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Six petals diet

The six-petal diet is an original weight loss technique based on the principles of separate mono-nutrition and strict alternation of protein and carbohydrate diets.

Today, people eager to lose weight, high hopes for a new diet, which helps to lose 3-5 kg in 6 days. Positive reviews that have lost weight with this system can be read on many sites. And this is an important reason to learn more about what is the diet of 6 petals.

The Six Petals, or Anna Johansson’s weight loss program, was developed in Sweden, and many Europeans have already managed to lose weight with it. Flower, or as it is also called – the diet “Petal” allows you not to focus on dietary restrictions, but focuses attention on another. The flower symbolizes the days of the week, and each of its petals – a delicious, unique menu.

Many sources claim that the six-petals diet was created in Sweden and developed by its nutritionist Anna Johansson. True, to find documentary evidence of the existence of this woman has not yet succeeded. As well as it is not known whether she experienced the effect of the “flower” system on herself and how much she managed to reset. Well, all the more nobody knows about the exact date of birth of the diet. But another is known – more important when it comes to a system for losing weight – this effective diet allows you to lose every day from half a kilogram to 800 grams of excess weight. And women around the world have already managed to make it. So what is the secret of the system that promises super slimming?

What you need to know about diet

The Anna Johansson program is an example of a typical nutritional separation. The essence of the 6 diet petals is that losing weight during the week sticks to several mono-diets that change every 24 hour. Recall that a mono diet is the use for a certain time of products that are identical in chemical composition, thus avoiding mixing incompatible dishes, which is especially bad for the figure. Traditionally, the “flower” diet was created from 6 mono diet, and this power system allows you to lose weight more quickly.

According to nutritionists, the Swedish diet of Anna Johansson is considered to be effective, primarily due to the rules of separate feeding.

This principle, as already noted, prohibits combining incompatible products on a plate, namely, their “tandem” leads to an increase in subcutaneous fat. Mono diet involves taking one type of product throughout the day. And it frees you from the need to memorize a list of compatible and incompatible dishes.

The mono-diet also has another delicious property that accelerates weight loss. A uniform diet for 24 hours also leads to weight loss. But nutritionists warn: monotonous nutrition should last no longer than a day, the next day you can continue the mono-diet, but with a different diet. The secret to losing weight is that the human body is not able to digest and extract useful substances from a single food product all day. That is, from the cottage cheese that was eaten for breakfast, the body pulled all the useful elements it needed and then waits for other products.

If you provide him with the same cottage cheese throughout the day, the herb system will begin to digest it almost “in vain”. The effect necessary for weight loss is created: there is no hunger, you can eat as much as you like, but the body still does not convert calories into fat, but, on the contrary, begins to search for the energy necessary for life in “bins” – “reserves” on the stomach, hips … But it’s worth recall: this trick is only valid for the first 24 hours, then the product is worth changing.

Another important principle of the 6 petals diet is the alternation of carbohydrates and proteins, which is also an important rule for effective weight loss.

If you fluently analyze the menu for each day (let’s talk about the diet in more detail below), then an interesting scheme emerges:

  • 1 day – protein (fish diet);
  • 2 day – carbohydrate (vegetable);
  • 3 day – protein (chicken menu);
  • 4 day – carbohydrate (cereals);
  • 5 day – protein (cottage cheese);
  • 6 day – carbohydrate (fruit).

This tactic is known among nutritionists as the most effective, allowing you to fool the body and force you to use your own energy reserves. At the same time, the menu of the 6 diet of petals is balanced, since during the week the slimming person gets all the necessary elements.

The benefits of mono-diets and psychological techniques in her work

In addition to daily weight loss, monodiet has other useful properties:

  • perfectly cleans the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diet – very nutritious;
  • “mono” food allows you to save time in the morning, as there is no need to make fancy breakfasts;
  • learns to listen to your own body;
  • A great way to pamper yourself with your favorite product all day long;
  • no feeling of hunger, which makes it easy to stick to a dietary diet.

Psychologists have long proved: the quality of the work done is one that is done with love and interest. You can not enjoy the result of what in the process brought only torment. And diet in this regard is no exception. A tasteless menu, a constant feeling of hunger will undoubtedly provoke a breakdown, followed by a race in weight. That is why the Swedish diet according to the method of Johansson is more like a game than a traditional weight loss with calorie counting and a menu painted on the clock.

