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Protein-vegetable diet

Protein-vegetable diet is a generalized scheme in one of the directions of proper nutrition. Diet on plant foods and proteins is the basis of many popular methods for losing weight. This system denies starving and torturing oneself. Useful and proper foods, slow and steady weight loss are welcome here. After such a diet, kilograms will not return for a long time, and health will not be shaken.

Diet rules

The essence of this diet is the alternation of protein and vegetable dishes by day. This system completely eliminates fast carbohydrates, replacing them with slow vegetables. The diet is very simple: one day you need to eat only proteins, the second – vegetables, then repeat until the end of the course. Sometimes such a set of products is mixed and eaten these ingredients together, but without fast carbohydrates, cereals, bread, etc.

The technique is designed for the body to burn reserve excess weight. For this, the calorie content of the menu should be reduced, but the amount of food remains almost the same. The elimination of fast carbohydrates, fatty and sugary provides a natural reduction in calories.

It is only necessary to reduce the amount of food if it is much in the usual diet. One meal should be placed in two palms. If before the diet food was too abundant, you need to gradually reduce it. This will require a smooth entry into the diet for two weeks before it began: you can eat the same products, but the volume reduced. Often, the first positive results are already noticeable at this stage.

The daily ration of food should be divided into 4-5 receptions. Food on this diet is not salted, and drinks are not sweetened. You need to give up eating a couple of hours before bedtime, if there is a strong feeling of hunger, you can drink a glass of kefir or eat some vegetables. In between meals, you need to drink plenty of fluids, preferably mineral non-carbonated water.

It is not necessary to count the calories on this diet, the technique does not have strict limitations. Depending on the desired result, you can independently control the energy value of food. Those who are not engaged in active activities are encouraged to recruit up to 1700 kcal, while those who are engaged in hard physical work or sports can be eaten on 2500 kcal.

To acquire a beautiful and toned body, it is recommended to choose feasible physical activity. Since the body will be deprived of the usual calorie norm (they are also energy), the body will feed “fuel” for life from the muscle tissue first. Thus, if you cut the diet and not add sport, the figure will become thinner, but lose tone, the skin may sag, and the muscles become flabby. This applies to any weight loss technique.

A protein diet with vegetables is divided into several variations: on the 4 of the day, on the 2 of the week, and on the 20 of days. They differ in the rigor of the menu – the shorter the diet, the stricter – and the results, respectively. In order to lose weight for a long time, it is better to choose the longest option. For quick and maximum weight loss use the short-term option.

Diet on 20 days

This option is designed for a gradual reduction in weight with a sufficient amount of food. Feedback on this technique is left, in most cases, positive. For a week of such nutrition, you can “miss” 4 kilograms of excess weight.

The diet consists of alternate protein and vegetable meals. You can “mix” the days: there is both together.

Slimming people note that in the long-term version, you can try both options at once: alternate 10 days, mix components for 10 days.

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The entire program lasts 20 days, but it can be shortened if desired. Extend it is not recommended, as the diet does not contain all the necessary batteries. During this course, it is advisable to exercise, do exercises in the morning, walk more or go to the gym.

It is forbidden to fry food, you can use all other types of heat treatment: cooking, baking, steaming or in a slow cooker. It is important to abandon salt, as it prevents the breakdown of fat, retains water, stimulates appetite. Sugar is also banned, sometimes you can use honey, but only in extreme cases.

Diet is recommended to start with a fasting day. This will start the process of burning fat and adjust the body for weight loss. The day before the diet, you can choose one product and there is only it in moderate quantities, for example, 2 liters of kefir per day. Drinking discharge in water is even better, but this technique can be used only by those who have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract and the urinary system.

After unloading comes the main stage of the program. The menu for the week is best made in advance to know what products will be needed.

