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Milk-Tea diet

Tips on proper nutrition and the rejection of fatty foods forever – the most frequent phenomena in dietology. Fried exclude, do not buy sweets, do not add salt, do not sweeten drinks. Ideal people probably do that and have never heard of extra kilos in life. The rest are simple and not devoid of weaknesses, they do not stop looking for new ways to make their figure more beautiful. This time we are adopting the tea ceremony.

A simple drink made from tea and milk in dietetics is used in two cases: a short discharge and a long diet. Any option is useful for waist correction. From this angle, ordinary tea has not yet been considered.

How to drink tea to lose weight

An ordinary drink for a long time remained just a way of enjoying and complementing the menu. It is not known exactly when it began to be used precisely for weight loss, but recently the milk milk technique has become more and more discussed. This diet was especially popular thanks to the Russian model Marina Blinovskaya. The fashion model claims that unloading with the help of this drink helps her to stay in shape and quickly put her figure in order before the defile. Now on the women’s forums there are more and more reviews of this technique with photos before and after.

To lose weight, tea must be mixed with milk. The merits of both products complement each other. Tea itself contains polyphenolic compounds. These components lower cholesterol and normalize the natural heat transfer that triggers the fat burning process. In addition, the plant contains special antioxidants – catechins flavonoids, which free the body from harmful substances. Also in the leaves of tea there are amino acids, vitamins of groups B and C.

Tea is even ahead of natural coffee in terms of caffeine content. This can not always be considered as a virtue, but the energy and vigor from green tea is provided. Milk in the composition of this drink somewhat levels the effect of caffeine. It also has a mass of minerals, healthy fats, vitamins and proteins.

The main component for weight loss is calcium, which is also part of milk. Without it, the process of splitting triglycerides is impossible, if there is little calcium, even the most stringent diets will not yield results. It is possible, and even better, to use milk for the diet, not fat-free, but fat (2,5%). Its structure envelops the walls of the stomach and protects it during the period of refusal of food. In addition, fat milk will help to cope with hunger.

With useful components, everything is clear, but how exactly milk milk burns fat remains a mystery. This is not so important, the main thing is that he copes with his task. Reviews show that in one day of unloading, you can lose up to 1,5 kg, for a week of dieting with this drink, 4-6 kg goes. So, in order to lose weight tea needs to be brewed with milk, you can choose a program for one day or a complete diet for 7 days.

Making the Right Drink

In such a simple process as brewing tea, there are also nuances. There are two ways to prepare a drink: English and Oriental. In the first case, the drink is brewed with milk, in the second – with water.

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English way:

  1. Take 150 ml of milk and 50 ml of water, prepare 2 teaspoons of tea leaves.
  2. Tea pour boiled water and leave to infuse.
  3. Warm up the milk before the first bubbles.
  4. Strain the tea leaves through a strainer.
  5. Connect both drinks.

In tea, you can add a little honey, sugar is better not to use. This is a recipe for one serving, you can prepare a drink immediately for the whole day. For this you need 2 tablespoons of tea leaves, 500 ml of water and 1500 ml of milk.

Eastern way:

  1. Heat 250 ml of milk.
  2. Pour a teaspoon of tea into a teapot and pour milk over it.
  3. Infuse brewing under the lid.
  4. Strain the finished drink.

This method is slightly simpler than the previous one and takes less time. You can simplify the task even more and simply throw the brew in a saucepan with milk, boil a little and strain. It is not worth making tea for a long time, as the concentration of caffeine in it will increase.

For gourmets, you can add spices to the drink. Hot pepper (per serving on the tip of a knife), ginger, cinnamon, cardamom is best suited for weight loss. These seasonings accelerate the metabolism and the process of burning fat. Also, the taste is added by allspice, cloves, nutmeg. The main thing is to choose the one that you like the most. You can try different spices or any kind of tea in one day.

A fresh drink with green or black tea is best suited. Therefore, if you have time, it is advisable not to be lazy and make yourself milk milk every few hours. For the same reason, it is better to choose a day off for unloading. If, nevertheless, the choice fell on working hours or there is no desire to constantly practice with a teapot, you can immediately prepare a large portion, for the day you will need 1,5 liter of the finished drink.

Contraindications for weight loss on tea

Even such a simple and harmless drink may not be useful to everyone. Milk diet tea will not work:

  1. People with diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract, in this case, can be triggered colic. But for those diagnosed with cholecystitis, this method is very useful, since it enhances the choleretic effect.
  2. With intolerance to the components of milk and allergies.
  3. For insomnia, this method will only aggravate the situation, since the amount of caffeine, even for a one-day course, will greatly exceed the rate allowed for such a problem.
  4. People with kidney disease. Due to the large volume of fluid that is shown for this diet, the kidneys may not bear a strong load.
  5. Pregnancy and lactation.

The rest of this method is universal. It can be used by those who work or stay at home, women and men. Care should be taken to treat people in adulthood and adolescents.

One day tea

In the normal diet, the body is “tuned” to anabolism – the process of building cells and tissues (fat is also one of these tissues). Fasting days are designed to “rebuild” this process for catabolism – the consumption of stored energy (again, fat). That is, the body is constantly striving to stock up fatty tissue, and unloading creates a situation in which it uses it for vital activity.