In addition to certain products, you will need paper, scissors, pencils or paints and … a mischievous mood for the floral diet. To begin with, on a sheet, draw a flower from 6 with petals – this could be a daisy or another favorite plant. Color the petals with different colors and write the name of mono-diets on each one. Now that the flower miracle is ready, attach it in a prominent place. And under the veil of the day, tear off the petal in chamomile, noting how the weight is melting before our eyes.

A diet with the elegant name 6 of petals teaches us to focus not on dietary restrictions, but on the beauty of a flowering plant — its tenderness and elegance.

The Scandinavian nutritionist recalls in this way: every woman is a beautiful and bright flower, and only 6 days are enough to fully reveal her own beauty.

About the sequence of days

As already noted, a diet for slimming 6 petals is a combination of several mono-rations, which together create a carbohydrate-protein separate diet. Based on this, many have a question: is it possible to change the days in the diet, their sequence or products.

According to nutritionists, the diet of each previous day of nutrition according to Johansson is selected in such a way as to prepare the body for the menu of the next day.

Therefore, to change the sequence of days in the flower diet is not advised. Well, unless you want to turn an effective diet into an unsuccessful tasty weekly diet.

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But still, why is the sequence of days in the chamomile diet just that? Let’s take a look at the menu for 6 petals for a week.

  • Fish Day (also known as a launch day) provides the body with essential fatty Omega-3 acids. This healthy fat is not able to turn into subcutaneous deposits, so it should not cause concern in losing weight. On the other hand, fish is a storehouse of easily digestible protein, low-calorie food. It turns out a real protein diet for one day. Therefore, the result of the first day is an inspiring plummet and an organism prepared for plant mono-diet.
  • Vegetable day will provide healthy carbohydrates, caloric intake will decrease even more, which also guarantees plumb lines. Many vegetables have a so-called “minus” calorie. This means that the body spends more joules on their processing than it receives. Vegetable unloading gives the highest result after exclusively protein nutrition.
  • Chicken day will replenish protein reserves of the body – building material for muscles. The next day without carbohydrates again lead to the use of energy from subcutaneous reserves.
  • Cereal day again will delight the correct carbohydrates. As in the case of vegetable mono-ration, digestion of cereals requires a lot of energy from the body (subcutaneous fat stores are used again).
  • Curd day will replenish the body’s reserves of minerals and high-quality, so-called ideal protein. In this case, the diet remains low-calorie, which involves the use of energy from the reserves.
  • Fruit Day is a menu based on complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides), processing of which again will still require a great deal of energy from the body. As in previous days, fat reserves will go into action, which means that the process of losing weight continues.

The combination of mono-diet – the links of the whole chain of the flower diet, and you should not change them in places, as you already understood. This procedure was developed by professional nutritionists, and who, if not them, should know what, when and in what doses to eat in order to lose weight.

What to eat to lose weight

The weight loss system of Anna Johansson, like the magic flower of seven flowers, fulfills desires. Suffice to say to yourself: “I want to lose weight quickly” and the chamomile diet will help with this. So, the colorful flower is ready, it’s time to stock up on products for a week. On 6 days it will take:

  • fish of any kind;
  • vegetables (any, but not starchy);
  • chicken breast;
  • bran, groats, raw seeds;
  • low fat milk;
  • fruits (except bananas, grapes).

But it is important to remember: the allowed amount of products per day is not unlimited. On protein days, the weight of fish, cottage cheese, chicken should not exceed half a kilogram. Fruits and vegetables can be eaten within a kilo and a half. Cereals – 200 grams of dry product.

At the same time, the permitted products can be slightly salted, and sugar must be completely discarded. Many are interested in the question of whether honey on a petal diet. There is no unequivocal answer to the question. Although this product is not remembered in the menu, honey can be afforded in small quantities for tea, especially since it is rich in many beneficial trace elements. It is also important not to forget that you can drink plenty of water (2 liters per day). It is also permissible – green tea and coffee once a day.

Curd day is permissible to “improve” low-fat kefir, and vegetable – a low dose of butter (better than olive). But to think about what to replace the fish is not worth it, because it contains unique elements that are important for effective weight loss. Fish, like chicken, it is desirable to cook, simmer or bake without oil. About frying at the time of the diet is also worth forgetting. Not the best way to affect the effectiveness of the diet abuse of spices – they provoke appetite, retain in the body excess fluid (edema). What is really welcome is sports activities. Lose weight on a diet of 6 petals will be even easier if you go in for sports walking in the open air, jogging, swimming, strength or cardio loads.

