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Starvation diet

Tough hungry technique – testing for strength and endurance. But those who will survive a week of diet waiting for the complete transformation of the figure, fast and maximum weight loss. The name of the diet speaks for itself: to lose a kilogram a day, you have to forget about the normal diet for a week. Despite the appeals of nutritionists and doctors not to torture their body, the fans at the hungry methods do not get less. Fast and tangible results will long remain the lust of all slimming.

How to maintain a diet

Any technique that excludes food as much as possible (or completely) can be called a starvation diet. For example, diets such as Anorexic, Hard, Liquid, and others have gained popularity in this direction. Under the name of a hungry technique, several options for undernutrition are meant: drinking, pearl barley and balanced. Below we consider each of them.

Any diet option has the same rules. The first requirement relates to the food itself, you can eat only what is written in the menu. Strict observance of this rule will ensure the promised result: minus one kilogram per day. It is not allowed to add to the diet, even low-calorie foods. However, reviews of starvation diets show that only a small percentage of people withstand this course without interruption. Most of the slimming people are women, but there is no gender distinction for this method, it will also suit men.

In addition to reduced nutrition, it is forbidden to use any food additives. Sugar must be excluded in any form. Food is not allowed to salt, as salt retains water, which means weight will not be reduced as efficiently. Various spices and seasonings are excluded because they stimulate appetite, which increases the risk of breakdown.

The next requirement is for drinking. In all variants of the diet, the liquid will be half the menu. In addition to the prescribed juices, compotes and decoctions, you need to drink plain water without gas. Observing this rule is not difficult, since throughout the course of the water, water will help level the feeling of hunger.

Adherents of such tough methods add that a large amount of water will help cleanse the body and speed up the process of losing weight. Without water, indeed, the lipolysis process (the breakdown of fats) is impossible, but weight loss on this technique does not come from water, but from the lack of food. The liquid will simply help smooth out the constant feeling of hunger and remove a small amount of harmful components.

Doing sports during the starvation diet is not necessary. Physical activity is the best helper in building a beautiful body. But against the background of the almost complete absence of food, additional loads will only lead to negative results. The calories consumed will be too small even for the functioning of internal organs, therefore the body will feed on stored energy, i.e. to break down and use deferred fat. If the energy goes to physical exertion, health can be significantly shaken.

Contraindications to the method

Before starting any weight loss program, it is advisable to weigh all the health risks. If there are serious diseases, familiarity with the list of contraindications is required.

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A hungry diet in any form will not work:

  • in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • during exacerbations of chronic diseases of any type;
  • for children and people in old age;
  • with diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • if immunity is markedly reduced;
  • during breastfeeding and childbearing.

For the treatment of certain diseases, doctors may prescribe a strict diet and fasting. For example, for pancreatitis, ulcers and gastritis, colitis, etc. But it is desirable to resort to such a cardinal restriction of the menu only after the approval of the doctor.

Balanced diet menu

Who owns the authorship of this technique remains unknown. The distribution and popularization of the diet is due to the constant effectiveness. For a day of such nutrition, 800-1000 g is overweight. It’s impossible to call it really balanced, but compared to the other two options, the menu here is more diverse. It is necessary to adhere to such a course, depending on the desired result, but it is impossible to extend it for more than a week. Consider all the menus for the week.


In the morning: a glass of warm water with lemon juice.

Before lunch: a decoction of chamomile flowers with the addition of milk.

At lunch: a glass of low-fat kefir.

In the evening: a decoction of chamomile or other herbal tea.


In the morning: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese.

Before lunch: a glass of carrot fresh.

At lunch: fresh carrot again.

In the evening: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese and vegetable juice.


In the morning: a large apple.

Before lunch: decoction of chamomile.

At lunch: one apple, water.

In the evening: chamomile decoction and applesauce (or whole fruit).


In the morning: 50 of lean, boiled meat, a glass of apple juice.

Before lunch: citrus fresh.

For lunch: apple juice.

In the evening: 100 of lean meat, a glass of natural juice.


In the morning: a glass of low-fat kefir, 5 pieces of dried apricots.

Before lunch: dried apricots or dried apricot with a bone.

For lunch: a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt without additives.

In the evening: dried apricots and a glass of kefir.


In the morning: one boiled egg, 200 ml of warm milk.

Before lunch: cereal (better corn), 100 ml of milk.

For lunch: one boiled egg and milk.

In the evening: 400 ml low fat milk.


In the morning: green tea and one boiled potato.

Before lunch: fresh carrot with one boiled egg.

For lunch: two potatoes and a glass of fresh carrot.

In the evening: a cup of unsweetened green tea with milk.

Do not forget that drinks should be without sugar, and food without salt. Between meals at hand should always be non-carbonated water. Optionally, the days in the menu can be rearranged in places. If on some of the days you feel much worse, you should stop the program. Immediately you can not eat enough, you need to slowly return to a good diet. You can follow this course once in 6-7 months.

Drinking starvation diet

This option is one of the toughest. To adhere to such food without special need is not recommended to anyone. The results of such a program will be very tangible: one kilogram per day. That is why the number of adherents of such extreme measures is only growing. But, despite the effectiveness, the technique is not suitable for severe obesity (bulimia).

Drinking a diet for more than 7 days is dangerous. Extending the program to improve results may lead to negative consequences and impairment of health.