In the menu you need to enable:

  • for protein days: chicken without skin, rabbit, turkey fillet, veal and beef without fat, lean fish, seafood, eggs, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt without additives, legumes (the latter is limited);
  • for vegetables: fresh cucumbers, eggplant, celery, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, seaweed, fresh cabbage, green beans, lettuce.

To achieve better results, you need to limit:

  • potatoes, beets, carrots;
  • white rice, semolina;
  • sweet fruits: bananas, peaches, grapes, figs.

Completely refuse from junk fast food, fast food, convenience foods, food with harmful additives. As in all diets for weight loss should be abandoned confectionery, pasta, alcohol, sweet soda.

In the twenty-day version of the menu may not be as strict as in the rest. It is advised to add hard unsalted cheeses, some fruits, nuts, bran bread. For snacks, you can use fresh vegetables and salads from them, fermented milk drinks, natural juices. It is important to choose low-fat milk products, and eggs are better eaten in the morning.

Having the necessary list of products, it is possible at your discretion to make a diet: one day protein, second vegetable, third protein, fourth vegetable, and so on. But a more convenient way to combine. You can cook soups for lunch, for dinner, eat steamed vegetables with baked fish or boiled meat.

Since food is not greatly reduced, a special way out of the diet is not provided. You can repeat this program every three to four months.

Diet for two weeks

If you need to lose 5-8 kilogram, you can use the diet for 14 days. Vegetable-protein diet here is based on the same principle. The rules of the diet remain unchanged: you need to eat moderately, but often, do not add salt or sweeten, alternate or mix components. For example, consider the menu for the week, where there will be two options at once – alternation and mixing.

Breakfast: salad of bell pepper, spinach and cucumber, chamomile tea.

Lunch: vegetarian soup of cauliflower and mushrooms (exclude potatoes).

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Snack: tomato juice without salt.

Dinner: eggplants stuffed with carrots in the oven, juice.

Tuesday – protein:

Breakfast: a plate of cottage cheese, tea or coffee with milk.

Lunch: steam beef burgers.

Snack: kefir or unsweetened yogurt.

Dinner: boiled chicken fillet in kefir with greens.

Wednesday – mixed:

Breakfast: bran bread toasts, turkey fillet slices, lime tea.

Lunch: soup with cabbage on beef broth.

Snack: baked apples.

Dinner: fishballs in tomato sauce.

Thursday – vegetable:

Breakfast: a salad of steam cauliflower and carrots with lemon juice, tea.

Lunch: stewed cabbage with prunes.

Snack: tomato salad with cucumbers, fresh celery.

Dinner: steamed squash or pancakes, in an oven, tomato juice.

Friday – protein:

Breakfast: steam omelette, bran toast, coffee with milk.

Lunch: cottage cheese casserole, a glass of milk with fat content up to 1,5%.

Snack: walnuts, a glass of yogurt.

Dinner: baked carp with lemon and herbs.

Saturday – mixed:

Breakfast: two sandwiches with hard cheese, pear, herbal tea.

Lunch: fish and vegetable ear.

Snack: fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil.

Dinner: half a portion of boiled lentils, turkey fillet, freshly squeezed juice.

Sunday – vegetable:

Breakfast: spinach and tomato salad, steamed carrot pancakes.

Lunch: vegetarian stew with herbs or greens.

Snack: pears or green apples.

Dinner: grilled vegetables, tomato juice or unsweetened fruit.

When compiling your menu, you need to take into account your physical needs; it is not advisable to cut down on food for two weeks. After the first week you can continue the alternation in the same order or in the one that is most easily tolerated.

If you use a mixed type of diet, the formation of the menu is not difficult. Salads can be filled with vegetable oil and lemon juice, you can add seeds to them. When cooking soups, it is better to drain the first decoction to get rid of excess fat; cook the soup in secondary broth.

You can repeat this diet in two or three months. To keep the results longer, it is better to give up salt, sugar and fat. The simple habit of doing exercises in the morning or jogging in the evening can eliminate the need to deal with excess weight.

