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Pineapple diet

In the war with extra pounds any means are good. More precisely, any means are applied. The turn has reached exotic products and methods. Among them, acupuncture, harmless aromatherapy and very offensive input of worms. About this we will not, consider something more pleasant.

Pineapple diet is a simple and exotic way to quickly lose excess weight. The female half, fighting with unnecessary kilograms, successfully uses several variations of such a diet. This diet can only be effective if used correctly. We learn in detail about the new method of losing weight and its results.

To whom does

You should start with the fact that such a tasty way to lose weight is not suitable for everyone. The diet has very few contraindications, but it’s worth paying attention to them first. People with kidney and liver disease, inflammation of the urogenital system will have to look for other options for weight loss.

The diet with an exotic fruit is not very balanced, besides shifted to the acid side, it can lead to complications of the disease. For the same reason, diet is not strictly recommended for gastritis, peptic ulcer or stomach ulcers. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract any changes in the diet should occur under the supervision of a physician.

Another group of people who are not suitable for this method for losing weight – allergies. With increased sensitivity to pineapple, most likely no one will even think to experiment. If the body’s reaction to this product is unknown, you need to eat one circle of fresh fruit and monitor well-being throughout the 2 day. If shortness of breath, swelling (even light), redness and rash, runny nose – you should not use this diet.

So, pineapple method is suitable for people who are healthy, without liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract and allergies. It should be noted that this technique makes sense only with an average mass. If overweight is too much – this diet is not enough, but if the weight is not too great – only the pineapple diet on the 3 of the day will do.

The essence and rules of the diet

The whole point of the diet is one thing: eat pineapple, drink pineapple. This product can be used for mono-diets on 2-3 days (fasting days) and as the main component for a five-day diet. It should be as much as possible in the menu.

Only fresh fruit is suitable, canned fruit is not allowed, since it contains much more sugar, there are additional components and preservatives. Pineapple itself, even in its fresh form, contains many sugars, it is called dietary because the total calories in 100 g of the product are 56 kcal. For diet dishes, it can be cut, mashed, make juices, smoothies, jellies. In addition, in a more sparing version of the diet, it is used as a side dish and additions to salads, cereals, meat.

The main effect of weight loss is ensured by proper nutrition and a special substance in the composition of an exotic fruit. Bromelain is a rarely encountered substance that speeds up and improves protein metabolism. According to scientists, it is he who provides the acceleration of mass loss. Researchers conducted research, after which it was announced that 1 g of this substance is capable of burning almost 1 kg of excess weight. Most likely, therefore, this fruit has become so popular in the fight for a beautiful waist. True, reviews losing weight do not confirm such positive results. On average, a day’s diet can lose up to 0,5-0,7 kg. But his fame is already fixed, so the diet with pineapple remains popular.

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Among the rules of the diet are invariable “constants” of proper and healthy nutrition. You need to eat often in small portions, drink more water (still), exclude fried and greasy. You also need to abandon alcohol, confectionery, street food and canned goods. That is, homemade dietary food is allowed: vegetables, a little lean meat, a minimum of cereals and dairy products.

Short Diet №1

Express diet on pineapples makes sense only if you really need to reduce waist volumes in a short time. As a rule, this happens before important events, where you need to look as if “you never felt fat”. The diet for weight loss is also suitable for men, but the stronger sex rarely uses such methods.

A short diet designed for 3 of the day, very low-calorie, leads to a loss of 1,5-2,5 kg per course in the abdomen, buttocks decrease slightly. The diet of each day will look the same. A day comes on 100 g meat and low-fat cottage cheese, 2 kg of pineapple and 2 l juice from it. All components can be in any combination and form of stretch for a day.

Short diet menu

In the morning: 250 ml of juice.

Breakfast: 50 of cottage cheese with fruit pieces, juice.

Snack: mashed pineapple.

Lunch: 100 g boiled chicken, 250 ml of juice.

Snack: fruit pieces, water.

Dinner: grated pineapple with cottage cheese, juice.

Everything, except meat, is better for using in the raw. The day before the diet is also better not to gorge on and prepare the body for the coming weight loss. To do this, simply eat only vegetable food during the day. After the diet you need to do the same, so as not to stress the digestive organs.

If the diet was too dense before the diet, preparation and entry into the diet should take 3 days. A sharp transition to a limited menu can give unexpected results in the form of “weight gain”.

The results of this diet is not long-term, but guaranteed. As a rule, the lost kilograms are quickly returned during the express methods. To lose unnecessary weight for a long time, you need a long, more balanced and nutritious program.

Short Diet №2

Another three-day version of this technique. The ability to choose among the available methods – can be called an additional plus diet. Who did not like the option with cottage cheese and meat, you can use a more nutritious method.

The loss in weight, however, will be slightly less – 1-2 kg in the most visible areas of the body: chest, stomach, upper thighs. Compared with the previous program, this one is more balanced. Menus and recipes are clearly spelled out. It is not recommended to add additional dishes and ingredients, as there may be no result at all.

Every day menu will look like this:

  • for breakfast – pineapple porridge;
  • lunch – a sandwich with salmon and rye bread, one egg;
  • lunch – a soup of vegetables and celery (without potatoes);
  • afternoon snack – a salad of cucumber and tomato (celery can be added);
  • dinner – 100 g of boiled meat, bread, fresh pineapple.
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To cook pineapple porridge you will need to grate the fruit on a fine grater, mix it with natural yogurt without additives. Then pour some oatmeal into the porridge and let stand for a couple of minutes.

