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Slag-free diet

With the development of the industry, the environment has not changed for the better. Polluted air, poor water, questionable food are increasingly becoming the causes of serious diseases and pathologies. Doctors and scientists are forced to look for methods to prevent massive health problems. Recently, a slag-free diet is becoming more and more popular – one of these prophylactic methods, an easy and affordable way to improve health and improve appearance.

What is a slab-free diet for?

Since scientists became interested in the connection between atmospheric pollution and human diseases, the words “toxins” and “toxins” have become extremely popular. This is mainly due to their frequent use by unscrupulous PR companies. Advertising constantly assures viewers that a particular product (as a rule, it concerns sour-milk products), will help to cleanse, remove the burden, remove the unnecessary, cheer up and so on. To help such a product can only the manufacturer. After all, selling 100 grams of yogurt at the price of a liter 1 is much more profitable. So, what are we so vehemently trying to get out of and clean up?

The human body really is in constant “attack” from the outside. Water, food and even air contain many dangerous elements and compounds. First of all it concerns food and, most of all, wonderful yogurts with special additives. Once in the stomach, food digests and splits. Some of it are useful substances for the vital activity and proper functioning of the organs. Actually, only for this we eat. The second part is the remnants, their human body removes naturally. But some small particles can settle on the walls of the stomach or intestines. Over time, such “sediments” begin to emit poison, which in turn affects the entire body.

In addition, tap water may contain chlorine. This element reacts with organic substances, during which toxic components are also formed.

A normally functioning body does not require outside help in getting rid of toxins. But in the presence of some pathologies, this task is difficult. In addition, we often love to “poison” ourselves with alcohol, nicotine, or super fatty foods. Of course, they do not carry anything useful, but they slow down the work of the internal organs perfectly. Thus, the body is not able to help itself, it is increasingly accumulating the end products of metabolism. It is these products in the simple people and are called “slags”.

Slagging is manifested in the deterioration of health and appearance. Signs of such a violation can be:

  • appearance and growth of moles, warts, papillomas;
  • manifestation of chronic diseases;
  • problem skin;
  • excessive sweating, strong body odor;
  • excessive weight;
  • persistent indigestion;
  • causeless anxiety, fatigue;
  • irritability;
  • nausea.

As a result of such “accumulations”, a variety of diseases are manifested: “stones” in the kidneys and liver, migraines, varicose veins, gastrointestinal problems, malignant tumors.

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Periodically, the prevention and cleaning of the body is necessary for all. In addition to pregnant women, children, nursing mothers and people with serious illnesses.

The principle of a slag-free diet

The essence of a slag-free diet is simple: there is what is written, do not touch what is forbidden. This diet has several variations. Depending on the purpose, the types of this technique also change. There are:

  • prophylactic cleaning (3-4 of the day);
  • diet for weight loss (7-14 days);
  • specially prescribed slab-free diet before ultrasound or colonoscopy.

The menu when choosing any of the methods will consist of the most useful, exclusively natural ingredients. High fiber foods (buckwheat, rice, greens, etc.) will be a priority, as it speeds up the elimination of harmful substances from the body. Completely excluded: tobacco, all types of alcohol, canned food, street fast food.

Dish-Free Diet Products

Allowed Banned
Buckwheat, wheat sprouts Semolina, peas, beans
Lentil sprouts Lentil Kernels, Barley
Brown rice White polished rice
Fruits and berries
Watermelon melon Grapes
Blackberries, peaches, all kinds of apples gooseberries
Strawberries, strawberries, pineapple, oranges Raspberry
Turnip, carrots, cabbage Canned peas, corn
Radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes Salted pickled cucumbers and tomatoes
Dill, parsley, celery Spinach, sorrel
Onions, potatoes, beets Garlic
Meat and fish
Skinless chicken Lamb, fatty meat
Rabbit Sausages, sausages
Veal Pork
Quail Duck, goose
White fish, flounder, zander, halibut, hake Red fat fish
Sprats in oil, canned seafood Fresh or frozen squid, shrimp, mussels
Coffee Green, black tea
Carbonated sweet water, lemonade, kvass Homemade compotes, uzvar
Alcohol Freshly squeezed juices
Tap water Still mineral water

