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Spectacled diet

For those who are tired of counting calories before each meal, a new weight loss strategy has been devised. The spectacle diet offers a convenient system for controlling your weight. Instead of extra pounds you can gain points, which makes the diet more interesting and easier. Over the past couple of years, this technique is gaining more and more fans and appreciative reviews. How to join them, now find out.

Principles and rules of diet

As in any diet, here you will also have to monitor your diet. But instead of gaining calories, this program offers to count points. A certain number of them is attributed to each product, depending on the purpose of losing weight, you can score 20, 40 or 60 points. A similar scheme is the basis of a very popular Kremlin diet.

If you need to lose weight urgently and noticeably, choose the daily norm in 20 points. In terms of calories, this is about 800 kcal, a very trimmed diet. You can use this option only for a short time and extremely rarely. For example, a few days on this diet will give a good impetus to losing weight, but then you should increase the number of points so as not to harm the body. Extending such a power scheme is not recommended for more than a week.

The way with 40 points is chosen by those who want to lose weight, but without the constant feeling of hunger. In calories, it is about 1400 kcal. Such nutrition is enough for slow weight loss and minimal exercise. Extending such a course on points can be for several months, if you properly balance the diet.

The maximum number of points designed for weight loss of men or women involved in serious sports. In terms of calories, 60 points is almost 2400 kcal. If you do not connect the sport and gain such a number of points, significantly lose weight will not succeed. If the diet was too abundant before the diet (for example, they recruit and 5000 kcal per day), you should start with 60 points, then connect the sport, then you can switch to 40 points.

Plus, the method is that the menu can be made independently; the main thing is to “fit in” with the required number of points. For example, you can eat two pieces of cake per day and nothing more, and you can eat low-calorie foods normally and not feel hungry.

In order to maintain your health, it is recommended to use fresh vegetables, cereals, fruits, natural juices, lean meat. Although, if it is convenient to lose weight on pizza, you can eat two slices per day and also lose weight, however, there will be no usefulness in this.

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Diet is not prescribed, every eats as it suits him. If you are accustomed to have dinner and not eat during the day, you can continue in this mode. The most useful for the body and the figure will be fractional nutrition, so hunger is felt less, and energy is consumed and not deposited in the fat layer.

How to make a diet

A full table with the number of points will be needed to create the menu. It is recommended to always keep it on hand, so that it is convenient to control the food. The table shows the most common dishes and products, each item is listed in a convenient unit of measure: a glass, one spoon, and so on.

Product table

Название продукта Amount of product Number of points
Meat and fish
Boiled beef and white fish 100 g
Lean meat and fish in fried 100 g 5
Meat patties, fried lean pork 100 g 7
Sausage, smoked meats 100 g 6
Boiled sausages 1 thing 1
Eggs and dairy products
Milk Half liter 10
Fat-free kefir and yogurt without additives 100 g 5
Cottage cheese and cheese 100 g 5
Fat free kefir Half liter 10
Sour cream and cream 50 g (1 st. L.) 3
Boiled eggs 1 thing 1
Fried egg 1 thing 4
Porridge on the water 150 g (1 serving)
Granola, granola 150 g 5
Boiled beans 150 g
Stews, stewed, boiled and baked vegetables 150 g 10
Jacket potatoes, mashed potatoes, baked 150 g
Fried potatoes 150 g 25
Pasta 150 g 25
First course
Vegetarian soup with vegetables 150 g 8
Soup without cereal with meat 150 g 16
Okroshka on kefir or kvass 150 g 20
Pea soup 150 g 35
Creamy vegetable soup without meat 150 g 15
Vegetable salad without dressings and salt 150 g 5
Herring, fish roe, salted fish, forshmak 100 g 25
Mayonnaise salad 100 g 35
Canned Olives 100 g 5
The vinaigrette 150 g 10
Orange 1 Medium Size 8
Avocado 1 thing 3
Apricot 100 g 9
Banana 1 thing 21
Apples 1 thing 9
peaches 1 thing 9,5
Garnet 1 thing 11
Pear 1 thing 9,5
Raspberry 100 g 8
Black currant 100 g 7,5
Gretsky 100 g 12
Peanut 100 g 10
Cashew 100 g 22,5
Salted pistachios 100 g 15
Desserts and drinks
Cakes 1 slice 35
Chocolates 100 g 45
Bun 100 g 8
Honey, jam 1 century. l. 4
Homemade jelly 150 g (portion) 8
Dried apricots and prunes 100 g 10
Raisins, Dried Banana 100 g 18
Black coffee without sugar 1 cup 4
Tea black, green, herbal decoctions 1 cup
Homemade Compotes 1 cup 3
Beer and Kvass 1 wine glass 35
Strong alcohol 50 ml 15
Sugar 1 teaspoon 1
Salt 1 teaspoon 9,5
Ketchup and mayonnaise 1 tablespoon 7
Natural spices and spices 1 teaspoon 2
Garden greens 100 g 3
Bran Bread 1 slice 3
Rye and oatmeal 1 slice 4
White bread 1 slice 8
Pies 1 thing 19
Sweet cookie 100 g 19
Savory crackers, biscuits 100g 10
Diet bread 1 thing 2

A spectacle diet classifies foods by carbohydrate content and is assigned the most points. Those dishes that received zero points should also be consumed in moderation. For weight loss, it is recommended to eat cereals and beans once a day. Be sure to leave a “place” for lean boiled meat, suitable rabbit, turkey, chicken, beef and veal fillet.

