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Sour milk diet

Sour milk diet is good for the body, because fermented milk products are in our diet almost from birth. Dairy products have a beneficial effect on the appearance and internal organs, so their use is both useful and tasty. Combining these products in the right proportions with other types of food, you can effectively lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. With excellent taste and a variety of nutrients, dairy products include in the diet and used in therapeutic and preventive purposes.

Composition and types of dairy products

Sour-milk products are among the products of fermentation of milk. Milk is considered one of the first products in the human diet. Since ancient times, this drink was appreciated due to its beneficial properties, and over time they learned to make fermented milk products from it.

Sour-milk products basically contain whole milk. The main ingredients in fermented milk products are also whey, cream and skim milk. In the manufacture of these products, fermentation occurs with the help of yeast and special lactic acid bacteria. Before cooking, milk is pasteurized to get rid of harmful bacteria.

Fermented milk products on the nature of fermentation are divided into two types:

  • products obtained by lactic acid fermentation, namely yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, acidophilus, sour cream, acidophilus milk;
  • products obtained by milk-sour-alcoholic fermentation, such as kefir, fermented baked milk, koumiss and others.

Sour-milk products of natural fermentation have a thick consistency and a sour taste. Mixed fermentation products have a specific taste due to their ethanol and carbon dioxide content. As a result of fermentation, a finished product with a taste and smell is obtained. The most popular whole milk products are kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese and acidophilus. Acidophilus is a product in the process of which acidophilus bacillus is involved. Yogurt is made from fresh milk by pasteurization with the addition of special bacteria. Kefir is obtained as a result of fermentation of milk. The yogurt has a thick consistency with a sour taste. Fermented baked milk is prepared using mixed fermentation. Fats with various percentages of fat are present in sour cream, cream and cottage cheese.

The benefits and nutritional value of fermented milk products

Sour-milk products include amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, beneficial bacteria, yeast, vitamins, trace elements and macrocells.

According to caloric content, dairy products may have different data depending on their composition. These products are based on whole cow’s milk. The average calorie content of fermented milk products is about 45 kcal. 100 g of a product contains on average up to 3,3 g of proteins, 1,6 g of fat, 4 g of carbohydrates.

Sour-milk products are absorbed in the body better than milk. Therefore, a person receives more calcium, vitamins and minerals by consuming fermented milk products. In addition to the well-known dietary properties, they perfectly tone, have a positive effect on the skin condition, eliminate puffiness and fatigue. They also perfectly cleanse the intestines from harmful toxins, improve the digestive processes in the body and normalize the metabolism.

Different types of fermented milk products contribute to the treatment of the following ailments:

  • constipation;
  • gastritis;
  • anemia;
  • hypertension;
  • dysbiosis;
  • colitis;
  • diseases of the liver and respiratory tract.

To restore energy, with weakness and exhaustion of the body, it is recommended to use fatty sour-milk products, and for weight loss – fat-free. For people over forty, dairy products are essential to prevent osteoporosis. Sour milk products are recommended for young children and adolescents to strengthen bones and teeth during active bone growth. During the heat, the use of these products in a chilled form helps to quickly saturate the body with useful substances. Lactic acid in their composition actively fights harmful bacteria in the body.

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Specialists in the field of medicine claim that consuming fermented milk products every day can halve the frequency of body diseases. Such foods contain beneficial bacteria for healthy digestion. Lactic acid regulates the functioning of internal organs. Bifidobacteria accelerate the process of protein breakdown, and fatty organic acids positively affect the digestive tract.

Sour milk food is more useful in its composition than raw milk. It contains more nutrients that prevent flatulence, strengthen bone tissue, remove toxins, promote the treatment of atherosclerosis and hypertension, as well as strengthen the immune system. A wide range of their therapeutic effects on the body determines the importance in the daily diet.

On the therapeutic properties of kefir heard a lot. This product has a beneficial effect on the digestive process and intestinal microflora. It has a pronounced antibacterial effect with a low amount of calories. This drink acts as an antiseptic due to lactic acid and beneficial bacteria. It also removes harmful decay products from the body, which accumulate during periods of dietary restrictions. Also this fermented milk drink makes healthy hair, gums, tooth enamel and nails. Proteins contained in kefir, quickly saturate the body, normalize body weight and metabolism.

Fermented baked milk is a healthy sour-milk drink that contains phosphorus, probiotics and calcium. Ryazhenka perfectly satisfies the feeling of thirst and hunger, and also positively affects the digestive process.

Yogurt in its natural form without preservatives and chemical additives is very useful for the body. This product protects the body’s immune system, kills pathogens in the intestines, and prevents diarrhea and constipation. Yogurt includes in its diet, even those people who have intolerance to milk protein. Thanks to lactic acid in yogurt, milk protein is split into small flakes, which increases its absorption in the body.

Cottage cheese and feta cheese due to its composition are very useful for the functioning of the body. They contain a high amount of vitamins A, B, E and trace elements. These dairy products strengthen tooth enamel, regulate the digestive system and normalize the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Serum in its chemical composition corresponds to the composition of milk of lactating women. It combines more than 200 of various components. Only one glass of serum per day is able to protect the body from infectious diseases, gastritis and puffiness. It perfectly cleanses blood vessels, preventing them from clogging. The good news is that serum normalizes the function of the nervous system, promoting the formation of the hormone serotonin. This is extremely useful in depressive conditions. For those who want to lose weight, it perfectly reduces appetite without damage to the body. In the old days, our great-grandmothers washed their hair with a mixture of serum and infusion of burdock roots. This procedure makes hair healthy and shiny.

