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Sam Klebanov Diet

Famous film producer Sam Klebanov recently became an ardent supporter of a very “strange” diet for many people to understand. Diet on the fat of Sam Klebanov allowed him to easily lose weight by 15 kilogram without torturing himself with constant restrictions and hungry half-faints. Sam’s menu has undergone changes only in terms of high-calorie carbohydrates, and he can eat his favorite meat, dairy and vegetable dishes at any time in an unlimited amount. Overeating is not good for anyone, but it is much easier to limit yourself to one steak than one candy.

This approach has become a revolution in the world of nutrition, because most people are accustomed to the idea that fats are the enemy of a healthy slim body, and without porridge it is impossible to make the body fully function. Recent studies have completely destroyed the correctness of this approach, if, of course, we are talking about banal weight loss and maintaining a proper lifestyle, and not about any diseases where any rule has exceptions.

LCHF diet principles

The Swedish diet for weight loss low carb high fat or in short – the LCHF diet – helps people lose weight by consuming large amounts of natural fats and completely eliminating carbohydrates from the diet. Studies in the field of dietetics show that weight is actively reduced in direct proportion to a decrease in blood sugar.

Fast carbohydrates lead to lightning fast saturation and mood elevation, but this energy is short-term and requires constant replenishment. So, a person becomes dependent on sugar-containing products, and they, in turn, due to continuous consumption do not have time to process the body and are stored in fat form on all parts of the body with lightning speed.

Natural fat nourishes very well, it is impossible to eat too much (unless, of course, a person has stretched his stomach with stupid snacks and huge portions) and it is completely consumed by the body to support vital processes. The only exceptions are industrial fats (found, for example, in margarine) and Omega-6.

Sam Klebanov’s diet for women is also interesting in that you can eat any number of allowed foods without counting calories and not being afraid to skip 18.00, after which eating is usually considered a crime against health. The main rule here is to have a feeling of hunger upon arrival, and not some time on the clock.

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And since fats are very nutritious, it is rarely possible to get hungry quickly. The keto-diet has the anti-cellulite property in the context that the skin of people who adhere to it ages at the expense of sufficient fat intake much more slowly, it does not lose tone, does not dry out and therefore looks elastic and young.

What specifically suggests eating a fat diet for weight loss? The list of products of this form of nutrition includes even black tea, coffee, dark chocolate, dry wines, whiskey and cognac. All this can be allowed in small quantities, leaning, first of all, on:

  • meat and natural meat products;
  • fish and seafood;
  • any vegetables, with the exception of potatoes;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • fatty dairy products;
  • greens.

Sam Klebanov’s diet continues to receive delight reviews on the Internet precisely because not one of her followers has ever gone hungry. Agree, eating all of the above, you can get energy, and pleasant taste sensations, and a feeling of long satiety. This way of eating is very convenient for people with a difficult work schedule, when there is catastrophically no time for lunch and a snack. After having breakfast with such a menu, the chance of not feeling hungry until the evening is very high. And returning home, you can safely eat without thinking about the late time.

The list of banned foods, subject to the principles of Sam Klebanov’s diet, includes:

  • sugar and all sugar-containing products, including sweet fruits;
  • potatoes;
  • cereals;
  • flour products;
  • pasta;
  • sugar-containing alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Most people find it difficult to give up foods that promote the release of insulin into the bloodstream, but gradually, any body gets used to it and stops suffering. The blog, which tells all about the keto diet, is replete with examples that as a result, after a short period of time, the sweets cease to be felt at all, the state of health improves, drowsiness, fatigue disappear and additional energy appears. All these benefits are released by the right food, which nourishes the body, and does not create the appearance of fulminant satiety, alternating with an ever-present feeling of hunger.

Daily diet menus

A fat diet for weight loss has positive reviews, and largely due to the simplicity of the food that everyone used to cook at home and eat every day. What could be nicer for breakfast than an omelet or a fried egg. And isn’t fat cottage cheese with village sour cream the best choice at the supermarket? The food familiar to many nations finally found a chance to be on the shelves of refrigerators. Sam Klebanov’s diet recommends simple but nutritious recipes. Let’s see what Sam himself eats every day:

  • breakfast – chicken eggs in the form of an omelet, favorite vegetables – fried eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon and coffee;
  • lunch – fatty cottage cheese with nuts and black tea;
  • snack – vegetable salad;
  • dinner – barbecue, stewed vegetables, green tea;
  • late dinner – a slice of low-carb bread with butter and tea with cream.
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It looks amazing – 5 meals of fatty foods per day, and the weight goes away. According to the filmmaker himself, so often he doesn’t always eat, it happens that he only eats twice a day and drinks tea once, but this does not affect his body condition.

Many nutritionists have come to the conclusion that eating on the principles of LCHF, people will not only not receive cardiovascular diseases as a result, as previously thought, but will also be able to avoid them at any age.

Cholesterol plaques, so cruelly frightening humanity, are destroyed by proteins from the same eggs. That is why eating omelets is recommended daily.

It is worth entering into the menu and nuts. They are an active source of many trace elements that positively affect the cleansing of the body, blood circulation and strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Therefore, if you really want sweet, make a nut casserole or cookie – add 2 eggs, a glass of low-carb flour and a bar of melted dark chocolate to a glass of ground nuts. Mix and bake everything on a baking sheet, greased with butter, 30-40 minutes. The dish is so unusual that it is suitable even for a festive table.

Diet Features

Like all other food systems, Sam Klebanov’s diet also has its limitations and prerequisites. A site dedicated to the official data of medical science on many types of diets suggests that each nutrition system cannot be universal for everyone in a row. A fatty diet must necessarily be agreed with doctors, because it is designed only for an absolutely healthy young body.

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The diet of Sam Klebanov will bring weight loss when a person not only refuses some food, but also accepts the life system established by the rules of this diet. So, for excellent health and weight loss, in addition to proper nutrition, it is necessary to observe the following points:

  • drink a lot, preferring clean water, which will prevent the slowdown of metabolic processes in the body;
  • learn to eat coconut oil, which is very rich in fatty acids necessary for the proper absorption of food;
  • compensate for the lack of salt in chicken salted broth, which must be drunk daily;
  • try to solve problems with the gastrointestinal tract with three cups of coffee per day (this rule can only be used after the doctor’s approval);
  • learn to snack on nuts;
  • never forget about active sports and other physical activities in order to avoid sagging skin and muscles in the process of losing weight.

These rules are quite simple and do not require much effort on the part of their followers. However, it must be remembered that each of them can both help and harm our health. Allergies, food intolerances, problems with the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract should be considered when a person decides to become a follower of the LCHF diet. A nutritionist and gastroenterologist must be aware of what and how their patient eats and fully approve this path.

To understand whether a fat diet is suitable for a person according to his lifestyle and preferences, before starting to follow it, it is worth reading A. Enfeldt’s book “The revolution in food. LCHF: A Diet Without Hunger ”, which provides an overview of the structure of our digestive system, healthy and harmful foods. On the pages of the book it will be possible to compare with various concepts of nutrition, to understand why for a long time completely different approaches to diets ruled in the world, to find out what marketing means in our world.

Well, after reading it will be easier to decide whether you want to lose weight exactly as Sam Klebanov lost weight, or still it is worth looking for other solutions to a healthy diet.

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