In addition to these prohibited products, for your own health you will have to abandon fatty sauces, muffins, all processed foods and mushrooms. The amount of salt, sugar and hot spices should also be reduced, they can easily be replaced with herbs to add flavor to the dishes. At first, getting used to unsalted food is very difficult, the food does not seem appetizing and faded. But, after the first couple of days, taste buds begin to find new colors and this ceases to be a problem.

To maintain the proper functioning of all organs, the amount of water consumed per day must be at least 2 liters. This concerns not only the period of the diet, but also advised by doctors as a good habit. The diet should be separate: 4-5 meals per day, in small portions.

Slag-free diet for cleaning

This method is designed for 3-4 of the day and is used for prophylactic cleansing of the body from toxins, nitrates, excess salt and other harmful elements. You can resort to it yourself to improve your general well-being and prevent diseases. Extending such a regime for more than 4 days is not recommended even if the diet is tolerated easily. Prolonged severe restrictions will lead to opposite results, exhaustion and weakness. However, over the period, the digestive tract is well cleaned, the appearance and work of the whole organism improves.

The slab-free diet menu on 4 of the day

Day one

Breakfast: apple (preferably green), tea without sugar.

Lunch: 200 gr fat-free kefir.

Lunch: one fresh cucumber, one banana, tea.

Tea time: one sour apple or pear.

Dinner: a salad of cucumber and greens, seasoned with low-fat kefir.

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Day two

Breakfast: 100 gr oatmeal on water, tea without sugar.

Lunch: one banana.

Lunch: vegetable broth without meat (250 gr).

Snack: a handful of nuts.

Dinner: salad of boiled beets and raisins.

Day three

Breakfast: half a cup of low-fat yogurt and fresh berries (except grapes and gooseberries).

Lunch: one non-sour apple.

Lunch: 100 gr boiled veal, one fresh tomato.

Tea time: one banana or medium orange.

Dinner: celery salad, 50 gr. Goat cheese and half grapefruit.

Day Four

Breakfast: one boiled egg, apple, tea.

Lunch: a handful of fresh berries.

Lunch: celery, parsley and potato cream soup.

Lunch: 200 gr non-fat natural yogurt.

Dinner: 150 gr of halibut for a couple, one tomato, half an orange or mandarin.

If during the diet the condition has worsened sharply, nausea and persistent dizziness is manifested, you should immediately stop the program. Slight malaise and weakness are permitted. There are after 19: 00 is not desirable. Teas, decoctions and compotes should be made exclusively from purified water. All physical exercises for all four days will have to be postponed.

Slag-free diet for weight loss

Another option of a slag-free diet involves not only cleansing from toxic substances, but also an excellent figure correction. In this case, the diet will be more high-calorie and balanced. Requirements for drinking regime remains the same (2 liters of water per day). The same applies to the diet: small portions, 4-5 once a day. The last meal – no later than 7 hours of the evening.

Protein foods (cereals, eggs, meat) and berries should be in the morning and before dinner, and in the afternoon dairy products and vegetables. In two weeks, this power supply system takes 5-6 kg of weight, improves skin condition, adds energy.

The slab-free diet menu on 7 days

Day one

Breakfast: steamed omelette, green tea.

Lunch: light soup, 100 gr boiled veal.

Snack: unsweetened yogurt, 50 grams of nuts or seeds.

Dinner: one boiled potatoes, a salad of one tomato and parsley.

Day two

Breakfast: porridge, a cup of tea.

Lunch: 100 gr boiled chicken, one cucumber or tomato.

Lunch: 150 gr fruit salad (grapes exclude).

Dinner: a salad of fresh carrots and white cabbage, seasoned with kefir.

Day three

Breakfast: one boiled egg, a glass of yogurt.

