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Millet diet

Millet is a product that in our time is not particularly popular. Millet porridge occupied a leading position in the national cuisine of the Slavs while in time Peter the Great, we did not try rice. Until now, housewives and culinary specialists easily come up with new dishes with Chinese cereals, resorting to millet only as an exception.

But in the circles of losing weight this product has not lost its former glory, on the contrary, it is becoming more popular. One portion of such porridge solves the issue of hunger for a long time and contains a minimum of calories. A week of millet nutrition eliminates those extra pounds from 7 – this is what interests us. We replenish the “piggy bank” of effective diets with two new methods.

How it works

The millet diet is an alternative to losing weight on a buckwheat, oat or rice diet. Athletes and just losing weight have long noticed that the easiest way to lose weight is obtained on cereals. They are nutritious, affordable, contain beneficial components, cleanse the body. Any cereal is proof that you can quickly lose weight without a constant feeling of hunger.

Millet, also called millet, consists of slow carbohydrates. Slow, or complex, carbohydrates, in turn, are composed of several molecular chains. This means that they are processed by the body for a long time. The “fullness” of porridge is due precisely to the fact that it consists of these long chains. 100 g of such cereals, cooked on water contains only 90 kilocalories, but saturates for the next couple of hours.

Scientists have found essential amino acids in millet. Such a “find” is involved in the structure of cells and muscles, helps to prolong youth and has a positive effect on brain function. Therefore, those who seek a relief body must be shown to introduce porridge from millet into the diet. Amino acids also maintain a stable psyche and prevent mood swings, which is another reason to lose weight on millet.

Millet diet will provide the disposal of extra pounds and cleanse the body. Plant fiber, which is also found in millet, is not digested, but performs important functions. It is recommended for those who want to cleanse the body of toxic substances, residues of antibiotics, heavy metals, excess salts. Such porridge will be especially useful to residents of megacities and industrial zones.

So, millet porridge, getting into the body for a long time it fills, cleans and is not deposited in the fat. Moreover, the body will spend most of the energy received from the eaten porridge on the excretion of fiber. To lose weight on millet, you can use two versions of the diet: strict mono diet and balanced.

Balanced diet for 7 days

This version of the diet is considered more “healthy.” In addition to porridge, other low-calorie foods rich in vitamins and minerals will be on the menu. The diet lasts a week, for which, as promised reviews, goes to 5 kilograms.

The diet consists of four meals: three main and one snack between them. If desired, you can exclude a snack or add another, the results of the diet in this case will change accordingly. It is forbidden to salt and sweeten food, you can not add butter to the finished porridge.

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Half an hour before meals, it is recommended to drink 200 ml of pure water in order to reduce appetite and improve digestion. It is desirable that the liquid was at room temperature and without gas. In the day it is necessary to drink at least one and a half liters.

During this week, you should abandon sweets, fatty, alcohol, flour. Spicy spices, sugar substitutes, sour and canned should also be excluded.

The menu for each day is based on one scheme. For each meal, except for a snack, there is a portion of cereal and one additional component. For breakfast and dinner should be eaten at 100 g porridge, and at lunch – 200 g. In addition, the meal can be supplemented. So, eat porridge and one selected dish.

For breakfast:

  • unsweetened natural yogurt, without additives and dyes – 100 g per serving;
  • boiled egg whites – on 4 pieces per serving;
  • low fat cottage cheese – according to 100 g per serving (you can use a homemade calcined version).

For lunch:

  • vegetarian soup from any vegetables (exclude potatoes) – 150 g per serving (cook without fat and salt, on vegetable broth, you can add garden greens);
  • vegetable stew – 100 g per serving (zucchini, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, pumpkin are best);
  • vegetable salad – 150 g per serving (can be seasoned with olive or linseed oil, orange or lemon juice).

For dinner:

  • one fruit of unsweetened varieties (green apples and pears, kiwi, citruses, grapefruit are suitable);
  • a glass of kefir of low fat content;
  • 200 ml of milk or fermented baked milk.

Snack can be arranged in the morning (lunch) or before dinner (afternoon tea). For a snack there is a glass of low-fat kefir or milk. It is better to make a menu in advance for a week or a couple of days ahead: a clear program plan will make it easier to transfer.

At the end of the course, it is desirable to continue to eat porridge, at least two or three times a week. Nutritionists recommend leaving slow carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch.

Losing weight note that the weight goes with an enviable trend – on 600-700 grams per day. It should be noted that this result is extreme; it is only possible to lose almost a kilogram per day if overweight is too much. Combining a diet with feasible physical exertion can also lead to a similar result. Those who are not very burdened with excess weight can lose from 3-4 kilograms for the entire program.

You can repeat this course once a month.

Monodiet on millet

A strict version of the diet on millet groats is designed for maximum weight loss. This program also lasts one week, but the menu in it consists solely of boiled millet. Only liquids can be added to porridge: tea, coffee without milk and sugar, homemade compote of dried or fresh fruits, decoctions.

