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Paleo diet

The Paleo Diet (Stone Age diet) is a weight loss program based on the recreation of the menu of a cave, primitive man. The modern version of the ancient diet of people consists of food that is available today: poultry, meat, fish, rhizomes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. At the same time, sugar, processed refined oils, dairy products, and grains are excluded from it.

The basis of pre-agricultural nutrition is animal protein, which, unlike plant proteins, speeds up metabolism, which means weight loss. In addition, it is much more satisfying than fats and carbohydrates, because it is digested for a long time (during 3,5-6 hours) in the body.

The Paleolithic diet was developed by American authors of books on healthy eating – Oz Garcia and Lauren Cordain. The ideological component of the methodology is based on the belief that the problem of extra pounds occurs in people who consume foods that are not suitable for them at the genetic level. When switching to the correct diet of ancient inhabitants, human health will improve, appearance, excess weight will go away.

Principles of diet

The Stone Age nutrition system is based on the fact that you should eat exclusively natural products, such as: fruits, vegetables, berries, plants, herbs, roots that grow in the wild. You need to eat in small portions, move more. Do not eat simple carbohydrates (fast food, confectionery sweets, sugar, sweetened soda, convenience foods). They must be replaced with natural honey.

You should also completely abandon the use of industrial sugar. This product contributes to obesity, stimulates the development of serious diseases, increases the intensity and frequency of insulin in the blood.

Meat products permitted for consumption should be low-fat and dietary. In addition, to become slimmer, it is necessary to minimize the intake of foods with a high glycemic index.

Remember, after the transition to the paleo diet should not wait for a quick result. The body needs time to restructure.

Interestingly, the diet of a caveman helps not only to correct the figure, but is also actively used to eliminate health problems.

The primitive diet prevents and slows the development of the following diseases: Hashimoto thyroiditis, digestive disorders, diabetes mellitus type II, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune pathologies. In addition, it is indicated for hormonal imbalance, infertility.

Tips for practicing paleo diet:

  1. Fibrous, coarse foods that stimulate the intestinal evacuation function should predominate in the diet. In addition, fiber cleanses the body of toxic substances, lowers cholesterol, prevents the dangerous release of glucose by controlling blood sugar, improves the microflora in the digestive tract, and normalizes metabolism. Once in the stomach, dietary fiber swells, which gives a feeling of satiety. Due to this, in the process of losing weight, a person does not experience hunger, remains full longer.

Remember, coarse fiber can mechanically injure the walls of the inflamed stomach, so people suffering from ulcers or gastritis should refuse to use foods containing it in large quantities. These include: fruits, fruits, cabbage, lettuce, vegetables.

  1. In moderation (up to 50 g per day), it is useful to include seeds and nuts in your diet. They have a beneficial effect on the heart, reduce appetite, stimulate brain function, remove toxins, fortify the body, supply non-animal protein and valuable omega-3 acids. However, due to the high calorie content of the product requires restrictions. If you exceed the daily dose, you can gain excess weight.
  2. Fruits and berries are an important component of the daily diet of a caveman losing weight according to the system, which, regardless of the time of year, should always be present in the diet menu. These include: blueberries, strawberries, grapes, apples, raspberries. These fruits and berries are natural antioxidants that contain vitamin C and exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Whole grains. They replace cereals, flour products that contain harmful gluten, contributing to disorders of the immune and nervous systems.
  4. Mandatory protein foods in the paleo diet: eggs, homemade cheeses, turkey meat, cottage cheese, poultry.
  5. Despite the abundance of natural vitamins in the diet of losing weight, it is recommended to add nutrients and mineral compounds in the form of tablets.

Remember, while losing weight, the body is under stress and is not able to fully absorb the nutrients from food.

Because of what there is a need for their additional introduction (in synthetic form) in the diet.

Vitamins, macro- and microelements protect the body from negative environmental factors, infections, stresses, strengthen the immune system, increase efficiency.

Nutritionists have proven that with the help of nutraceuticals, you can speed up the process of shedding extra pounds. For this, attention should be paid to vitamin complexes containing ascorbic acid (C), omega-3, magnesium, tocopherol (E), cholecalciferol (D) and B vitamins.

  1. Drink plenty. To speed up metabolism, improve digestion, remove toxins, and cleanse the skin, you need to drink at least 2 l of water, 0,2 l of green tea per day. Alcohol and coffee should be abandoned, since they contribute to the retention of fluid in the body, can cause nervousness, excessive excitability.
  2. A full sleep and breakfast should never be neglected. These components are the key to health, attractiveness, and systematic weight loss.
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Observing the paleo diet should not look for auxiliary sources of protein for building muscle mass and reducing weight, because daily protein in the form of lean meats will be present in the menu of losing weight.

