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Spring diet

Spring is a time of change and experimentation. Everyone is preparing for an offensive heat, the first vegetables and fruits appear on the tables, light dresses are “waited” in the closets. The best moment to transform after a series of cold and gray days. A special spring program of detox and weight loss will help bring the figure in order. A diet not only for a light body, but also for a good mood.

Spring slimming rules

Careful preparation in the spring will provide a beautiful body throughout the summer. If time to do their health and figure, then you will not have to resort to exhausting diets before the beach season.

Spring, or the “Spring” diet, is aimed at improving and waking the body, losing weight is only an additional aspect, but it is also inevitable in this program. After winter, the body often requires help: avitaminosis, accumulation of salts due to the large amount of canned food, lack of nutrients and minerals. All this should fix the spring program.

From pickles, pickles, conservation must be abandoned. They were enough in winter days, now you need to replace them with fresh seasonal products, which are rich in spring. In spring, especially early, fresh vegetables are often greenhouse, there are an order of magnitude less vitamins in them than in products that are ripe in the sun. But even such vegetables will be more healthy, conservation.

On the day you need to eat three to four servings of vegetable dishes. Half of them are best eaten raw, half can be boiled, stewed, baked, steamed. Fried foods are not allowed; anything that was fried before can be baked in the oven. It is advisable to add more greens to salads: dill and parsley, sorrel and spinach, basil.

The rest of the diet should be slow carbohydrates. You can cook cereals on the water, eat nuts, seafood and fish. The latter must be included in your diet, as seafood contains a lot of iodine. In spring, outbreaks of SARS and influenza are more common than in winter (data from the World Health Organization). An increase in iodine level provides prophylaxis against these diseases, in addition, fish and shellfish contain healthy fats, potassium, magnesium and much more, which was not enough in cold weather.

The amount of protein in this diet is reduced. It is necessary to abandon meat and eggs, animal fats. You can periodically eat cottage cheese and milk, dairy drinks. They also contain animal protein, but such nutritional components are necessary to normalize digestion. In winter, heavy, fatty foods predominate, which overloads the digestive tract (and adds weight), in spring they need to rest. The menu should be dominated by light salads, vegetable broths, natural juices, stew with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Salt is not recommended for cooking, in extreme cases it just needs to be minimized. Sodium chloride retains water, which causes swelling, makes the work of internal organs more difficult, and heavy rises in the morning often happen for the same reason.

To quickly and efficiently cleanse the body of harmful components, excess salts, free radicals, you need to drink plenty of water. Often during the diet it is recommended to abandon soda, in spring this rule can be omitted. Mineral enriched waters contain useful metals, macro- and microelements, and two glasses of such liquid per day will only be beneficial.

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At other times, it is advisable to drink plain purified water. For weight loss, you need to drink 200 ml of water 20-30 minutes before eating, and in the morning take a cup of lemon juice with warm water.

Spring diet is used in two versions. Short on 7 days is designed for quick and small body correction, body cleansing and general recovery. The full course is used for 35 days, it is aimed at losing more excess weight, thorough cleansing of the intestines and blood, recovery.

Fast spring diet

Since in this case there will be less time, more effort will have to be made. A week before the diet, you need to abandon the fried, very fatty, sausages and pastry. The amount of salt should also be gradually reduced in order not to use it at all at the beginning of the course. Preparation is necessary for the body to gradually adapt, the weight can begin to normalize already at the stage of entering the diet.

The menu for the week will consist mainly of vegetables, dried bran bread, cereals (except semolina and white rice), light soups. In the morning they recommend eating more fruits, and for lunch and dinner you can cook vegetables, fish, seafood.

Calorie content should be reduced, and the volume of each meal reduced. You need to eat in five or six receptions, in small parts. Do not forget about the water that you need to drink half an hour before meals. Consider an example of a menu for the week, which can be changed at your discretion.


Breakfast: unsweetened coffee with milk and toast from bran bread.

Lunch: three plums or one peach.

Lunch: mushroom soup with bell pepper, a little sour cream.

Tea time: two tomatoes without salt.

Dinner: pumpkin porridge with raisins.


Breakfast: cottage cheese with raspberries, black tea.

Lunch: medium-sized green apple.

Lunch: a soup of zucchini and lentils, a small handful of crackers.

Snack: green salad of cucumber and parsley.

Dinner: steam carrot patties, a glass of natural juice.


Breakfast: cereal flakes with low fat yogurt.

Lunch: three apricots or half a cup of raspberry.

Lunch: cauliflower cream soup and greens.

Tea time: one tomato, a couple of mozzarella slices.

Dinner: a portion of buckwheat with radishes.


Breakfast: 250 ml of strawberry smoothie with unsweetened yogurt.

Lunch: saucer of any spring fruit.

Lunch: spinach soup with crackers.

Snack: radish and cucumber salad.

Dinner: vegetables with hard cheese in a pot.


Breakfast: dietary buckwheat bread with cottage cheese, coffee without additives.

Lunch: a glass of fresh strawberries.

Lunch: celery soup without potatoes.

Snack: baked pear or apple with cinnamon.

Dinner: a slice of steam hake, braised green beans.


Breakfast: oatmeal porridge with fresh berries, coffee.

Lunch: toast with tomato and basil.

Lunch: soup with tomatoes and brown rice.

Snack: half the bell pepper, unsalted cheese.

