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Skinny diet

On the eve of a holiday or just an important event, besides the selection of a beautiful outfit, it is often necessary to “pick up” another beautiful figure. To the delight of those who urgently need to lose weight, a huge list of express diets has been invented. Another quick technique, the Skinny Diet, promises maximum weight loss in a short time. Diet for those who will stop at nothing for the sake of a thin waist.

Principles of diet

To lose weight quickly and noticeably, you need to change your usual diet. The basis of this technique is nothing fundamentally new, but this is the only way to reduce the volume as soon as possible. Comments and reviews about the diet operate with the slogan: “14 days and you’re skinny.” To get such results will have to give up a lot.

The technique relates to tough measures. It should be noted that this method is suitable only for those who have an enviable fortitude. Losing weight on this diet comes from the maximum reduction in calories. There are two options for correcting the figure according to this scheme: for 7 days and for 14 days. Depending on the desired result and the goal, you can choose the one that you like best.

During the diet, you need only what was originally prescribed. Adding even low-calorie foods can reduce the result. This rule is observed losing weight is extremely rare and, it is worth noting, not in vain. Supposed products will be so small that sometimes you have to choose between figure and health. If at some stage of the diet it becomes bad, it is better to add light salads or diet soups to the menu.

There is no special diet. Products that are put on a particular day need to stretch over the course of the day. It is not recommended to eat everything at once, hoping that the rest of the day will pass without food. The prospect of disruption will decrease if there is a bit at regular intervals. Drink will have a lot. On some days, water will replace food altogether, so it is recommended to stock up on clean non-carbonated water.

Since the method is extremely hard, preparation is needed. A sharp transition to starvation may not give results or significantly reduce them. Also, in order not to gain extra pounds before the start of the most important event, the diet should be finished correctly. Let us consider in detail the very method with the exit from it and the right beginning.

Entry to the diet

Switching to a too truncated diet requires a cautious start. Ideally, preparation should take a week, but often there is no time for this. To reduce stress for the body, you need to prepare it for future experiments. To do this, although in three days you should adjust the diet: abandon the sweet, greasy and fried, flour. It is better to switch to a vegetable diet a couple of days before the start of a course of weight loss. You can boil and bake vegetables, eat fruits and dried fruits, prepare salads, drink natural juices.

It is advisable to ensure that there are no chronic diseases before starting a “lean” program. The diet is not suitable for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, kidneys. Also, tough methods are not recommended for adolescents, as during the period of maturation, nutritional deficiencies can affect physical development. A full range of useful components is necessary for older people, nursing mothers and pregnant women, so this course is also not suitable for them.

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Weekly “Skinny Diet”

For those who can not wait at all to see in the mirror an emaciated body, a short course of the diet is intended. The menu is clearly written in it, the food will be greatly reduced. One day is set aside for fasting with water. Although, given the amount of food laid, hunger will accompany losing weight on all days. Reviews indicate that this option is best suited for the legs and abdomen.

Food can not be salted and seasoned with spices, all drinks should be savory. All that is required for the coming 7 days:

  • skimmed milk and kefir;
  • unsweetened juice;
  • low fat cottage cheese;
  • potatoes – 4 pcs .;
  • lean meat – 200 g;
  • sweet and sour apples;
  • mineral water.

The menu for the week is better to write or print, so you can always check out. Products can be prepared in advance so as not to look for the missing ingredient shopping.

The diet menu

First day: in the morning you need to drink a glass of warm water, then a liter of milk should be stretched all day. It is better to choose a drink with fat content in 2,5%, saturated fats will help to transfer the drinking phase easier. According to reviews, the beginning of the diet is transferred quite easily.

Second day: starts the same as the previous one. A day is supposed to eat 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese, it is better to stretch it at least in two small portions. 800 ml of unsweetened fresh is added to the curd. Packaged juices are not suitable, as they are “rich” in harmful additives and sugar. You can make any drink except banana and grape. If desired, it can be replaced with compote, but in natural juice there are more useful components that this diet will miss.

Third day: fasting day on the water. The liquid must be chosen non-carbonated, preferably mineral. If desired, it can be replaced with ordinary boiled water. There is nothing on this day, but do not forget about health: if it is completely unbearable, it is better to eat something.

Fourth day: the most satisfying day for the course. It is supposed to drink 800 ml of juice in parts per day (also unsweetened, you can tomato or other vegetable) and eat four potatoes. Vegetables need to be baked or boiled in a peel, they should be eaten without seasoning, oil and salt. It is better to stretch them into four steps.

Fifth day: consists of five meals, for each reception relies on one large apple. It is better to choose sweet and sour varieties, in breaks you need to drink warm water or herbal tea.

Sixth day: at this stage, protein food and water are relied upon. As a meal you need to boil 200 g low-fat fillet, suitable rabbit, chicken, veal, beef. In breaks rely pure water.

The seventh day: one more drinking stage, during the whole day it is necessary to drink only 1 a liter of kefir. Like milk, this fermented milk drink is better to choose 1,5% or higher to support digestion.

Reviews of this technique show a variety of results. On average, for such a “lean” week you can lose up to 5 kilograms, which competes with many other diets. Weight loss can be greater if the initial mass is much higher than normal.

