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Mexican diet

The Mexican diet is one of the most effective diet programs, thanks to which you can get rid of a significant amount of extra pounds in minimal time. This is a very tough system for losing weight and not everyone can withstand it. However, those who succeed will be able to shock others around with their changed figure in four days. After all, this diet program lasts for so long. With the help of the Mexican diet you can lose a kilogram of excess weight per day and thus get rid of four unnecessary kilograms for the entire course of the diet.

No wonder that many Mexican actresses adhere to this method for losing weight, so that they always look perfect on the screen and in life. After all, everyone remembers the main character of the acclaimed Mexican TV series “Just Maria” Victoria Ruffo. So she often resorts to this diet program and thanks to her she was able to regain attractive forms after the birth of a child.

The essence of the Mexican diet

The diet of the Mexican diet is very scarce, and the number of allowed foods is so limited that some refuse it only by looking at the menu. With this technique for weight loss are allowed: boiled eggs, which are a source of protein and contain a small amount of calories; low-fat dairy products containing vitamins and minerals valuable to the body; vegetables, fruits and dried fruits that supply fiber and sucrose necessary for the normal functioning of the body; coffee, which invigorates you with energy and energy throughout the day and also effectively breaks down lipids.

The essence of the diet is the use of small portions of permitted foods, due to which, in the process of fasting, excess weight leaves very quickly. This will be especially noticeable in the first two days of the start of the diet program, mainly due to the release of large amounts of fluid. In the remaining two days, weight loss will slow down a bit.

For all four days of losing weight, you can not eat fatty, flour, sweet dishes, confectionery, sugar in any form. It is worth forgetting about alcoholic and carbonated drinks. In the process of this diet, you should strictly adhere to the designated menu, it is strictly forbidden to increase the portion size or replace the specified products with other ones.

Such a diet program will be good for those who are going to say goodbye to extra pounds of weight on the eve of any events: celebrations, beach or holiday season. It is also possible to use it to unload the body.

Mexican diet menu

To achieve an effective result in this technique for losing weight, you need to follow a number of rules that will help you to more easily transfer this diet and not cause significant harm to health:

  • mandatory use of a large amount of liquid, which can be used mineral still water;
  • you need to eat three times a day, snacking with the Mexican diet is prohibited;
  • intervals between meals should be about five hours, but not less.
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The daily ration on 4 of the day should look like this.

First day:

  • in the morning – two boiled eggs, natural freshly brewed coffee, orange;
  • in the afternoon – ten previously soaked prune berries;
  • in the evening – two tangerines or an orange, a boiled egg.

Second day:

  • in the morning – about one hundred grams of low-fat cheese or cottage cheese, black natural freshly brewed coffee;
  • in the afternoon – two tangerines or orange, boiled egg;
  • in the evening – a glass of low-fat kefir, an apple.

The third day:

  • in the morning – black or green freshly brewed tea;
  • in the afternoon – 150 gram of cheese, cucumber and tomato salad, without salt and without dressing;
  • dinner – half a glass of low-fat milk.

Fourth day:

  • in the morning – half a cup of vegetable or fruit fresh juice, one hundred grams of muesli;
  • in the afternoon – one boiled egg, cucumber salad with tomato without salt and without dressing;
  • in the evening – three medium tangerines or two small oranges.

Judging by the proposed menu on such a diet, you can lose weight quite effectively and quickly, due to the small number of products and the volume of servings.

In the absence of oranges, you can use grapefruit, however, measure their size, because the grapefruit is much larger than its citrus brother. Instead of low-fat kefir, it is quite possible to use low-fat yogurt without additives and without sugar.

The advantages, disadvantages and contraindications of the Mexican diet

The advantages of this method for losing weight include the following points:

  • effective result with strict observance of all rules;
  • quick and effective disposal of extra pounds: minus four kilograms in four days;
  • low cost, high availability and ease of cooking;
  • reduction in the size of the stomach due to the consumption of a small amount of food, which allows you to further saturate with much smaller portions.

The disadvantages of the Mexican diet in the first place is its poor diet, which almost have to starve. In addition, the rules of this method do not allow to eat at the time not allotted for eating, and the intervals between meals are quite long. Not everyone can withstand such a rapid pace of weight loss. Reviews of those who have tried such a diet program on themselves, speak of a large number of breakdowns and not bringing the started to the end.

This diet method is absolutely not balanced, so for a long time to use such a program for losing weight is not recommended. In addition, the use of vitamin complexes throughout the entire diet, which will help support the body in a difficult and stressful period, is welcomed.

