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Soda diet

About methods of losing weight with the use of soda in recent times, the debate has not abated. Some say it is impossible, others boast about the results. Numerous headlines promise a loss of 9 kilograms only because of this product. The soda, which for many years was “forgotten by everyone” in the far corner, is now experiencing the peak of its popularity among losing weight. If it really helps, we need to know about it.

How to lose weight on soda

The Internet is filled with methods for body shaping based on this powder. And most of these methods are suitable for the lazy. All popular methods can be divided into diet and baths. In the first case, you need to slightly adjust the food and take special soda cocktails. Starving is not necessary, and the drink can be made at home, its recipes are transmitted to the women’s forums as a legacy.

The second option with swimming is even more popular. No effort is needed, you just have to relax and trust the action of soda – “cheap and cheerful.”

Those who decide to use the soda method should definitely get acquainted with the principles of its operation and, most importantly, with the myths about soda.

Food with soda

There are several such diets, they differ only in the composition of cocktails that you need to drink. Consider the most popular of them, which have already received user feedback and criticism of experts.

The first method using baking soda involves drinking a cocktail once a day. The recipe is very simple: in a glass of water you need to dilute half a teaspoon of the powder. This drink is drunk in the morning, it is recommended to take it in a warm form. Sugar, honey and other sweeteners are not allowed.

In addition to this drink, you need to abandon high-calorie and harmful foods, bring your food closer to the right one. Exit from the diet is also important – you need to smoothly introduce new products into the diet, at first restricting yourself to previously forbidden dishes.

Users of this diet urge to eat more:

  • vegetables in raw and ready-made form;
  • fruits, including freshly squeezed juices and smoothies;
  • berries;
  • cereals (except legumes).

Soda program lasts one week, for which they promise a loss from 4 to 9 kilograms. Such effective weight loss is justified by the fact that soda will significantly reduce appetite. The menu on 7 days can be built according to any scheme: three meals, 6 receptions in small parts, one reception – as convenient. The main thing to remember to drink soda drink on an empty stomach.

The second technique requires the use of soda in large quantities. In the morning you need to drink a glass of drink, which will consist of:

  • 200 ml of water at room temperature;
  • ¼ teaspoon of powder;
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
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With this cocktail you need to start every day during the week. Those who advise this diet point out that such a course should not be prolonged, since it is possible to cause damage to the body (we will consider damage from all sides below).

As in the previous version, the lemon-soda method involves the correction of the daily diet. For seven days you need to forget about chips, crackers, fatty, confectionery, alcohol and fried. But here to the cocktail you need to add the periodic use of soda as an additive to dishes.

Those who follow such a diet drink a drink in the morning, and then add a pinch of soda during the day to salads, steamed vegetables, boiled meat, etc. Add the powder to the food once. You should not worry about breakdowns, as soda will reduce appetite. The results of such a program, as they say, will make up from 5 a kilo and more.

Soda bath

The favorite way for those who want to lose weight without effort. Often such bathing combined with a diet to achieve higher results. No exercises in the bathroom do not need to – just complete relaxation. Even such a simple method promises a gradual correction of the figure up to 7-9 kilograms.

How it works? This is explained by the fact that soda dissolved in hot water flows through the pores of the skin to the upper fat layers. It is these layers that “love” to turn into cellulite. There, soda enters lipid metabolism and breaks down fat cells, which are then excreted naturally. As a result, as the technique asserts, those extra pounds leave without any effort.

How to do it? The recipe for such a slimming bath is familiar to most people losing weight, and those who did not have time to try continue to join. For a full bath of water, one pack of product is required. It is advised to immediately stock up on soda for the future, because you will need a lot of baths. Most often resort to a course in 9 bathing. Soda can be added both in the process of dialing and immediately before bathing, the main thing is to let it dissolve.

Take a bath is recommended for at least twenty minutes. It is often advised to add sea salt or ginger to soda, or all together for a “farther” effect. There is another recommendation from losing weight: if the water is hot, losing weight will go faster and more noticeable. So the pores open faster, and fat metabolism accelerates.

Apply such bathing every evening or every other day. Today, a lot of special mixtures based on salt and soda, which already have the right proportion, have appeared on the network.

Do not proceed to a diet or bath, until you read the myths about the effect of soda.

We looked at three popular methods of losing weight with soda. All of them are actively advertised and received a lot of feedback. The number of adherents is only growing, because all the techniques are cheap and simple, fast and effective. Why then the world has not yet filled with slender beauties and beauties? It’s so easy.