Hard cheese without preservatives and food additives is good for the body. In the children’s body, it helps the growth process, and in adults it stabilizes the metabolism and hemoglobin level. Cheese has a lot of protein, so vegetarians replace meat with it. However, people who are inclined to be overweight need to eat it in limited quantities or include low-calorie cheeses in the menu.

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Harm and contraindications of fermented milk products

Dairy products despite the huge benefits to the body have several contraindications. If you do not take into account, you can harm your body. For a certain category of people, dairy products are contraindicated:

  • for patients with pancreatitis;
  • for people with high levels of acidity;
  • for people with individual sensitivity to fermented milk products;
  • swelling or diarrhea;
  • with hypertension;
  • in diseases of the liver or gallbladder.

Nutritionists and therapists do not recommend abusing dairy products and sticking to the rules of their selection and storage so that some negative consequences do not arise:

  • products prepared at home may not be sterile, so you need to buy such home products from trusted vendors;
  • Products prepared under industrial conditions often contain food additives or preservatives to prolong the shelf life of the product;
  • with excessive use, there may be a violation of calcium metabolism and high cholesterol.

Yogurt contains sugar or sweet additives that spoil tooth enamel and shape. Therefore, it is recommended to cook yogurt at home without additives.

Choosing kefir, whey, fermented baked milk, yogurt and other dairy products, it is important to check the date of manufacture of the product. It is equally important to properly store these products: in the refrigerator or cooler bag on the road.

Features of fermented milk diet

Sour-milk diet for weight loss effectively helps to lose weight, harmful toxins and improve the metabolic process. The number of days for a sour-milk diet is selected individually based on the features of the rhythm of life, the presence of certain diseases and some needs in the diet for normal functioning of the body. On average, in 10 days you can lose about 3-4 extra pounds. This sour-milk diet saturates the body with useful substances for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this, harmful wastes, toxins and salts of heavy metals are removed from the body, which leads to noticeable weight loss.

The diet menu allows you to not feel attacks of hunger during the day, and body weight quickly decreases. Products of this diet are available, because they are sold at any grocery store. Nutritionists recommend this diet not only to those who wish to lose weight, but also to those who need to clean their bodies and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

However, before starting a fermented milk diet, it is recommended to go for a consultation with a doctor.

Key diet rules

Dairy diet is distinguished by its simplicity and affordability. However, to achieve the intended result, you must correctly select the menu for the diet. To this end, it is recommended to adhere to several rules that are recommended by nutritionists.

The key rules of a fermented milk diet are:

  • selection of low-fat dairy products;
  • strict meal schedule – three times a day;
  • additionally include in the menu vegetables and fruits according to the season.

In this weight loss technique, products such as kefir with a fat content of 1%, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt without additives, yogurt, fermented baked milk and feta cheese are allowed. It is important to eat foods without chemical additives, sugar, starch and preservatives. It is necessary to exclude alcoholic beverages, chocolate, white bread, salted and smoked products from the diet.

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Fermented milk diet options

There are several options for a sour-milk diet. A nutritionist will help you choose the best option based on individual needs and characteristics. The most common option is a diet on 3 of the day. The morning and lunch diet of the diet consists of a glass of kefir with a fat content of 1%. You can eat one green apple between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner. For dinner, you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir and eat one green apple. If during the day there is a feeling of hunger, then you can additionally drink a glass of kefir.

The second diet option is a diet on 3 day with the addition of fruit. Morning menu includes kefir with grated apple. Lunch consists of vegetable broth, and an afternoon snack of fruit salad and low-fat sour cream. For dinner, you can eat up to 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and drink a glass of herbal tea.

The third option for a three-day diet is a menu with the addition of vegetables. In the morning, 2 brown bread toast and a glass of low-calorie kefir are served. For lunch, you can drink a glass of ryazhenka and eat a tomato salad. After lunch, you can have a couple of toasts and cucumber salad with sour cream. Dinner consists of 100 g cottage cheese and a cup of green tea.

The fourth diet option is a menu with sour-milk shakes. For a day you need to drink about 1,5 liter of such cocktails. It is very simple to prepare them: drinking water is poured into the container, celery (4 pieces), a glass of low-fat kefir are added. The resulting mass is beaten to a homogeneous consistency.

Sour-milk shakes need to drink freshly prepared.

Another option for a sour-milk diet is a menu based on sour-milk and vegetable products. The diet includes fish, fresh milk, sour cream, fruits and vegetables. In the morning you can drink a glass of fresh milk and eat fruit. Before lunch, you can have a cucumber, tomato or cabbage. For lunch, boiled fish and a small portion of pasta from durum wheat are allowed. You can have a bite before dinner with an apple and a glass of low-fat kefir, and for dinner eat a vegetable salad.

You can stick to a diet for a maximum of 10 days. Before you start a diet, it is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor for those who have thyroid disease, bone and urinary systems and kidneys, as well as those who have low blood pressure.

Due to the fact that the diet is low-calorie, after a couple of days you may feel weak, so it is advisable to include more fresh vegetables and fruits in the menu. You also need to monitor the water balance, you need to drink at least 1,5 liters of clean water. It is impossible to do strong physical exertion, swimming, fitness and yoga are recommended. Adhering to a sour-milk diet, an important point is to refuse to eat 3 hours before bedtime.

Thus, a fermented milk diet is a quick and effective way to combat obesity. This diet will cleanse the body of harmful substances, toxins and slags, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and strengthen bone tissue in the body.

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