preferred. No sugar, artificial sweeteners, “cookies for the mood”, cream should be present on the table. If you cannot drink a lot of tea, you must definitely add the recommended rate of liquid absorption in two liters of plain water. Add lemon juice to it to “disperse fats” – too much. Water should be just drinking and non-carbonated.

From vegetables allowed consumption of leafy greens according to the season:

Among the usual representatives of vegetables from the Slavic garden, in addition to the above, you can use radishes, zucchini, and cucumbers.

Initially it was believed that all served dishes can not be spiced. But, over time, the rule was transformed. Now doctors are allowed to move away from a completely tasteless branded soup, adding quite a bit of salt.

Minus eight kg per week

In order to achieve the maximum permissible results, it is necessary to apply proportionally much effort. You should start with a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages in any form. It is they who stop the removal of fat from the body, allowing it to be deposited under the skin.

If you suffer completely unbearable, then you need to wait at least a day after the completion of the regime and only then take it on the chest. But experts from the clinic insist that alcohol for losing weight is generally a bad adviser. Better to look for a safer alternative.

While following an approved schedule, you are allowed to take your usual medications. But this question is better to agree with the doctor in advance, as some drugs may contain substances that are contrary to the diet policy.

The main “protagonist” of the program is a special soup. He is allowed to eat at least three times a day, if one does not manage to eat from one visit. As a result, you can count on the care of one kilogram daily.

But this will be possible only if the person who wishes is strictly following the regime’s assignments. Another important warning is the refusal to eat soup on days when a person gave a break from the method.

Thanks to numerous experiments, it became clear that you can resort to a seven-day diet an infinite number of times, maintaining the correct pause. But if it so happened that the schedule was interrupted in the middle for any objective reason, then you need to start it anew from day one.

In addition to significant weight loss without significant effort, a person will also feel a surge of strength and energy closer to the end of the period. With constant adherence to the approved method, patients quickly tone up not only their physical condition, but also the moral aspect of health. This is explained by the fact that people are beginning to like their own reflection in the mirror, they are proud of their success, stimulating themselves to new challenges.

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The secret of the scheme is a special soup, which includes the following ingredients:

  • six medium bulb bulbs;
  • a couple of tomatoes;
  • small head of cabbage;
  • two green bell peppers;
  • celery bunch;
  • just a little salt and other permitted spices.

If you can’t get fresh tomatoes, then even canned ones will do. But before that you should check them for the content of hazardous emulsifiers (if the tomatoes were purchased).

The recipe is extremely simple. First, cut vegetables into medium pieces, which are then poured with water. After that, meager doses of spices are added, and boiling for about ten minutes over high heat is performed. Normally, this is enough for full boiling.

After that, the pan is moved to a small fire until the vegetables are fully softened. You can taste the cooked at any time when the experimenter is taken by surprise by hunger. Since the soup does not add calories, you can eat it up to a feeling of fullness.

If today is going to be a hard working day, in the morning you can pour a fresh-cooked stew into a thermos, taking it with you. Some reviews do recommend after its boiling and complete cooling, send the resulting result in a blender for purirovaniya. Such a format will even better fit into the working format than the traditional equivalent.

Despite the obvious advantages of such a convenient dish preparation, food should not be limited solely to them.

Weekly alignment

So that the body does not begin to experience difficulties with the replenishment of essential nutrients, it is necessary to connect other useful supplements to the daily diet.

Approximate scheme in addition to the soup provides:

  1. Monday. Allowed to eat all the fruits, setting aside bananas. If you are lucky with the season, then it is better to lean on watermelons, melons. You can drink unsweetened tea, coffee, excluding cream, milk. If finances allow, it is recommended to cook cranberry juice on your own without various additives.
  2. Tuesday. Vegetables in any form are welcome: raw or canned. Leafy greens will be a great addition. But the dried representatives of legumes, as well as corn with green peas, become the worst enemies. Having completely abandoned the fruit, it is allowed to feast on baked potatoes, slightly oiled.
  3. Wednesday. Vegetables and fruits are allowed to eat at the same time. Only baked potatoes leave Tuesdays, and avoid them on Wednesdays. Usually by this time the scales are pleased with the reduction of weight for a couple of kilos.
  4. Thursday. Vegetables, fruits, including bananas in the amount of up to three pieces. You can drink skim milk, but you can still lean on the water, which you should drink more than ever before.
  5. Friday. Tomatoes, along with beef, are required to satisfy hunger by brightening the diet. Eating up to 800 g of lean meat is allowed.
  6. Saturday. Beginning of the weekend is welcomed by beef with leafy vegetables. Baked potatoes still take care until Tuesday. Do not forget about restoring fluid balance due to purified water.
  7. Sunday. The final stage will be marked by brown rice, vegetables, sugar-free fruit juice. Rice is better to eat with sliced ​​onions, tomato, steamed cauliflower.

Even if it is impossible to get rid of the maximum eight kg from the first approach, shifts to the positive side will still be noticed.

Culinary Covenants

To help the body cope with the goal, you must follow a few simple rules:

  • refuse any gag in recipes;
  • only be weighed in the morning;
  • eating soup after hunger;
  • add oil only for baked potatoes.
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It is also necessary to keep in mind the important culinary tips mentioned by the developers of the technique. Nutritionists are asked to remove the skin from the bird before it begins to cook. Also from the meat is to remove absolutely all visible fat.

If for some reason it is impossible to eat fresh soup, it is sent to the fridge. All soups, which are prepared in the intervals between the main dietary approaches, should be subjected to the method of so-called “manual degreasing.” This means that after they have cooled, all the accumulated fat above is mercilessly removed.

Upon completion of the diet, you can not immediately pounce on heavy food. Better to start small, using the principles of healthy eating in the future. So, for home baking, it is recommended to replace whole chicken eggs with only proteins with a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

If you have lunch at work, and for these purposes a suitable lunch box was not taken from the house, then in the dining room you need to limit yourself to exceptionally simple dishes. These should not be fried options with an abundance of mayonnaise, sauces.

At home, it is better to season salads with olive oil, slightly sprinkling with lemon juice. Meat and fish should not be fried. It will be more productive to send them to the grill, to the oven, or cook using a slow cooker, a double boiler.

The traditional post-diet menu is required to include a balanced meal and provide fractional approaches.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the advice of the creators of the method “there is a specialty dish of filling” does not at all mean its uncontrolled use. Otherwise, you can stretch your own stomach, only harming the body.

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