The results of this program can be “delayed” for a long time only if you adhere to proper nutrition after it. This option also implies short preparation and the right way out. On the fourth day it is recommended to eat only vegetables and some cottage cheese. Extending such a diet is allowed for five days, but only with normal tolerance.

Exotic monodiet

A menu that consists solely of a single product is called a mono-diet. Such a method can only be safe if it is used for a very short time. For proper use, recommend fasting days with pineapple.

To do this, you need to eat 2 a kilogram of fruit a day and drink a liter of natural unsweetened juice. You can use this method only 2-3 once a week with breaks for a full low-calorie meal.

In addition to slight weight loss, weight loss reviews indicate an improvement in skin and hair. This product is rich in vitamins of group B, PP, A. In addition, the concentration of vitamin C in it is slightly less than in citruses. Among the necessary trace elements: iron, calcium, iodine, magnesium and others.

For those who do not fit the pineapple method, you can use kefir mono-diet or vegetable to unload.

Diet on 5 days

The five-day diet aims to quickly reduce weight. The diet is incomplete, therefore, it is not recommended to adhere to it longer than the specified period. In order to lose more extra pounds, women often abuse limited diets. Such an approach is meaningless and even dangerous. In addition to the back of the growing folds, you can earn yourself more and digestive problems.

So, five days of a diet with a tasty and juicy fruit will consist of additional dishes. The menu is painted, it is better to hang it somewhere in a prominent place for convenience. In addition, this technique will not allow to eat anything prohibited. Also on the menu sheet you can write in large numbers the number of kilograms that you want to lose. The visual framework perfectly acts as a motivator.

Breakfasts and lunches are repeated every day. The first breakfast relies pineapple porridge, the recipe of which was presented above. For lunch – rye dried bread with butter and thin slices of lightly salted salmon and juice. In afternoon tea accounts for 100 g of fresh fruit. Lunches and dinners differ only.

Diet diet

Day Dinner Dinner
First Brown rice vegetarian (no salt), juice Salad: pineapple, boiled potatoes, 50 g cottage cheese, dressing from sour cream and horseradish
Second Chicken fillet and fruit 100 g Salad: celery, fresh cucumber, a handful of boiled shrimp, 100 g of fruit
The third Salad: tomatoes, bell pepper, lettuce, pineapple, dressing with mustard, lemon juice and olive oil 100 g turkey meat, pineapple, diet bread
Fourth Salad: chicken fillet, orange, green peas, 100 g of fruit Vegetable soup with celery,
100 g of fruit
Fifth Puff pastries with pineapple filling Brown rice vegetarian (no salt), juice
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It is better to buy all the necessary ingredients in advance, so as not to replace them with something non-dietetic. On the fifth day, puff pastries can be replaced with loaves, if you do not want to bake something. Here it should be noted that the desire to cook something is likely to disappear, because the diet is very low-calorie. In the intervals between meals, it is better to drink plenty of water, if you really want to eat, you are allowed to eat only pineapple, celery or cucumbers.

For the entire program of weight loss, you can say goodbye to at least three kilograms. If the initial weight is significantly more than the norm, the mass loss will be greater. Exit from the diet should be as gradual as in the previous versions. A couple of days after the course of losing weight, you should refrain from prohibited foods, diet soups, salads, boiled meat, and some low-fat dairy products are allowed.

You can repeat this diet intermittently for 3-4 weeks. Too long pineapple diet is not recommended because it is unsafe for the digestive system.

In conclusion

Pineapple diet has several undeniable advantages: tasty food, guaranteed loss of extra pounds, short term diet. In addition, as noted slimming such a program improves the structure and condition of hair and skin. A limited diet also helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body and cleanse the intestines. True, all positive aspects take place only if losing weight is healthy and has no problems with digestion.

In addition to the positive “dithyrambs” from losing weight, there are negative comments. Diet can not be attributed to cheap and affordable. Even if it’s not about the money, fresh pineapple cannot always be found in stores and markets. If you cannot find the fruit in its natural form, you can use canned sugar-free. If the composition has a sweet syrup, except for gastronomic pleasure, there will be no result. You also need to ensure that the composition was not preservatives and dyes.

If, after all, the choice fell on a fresh product, it must also be carefully chosen. In our stores, pineapple is most often green, as in this form it is easier to transport. For a diet, ripe fruit is best suited (of course, in the absence of such, it will do as it is). To choose the best product, you need to smell it, pull the leaves, knock on it. In a ripe pineapple, the sound is muffled, dull, the leaves fall off easily, and the peel smells sweet.

Due to a severely curtailed diet, malaise and dizziness during the three-day and five-day programs are frequent. Hunger in this case is better to quench plant food. If during any course (2,3,5 days) there is a strong pain in the abdomen and nausea, a bitter taste in the mouth and constant heartburn, the diet should be stopped. In general, the pineapple program is a simple and pleasant way to lose weight, you do not need to cook special ornate dishes and invent recipes. Easy mass loss in a short time – what you need before the holidays or an important “fashion show” in a new dress.

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