Fast diet on 4 of the day

The express method is designed for 2-3 loss of kilograms in problem areas. As the reviews show, the volumes go from the abdomen and upper legs. It should be borne in mind that with such a weight loss weight is often returned. Apply this diet only in those cases when you need to be transformed before an important event.

The caloric content of these days is reduced slightly more. On the day you need to eat five to six small servings, the size of a small plate or saucer. In the breaks, it is also shown to drink more pure water. You can build a diet in the same way: 2 protein day, 2 vegetable day, or a mixed meal. In the short term, it is better to choose the first, the results in this case will be higher.

The menu on the 4 of the day might look like this:

First day: vegetables, raw or cooked, steam dishes, regular cuts, stews, vegetable juices will do. On the day you need to eat no more 1 kg of food.

Second day: boil two eggs and 700 of chicken fillet. This amount of food divided by the whole day, in breaks to drink herbal teas, teas, water.

Third day: again vegetables and natural juices, up to 1 kg of food per day.

Fourth day: cook 800 g lean fillet. Suitable: rabbit, turkey, chicken. In the morning and before bedtime you can drink half a cup of nonfat kefir.

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To resort to this method is possible only in the absence of serious diseases of the heart of the gastrointestinal tract. Healthy people can use this diet with breaks of three to four months. If you increase the amount of food to 2 kg per day, the technique is allowed to adopt once a month.

After a diet, it is advisable to reduce the amount of fatty and fried foods, salty and sweets, beer. Such measures will allow you to stay within the normal weight range and eliminate the need to limit your diet.

Useful recipes for the protein-vegetable diet

If you make a menu in advance, you can quickly find diet recipes for vegetable days and protein. With a set of permissible products you can easily make a varied and tasty diet. Consider a few recipes that can help make a low-calorie and delicious menu.

Cutlets for protein days. Classic dish in a low-calorie version. For minced meat, you can choose lean beef or poultry, you will need half a kilogram of fillet. Through the meat grinder, skip the meat, 200 g of white cabbage, two onions and a couple of cloves of garlic. Drive one egg or two protein into the minced meat, add three tablespoons of milk. Formed cutlets can be steamed or baked under a foil.

Cutlets for vegetable days. Dietary alternative to meat dish. They can also be cooked in the oven or steamed. It will take half a white cabbage to grate, add chicken egg and 2 tablespoons of semolina to it. From the kneading dough, you need to form the patties with your hands, roll each of them in semolina and cook in the selected way. It is better to wet your hands before forming.

Curd casserole for mixed days. Everything you need for this dish: 250 g cottage cheese, fresh tomatoes and a couple of chicken eggs. Beat cottage cheese with eggs until smooth in a blender, you can add garlic and dill. Lubricate the small form with butter, put the curd paste in it, spread the tomato slices on top. Place this form in a larger container filled with water. Place everything in the oven for 1 hour.

Program results

Protein-vegetable diet does not belong to the strict methods of losing weight, therefore, it has more advantages than disadvantages. First of all, the advantages are “full weight loss.” Fiber, which is found in vegetables, saturates well, which provides a low risk of breakdown. Fibers of plant foods cleanse the intestines, improve its muscles, resulting in improved digestion and metabolism.

An increased portion of protein has a good effect on the skin and muscles. Those who will combine diet with sports are provided with accelerated growth of muscle mass. In this case, you should not focus on the weights. The fat layer will go away, but the muscle will increase, so the weight may even increase, which is a positive result in this case.

In addition to the transformation of the figure, the diet has a beneficial effect on the health of losing weight and overall appearance. Testimonials of those who have tasted such nutrition note a surge of energy, a slight rise in the morning, and a cleansing of the skin.

Try a protein-vegetable diet, definitely worth it. If in doubt, start with a four-day diet and watch the reaction of the body. If there are positive results, extend the program to 20 days.

If long attempts do not lead to weight loss, perhaps a problem in health. Contact your nutritionist not to risk it.

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