Prohibited products:

  • bread;
  • sugar;
  • sweets;
  • butter;
  • spices and flavor enhancers.

How many petals are in a daisy?

The classic weight loss system of Anna Johansson provides for a duration of 6 days. But, given that the Scandinavian system is fairly balanced, you can always create your own chamomile, to get, for example, the diet of 10 petals or shorten its duration – then you get, say, the diet of 5 petals.

But if there is a desire to change the duration of the “Petal”, it is recommended to make the program circle 2 twice in 6 days. 7 diet day (intermediate) can be two options: unloading or day of normal food.

In the first variant, it is possible to “unload” on non-carbonated mineral water before entering the second round. Also, the “water” day can be completed after the “Petal”. Then get a diet of 7 petals.

In the second version, if there is a desire to continue losing weight, and ahead are waiting for new circles of “flower” nutrition, on 7 day make “rest”. Eat like a diet, however, limit salt, sugar, fat, do not lash out at pastry. In this embodiment, you can also get by with a weekly weight loss and again get a diet “Seven petals”, the last day of which will serve as preparation for the transition to a normal diet.

The scheme of “expansion” diet chamomile:

  • 7 day – transitional;
  • 8 day – fish;
  • 9 day – vegetable;
  • 10 day – chicken;
  • 11 day – cereal;
  • 12 day – cottage cheese;
  • 13 day – fruit.

Who will suit the Swedish diet. Advantages and disadvantages

The first one. The system of weight loss from Anna Johansson is unique in that taking the development of a nutritionist from Sweden as a basis, it is easy to create your own, determining its duration as you wish. So the “8 Petal” diet may appear – effective and nutritious.

The second. “Petal” is not accompanied by a feeling of hunger, as the protein-carbohydrate alternation allows you to saturate the body without exceeding the limit of permissible caloric content.

Third. Chamomile is an excellent choice for those who want to lose weight quickly. For many, the determining factor when choosing a diet is the answer to the question of how much can be reset on one or another nutrition system. The Swedish program in this regard is unique: every day it goes from a pound to 800 grams. And the result after a few laps – 10 kg and more.

Six pluses “Six petals”

  1. Protein-carbohydrate nutrition has a beneficial effect on the work of the intestines and gastrointestinal tract, causes the excretion of toxins from the body.
  2. Quick effect in a short time.
  3. Lack of hunger.
  4. Variety of menus.
  5. Does not require additional cooking complex dishes.
  6. Safety for health.

Six cons of the diet

  1. If you do not play sports during the diet, at the end of it you can find loose muscles and loose skin.
  2. Protein days may be accompanied by a feeling of weakness (caused by a lack of carbohydrates).
  3. According to doctors, losing weight without compromising health is not more than 150 grams per day. The Swedish system provides for faster weight loss.
  4. Banned for diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine systems, kidney disease, diabetes.
  5. Contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.
  6. It is impossible with a weakened immunity, acute respiratory infections, after operations.

All about dietary “petal” menu

The approximate menu of diet food developed in Sweden is not fundamentally different from other systems for losing weight. It’s important to follow basic general rules by reducing calorie intake and increasing the number of joules burned. How much can be discarded by adhering to this system is an individual question and depends on the characteristics of the organism. But the fact that losing weight on such a diet will succeed quite quickly, and the result will be noticeable immediately, is a fact.

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Another argument in favor of “Petal” is that the diet menu does not need to be thought out in advance, it will not be necessary to prepare unusual dishes, after searching for the ingredients for them. Everything is much simpler. Only six words need to be remembered: fish, vegetable, chicken, cereal, cottage cheese and fruit. It is not difficult to get these products in our latitudes, and in what form to use them is up to you. At least the nutritionist gives some tips and recommendations.

