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Potato diet

Potatoes are among the most popular vegetables that many people eat. A varied number of dishes is prepared from it, both for daily nutrition and for the festive table. Despite the current view that potatoes are high-calorie foods, there is a special potato-based diet. Nutritionists claim that starch, which is found in potatoes, is quickly broken down and absorbed in the body. A potato diet helps to lose weight and naturally cleanse the body of toxins. This diet originates from ancient Latin American times, when potatoes were used to cleanse the digestive system and general detoxification of the body.

Useful properties of potatoes

There is an opinion that potatoes are a taboo for those who want to lose weight. However, a large amount of substances necessary for the body are found in potatoes. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds. With the correct use of potatoes for food, without fat, high-calorie fillings, butter, cream or sour cream, you can achieve excellent results in losing weight and provide the body with useful substances.

The highest value is baked potatoes, in the peel of which contains the most useful substances. This product contains the largest amount of potassium, which is necessary for people with problems of the cardiovascular system. According to statistics, one baked potato of medium size contains about 400 mg of potassium.

Potatoes contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, folic acid, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, selenium and fiber. It is worth noting that fiber normally affects the condition of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, therefore it is recommended to take boiled potatoes for food with gastritis and ulcers. The starch contained in the tubers has anti-sclerotic properties, reducing cholesterol in the body. The tubers contain about 26% potassium. Potassium helps to remove excess fluid from the body and prevents clogging of the walls of blood vessels with cholesterol plaques, which is very useful and necessary for people with heart and kidney diseases.

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There is a folk trick that is used after feasts – when drinking strong alcoholic drinks, they have a bite of potatoes so that there is no puffiness in the morning. A potato diet is prescribed for patients suffering from chronic renal failure. In 100 grams of young potato fruit, there is about 20 mg of vitamin C – 1 / 3 daily rate. The product, entering the body, acts as an alkali, neutralizing the acidic environment. Therefore, potatoes are very useful for people suffering from diseases such as gout and arthritis. Also, neutralization of excess acid in the body protects against premature aging.

Calorie content of the product is quite high and amounts to 100 g 76 kcal. Proteins are similar in composition to proteins of animal origin and make up 2 g. Fats make up 0,4 g, and carbohydrates, expressed mainly by starch, make up 16,1 g.

An interesting fact is that in South America (the birthplace of potatoes) and today you can find wild bushes of this culture. Modern potatoes are grown as an annual plant, but in the second year leave the tubers for reproduction.

The benefits and harms of the potato diet

Potato diet for weight loss is one of the modern ways to combat obesity. The results of the special diet on potatoes show that it is possible not only to lose weight, but also to restore the metabolism in the body. Reviews of this diet make sure that, despite the high calorie content of the product, the diet has a positive effect. First of all, it is worth noting that a diet based on a single product is called a mono-diet. The greatest effect of the potato diet can be obtained at the end of the summer, when fresh potatoes contain the maximum amount of substances necessary for the body. It is recommended to use potatoes from the garden or private homestead without the addition of pesticides.

Due to the fact that the potato diet is monotonous, it is recommended to additionally use a vitamin complex.

The main advantage of this mono diet is the availability and low cost of vitamins and minerals. Despite the high caloric content of the product, mono-diet is considered low-calorie (around 1200 kcal / day). Eating potatoes satisfies hunger and strengthens the nervous system. There is no apathy, reduced performance and fatigue. The availability and simplicity of this diet allows everyone to improve their appearance and saturate the body with nutrients.

Mono-diet also has certain disadvantages:

  • limited vitamin complex;
  • harmful to diabetics, pregnant women and nursing moms;
  • thirst may occur, which must be quenched with a glass of clean water half an hour before meals.

In general, a mono-diet from potatoes is prescribed not only by dieticians for losing weight, but also by doctors to restore the metabolism of patients.

Varieties of potato diet

There are three main types of mono-diets from potatoes, which depend on its duration and composition. The fastest diet lasts 3 of the day. By sticking to this monodiets, for 3 days you can reset to 2 kg. It is strictly not recommended to sit on such a diet for more than 3 days. The menu of mono-diets on 3 of the day is as follows:

  • breakfast – a glass of milk with 1,5% fat;
  • lunch – mashed potatoes boiled in water without salt (portion 250 g);
  • dinner – potato salad with egg and greens (200 g potatoes, 1 egg, greens, vegetable oil);
  • in between meals – fat-free kefir, clean drinking water.

Sticking to this mono-diet is recommended no more than 1 once every 4 month without harm to the body.

A mono diet for 5 days allows you to lose up to 600 g of excess weight per day. The diet provides 2 kg of boiled or baked potatoes daily in portions in 5-6 receptions. It is imperative to drink clean water, 2 eggs per day and a slice of rye bread are acceptable.

Mono-diet, lasting 7 days, is more loyal to the body. For a week, you can reset to 7 kg. This diet is often a continuation of the three-day mono diet. Weekly mono-diet menu by day:

  • 1 day: for breakfast mashed potatoes in milk with butter, mineral water. For lunch, beef broth and potato dumplings, mineral water;
  • 2 day: breakfast casserole with potatoes and vegetables, mineral water. For lunch, chicken broth, potato salad and a glass of mineral water;
  • 3 day: for breakfast, dumplings with potatoes and sour cream, a glass of mineral water. For lunch, rice potato soup, a glass of mineral water;
  • 4 day: for breakfast, boiled potatoes and mineral water. For lunch, potato and cereal soup, cucumber salad and mineral water;
  • 5 day: for breakfast, peeled potatoes, boiled beans, vegetable oil. For lunch, potato and mushroom soup, vegetable salad and mineral water;
  • 6 day: for breakfast, potato and vegetable casserole, mineral water. For lunch, potato and tomato soup, tomato salad and mineral water;
  • 7 day: for breakfast, potato pancakes with sour cream, cucumber salad, mineral water. For lunch, potato and chicken soup, a salad of cucumbers, beets and tomatoes on kefir, mineral water.

Dinner for a weekly mono diet is not provided. In extreme cases, you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir. Salt and sugar are excluded from the diet. You can drink mineral or purified water, herbal teas.

Thus, the potato diet is a useful and affordable way to lose weight and restore metabolic processes in the body. This versatile and inexpensive product allows you to lose up to 7 kg of overweight, improve the cardiovascular system, reduces pressure and strengthens the overall condition of the body.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the best time for this mono-diet is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, when potato tubers contain the maximum amount of useful substances. Additionally, while observing monodiets, it is necessary to take vitamin complexes.

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