Lunch: 100 gr boiled brown rice, radish.

Tea time: one banana or two apples.

Dinner: a cup of kefir, one baked potato with goat cheese.

Day Four

Breakfast: cereal with yogurt (200 gr), green tea.

Lunch: 100 gr buckwheat, 100 gr boiled veal.

Snack: a handful of nuts, homemade jelly or fruit compote.

Dinner: steamed cod with fresh vegetables.

Day five

Breakfast: whole grain toast with low-fat cottage cheese and herbs.

Lunch: fish soup (250 gr).

Lunch: one banana, 100 gr yogurt.

Dinner: grilled eggplant or baked in the oven with herbs.

Sixth day

Breakfast: omelet from one egg and tomato, tea.

Lunch: mashed soup of boiled potatoes and zucchini.

Tea time: one green apple.

Dinner: salad of arugula, lettuce and goat cheese.

Seventh day

Breakfast: porridge on the water with fresh berries (except raspberries and gooseberries), tea.

Lunch: 100 gr buckwheat, 100 gr boiled lean beef.

Tea time: one banana or pear.

Dinner: potatoes baked in the oven, one tomato or cucumber.

You should leave the diet correctly: gradually add prohibited foods, except for street food, mayonnaise, and harmful additives. Excessive consumption of salt, sugar and fat over time will surely return hard-lost pounds. Therefore, it is better to avoid them in everyday life. Follow this diet is recommended no more than 2 weeks.

To repeat such a program for weight loss should be no more than 2 times a year.

To get the maximum amount of useful ingredients from different cereals, they need to be properly prepared. Groats should be soaked in warm water and left for a couple of hours, during which time it will accumulate water and increase in volume. Then the porridge should be boiled for 6-8 minutes. The finished dish is wrapped tightly with a towel and infused for another 10-20 minutes.

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Soups should not be in meat broth, only – vegetable. The best option for liquid food during the therapeutic diet is cream soup. They can be made absolutely from any boiled vegetables. Fried food is allowed a maximum of twice a week, for breakfast or lunch.

Cucumber Smoothie Recipe

For snacks, lunch or breakfast, drinkable cocktails made from vegetables and fruits are perfect.

For preparation it is necessary:

  • ground cucumbers;
  • mint leaves;
  • honey (to taste).

Peeled cucumbers need to be cut into medium pieces for easy chopping in a blender. To them add mint and, if desired, a teaspoon of honey. Beat everything until a uniform mass. Before serving, you can cool and decorate a little.

Slag-free diet before ultrasound and surgery

A slag-free diet is often prescribed three days before the ultrasound examination of the gastrointestinal tract or colonoscopy. Since it perfectly cleans the digestive tract, it allows you to get a clean and correct result or analysis.

During this period, products that contain seeds should be completely excluded: all types of berries, bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes (including raisins), granola, cereals. Raw fruits are also prohibited. The diet will include vegetable broths, dairy products with a low fat content, and a few boiled vegetables. The day before the visit, an enema should be applied to the doctor.

In the case of a forced surgical intervention, cleansing with this diet is also prescribed. For this, the patient is recommended exclusively boiled peeled vegetables, lean meat and rice. The use of raw vegetables and fruits, dairy products and bread is prohibited. 12 hours before surgery is not possible at all.


Periodic slab-free diet will be useful to any modern person. Because to avoid the effects of toxins is impossible. They somehow enter the body and eventually break its functioning. With proper adherence to the treatment course, the removal of unnecessary “slags” and the prevention of many diseases occur. In just the 3 day of a special diet, you can improve your health, help the body in the fight against harmful substances and become lighter by several kilograms. Such a program is allowed no more than once every six months. The skin reacts to the cleansing from the inside, first of all, it gets rid of the deficiencies, acquires an even and radiant color.

To minimize the possibility of health problems, the right diet should be a way of life. But the fight against excess weight is not needed at all if you choose your favorite sport and devote a little time to it.

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