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Metabolic Diet

Investigating the causes of mass obesity, scientists have come to a simple, seemingly but ingenious conclusion. If a person tries to lose weight for a long time, but nothing comes out of him, there is something wrong with the body. Just the same search for this problem led to the creation of a metabolic diet. When every effort is made, and the reflection in the mirror is not happy. What is wrong and how to fix it?

What is metabolism

Metabolism is a series of chemical processes and reactions, without which a life cycle is impossible. This applies not only to man, but to all living things. When breathing, drinking, and eating, a lot of useful, and not so, substances get into our body: oxygen, vitamins, proteins, salts, and much more. In its original form, these components are not processed by the body. While we are resting, sleeping or reading a book, our body is continuously working on creating the necessary internal “environment”. Some elements are split, others are synthesized, stored, destroyed and recycled. This whole process is metabolism.

In the course of metabolism, two categories of reactions occur. Destruction or anabolism is the splitting of complex elements into simple ones. So, protein, as you know, is involved in the construction of cells. Of these, in turn, muscles, organs, and skin are composed. But pure protein cannot participate in the construction of tissues. For this, the body needs simpler amino acids that are formed during the breakdown of protein.

When splitting any complex elements other than useful substances, energy is also released. It is necessary for all biological processes in our body. This energy is measured in calories. Those who, according to reviews of those who like to eat tasty and more, are the main obstacle on the way to the first place at the beauty and health contest.

The process of creating more complex elements is catabolism. Simple substances are synthesized and form new cells. A good example of this process is: tightening wounds, hair and nail growth. It is for this work that our body so diligently saves energy.

If calories are consumed more than our body requires, they do not go anywhere, but are put off “for later” in the form of unattractive roundness. The trouble is that from the point of view of nature – this is a useful reserve (except for catastrophic obesity), and from the point of view of society – terrible indecency.

So that the process of fat accumulation is successful, hormones such as estrogen and insulin are released in the body. Women are more prone to obesity and the appearance of cellulite precisely because their body has much more estrogen than men. A metabolic diet aims to minimize the release of these hormones. In turn, adrenaline, testosterone, norepinephrine and growth hormone should, on the contrary, be activated. Because these substances contribute to burning excess weight.

The reason for the constant failures in trying to lose weight may be precisely the disturbed metabolism, this is the so-called metabolic syndrome. Hormonal background does not work correctly, which is why a sharp mass gain or painful thinness occurs. This syndrome is not recognized as a medical diagnosis. However, scientific statistics state that more than 2,5 million people worldwide suffer from these violations. In addition to weight problems, symptoms of metabolic syndrome may include:

  • constant thirst;
  • manifestation of anger, rage, or vice versa apathy while feeling hungry;
  • the appearance of weakness with the slightest delay in eating;
  • sweating during sleep;
  • the constant desire to eat something sweet, with the rapid heartbeat;
  • desire to sleep after taking a protein food.
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Diet principle

The secret of the metabolic diet in the proper distribution of foods in the daily menu. And, as a result, stabilization of normal metabolism. This power system is very simple and affordable. It is based on the calculation of special points. Their quantity is attached to each product, based on calories.

Eating properly following this system is easy if you have a table of metabolic diet products at hand.

Products (100 gr) Number of points (from 0 to 4)
Fish and Seafood
Chicken breast, turkey, rabbit
Dairy products (no more than 2% fat)
Vegetables and greens
Lemon and lime
Onion garlic
Green peas (not canned)
Berries 1
Vegetable juices (natural) 1
beans 1
Chicken, veal, lamb, beef 2
Nuts and seeds 2
Dairy products (2-4% fat), feta, goat cheese 2
Buckwheat, rice, oatmeal 2
Sour fruit 2
Vegetable oil 2
Boiled carrots and beets 2
Natural yoghurt 3
fruit juices 3
Hard Cheese, Cream Cheese 3
Black chocolate 3
Goose, duck, pork 4
Semolina 4
Dairy products (more than 4% fat) 4
Bread 4
Potatoes 4
Carbonated drinks, packaged juices 4
Alcohol 4
Chips, sweets, mayonnaise 4

The undoubted plus of this diet is that you can independently make a menu of any products. In addition, no need to get used to something new. The diet will include the most familiar foods and drinks. The whole cycle consists of three simple steps, observing that in the first two weeks 5-7 kg of weight goes.