  • Fish day menu.
    The first “petal” of the diet, as we already know, is fish. And this means that the menu for the first day must be made up of it. Varieties can be very different. Method of preparation: boiled, steamed, stewed or baked. It is also allowed to cook fish soup, soup (but, of course, without potatoes and other hearty vegetables). During cooking, you can add a little salt and greens to improve the taste. But per day in total, it is not advisable to eat more than half a kilogram of product. It is imperative to use water from a liquid, tea is allowed, preferably green.
  • Menu of the vegetable day.
    The menu of the second day of the dietary flower consists of vegetables raw or after heat treatment. Allowed to cook vegetables for a couple, cook, simmer, bake. Avoid starchy varieties and canned foods. As an option, you can add a menu of freshly squeezed fresh vegetables. On this day, the amount eaten should not exceed one and a half kilograms.
  • Chicken day menu.
    So, 3 day lasts a diet. 4 petals left on our colorful flower. And this means that today the diet consists of chicken breast without skin. It can be cooked, baked or steamed. Fillet weight (daily portion) should not exceed half a kilogram. This is quite enough to replenish the body’s protein reserves, getting rid of hunger. You can season the food with salt (quite a bit) and greens. As an option, it is possible to cook chicken soup, but only without vegetables (maximum – add a few sprigs of greens).
  • Celebration menu.
    4 day loser – cereal mono diet. 3 petals of six left on the magic flower. Scales by this time show significant plummets. And so that the process of losing weight continued, and the results pleased, we must continue.
    A cereal diet can consist of cereals, as in a buckwheat diet, sprouted wheat, raw seeds, nuts, bran, whole-grain bread. But on the advice of nutritionists, it is better to opt for wild rice, oatmeal, and sin. About a glass of cereal is allowed per day (in dry form), in grams it is about 200-300. A method of preparing cereal dishes is cooking. As spices, a small amount of salt and herbs are allowed. You can supplement the menu with kvass.
  • Menu of the curd day.
    5, the day of the diet developed by Anna Johansson, involves the use of cottage cheese. But portions of the product, as well as its fat content, are limited: no more than half a kilogram and with a percentage of fat not exceeding the 9 mark. But it would be best if you eat completely nonfat cheese. After all, the menu of this day is proteinaceous, not fat mono-diet. 0-percentage milk and sour-milk drinks will help dilute the curd diet.
  • Menu of the fruit day.
    Coming to the end of the diet. Five petals have already dropped the magic flower, which means, 6 has come a day to lose weight. He is the last, of course, if your flower does not have seven petals or more. But whatever the decision – to continue or end the weight loss, the menu of the sixth day is unchanged – fruit.
    On this day, you can pamper yourself with apples, grapefruits, cherries and other sweet and sour gifts of the garden. But from bananas and grapes better still hold out. If you really missed the sweetie, then it is advisable to consume more high-calorie fruits up to 12 hours. For the whole day you can eat no more than one and a half kilograms of raw or baked fruit. Gourmets can finally treat themselves to fruit salads, seasoned with vanilla (not sugar), cinnamon, cardamom, lemon juice and citrus zest.

Detailed menu

Above, we studied the main rules of the diet: in what quantity and in the form of the allowed mono-product. But to eat all day only baked fish or boiled chicken breast, you see, boring. By evening, on such a mono-ration, the appetite may disappear, and once a favorite product in just an 24 hour, go to the rank of hated. But no wonder the diet-chamomile is compared with an exciting game. This also applies to nutrition. Do not believe? Then study the detailed menu – the original recipes make a mono-diet into a real restaurant food.

Petal 1

  1. Breakfast: boiled fish with spices and salt.
  2. Snack 1: fish baked with herbs and salt in its own juice.
  3. Dinner: an ear without vegetables.
  4. Snack 2: steamed fish with spices.
  5. Dinner: fish, boiled in salted water.
  6. Drink green tea, fish broth.

Petal 2

  1. Breakfast: shredded carrots.
  2. Snack 1: jacket potatoes.
  3. Lunch: vegetables, stewed with salt.
  4. Snack 2: vegetables from a double boiler.
  5. Dinner: a salad of raw vegetables.
  6. Drink green tea, fresh vegetables.

Petal 3

  1. Breakfast: boiled chicken fillet.
  2. Snack 1: chicken breast baked in a foil with spicy herbs.
  3. Lunch: chicken soup without vegetables with greens.
  4. Snack 2: grilled chicken skin without skin.
  5. Dinner: boiled chicken.
  6. Drink green tea, broth.

Petal 4

  1. Breakfast: boiled sprouted wheat.
  2. Snack 1: buckwheat with herbs.
  3. Lunch: boiled wild rice.
  4. Snack 2: boiled oatmeal with nuts and seeds.
  5. Dinner: buckwheat with greens.
  6. Drink herbal tea, natural kvass.

Petal 5

  1. Breakfast: cottage cheese, dressed with a spoon of yogurt (natural).
  2. Snack 1: cottage cheese with a small amount of milk.
  3. Lunch: low fat cottage cheese.
  4. Snack 2: mix of cottage cheese and milk.
  5. Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese.
  6. Drink green tea, a glass of milk.