A bird with a significant amount of vegetables, as well as fruits, will reduce calorie intake, which will speed up the process of weight loss.

Good diet

Paleo diet is not an attempt to reproduce the life of Neanderthals. This is a way to fit into the modern context beliefs about the life of our ancestors: regular physical activity, vitamin-rich natural food without toxins, stress management, sleep, minimum 8 hours, enjoyment from every day.

Advantages of a dietary paleo-ration:

  1. It normalizes blood sugar levels, which removes chronic fatigue and prevents the appearance of sudden bouts of hunger. In addition, the risk of developing diabetes is reduced.
  2. Promotes muscle building. Protein of animal and vegetable origin, present in the day menu of losing weight, in combination with fresh vegetables stimulates the growth of muscles, the formation of the relief of the body.
  3. Cleans the blood of cholesterol due to what the diet prevents the occurrence of heart disease.
  4. Provides a lasting effect, eliminating the likelihood of a speedy return of the dropped weight.
  5. Easy to carry, suitable for athletes. At first glance, it seems that the diet is not suitable for athletes due to the complete lack of carbohydrates, but this is not so. Replenish energy costs by increasing the amount of fruit in the diet. Carbohydrate fruits include cherries, pineapples and bananas. In addition, oatmeal and brown rice will help offset energy costs.
  6. Gives quick results. According to the statements of the American dietary developers, if the caveman’s ration for the 2 week is observed, you can become lighter with 5-10 kg, depending on the amount of excess weight, associated diseases and individual characteristics of the organism.

Remember, the greater the body weight, the sooner hateful kilograms leave in the first 10 days.

The minimum duration of a paleo diet is 14 days. At the same time, the creators of the technique recommend sticking to it on an ongoing basis, turning it into a lifestyle. Whether this can be done or not is a moot point, since according to the conclusion of a group of experts with the participation of the British Dietetic Association, the paleo diet was recognized as the worst weight loss system in 2015. According to experts, it is considered unbalanced, leading to a deficiency of nutrients in the body. As you can see, the opinions of developers and researchers differ, which is why this method of losing weight is currently at the stage of a detailed study.

Disadvantages of the diet

During the paleo diet, the following foods are prohibited: salt, soda, refined fats and oils, beans, lentils, beer, alcohol, products from gluten-containing cereals and whole milk from farm animals, packaged juices, pasta, carbonated drinks, industrially processed Sahara.

Negative aspects of the caveman diet:

  1. The high cost of permitted products. High-quality meat, dairy products are expensive, especially when it comes to non-seasonal fresh vegetables and fruits.
  2. Moral discomfort arising against the rejection of the usual diet.
  3. Not suitable for vegetarians, people with diseases of the kidneys, stomach.
  4. Decreased performance, a sense of powerlessness due to a lack of carbohydrates in the diet.

Men with strongly developed muscles should refuse from palaeotic nutrition, since in this case it is necessary to consume no less than 4000 kcal per day to keep muscles in shape during intensive physical training, of which 2000 kcal should be carbohydrates. And in the case of compliance with the caveman’s diet, energy can be compensated only by fruits and vegetables, and this will not be enough in any case. The body will begin to require glucose, which threatens to break the diet.

How to ease the transition

Making changes in the diet in any case is accompanied by stress for the human body, who is used to the usual diet. Therefore, you can not “chop off the shoulder.” You should not set unrealistic tasks in front of you. Otherwise, you can undermine health, feel severe psychological discomfort, a sense of oppression, irritation, nervous excitement, accompanied by breakdowns and conflicts.

The transition to the paleo diet should be carried out smoothly. To do this, banned foods are excluded from the diet gradually a few pieces a day. So the body will hardly experience stress, gradually adapts to the change of diet.

Drink more fluids. Often the feeling of hunger indicates a lack of fluid in the body. You should not allow the emergence of thirst, you need to drink throughout the day in a small amount (100-150 ml at a time). So the water will gradually be absorbed and fulfill the necessary purpose in the body, rather than transit in urine, bypassing its functions.

The change in nutrition is recommended during a period of well-being, high spirits, better during the holidays. In no case should the diet change coincide with illness, depression, stress. Otherwise, the odds of breaking the diet increase 2 or more.

After making a decision to bring a figure in order it is useful to enlist the support of loved ones. In addition, visual stimulation will be a strong motivation. It is recommended to hang a photo of a slim guy or girl in a prominent place. Every time she will be seen losing weight will be aware of why all the efforts and what the end result awaits him.

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Remember, the path to health, well-being and ideal weight cannot be easy. This is a long, thorny road, requiring persistence and willpower from the traveler. However, only by overcoming one’s own weakness one can see positive changes. If the rules of nutrition of the paleo diet are observed, the body will change, breathing will become easier, chronic diseases will disappear (especially for the heart and joints), the load on the pancreas and liver will decrease, and health complaints will stop.