This phase is fat burning. It lasts two weeks, in the first of which there is a shake of the whole organism. There are only those products that have 0 points worth. To maintain balance, you need to drink a complex of vitamins and minerals. And one tablespoon of olive oil per day will make up for the missing fats.

The menu for the first two weeks of a metabolic diet can include:

  1. Breakfast: boiled eggs, natural yogurt no more than 2% fat, vegetable salads, unsweetened tea, water with lemon.
  2. Lunch: non-acidic apples, low-fat fermented baked milk.
  3. Lunch: baked fish with fresh vegetables, cottage cheese, salads, boiled seafood.
  4. Snack: low-fat fermented baked milk or kefir, apples.
  5. Dinner: chicken breast, baked rabbit, vegetable salads.

On an empty stomach it is useful to drink a glass of warm non-carbonated water, you can add a slice of lemon there. All servings should be no more than 200 grams. During this period, the most active weight loss occurs.

At this stage, mild malaise, dizziness, loss of strength, nausea can occur. In this case, it is recommended to drink a cup of strong tea with sugar. Even if this happened earlier than two weeks later, an urgent need to move on to the second phase.

Unlike the first stage, the second is easier to carry and easier to follow. You can stick to it until the arrow of the scales is in the “proper” position. A total of five meals per day at approximately equal intervals of time. Every day you get your own points. Portions increase to 250 grams.

The diet system is based on the following scheme:

  1. Breakfast – from 8: 00 to 10: 00, 4 points.
  2. Lunch – from 11: 00 to 12: 00, 2 points.
  3. Lunch – from 14: 00 to 15: 00, 2 points.
  4. Snack: from 16: 00 to 18: 00, 1 score.
  5. Dinner – from 18: 00 to 20: 00, 0 points.
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In the last meal it is advised to include protein food. It is she who produces hormones that burn fat. You can not transfer points. That is, if 2 points are eaten for breakfast, it is prohibited to add them to dinner.

Sample menu for the week of the second stage


Breakfast – a salad of boiled eggs, low-fat sour cream and herbs, bread, tea.

Lunch – a glass of natural yogurt.

Lunch – boiled turkey with buckwheat, one cucumber, water with lemon.

Snack – 100 gr nuts with tea.

Dinner – salad with fresh vegetables, stewed mushrooms, a glass of milk (not more than 2% fat).


Breakfast – oatmeal with a handful of berries, a glass of milk.

Lunch – ryazhenka, 50 gr nuts, fruit.

Lunch – rabbit in the oven with vegetables.

Tea time – one is not sour fruit, tea.

Dinner – stewed seafood with low-fat sour cream, one boiled egg.


Breakfast – a sandwich with a piece of cheese, one fruit, tea.

Lunch – yogurt, 50 gr of fresh or frozen berries.

Lunch – boiled chicken breast, 100 gr boiled beans.

Safe, is a light salad from raw vegetables.

Dinner – baked fish, half a tomato and half a cucumber.


Breakfast – cereal with milk.

Lunch – yogurt with fruit.

Lunch – boiled turkey, feta and arugula salad.

Safe, – salad from raw vegetables, ryazhenka.

Dinner – boiled egg, salad from green peas and greens.


Breakfast – oatmeal with berries.

Lunch – a sandwich with a slice of cheese, 250 ml of milk.

Lunch – stewed mushrooms, salad from goat cheese and greens.

Lunch is a glass of low-fat ryazhenka.

Dinner – baked tuna with green peas.


Breakfast – boiled egg salad and greens, one fruit, tea.

Lunch – 100 gr cottage cheese with raisins.

Lunch – vegetable soup with seafood.

Safe, – ryazhenka with berries.

Dinner – boiled seafood in sour cream with dill.