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In addition, you should pay attention to some contraindications of this technique, because in these cases you can cause irreparable damage to your health and harm to the whole body. It is not recommended to use the Mexican diet:

  • people with a history of acute or chronic diseases of the digestive system or other internal organs and systems;
  • in adolescence and old age;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • in case of allergic reactions to the products offered in the daily menu.

This is a hungry low-calorie diet, it can be repeated again not earlier than in two weeks, in order not to cause serious harm to the body.

Maria Sorte’s Mexican Diet

The diet of another popular Mexican actress is less rigid, but as effective as the previous weight loss program. They have a lot in common, but there are also enough differences. You can start with the fact that this method of weight loss recommends using five meals a day, a more varied diet, although the volume of servings is also quite small.

The menu for Maria Sort’s dietary program includes the following items:

  • breakfast – oatmeal with raisins and almonds, 50 gram slice of cheese;
  • second breakfast – four almond nuts, an orange;
  • lunch – one hundred grams of vegetable vegetarian soup, one hundred grams of salad from vegetables and corn, one hundred grams of turkey or tuna with red bean stew;
  • afternoon snack – one shortbread;
  • dinner – 50 gram of fresh vegetable salad, seven almonds, three teaspoons of honey.

Before going to bed, you can eat any three nuts, apple or kiwi. Throughout the day, you must definitely drink pure mineral still water or unsweetened herbal teas.

The observance of such a diet, by the way, too, Mexican, will allow more gently to find a figure worthy movie actress. The main goal of such a diet is to reject fried, fatty, super-high-calorie foods, in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean fish and meat. Not bad with such a system for weight loss and exercise. Of course, it is better to eliminate strength exercises due to the poor diet and low energy. The most effective sport in this case will be dancing.

Results and reviews of the Mexican diet

The result – minus four kilograms in four days – speaks for itself. However, overdoing is also not worth it, because such a hungry lifestyle can cause serious harm to many internal organs and body systems. The digestive system and organs of the gastrointestinal tract will be affected first. Therefore, it is best to apply this method to weight loss once a month to avoid significant consequences.

At the same time, the correct way out of the Mexican diet is also important. Four hungry days is a big stress for the body. When switching to normal nutrition, he will begin to accumulate fats with a vengeance, so that in the event of a repetition, he can comfortably survive this state. Therefore, you need to make every effort to protect yourself from a quick return, dropped pounds and a set of new ones. To do this, you should leave a strict diet gradually, adding a few new products each time. For example, for starters, include vegetable soup or some cereal with dried fruits in the usual Mexican menu. The next day, you can treat yourself to a piece of lean fish or poultry. In this case, it is worth remembering the ban on fatty, sweet, flour and fried. If you continue to abstain from these foods in your diet, then the kilograms lost will not return and the desired weight will be stable for a long time.

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There are many different opinions about this diet. For some, such a system for losing weight turned out to be irresistibly complex, someone successfully uses it repeatedly. Of course, in order to withstand such a diet, great willpower and a great desire to achieve the set result are needed. In this case, the motivation will be – minus four kilograms in four days and a figure worthy of a Mexican movie star. To achieve this result, four days of hunger strike are nothing.

It is also worth saying that it is better to coordinate any diet with a dietitian to help cope with failures and tell you how to more effectively withstand this or that method for losing weight. However, the reviews of doctors about this diet program are quite negative, since such a diet can be harmful to health, although it does not deny its effectiveness and efficiency.


The Mexican diet is one of the varieties of starvation diets, which gives the maximum result in the shortest possible period of time. With its help, you can quite effectively, though not easily enough, get rid of extra pounds of weight and acquire the desired figure. This diet will be good for those people who need to lose weight quickly to any event, to prepare for the beach season or vacation at the seaside.

However, it is worth remembering that the diet of this diet program is very poor and very unbalanced, so those who dare to adhere to it should supplement the diet at this stage with medical vitamin complexes in order to protect the body from the negative consequences that may arise from such a lifestyle. It is rather difficult to sustain such a diet, and it is advisable to consult a doctor before losing weight about the absence of contraindications and undetected diseases that can provoke unexpected and unsafe reactions.

The results of such a system for losing weight can be extremely gratifying, especially for those who were not afraid of difficulties and experienced their willpower with the help of the Mexican diet. But those who could not resist the temptations should not be discouraged, because such a program can always be repeated and next time achieve positive results.

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