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Lose weight with soda: true and false

Everything that was written above about the diet and the bathroom is somewhat not true. Those who want to lose weight with soda need to know one truth about it: it does not help to lose weight. You can eat it, drink it, rub it into the skin – it does not affect the fat layer either from the inside or the outside.

Soda – sodium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate. In everyday life, they drink soda for heartburn. Today, official medicine does not recommend its use even for these purposes. Sodium bicarbonate actually neutralizes the acid, but subsequently the acidity of the stomach is restored and increases several times. In medicine, this is called the “acid rebound.” Getting rid of heartburn, you risk increasing the acidity of the stomach even more.

Its use in the diet is extremely dangerous. Regular consumption of soda will immediately lead to negative consequences. A person drinks a soda solution in the morning than neutralizes acid in the stomach. After that, he eats his dietary salad, and the salad cannot be digested, because there is no acid in the stomach. That is why appetite decreases during a diet.

The digestive tract organs are literally clogged with undigested food. The pancreas and intestines, which secrete enzymes and bacteria, attempt to complete the digestion process. Due to improper digestion, fermentation begins in the intestines and rot. During these processes, toxins are released that are absorbed into the blood. As a result, swelling, rash on the skin, worsening overall health.

In the case of negative consequences, you should immediately consult a doctor, and before starting a diet it is better to consult with a nutritionist.

Especially dangerous is the second version of the diet, where you need to add soda to the cocktail as a seasoning. Double dose of sodium bicarbonate comes out. The excess soda in the stomach forms carbon dioxide, salt and water. An excess of carbon dioxide causes simply unpleasant consequences: flatulence, bloating, belching.

A large amount of salt in the body is much more dangerous. It is absorbed into the blood and dehydrates the cells, from which they die. Excess salt can cause malfunction of the heart, liver, kidneys.

Slight weight loss on a soda diet can occur. Digestion and appetite will be completely broken, because of which the body can be depleted at first. But after the diet, increased acidity of the stomach will lead to a constant feeling of hunger – this is the least that can happen.

Such executions of your body can result in gastritis, enteritis, peptic ulcer disease. As a result of the diet, losing weight will get digestive problems, increased acidity of the stomach, swelling, and acne on the face.

So, the diet on soda does not work – we do not use it. What about baths? They after all burn fat directly in the center of its dwelling.

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Bathing Myths

Bathing for weight loss in soda solution is not so dangerous, but it has nothing to do with weight loss. “Soda penetrates the pores and enters into lipid metabolism” – this phrase can be found on various forums and sites. Most people resort to this “miraculous” method because they are not familiar with lipid metabolism and fat breakdown.

The process of splitting the fat cell is so complicated that it can be understood only after long lectures on biochemistry. If we shorten these lectures to conclusions, we learn the following: no external factor influences body fat. Among these factors are anti-cellulite products, scrubs and peels, soda and salt baths. Triglycerides (fat reserves) are split only with the participation of a number of hormones, this process occurs inside, and outside it does not affect.

Positive reviews such baths are due to the loss of moisture. Hot water heats the body, which causes sweating, moisture released during the bathing period and there is a loss of weight. And the higher the temperature of the water, the more profuse sweating. Therefore, in the recommendations for this technique it is advised to take not warm baths, but hot ones. Losses can be up to 300 g in one procedure, but this weight returns within the next few hours. Soda does not play any role here.

Significantly lose weight in a soda bath will not work, but to cause yourself another harm – very much so. Sodium bicarbonate is able to split only the outer layer of fat. This is not the fat that prevents us from being beautiful, but one that performs the protective function of the skin. As a result of such water procedures, the skin dries out, loses moisture and elasticity, can peel off and turn red.

In conclusion

This does not mean that soda is the enemy of the human race. In the usual proportions it can still be used when baking, clean the pipes or frying pan. This is a common product that will not cause damage if it is not in batches.

Among the warnings from those who “burned”, you can find positive feedback or simply neutral readily repeat. A healthy young body can endure many tests, but this is absolutely no reason to test it for strength.

Who owns the authorship of the diet with soda is unknown. It is clear that a number of scammers continue to earn on “special” soda and bath mixes. The reason for the popularity of such methods is laziness. It’s easier to drink soda than to do your diet or sports.

The search for the magic pill continues to generate more and more absurd measures and useless drugs. And the “World Wide Web” offers a lot of such techniques without fear for the health of losing weight. Do not get confused in it!

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