Menu for the week

Food (meat, fish, poultry) should be lean, without adding salt, spices, cooked in the oven, steamed or boiled. Seeds and nuts (pistachios, almonds, cashews, macadamia, peanuts, pumpkin, sunflower, pine and walnut) should be eaten raw. They should not be fried or salted. Any culinary processing of nuts and seeds by more than 80% reduces their nutritional value.

Day # 1:

  • breakfast: omelet from two chicken eggs, sweet pepper – 0,5 pcs;
  • lunch: pear cream pudding – 100 g;
  • lunch: salad of lettuce, tuna, tomato, cucumber seasoned with olive oil – 300 g;
  • afternoon snack: almonds – 50 g;
  • dinner: boiled broccoli – 100 g and baked chicken breast – 100

Day # 2:

  • breakfast: tomato – 1 pcs, lettuce, avocado – 0,5 pcs, bread with bran – 1 pcs;
  • lunch: watermelon – 150 g;
  • lunch: broccoli cream soup – 200 g, meatballs – 100 g;
  • afternoon snack: peach – 1 pcs;
  • dinner: fish with celery and apple, baked in the oven – 200

Day # 3:

  • breakfast: beef meatballs with pumpkin spaghetti – 200 g, cucumber: 1 pcs;
  • lunch: kiwi – 1 pcs;
  • lunch: stewed cabbage with meat – 250 g, leafy greens;
  • afternoon snack: orange – 1 pcs;
  • dinner: salad of mandarin, apple, avocado and shrimp – 200

Day # 4:

  • breakfast: pumpkin cream soup – 200 g, a slice of whole grain bread;
  • second breakfast: coke milk – 150 ml;
  • lunch: borsch – 200 ml, boiled veal – 100 g;
  • afternoon snack: pumpkin seeds – 40 g;
  • dinner: salmon baked with mushrooms – 150 g.

Day # 5:

  • breakfast: salad of cucumbers and tomatoes – 200 g, soft-boiled eggs: 2 pcs;
  • lunch: pear – 1 pcs;
  • lunch: steamed chicken meatballs – 2 pcs; lettuce, boiled cauliflower – 100 g;
  • afternoon snack: strawberries – 100 g;
  • dinner: zucchini or cucumber rolls with tomatoes, soft cheese, boiled chicken fillet – 150

Day # 6:

  • breakfast: fruit cocktail of orange, kiwi, banana – 200 ml, oatmeal – 150 g;
  • lunch: baked or fresh apple – 1 pcs;
  • lunch: vegetarian vegetable soup – 200 ml, shrimp – 100 g;
  • afternoon snack: black currant – 100 g;
  • dinner: boiled veal – 150 g, cucumber and radish salad – 100 g.

Day # 7:

  • breakfast: coconut pancakes with raspberries and blueberries – 150 g, green tea – 200 ml;
  • lunch: coke cheese – 100
  • lunch: steamed fish with zucchini and tomatoes – 250 g;
  • afternoon snack: freshly squeezed juice from carrots, apples, celery – 150 ml;
  • dinner: tomato and spinach salad – 150 g, steamed chicken chops – 100 g.

Before bed, it is recommended to drink a glass of purified water.

The menu of the paleo diet is allowed to be supplemented with dried apples, vegetables, olive oil, berries with coconut cream.

Remember, it is recommended to eat fruits not with the main meal, but in the intervals between meals. So they are quickly digested by the human body and do not inhibit the absorption of other products.

Useful Cave Recipes

Our ancestors did not try sugar, so all dishes are prepared without industrial sweeteners. Raw honey is allowed. In addition, salt, store sauces, pickles are also not allies in the struggle for health and a beautiful body.

Recipe # 1 Coconut Pancakes


  • sugar-free apple sauce – 30 g;
  • Coconut milk – 60 ml;
  • apple cider vinegar – 1 ml;
  • coconut oil – 15 ml;
  • eggs – 3 pcs;
  • coconut flour – 50 g;
  • soda – on the tip of a knife.

Principle of preparation:

  1. Mix flour with eggs, add coconut milk, butter, apple sauce, mix.
  2. Baking soda to extinguish vinegar, add to the mixture.

Pancakes are fried in coconut oil in a cast iron skillet. Served with fresh fruit.

Recipe No. 2 “Coconut Curd”


  • gelatin – 20 g;
  • Coconut milk – 500 ml.

Method of preparation:

  1. Pour in gelatin 50 ml of coconut milk. Heat the remainder over low heat. Pour gelatin, stir until completely dissolved.
  2. Put the resulting mass in a cold place for 5 hours. After this time has elapsed, the stiffened dessert should be whipped with a mixer until the structure resembles cottage cheese.