In the morning of every day, boil in water by 100 g of dry cereal, in cooked form, this will give almost 400 g of cereal. Salt and oil still cannot be added to the dish, for maximum weight loss only “empty” porridge is required. The resulting amount of food should be divided into 4 servings and eaten during the day.

Such a mono-diet will allow you to quickly get rid of 6-7 kilograms, clean your body well, carry out prevention of cardiovascular diseases. You can resort to this technique no more than 1 times in a 3 month.

After the diet, it is important to gradually return to a good diet, you can not abruptly return to the menu the usual food. You can immediately after a tight diet go to the first option – a balanced diet, but with the addition of lean fish and meat. So the diet will expand with useful products, the weight will decrease, and the results will be fixed for longer.

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Unloading day for millet

Fasting days may be necessary for losing weight during periods when the weight stops. Shake for the body starts the process of burning fat and rebuilds it in the desired fashion. If the weight is normal or steadily declining, it does not make sense to unload.

Those who are not seeking to lose weight, but are far from proper nutrition, can hold fasting days once or twice a month. This will help prevent the growth of the fat layer, in addition, it is useful for digestion.

Unloading porridge reminds one day of mono-diets. You will need to cook 4 portions of cereal without oil and salt, eat in small portions throughout the day, the last ingestion of cereal should be 3-4 an hour before sleep. In the breaks, be sure to drink a liter of water 2, it will help the body to clean out of harmful components and remove excess water.

As a result of such measures, metabolism improves, digestion is normalized, weight is reduced. On average, for one such day, you can get rid of 1 kilogram, which will consist of lost fluid and fat.

Proper cooking porridge

Properly cooked millet will give away more useful components and “fulfill” all its positive properties. When buying a product, you need to make sure that the croup is bright yellow and the surface is matte. These signs indicate that it is not polished, polished product is used for feeding birds.

Frosted and bright millet in porridge will have a sweetish taste, and a pale or shiny bitter taste after cooking. To choose the right cereal, it is advisable to buy it in transparent packages or by weight.

Boil the dish should be in the ratio 1: 3. Before cooking, be sure to rinse the cereal to clean water. Especially gentle, it comes out if you cook it with milk, but only water is suitable for weight loss. Cooking should be on low heat, without a lid. Check the readiness of porridge can taste.

A more useful type of cooking is steeping. It is necessary to wash the grits and pour boiling water in the same ratio. Cover the dishes with porridge tightly with a lid and wrap, leave to steam overnight. In the morning you can eat the dish without additional heat treatment. This method saves more nutrients.

To ensure that millet does not lose some of its useful components during the cooking process, it is recommended to pre-fry it in a frying pan.

Contraindications for use

A diet on millet does not suit people with a penchant for constipation, as this croup itself can be their cause. People with other digestive disorders are advised to use millet porridge no more than twice a week. It does not fit those who suffer from low acidity of the stomach.

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The components in the cereal interfere with the absorption of iodine, therefore, such a diet is contraindicated for patients with thyroid gland diseases. Also, with gluten intolerance, eating millet is not allowed.

Men also often resort to diets, but in this case, it is better to look for other methods of losing weight. Substances that are part of the wheat may adversely affect the potency. A lady is allowed such a diet only in the absence of pregnancy and lactation.

Conclusion: the pros and cons of the diet

Millet diet has earned a lot of positive feedback, as it is really effective. Without a special feeling of hunger, you can thoroughly bring the figure in order in just a week.

The technique is simple and does not require special culinary skills, which makes it available to anyone who wants it (if the person interested is not familiar with the diseases from the list of contraindications). All the components of a balanced menu can be easily found in the nearest store, and a mono-diet can be considered one of the cheapest body correction techniques.

Another positive side concerns recovery. In whole croup is an important element – magnesium, which positively affects the work of the heart and the tone of blood vessels. In the course of such a diet, the prevention of possible cardiovascular diseases takes place.

The effect of fluoride and silicon will appeal to losing weight girls. These microelements strengthen the hair structure no worse than cosmetics. In addition, together with copper, they improve skin elasticity and bone structure. The cleansing properties of millet are reflected on the skin, which after a course of weight loss will become whiter and cleaner.

Before conducting this program, it is important to consider the disadvantages of the methodology. These include a wide list of contraindications. In fact, only healthy women can use this diet with absolutely no harm. Everything is good in moderation: a large amount of porridge can turn advantages into disadvantages. The monotony monotony leads to the risk of breakdown, which is why not everyone maintains the diet to the end.

The constant presence of porridge on the menu can lead to constipation, which will overshadow the positive results of the diet. In order not to encounter such a problem, it is recommended to add vegetable oil to the dish, you can drink separately by a teaspoon of flaxseed or sesame.

Before the program, it is better to weigh the pros and cons. For starters, spend one day fasting on millet, the results will show whether the diet is suitable. After losing weight, it is advisable not to abandon it, but use it periodically for the sake of shape and health.

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