Dinner: any seafood in sour cream.


Breakfast: fruit salad with sesame seeds.

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Lunch: a portion of cocoa in milk.

Lunch: thick vegetable soup with sweet peppers.

Tea time: a glass of fresh tomatoes.

Dinner: carp in the oven with onions and herbs.

Supplement diet with sports can, if the body tolerates such food. After a week of diet, you need to gradually increase portions, give up the snack. Fat and flour (if necessary) can be returned to the menu after three or four days, but it is better to limit them for the preservation of the figure.

If you add more vegetables and dairy products to the menu, you can extend the program for two weeks. Reviews of the diet promise a loss of 3-4 kilograms per 7 days, but the results are individual.

Full spring program

Smooth and accurate weight loss will provide a stable and long-term result. If you give the diet a little more than a month, you can thoroughly correct the figure for the warm season. The full program will take 35 days.

Eggs and meat, but non-greasy, without skin and fascia, are introduced into the long-term diet. You can choose any lean option: rabbit, chicken, turkey, veal, beef. The nutritional rules remain the same. It is recommended to make a menu in advance in order to stock up with the necessary ingredients and find diet recipes. In the first version of this diet there is no clearly prescribed diet; it can be prepared independently, observing the basic requirements of the program.

You can count the number of calories to control your own nutrition, but this is optional. The amount of food per day should be divided into five parts, each of which should be placed in a saucer or small plate.

For best results, use the second – a strict version of the diet, where there is a clear menu. The diet is limited in calories and consists mainly of a series of monodiets.

The diet of the full program

Account days Food
1,2,3 In the morning, you should only drink: water, tea, coffee, decoctions. For lunch, eat 150 g of boiled lean meat, a plate of fresh vegetables to choose from. For dinner, cook the cabbage and eat it with a decoction
4 For the whole day, you have half a kilogram of cottage cheese and the same amount of low-fat kefir, this amount is divided evenly throughout the day
5 Half a liter of low-fat kefir and five pieces of jacket or baked potatoes
6 Kefir again – 0,5 l and half a kilogram of boiled or roasted meat – oh, 5 kg
7,8 The fourth day menu is repeated.
9 Half a liter of kefir and any dried fruit. It is best to choose dried apricots, and refuse raisins.
10 Only kefir and water without gas
11 Drinking discharge on water
12 For breakfast, boil one egg, for lunch you can eat a little cottage cheese. In the afternoon, eat a vegetable salad, a small portion of boiled fillet, a glass of yogurt without additives
13,14 500 g boiled or baked fish, 1 liter kefir and 300 g vegetables all day
15 Half a kilogram of low fat cottage cheese and 1 liter of milk
16 Fat-free kefir and five jacket potatoes
17 Four doses of cheese on 100 g and half a liter of kefir per day
18,20, 22 Half a liter of kefir and four doses of fresh fruit in 100 g
19 Four doses of boiled fish 100 g each and half a liter of sour milk drink
23 In the morning, eat a couple of boiled eggs and 150 of stewed cabbage. In the evening you can cook a portion of boiled fish and a glass of tomato juice.
24, 35 200 of fish, 250 ml of kefir and 200 of boiled meat divided by day
25, 34 For breakfast relies 2 chicken eggs. Stuff one zucchini by lunch, and 200 g of boiled beef and raw cabbage for dinner
26, 33 Salad of boiled carrots and hard cheese for lunch, fruit for dinner
27, 32 In the morning, one raw carrot, at lunch a piece of baked fish, only fruit for dinner
28, 29, 30, 31 During the day, eat fresh fruit and half a kilo of boiled lean fillet (you can choose fish or meat)
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Due to the very limited power supply, this option can only be chosen by healthy people. It is better to consult with a nutritionist about the possibility of holding such events.

If a breakdown occurred during the diet, you should not refuse food in order to “catch up”, you just need to continue the diet on a schedule. Those who decide to comply with the strict option are better to rewrite or print the diet. If during the diet you feel noticeably worse, you need to expand the menu. Without loss to the figure, you can add celery, fresh cucumbers, sea kale. Repeat a strict diet is advised no more than once a year.

Completion of the spring diet

Choosing any of the options, you need to carefully finish the diet. In the first three or four days you need to give up heavy and high-calorie food, slightly increase the size of each meal. When the food becomes full-fledged, a minimum physical education will help maintain the figure.

As a result of the first (on 7 days) diets, the volumes of the upper body, abdomen and some hips disappear. To give a beautiful shape to the legs during the warm season, you need to connect exercise. It is best suited for this jumping rope, jogging and stretching.

At the end of the full program in its menu, the result will depend on the initial weight and the composition of the diet. If you plan to reset to 7 kg, you can focus on the daily caloric in 1800-2000 kcal. To lose from 10 to 15 kilogram, again, you have to do active activities. Reviews of a strict diet on 35 days often show results in minus kilogram 10.

In addition to the transformation of the figure during the spring diet, the body is cleansed, toxins and harmful waste products are eliminated. Due to the large amount of plant food improves digestion, compensated for the lack of vitamins. Often, recovery is accompanied by a good mood, improved skin tone and hair condition.

From the point of view of maintaining health, it is better to choose a short-term diet option. Even better is to choose a full spring program, increase calories to 2300 and connect a sport, then smooth weight loss will provide a stable result. After it, you can go on a PP diet. So the figure will become thinner, and health will only improve.

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