Drinking diet

Day by account Put drink
First Milk up to 2,5% fat (1,5 liter)
Second Only non-carbonated water
The third Tea made from chamomile or other herbs
Fourth Fat-free kefir (1,5 liter)
Fifth Carrot and apple fresh (1,5 liters)
Sixth Ginger tea and water
Seventh Pomegranate juice (0,5 liters), apple juice (0,5 liters)

The prescribed amount of fluid must be divided into several stages. During each day, drink plenty of regular water. If you feel worse, but I want to continue the diet, you need to enter into the diet of normal food, at least in minimal quantities. Weight loss will occur all the same, and health will be “insured” from serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

According to the reviews losing weight the most difficult will be the first three days, after that there is a weakness, but the desire to eat a little disappears. The results of such a program will be received absolutely by everyone, since the body will have nothing left but to burn fat for the functioning of internal organs.

This method can be selected once a year, only if absolutely necessary. To preserve the health of hair and skin, it is recommended to drink a complex of vitamins, since nutrition will not give practically any beneficial components. Reception of additional vitamins is necessary during a course and throughout a week after it.

Barley Diet

Pearl barley diet is considered the most nutritious of all hungry diets. The menu will consist of three to four meals of porridge in small portions. You can add fresh or dried fruits to barley, drink juices and, necessarily, water. Hunger on this diet, all the same, will be present, the prescribed amount of food is very small. But pearl barley contains long carbohydrates, so hunger sensations will be tolerated.

This technique gives the same results as a balanced diet, but is tolerated more easily and is less dangerous for the stomach.

On the first day, 4 of porridge without additives is supposed, 50 g per serving. At lunch and afternoon snack you need to eat one green apple. Water and savory drinks (except coffee) are not limited.

The second day will consist of the same amount of cereal. Instead of apples during a snack, you can take one banana.

The third day – cereal with dried fruit, while snacking is allowed to eat some nuts. For dinner, if desired, you can use 100 g skim cottage cheese. At this stage, most failures occur. Therefore, if eating barley is already unbearable, it is better to replace it with vegetables for one day.

On the fourth day you need to eat 4-5 servings of boiled cereals and fresh fruit for a snack. Suitable apples, kiwi, citrus fruits, pears. A fan is allowed to eat 100 grams of boiled lean meat.

The fifth day consists of grapes and four portions of porridge (50 g). Dinner is completely replaced by sweet water with honey.

The sixth day begins the same way as the previous one ended: sweet water. During the day, several portions of porridge without additives are supposed. In the evening, you can cook one chicken egg and eat it without salt.

On the seventh day, the previous menu is completely repeated. Optionally, for dinner you can eat fruit, instead of eggs.

Completion of starvation diet

The most common problem of all rigid diets – the rapid return of lost weight. During the period of starvation, the body is depleted, the cells begin to starve without nutrients. Often, such emergency techniques end up eating, and the body, after suffering stress, accumulates even more fat on a rainy day.

To minimize the likelihood of a return to previous weight, from any diet you need to gradually go. Extreme caution will require drinking method. In the first week after the course, it is allowed to eat only boiled or baked vegetables without spices. You can make in the diet fruit and berry puree, smoothies, milkshakes. From the second week you can enter boiled meat, fish, soups. Baking and fat is better to completely limit.

In other variants of the diet after a week of fasting, you will have to take another week to a slow transition to a normal diet. You can cook any low-calorie dishes, but the volumes of servings should increase gradually. Fatty and fried, baked goods and sweets can not be eaten for another week. To limit yourself from further weight gain, it is better to refuse at all heavy and unhealthy food.

Back to sports will be possible only when the body is fully restored and nutrition becomes full. Throughout the program of all types of exercises you can leave only meditation.

Conclusions about the diet

The hungry method does not apply to safe and recommended methods of losing weight. Among the positive aspects, you can count only a few aspects. First of all, we can note the effectiveness of the diet: it strictly fulfills its intended purpose. The ability to lose weight quickly and noticeably continues to attract new followers of Spartan nutritional conditions.

Another couple of advantages relates to accessibility and convenience. The method does not require the purchase of auxiliary components, except for the vitamin complex. Cooking will have little, which is very opportune in view of weakness and apathy during the diet. You can follow this technique at any time of the year.

Negative moments are observed more. Such techniques are not recommended by doctors due to severe stress on the body. On the diet on the diet, the body will only have to dream. Those who do not have enough vitamins in the bottle will have to sacrifice the beauty of hair and nails. The skin will also suffer a little, the rapid weight loss will be reflected in the form of sagging, loss of tone and stretch marks.

Observe fasting during hard work is impossible, so it is not for everyone. In the office, having eaten two pieces of dried apricots, you can sit until the next scanty portion of food. But to walk a lot, to argue with people, to resolve any issues and to be nervous against the background of hunger is impossible (it just will not work).

The internal organs of such experiments are also not happy, the lack of useful components may affect their work. If the diet is used for serious illnesses, it may worsen.

Conclusions: a hungry diet should be used only in extreme cases, for a healthy person and not more than once a year. For a serious fight against excess weight, nutritionists advise choosing balanced diets that will not harm your health. Among the mass of options, you can choose any one you like: the Dukan, Mirkin, Goodbye diet, Malysheva diet and others. Methods bordering on swooning and hospital beds have long been recognized as obsolete and not even fashionable.

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