Petal 6

  1. Breakfast: apples.
  2. Snack 1: grapefruit.
  3. Lunch: oranges.
  4. Snack 2: pineapple and kiwi.
  5. Dinner: sour apples.
  6. Drink herbal tea, fresh fruit.

If your weight loss program is the 7 diet of petals, the last day menu is unloading on water or a smooth transition to normal nutrition.

Every day weight loss recipes

No matter how long the diet lasts – 9 petals or standard 6, the “flower” diet – always remains tasty and nutritious. And losing weight on the system of Anna Johansson regularly replenish the menu with new dietary dishes. There is even a certain classification: recipes for vegetable day, fish, fruit, vegetable … Below we offer the most interesting of them and a detailed description of the cooking process.

Fish diet

Fishmeat Meatballs

You will need:

  • white fish (trout, pollock) – up to a kilogram;
  • greenery;
  • salt.

Chop fish meat (chop, mince or blender), salt and add chopped greens. From the mixture to form meatballs. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees.

Fish soup “Petal”

You will need:

  • a fish;
  • water;
  • salt;
  • greens.

Fish (hake or other low-fat varieties) boil the fillet in salt water until tender. Drain some of the liquid. Grind in a blender fish soup, adding fresh herbs.

Fish with basil

You will need:

  • fish fillets;
  • salt;
  • garlic;
  • basil.

Stir in chopped basil and garlic, season with salt and lemon juice. On a sheet of foil lay out the fish fillet, above – a mass of garlic and basil. Carefully wrap up the fish and bake 5 minutes.

Pollock from the oven

You will need:

Peeled fish with salt. Bake in the oven until a crust forms. To improve the taste can be put inside a few sprigs of dill and parsley.

Chum in a double boiler

You will need:

Cut the carcass fish into pieces. Salt Cook in a double boiler with sprigs of greens.

Spicy fish

You will need:

  • low-fat fish;
  • garlic clove;
  • mustard;
  • soy sauce;
  • olive oil.
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For 20 minutes, marinate the fish in a mixture of butter, soy sauce, mustard and garlic. Fry the fish (without oil) until golden crust. Pour the finished dish with fresh sauce (from those ingredients in which they were pickled before frying).

Vegetable diet

Vegetable dish “Lazy cabbage rolls”

You will need:

  • cabbage;
  • carrot;
  • bow;
  • tomatoes;
  • eggplant;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • salt.

Stew sliced ​​onions and carrots. Add chopped tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. Stew, stirring. Add chopped cabbage. Pour a little water, salt. Bring to readiness.

Vegetables in peppers

You will need:

  • 4 bell peppers;
  • carrot;
  • tomato;
  • zucchini;
  • garlic and onions.

Stew grated carrots, chopped onions, garlic and chopped tomatoes. Add to the resulting mass zucchini. Continue to simmer. Salt, add greens. Ready stuffing vegetable stuff peppers. Cook in a slow cooker or saucepan.

Tomato Soup

You will need:

  • tomatoes – 500 g;
  • onion;
  • garlic clove;
  • basil or other greens.

Stew the onions and garlic in a saucepan. Add diced tomatoes. Cook, stirring, minutes 5-7. Add some water (to cover the tomatoes). Boil 10 minutes. Cool and beat in a blender. Serve with greens.

Curd Diet

Curd casserole

You will need:

  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • protein;
  • some skimmed milk.

All ingredients mix in a blender. Lay out and bake until golden crust.


You will need:

  • low fat cottage cheese (300 g);
  • semolina (15 g);
  • egg.

Mix chopped cottage cheese with egg. Form balls from the mass, roll in semolina, bake until cooked in the oven.

Curd and coffee diet dessert

You will need:

  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • instant coffee (about a teaspoon);
  • sugar substitute;
  • water.

Cottage cheese, coffee dissolved in water and sweetener mix blender. Beat until a homogeneous air mass is formed.

Cottage cheese dessert “Mono”

You will need:

  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • skimmed milk;
  • sugar substitute;
  • cinnamon.

Put all the ingredients into the blender bowl. Beat until air mass is formed.

Chicken Diet

Dietary chicken cutlets

You will need:

  • chicken fillet;
  • egg;
  • salt;
  • greens.

Chicken chop with a knife into small cubes. Add salt, egg, greens. Formed patties bake or cook in a double boiler.

Cereal diet

Buckwheat cutlet

You will need:

  • Xnumx buckwheat;
  • salt;
  • greens.