Breakfast – feta omelette, tea.

Lunch – cottage cheese and 50 grams of nuts.

Lunch – boiled chicken breast, salad of boiled beets with garlic.

Safe, – vegetable salad, low-fat yogurt.

Dinner – boiled egg, one tomato, green peas.

A day should drink 1,5-2 liters of pure water without gas. Increasing the amount of fluid is also not recommended. Upon reaching the required weight, you can proceed to the final stage.

This phase is final and aims to consolidate the achieved results. Observe it even easier than the previous one. By this time, the body has already fully adapted and the rejection of the usual harmful products should not bring discomfort. For each meal, one “tasty” point will be added. This does not apply only to dinner, it, as before, contains 0 points. Breaks between meals should be an hour 2,5-3.

The ration plan for the third stage is as follows:

  • breakfast – 5 points;
  • lunch – 3 points;
  • lunch – 3 points;
  • afternoon snack – 2 points;
  • Dinner (3 hours before bedtime) – 0 points.

During this period, you need to carefully monitor the fluctuations of the arrow of the balance. If the weight has returned to normal and does not increase, you can add an 1 score to each meal, except for dinner. In case of returning extra pounds, you should return to the previous scheme, and after a while try again.

Such a diet, according to reviews of those who have already tried a metabolic diet, may well become permanent. This will allow you to always keep yourself in shape and not resort to anew diet from the first step. And gastronomic weaknesses in the form of cakes, cocktails and even beer are easily “forgiven” after physical exertion.

Any diet is fraught with difficulty in cooking. It is difficult to stop frying, and food without salt doesn’t seem tasty, refusing ready-made cooking is generally a matter of principle. All this is scary only at the beginning, over time, cooking the right food becomes a habit, the number of points or calories is memorized. But at first it’s convenient and much easier to use ready-made recipes.

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Baked Tuna with Green Peas

This recipe is suitable for the first weeks of the diet or for dinner.

The number of points – 0.

Need to take:

  • one medium tuna;
  • 150 gr frozen green peas;
  • one lemon;
  • spice.

Tuna is thoroughly cleaned from viscera and scales. Lemon is cut into large slices. Peas are used in frozen form, so it will give more moisture and juice to the whole dish. All ingredients are sprinkled with spices (except salt) and placed in foil. Baked in the oven at 180 C, for an hour 1.

Seafood Vegetable Soup

The basis of any diet is liquid food. It supports the stomach in a tone and promotes proper digestion.

For the “metabolic” vegetable soup you will need:

  • 200 gr boiled chicken breast;
  • green pea;
  • string beans;
  • celery root;
  • one egg;
  • spice;
  • 1,5 liters of purified water.

Cook the meat separately, the soup should not be in the broth, but in plain water. Boil, peel and cut the egg in any shape. First, green peas, green beans and celery are placed in the water. After they boil, boil them for 15 minutes under the lid. Then add chopped meat and cook for another 5 minutes. Serve the soup with chopped egg and dill.

The number of points – 0.

The advantages of this diet is that in addition to guaranteed weight loss, it is accompanied by the normalization of metabolism. Such an important aspect for the human body will not go unnoticed. The result will be not only a beautiful waist, but also clear glowing skin, healthy hair, excellent mood, as a bonus.

This diet contains almost no contraindications. Experimenting is not recommended only for people with endocrine system problems, cancer, and diabetics. It is also better for expectant mothers and breastfeeding women to abstain from special diet.

At the beginning of the program, problems such as: profuse sweating, weakness, dizziness or nausea are sometimes observed. In this case, you just need to go to the second phase, which allows for more calories.

Many have difficulty getting used to the first stage of the diet. But such deprivation is the payment for the accumulation of extra pounds. The best results were achieved by those who suffered the most difficult two weeks. The one who endures is rewarded!

Metabolic diet – is, rather, the usual proper nutritional system, rather than strict asceticism. Because the prescribed diet is balanced and does not exclude any important element. And the put portions are quite enough for an adult. She can be followed all her life, avoiding many health problems.

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