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“Skinny diet” for two weeks

This option, if not strange, is more common. Extend hunger for 14 days, many agree for the sake of maximum plumb. This technique will require special care. Nutritionists and gastroenterologists speak of such diets exclusively in negative colors. Long refusal to eat leads to weight loss, which is natural in this mode. However, the cons of the diet abound. Weigh all possible risks before starting any starving technique, perhaps the figure does not require such victims.

Menu for two weeks

Day by account Food
I Only green tea. In the morning you can brew 2,5 liters of natural tea and drink it in parts throughout the day. You can cook a fresh batch each time.
II 80 ml of fermented milk drinks. You can use kefir, low fat fermented baked milk, natural yogurt. The main thing is to monitor the amount of product
III The first day menu is repeated. If desired, green tea can be replaced with a decoction of rose hips, chamomiles, linden. You can add mint, but do not use sugar, honey, substitutes
IV Clean water only, quantity not limited
V One green apple is added to the drinking regime of the previous day. The fruit can be divided into two or three parts, the rest of the time – only drink
VI Milk of medium liquid per day is up to 1 liters. You can choose a product 2,5% or lower
VII The menu of the first day – decoction or tea
VIII Drinking the day again in milk (up to 1 liters)
IX Green apples – 2 pcs. herbal decoctions and plenty of water are allowed during the breaks
X Sour-milk drinks up to 1 liters. As on the second day of the diet, you can choose any: yogurt, kefir, etc. It is important to ensure that the drinks do not have salt and sugar
XI A pound of fresh cucumbers. Vegetables can be eaten whole or peeled, salt is not used
XII Unlimited amount of tea. Recommended green, not strong. In quantity it is better not to exceed 2,5 liters
XIII Milky day, at regular intervals relies on half a glass of milk. Total per day accounts for 1-1,5 liters
XIV Three large green varieties of apples

As you can see, the diet refers more to drinking options. Such a menu should be used only in the most extreme measures, if other methods have failed. Experts do not recommend such executions to anyone at all.

Before the program, it is desirable to undergo training (entry into the diet). After fourteen days of fasting should be a gradual exit from the diet.

Out of the diet

A smooth return to the normal menu is needed after a two-week and weekly program. The digestive system, especially in the case of 14 diet days, will be extremely weak. It is necessary to return it to a tone gradually, for this it will take at least another week.

On the first day after completing the course, it is better to prepare a light vegetable soup for yourself. Cooking first need without meat and salt, legumes and pasta. Eat it four to five times a day in small portions.

On the second day, you can add boiled or baked fish and steamed vegetables. Such food will fill the body with the missing nutrients and will not disrupt the digestive tract. In the breaks it is better to drink milk, herbal decoctions.

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On the third day, you can enter boiled meat. It is recommended to use only lean species without skin, bones and fat. It is better to cook steam or baked meatballs, broccoli puree or other boiled vegetables are suitable for garnish.

On the fourth day, it is advised to cook a viscous porridge in order to activate the stomach and intestinal motility. To do this, it is advised to take oatmeal, barley, corn. Semolina and rice can be eaten only after a week. It is better not to salt the porridge, you can drink it with milk.

In the following days, leaving the diet should refrain from fried, too greasy, floury and sweets (you can dried fruit). It is recommended to gradually increase the portions and their caloric content. Heavy food can only be eaten after 8-10 days.

Results: the advantages and disadvantages of the diet

First, let’s determine how good this technique is. Its main plus in productivity, per week, on average, 5 kilograms are consumed. But the results of any diet are individual, you can lose a little less or more. Such a limited menu undoubtedly leads to weight loss, as the body is forced to use all its reserves. For those who normally tolerate such techniques and agree to starve for the sake of “going out”, other popular methods are also suitable: anorexichek diet, Pushinka, rigid.

The program is easy to follow (with the exception of hunger), it will be necessary to prepare at a minimum or not at all. All the products that are needed for such a weight loss is easy to find in the nearest store. Reviews of the “skinny diet” show another advantage. Eating for a long time in scanty portions, losing weight significantly reduces in volume your stomach. Such a result, if you do not overeat after a diet, will allow you to protect yourself from future overeating for a long time.

In general, these are all advantages that can be found: efficiently and affordably. Regarding the disadvantages of this diet is not inferior to other hard methods. In the first place, such nutrition threatens to impair the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Since you will have to drink a lot, and there will be nothing to eat, these organs may suffer the most.

The main disadvantage of express diets is the fragility of the results. Depleted cells will accumulate even more fats and nutrients. Fat in such cases accumulates in even greater volume, since the body is trying to protect itself if starvation occurs again.

The only way to keep weight after a diet is to diversify and extend the diet itself. Proper and moderate nutrition will keep the figure in order, but for this healthy lifestyle should be the basic principle forever.

A consequence of a deficiency in beneficial components can be hair loss, sagging skin, and rashes. Be sure to limit the diet, you need to drink a complex of vitamins. After a diet, it is advisable to add nuts, olive oil, more fish and seafood to the menu.

So, the diet is effective, but risky. For safe and quick weight loss, it is better to choose the first option for a week. Those who do not agree to risk their health will use more gentle methods: plant diet, Fifteen, milk milk and others.

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