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Model diet

Angels hovering on the runway with chiseled figures evoke sometimes conflicting feelings in the audience: from genuine admiration to mild envy. Sometimes it seems that the ideal body of a model is nothing but a divine gift. But how are things going in real life?

It is known that success in any field of activity on all 10% consists of natural inclinations, the remaining 90% is the result of daily efforts. This rule is followed by all who have reached certain heights in the modeling business.

In order to rightfully be called the beauty standard, the top model is working hard to improve its own body. It is clear that no one will be able to achieve the ideal, but you can get as close as possible to it with the help of diet, sports and various beauty practices.

Growth from 170 cm and exemplary parameters are not given to everyone, but everyone can lose a few pounds using a model diet. Having in the arsenal of willpower, patience and motivation, you can deal with overweight, using one of the methods of losing weight stars fashion shows.

What diets are models on?

It is difficult to find a person more experienced in the fight against obesity than the queen of the catwalk. In contrast to the cover model of a glossy magazine, the body of a girl who demonstrates clothes and underwear should strictly comply with the standards.

Model diet – a term that combines a number of copyright and professional ways to lose weight. The most popular methods are:

  • carbohydrate model diet for three days;
  • weekly diet with a limited calorie intake;
  • French model diet;
  • Victoria’s Angels Diet.

Diet supermodels for up to a week is designed to quickly bring the weight back to normal, so the girls sit on it just before going to the podium. Due to severe restrictions and an unbalanced diet, one cannot prolong the diet or use it more than once a month.

In everyday life, models eat differently: some eat little and irregularly, few lucky women eat everything and do not get fat, the rest – they are hungry. But most of the models do not go to extremes and adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and programs developed by nutritionists or independently.

Features of the model diet

Model diet is designed for morning activity, so the main burden on the digestive organs falls on the first half of the day. An acute sense of hunger in the evening can be unbearable for those who work late into the night or are not used to going to bed early. Therefore, when drawing up a model menu, one should take into account individual biorhythms and daily schedule. The basic rule of power – there is no later than 3-4 hours before the end of the day.

Some good habits that will help start eating as a model:

  • often eat small meals that fit in the palms so as not to stretch the stomach;
  • exclude well-known junk food, sugar, salt, alcohol;
  • use only fresh homemade fruits and vegetables;
  • cook meat, poultry and fish, steam or grill without oil or fat;
  • maintain water-salt balance with the help of mineral water without gas;
  • drink more phytotea and fresh juices;
  • to compensate for the lack of nutrients with the help of multivitamins and vitamin cocktails.
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The diet of models at first glance may seem rather meager: it completely lacks fats and fast carbohydrates. It must be understood that models are eaten primarily for beauty, so special attention is paid to protein food and fiber. Such nutrition helps to lose weight without losing physical shape, preserve the shape of the figure, the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

The table presents the products of which mainly consists of power models:

Meat Low-fat veal, beef steak, rabbit meat, chicken fillet, quail, turkey
Seafood Fillet of sea fish, squid, shrimp, mussels
Eggs Chicken, quail
Bakery products Whole grain bread, diet bread
Fruits and berries Citrus fruits, all sweet and sour berries and fruits, sometimes bananas
Vegetables Only fresh non-starchy vegetables, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots and all green vegetables
Milk products Low-fat yogurt, kefir, granular cottage cheese, feta cheese, hard unleavened cheese
Beverages Coffee, green, white, chamomile tea, mineral water without gas

Photos on social networks can often see models with vitamin smoothies in their hands. These easy-to-prepare drinks allow you to recuperate effectively during short breaks between shots. Fresh smoothies retain all the beneficial substances of the ingredients, are easily digested and do not overload the gastrointestinal tract.

Ideal for a model diet would be a smoothie made from green fruits and vegetables, which can be combined as follows:

  • cucumber, avocado, apple, ginger;
  • banana, spinach, kiwi;
  • salad, avocado, apple, kiwi;
  • fresh cabbage, avocado, spinach;
  • cucumber and parsley;
  • cucumber, apple, lime;
  • celery with apple;
  • cucumber, kiwi, pineapple, lemon.

The list of possible combinations can be continued indefinitely, because In general, green vegetables and fruits are harmoniously combined with each other. In order to try one of these recipes you will need a blender or food processor and five minutes of personal time.

However, even green smoothies may not be enough to compensate for the energy costs of the body, especially if you combine a model diet with intense physical exercise. It is necessary to take multivitamins and microelements separately during the diet period of the models.

Carbohydrate-free diet

Curd model diet – one of the toughest methods of losing weight, which is addressed to the model for three days before the show. The three-day course involves a complete rejection of lipids and carbohydrates, so you can lose 2-4 kg, depending on the starting indicators.

The menu for three days is the same and consists solely of two eggs and curd 200-300 of cottage cheese with fat content up to 1%. Other products are prohibited at this time. Eggs in a boiled form are used for breakfast and washed down with a cup of green tea or black coffee without sugar. Cottage cheese should be divided into two meals, the interval between which should not exceed three hours. After 15: 00 can not eat at all.

Compliance with the drinking regime and the rejection of salt are mandatory for this diet. On the day you need to drink at least two liters of purified or mineral water at room temperature in order to suppress a feeling of hunger. In the afternoon, you can drink decoctions of herbs, green and white tea.

To withstand such a diet is extremely difficult, and for those who are not accustomed to going to bed early or limit themselves to eating, three curd days will seem like hell. Therefore, a more loyal version of the low-carb model diet is rarely used, which includes dinner a few hours before bedtime. The three-day menu can be supplemented with whole chicken or turkey fillet, whole grain bread, non-starchy vegetables and greens. Calorie daily ration should not exceed 500 kcal.