Often resorting to such methods is not safe, since this is a stressful situation for the whole body. Twice a week will be plenty. On the selected day, nothing but milkweed and water cannot be drunk and eaten. For unloading you will need 2 liter of drink, stretched for the whole day. Every 2-2,5 hours you need to drink one serving, you need to drink slowly, enjoying the taste. During breaks, you must take a glass of water.

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Frequent intake of fluid restrains hunger. People who have replenished their dietary experience with this technique leave feedback on well tolerated hunger. In one tea day, you can lose extra pounds from 0,5 to 1,5.

You can choose any kind of tea that you like more:

  1. Black is best combined with milk, depending on the size of the leaf and the quality of the plant itself, a whole range of flavors is revealed. Brew it to take no longer than 5 minutes.
  2. Green contains the most caffeine, so you need to brew it in about 3 minutes at temperatures up to 800.
  3. White – delicate taste, subtle aroma. This variety is slightly weaker than black and green, but also has a good effect on weight loss. If this type of tea is chosen, in all recipes, the amount of tea leaves should be doubled. You need to brew with liquid heated to 650.
  4. Red and yellow – not suitable for weight loss, so they better just enjoy it outside the diet.

In addition to tangible weight loss, this milk-milk intake is very useful for the whole organism. A large amount of fluid and antioxidants in the leaves of the plant provide cleansing of the intestines and the entire digestive tract. Also, the work of the gallbladder and pancreas is restored.

Those who are determined to lose more unwanted pounds will suit a diet with the use of a milk-tea combination and dietary products.

English week at tea

This diet option involves proper nutrition and a tea and milk drink. It consists of several stages: preparation for 3 days, milk diet for 7 days and gradual exit.

Training. The first stage may seem difficult, but it’s not so bad if you believe people who have already managed to lose weight on this technique. For three days you need to drink only water and drink from tea and milk. This start will start the weight loss process. During this period, there will be the most active mass loss – up to 4 kg in just a couple of days.

1,5 liters of milkweed and as much water as possible falls on the day. Extra fluid is needed since a tea drink has a diuretic effect. So, the first, second and third day you need to drink only tea with milk, one cup every two hours. After this comes the next stage – 7 days of diet.

Diet. Here everything is like “ideal people”: without fat, sweet, fried. You also need to abandon canned, street food and convenience foods. Simply put, plant foods are welcome, sometimes boiled meat without fat and, of course, milkweed. The drink helps to cope with the desire to eat or have a snack in between meals. The rule on drinking regimen also remains in force.

A mandatory requirement is to reduce the amount of salt. It retains water in the body and prevents weight loss. It is also worth reducing the use of potatoes, bananas, semolina, any flour products.

One portion of the drink half an hour before a meal fills the stomach, it is possible to reduce the appetite and eat smaller. In addition, as already mentioned, such an aid will help speed up the fat burning process.

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After a three-day drinking diet, the weight may stop, this does not mean that the diet does not work and must be abandoned. The processes running in the body may work after the course. The main thing is not to change the rules: eat low-calorie food in small portions, drink liquid in between.

The menu might look something like this:

  • breakfast – oatmeal on the water, steamed omelets, boiled eggs, fruit salads, smoothies, yoghurts without additives, a handful of nuts;
  • for lunch – dietary soups (without salt, fatty broth and cereals), cream soup, vegetarian borscht or cabbage soup, a little boiled meat (lean);
  • dinners – steam or baked fish (low-fat species), vegetables and fruits, a little cottage cheese, stew, salads (without dressing).

During breaks and before meals, we drink tea. It is better to always carry it with you in a thermos to prevent “random” snacks on the street or at work. Even dietary meals should not overeat, the portion should be with a palm or a little more.

Output. After the seven days of the program, you should gradually increase the portions and introduce prohibited foods. Another 2 day after the course you can not eat fat, flour and fried. Sometimes a balanced diet is extended for a month. In this case, you need to eat in slightly larger portions, increase the amount of healthy fats and drink the same tea and milk composition. That is, food should be normal, but with the exception of heavy food.

Conclusions about the diet

If we talk about unloading and the first three days of the diet, not everyone likes the monotony in the menu. If it is possible to endure one day for the sake of the beauty of the body, then not everyone suffers three-day asceticism. If during this period you really want to eat (very!), It is better to eat something low-calorie and not to torment yourself. Slimming will happen anyway. This is probably the only shortcoming of this method – a short lack of food.

In addition to the beneficial properties of the constituent components (milk and tea), this technique has other positive aspects. The first is, of course, losing weight. It is not known exactly what the secret is, but it works. One day of unloading goes to 1,5 kilograms. And if you extend the course and supplement the drink with proper nutrition, you can forget about 4 and more kilograms.

Ease of use is another plus to this method. Nothing unusual, exclusive, expensive or difficult to access. Drink can make everyone, and in any way. Even the same component of the menu can play a different taste, if you add your favorite spices or herbs. If you cook one large serving per day, no effort is required at all. Diet for a week also does not require much effort or exotic supplements. Everything is very simple and, most importantly, effective.

In addition to the transformed figure, the whole body will be grateful. In a short time with such a diet will leave not only kilograms, but also harmful substances. As a result, as losing weight is noted, the condition of the hair improves a little, the skin is lightened and cleansed. The main thing with the diet is not to overdo it. Be sure to take breaks even if the technique really liked.

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