Cool boiled buckwheat boiled in salted water. Grind with a blender. Add greens. Form the patties. Cook in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

Low-fat oatmeal cookies

You will need:

  • oatmeal – 160 g;
  • non-fat milk – a glass;
  • vanillin (not sugar);
  • soda – a third of a teaspoon;
  • honey – 10

Oatmeal pour boiling milk. Add vanillin, extinguished vinegar soda and honey. Stir, leave to infuse for a few minutes. On a sheet of foil to form cookies. Cook in a hot oven.

Having studied the examples of dishes allowed by the “petals”, it becomes clear why this diet is beloved by many women all over the world. And this is not all sweets that you can pamper yourself, while rapidly losing weight every day. That is why reviews losing weight on the “flower” system – it is not only formal replies about plumb lines, but also recipes for new dishes devised on a diet. After all, a tasty diet is a great treasure, and treasure is not a sin to share with friends.

Rules for Exiting the 6 Petal Diet

In fact, there are not many weight loss programs, the duration of which will be allowed to determine on their own. The “flower” diet in the classic version lasts exactly 6 days – just as many petals are in the Anna Johansson daisy. But even this is not a canonical rule.

The author of the system allows you to independently decide how much you can sit on the “flower” food.

For many, this diet is favorite – there can be as many petals as you like. The only condition: before starting the second or third round of slimming, it is important to recall the contraindications for the Six Petals and to consult with your doctor on whether you can continue to lose weight. No matter how much others are dieting, it’s important that she bring you beauty without harm.

But even the “flower” food can not last forever – the petals on the daisy will end sooner or later … The diet comes to an end: three petals, two, one … There is no more magic daisy, no menu is painted. This day frightens many after the diet, because now we must independently decide what to eat.

But nutritionists in unison repeat the same thing: only the correct way out of the diet will fix the result.

But how to get out of weight loss correctly and how less to eat?

  • Rule No. 1.
    To save the results of the diet for a long time, a few days after it, it is desirable to eat the same foods. The calorie intake of the daily ration is also important to increase gradually, bringing to 1600-1800 kilocalories.
  • Rule No. 2.
    After monopathing, it is important to carefully select products for the post dietary diet, since during the “Six Petals” the body got used to quality, sparing food.
  • Rule No. 3.
    In order not to bring harm to the body, diets (any) can be repeated again not earlier than in a month. This rule applies to the “flower” system. After a smooth increase in daily caloric intake, the body must be given several weeks of respite. Then, if desired, the monodiet can be repeated.
  • Rule No. 4.
    If during a week or more, losing weight adhered to the principles of separate feeding (and the “Six petals” are based on them), then the first days after the diet, you must follow the same rules, gradually introducing new products into the daily diet. By the way, doctors’ reviews of any monodiets most often concern this particular item.
  • Rule No. 5.
    At the end of the diet, in order to preserve the achieved results, it is also important not to forget about the benefits of sports and the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage. This set of procedures will help restore muscle tone, tighten the skin, avoid laxity after losing weight.

Medical reviews about the “flower” diet

Most of those who have experienced the effectiveness of the six-petal diet, leave positive feedback about it and the results confirm with their photos before and after losing weight. Want to brag about your achievements and you? Leave pictures in the comments to the article! Let your experience be an inspiration to someone. In the meantime, let’s find out what the doctors think about the Swedish monodiet?

Reviews of nutritionists about the Six Petals, oddly enough, are not always positive, even though many sources claim that the author of this system is a professional nutritionist. For a start, it is worth noting that the rapid weight loss is alarming doctors. Doctors are wary of the promised daily mono-diets in half a kilo. From the point of view of biochemical processes, 1 a kilogram of subcutaneous fat cannot be split even in a week, not to mention the days promised by the 2 diet. If there is such a result, then it is possible only due to the reduction of muscle mass and dehydration. And the smaller the muscles in the human body, the slower the fat leaves. In addition, mono diets often provoke metabolic disorders, diarrhea or constipation.

However, whether it takes a diet of six petals or not, it is up to everyone to decide for themselves by reading the reviews about it. This system of weight loss, like most others, can not harm a healthy body, if you approach it with the mind. Of course, starvation during months, the rejection of a complete balanced diet, lack of essential trace elements and vitamins can cause illness. But one week diet food systems will not break the work. Moreover, even doctors agree: a week of separate nutrition is an excellent cleaning for the body, and a well-thought out sports program will help you quickly get back in shape, hone the elegant contours of your new slim body.

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