Serve with honey, raw nuts, fresh berries and fruits.

Recipe No. 3 “Beef Meatballs with Pumpkin Spaghetti”


  • olive oil – 15 ml;
  • beef tenderloin – 150 g;
  • squash squash – 700 g;
  • tomato juice – 250 ml;
  • egg – 1 pieces;
  • onions – ¼ parts.

Principle of preparation:

  1. Peel the pumpkin, grate or cut into thin strips, simmer in a pan with tomato juice until the latter is completely evaporated. Spaghetti is considered ready after it becomes soft.
  2. Beef tenderloin with onions are passed through a meat grinder, add an egg. From the obtained mince form balls boiled in water or tomato juice (if desired) until done. Serve with pumpkin spaghetti.
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Remember, to quickly lose weight it is not enough just to eat right, you must follow the “cave” habits, live a mobile lifestyle, engage in fitness, fast walking, swimming, dancing, go cycling.

Remember, our ancestors did not have delivery of hamburgers, chips, sushi, pizza. Food had to be mined, which required enormous energy costs. According to modern anthropology, the inhabitants of the Stone Age rarely died of hunger, but did not suffer from overweight. Which again confirms the fact that the current generation suffers from obesity due to regular overeating and passive lifestyle. Maybe it’s time to radically change the style of nutrition and go back to basics?

Frequent mistakes

When you give up the usual diet and go on a paleo diet, often people do not even imply that they make omissions, which subsequently force them to pay for acceptable holes.

The most common misconception is to start losing weight after the new year in early January. A sharp change in gluttony for a hunger strike forces the body to strike against such a cardinal change in nutrition. As a result, a person begins to feel worse and worse, both at the psychological and physical levels. Weakness, apathy, depression, headaches, nausea, stomach pain, hunger attacks appear. All thoughts of losing weight are concentrated only on food and prohibited foods, the so-called manic state and a painful craving for food develops. The body is fighting for survival and demands to return everything, as it was! Under the oppression of the sensations that have arisen, most people give up, which makes them feel even worse in the future than before losing weight, as a result of a failure. And all because of making unreasonable changes.

The process of transition from the usual menu to the diet should be smooth and begin not after the feast. First of all, it is necessary to give the body time to recover from eating an uncontrolled amount of food, so that the stretched walls of the stomach will return to their usual size. This will make losing weight easier.

The second common mistake of the paleo diet is the opinion that practicing it causes damage to the environment. Of course, adherents of plant nutrition (vegetarians) due to moral considerations should not eat meat products. The rest should take into account the fact that for full growth, development and functioning of a person need to consume protein. Most of it is concentrated in animal products (meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, seafood). To fill the shortage of protein in the body with the help of plant sources (nuts, legumes) is extremely difficult and dangerous to health. Therefore, before taking the path of veganism and abandoning the principles of paleo, it is recommended to weigh the pros and cons.

The third common mistake faced by losing weight: “The less I eat, the faster I will lose weight.” This is an absolute lie, because in the event of late delivery of food (skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner) to the next reception, the body, under stress, that he was not given food, will not be able to fully process and assimilate the products, he will postpone them. As a result, weight loss will slow down or stop altogether.

The fourth misconception: “The more I spend time in the gym, the sooner I lose weight.” And this is also not true. The paleotic ration strictly limits the amount of carbohydrate intake, which means that with significant physical exertion it will be extremely problematic to replenish energy consumption with the help of natural sources of glucose (vegetables and fruits). As a result, the state of health will deteriorate, there will be no strength, and at the same time a good mood will leave, a positive attitude due to the lack of the expected effect.

Remember, everything should be a measure. Do not be fooled. Proper nutrition, proper rest, eight hours of sleep, moderate exercise will do the trick. No need to rush. If all the conditions are met, the result will not be long in coming.


Paleo Diet – a method of losing weight, based on the principles of human nutrition in distant prehistoric times. Due to the almost complete elimination of carbohydrates from the diet, this scheme of weight loss is hard and in essence similar to the gluten-free type.

The basis of the paleo diet menu is protein products of animal origin – meat, fish. Vegetables and fruits account for a slightly smaller proportion. Vegetable fats, nuts and seeds are an important component of a person’s daily diet, but their consumption must be minimized. Otherwise, due to their high calorie content, you can get the opposite effect in the form of weight gain.

In addition to burning fat and losing weight on 5-10 kg for 14 days, the caveman’s diet improves skin condition, sleep, strengthens teeth, reduces the severity of allergic reactions, cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar. The main thing is to observe all the principles of the methodology, in the event of a breakdown, everyone starts all over again.

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