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Vegetables should be at least one serving per day, preferably stewed, steamed or boiled. Fruits need to be reduced on the menu, it is better to eat them in the morning or at lunch. To get more vitamins naturally, it is advisable to add sweet and sour berries: dogwood, raspberries, currants, blueberries, blueberries.

Sample menu for spectacle diet

For convenience in keeping the diet on points, it is recommended to make the menu in advance, it is even better to plan the menu for a week in advance. So it will be possible to make a list of points for a selected number of points. The planned amount of food should be divided into several receptions, it is desirable to eat every 2,5-3 hours. If you learn to eat at the same time, the process of losing weight will accelerate.

Consider a few examples for different points.

Strict way – 20 points

Breakfast: muesli on water, chamomile broth without sugar.

Lunch: a glass of low-fat kefir.

Lunch: vegetable soup with cabbage (without potatoes).

Lunch: compote of currants or raspberries (without additives).

Dinner: a piece of boiled fish, two raw cucumbers.

The best way – 40 points

Breakfast: granola with nonfat yogurt, coffee without sugar and milk.

Lunch: one grapefruit.

Lunch: a portion of cauliflower and celery cream soup, buckwheat with fresh tomato.

Lunch: a glass of low-fat kefir, a few berries.

Dinner: boiled beef, salad from fresh seasonal vegetables (or vinaigrette with fresh cucumber).

The program for athletes, or to gain weight – 60 points

Breakfast: one hard boiled egg, toast from bran bread with curd paste and dill.

Lunch: fruit salad with a spoon of honey.

Lunch: meat broth, a serving of brown rice with stewed zucchini.

Tea time: biscuits with a glass of milk.

Dinner: steam chicken cutlets, stewed eggplant in sour cream, a glass of natural juice.

To improve the results of any of the programs, it is advisable to drink more purified water. You can drink ordinary mineral water without gas, occasionally useful to use high-quality enriched water. Reviews of losing weight are recommended to start every day with a glass of warm water on an empty stomach, this is how the digestion process starts, the body “awakens” and the appetite subsides.

It is desirable to get involved in less salt and sugar. To add spice to the dish, you can use garden herbs, natural spices and herbs. Those who love spicy cuisine should be aware that spices that are bright in taste evoke an appetite.

Safety measures

Before starting the program, you should make sure that there are no diseases of the liver and kidneys; these organs are also involved in the process of processing and removing food, therefore, they may suffer from changes in diet.

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Ladies who are expecting a baby or breastfeeding are contraindicated. You need to wait until the lactation period ends. During the gestation and feeding of the baby, you can use the PP diet, which will help maintain the figure. But any adjustments in the menu of mothers should be discussed with the attending physician.

Those who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can use the eyeglass diet only with the permission of the gastroenterologist.

The option with the maximum limit of points can be available only to healthy people.

Diet results

Reviews of losing weight often compare the spectacle diet with the Kremlin and Atkins. Indeed, they are very similar, those who liked the technique with glasses can try two other options. The results of these programs are similar, the amount of weight lost depends on the most losing weight.

As a result of a strict diet, you can lose kilogram 3 per week. As already mentioned, it is undesirable to prolong such a course. With normal portability, the maximum duration of such a limited menu is two weeks.

The best diet option is used most often. 40 points on the table allow you to eat normally, do not feel hunger and gradually lose weight. The recommended duration of such a program is one month. But often the followers of this diet adhere to it until the desired result is achieved. To do it right, you need to think through your menu well. Every day, all components must be present in the diet: meat (or fish) for lunch and dinner, one or two servings of cereals in the morning, during breaks, sour-milk drinks, berries, fruits. From time to time you need to eat nuts, add sesame seeds, pumpkins, sunflowers to salads.

As a result, the optimal diet goes from 2 to 4 kilograms per week, which per month can be up to 16 kilograms – a decent result of a full meal.

The maximum score does not include weight loss. If you combine it with intense loads, the mass can stop or grow due to muscles. In this embodiment, it is undesirable to eat a lot of animal fats and fast carbohydrates. Preference should be given to protein foods, raw vegetables, cereals. The emphasis of this program is on muscle building, so it will not work for people who are not involved in active activities. You can stick to such a program as much as you like.

In the course of long-term dietary choices, fasting days on water or one product will be helpful. The need for unloading occurs when the weight has stopped and does not decrease.

Losing weight on this diet note that to follow it is simple and even interesting. Scoring is like a game, which provides ease of compliance, increased mood from the results and proper nutrition. A positive attitude will ensure the successful passage of the diet.

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