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From any diet you need to go smoothly with the gradual addition to the usual food products. For a rigid model diet, not only the output, but also the proper input is important: you need to give up junk food and sweets at least a week before the start.

As a rule, models do not stop playing sports during a diet, but an ordinary person can feel lethargy, weakness, dizziness and fatigue throughout it. With the appearance of obvious symptoms of exhaustion, the diet should be stopped and attention paid to physical health.

Low-calorie model diet

This variety of top models diet is designed for a week and has a more balanced diet, which can include low-fat beef fillet, chicken breast, eggs, unsweetened fruits, vegetables with a low glycemic index. During the diet you need to drink hot water and tea to speed up metabolic processes.

Sample model diet menu for 7 days:

  • breakfast – 2 chicken soft-boiled eggs, whole-grain toast, fresh cucumber or tomato;
  • Lunch – 300 of bean salad or 100 of low-fat, grainy curd with unsweetened fruit;
  • lunch – 200 g of beef, chicken or fish fillet, some fresh vegetables or diet curd;
  • dinner – fresh salad.

Breakfast and lunch, if desired, can be swapped: eat a piece of meat in the morning, and dine with eggs. Occasionally, a protein breakfast can be replaced with porridge on the water and a green apple, but in general, carbohydrate intake should be minimized. An exception to the rule is non-starchy vegetables and beans (beans, peas, soybeans).

Legumes are leaders in the content of vegetable protein and an excellent option for a daily snack. Nutritious bean salads for lunch require a minimum of ingredients and are easy to prepare. Quick recipe options for salads with boiled beans:

  • 100 g of red beans, 2 bell peppers straws, red onions in half rings, a sprig of green basil;
  • 100 g of red beans, 100 g of green peas, 1 tomato, onions, chopped basil;
  • 150 g of green beans, 50 g of olives, onions, greens;
  • 100 g asparagus, 1 boiled carrots, 50 g peas, 50 g olives, green onions, greens.

It is recommended to cook dietary food, steam or grill without marinade, salt and oil. For vegetable salads, you can use soy sauce, apple and balsamic vinegar, lemon or lime juice.

The serving size for one meal should not exceed 300 g, and after 18: 00 you can only drink. Such a diet with an average daily caloric 1000 kcal allows you to lose weight on 3-6 kg.

French model diet

The freedom-loving French women are not accustomed to deny themselves the small joys of life, but French designers are no less demanding than their foreign counterparts. Therefore, the queens of the French podiums are forced to control their weight with a diet.

The diet of French models is a slimming marathon on green tea lasting up to 2 weeks. The list of allowed products does not differ from the classic model diet on 7 days, but the menu itself suffers some changes:

  • morning – hot tea with 1 tsp fasting honey;
  • breakfast – unsweetened coffee with milk, whole-grain toast or crackers;
  • Lunch – vegetable salad without butter with a piece of feta cheese or low-fat yogurt;
  • lunch – green or herbal hot tea;
  • dinner – 250-300 of protein foods (beef steak, chicken breast, fish, soft-boiled eggs) and fresh vegetables.
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In the evening before bedtime, you can only drink tea to speed up the process of burning fat. The drink should be brewed immediately before use. Chamomile decoction, green and white leaf tea are ideal for weight loss.

The duration of such a diet can vary from a week to a month, however, a two-week period is considered optimal, after which it can be found on the scales minus 2-6 kg. If the desired results have not been achieved, it is better to repeat the course after a while or try another method.

Angels Diet

Despite the fact that the protein menu fully meets the requirements of the models, a direct link between the Victoria’s Angels diet and the nutrition of the stars of the Victoria`s Secret show has not been established. The predominance of protein foods in the diet and a limited size of portions allow you to burn fat deposits without losing muscle mass and maintain skin elasticity.

The weekly angel menu consists of four meals and quite earthly products available:

  • morning – toast from whole-grain bread or a salad of grated carrots with lemon juice, black coffee without sugar;
  • Lunch – 1 green apple or 100 of unsweetened yogurt;
  • lunch – 200 of meat (chicken fillet, beef steak) and fresh salad;
  • dinner – two eggs or hard cheese, a salad of green vegetables.

For a more balanced diet, you can alternate meat food with seafood. It is also not forbidden, for example, to eat eggs for lunch, and meat or fish for dinner. The main condition for all dishes during the diet – cook or steam and grill with a minimum amount of salt.

The angel’s model diet lasts 13 days, after which it is possible to detect a loss from 5 to 8 kg. It is not recommended to lose weight in this way more than once a year.

Advantages and disadvantages of a model diet

On the Internet, there are quite contradictory reviews about the diet models. This is due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to sustain the protein marathon and hungry evenings. Those who succeeded, noted the high efficiency of this method of losing weight.

The main advantages of a model diet:

  • weight loss on 2-4 kg in three days and before 8 kg in 13 days;
  • low cost and availability of products;
  • preservation of muscle mass and elasticity of the skin;
  • quick visible result.

The main drawback of the model diet is an unbalanced diet, which can cause increased fatigue, decreased mental and physical activity. The deficiency of beneficial substances must be compensated with the help of multivitamins. It is necessary to start such a diet, making sure that there is inflexible will power and good health.

A model diet can be carried out only in the absence of the following diseases: individual intolerance to lactose and gluten, acute and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the kidneys and urinary system, chronic diseases during exacerbation and weakened immunity.

Model diet is not suitable for vegetarians, because it involves the daily consumption of meat. It is strictly forbidden for pregnant and lactating mothers to lose weight; it is not recommended to take a great interest in diets also for teenagers and people in old age. It will be useful to consult a doctor before starting a diet to make sure there are no contraindications.

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